Inside the World's Most Extreme Onewheel Race

Publicēšanas datums 29 sep 2020
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Wren travels to the mountains of Utah, where he competes among the pros to be the best Onewheel rider in the world.. but can he prove to himself that he deserves to be there?
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  • Gnarly!

    • Wren, you are the reason I wanted a OneWheel sooo bad and I finally have one. Now all I need to do is ride as much as possible and find as many places as I can to ride! Awesome job in the race

    • Indeed

    • Gnar wrender!

    • For sure

    • wat does that mean

  • 4:44 lol every onewheel gets test ridden at the factory before packaging

  • I’m thinking of getting a onewheel pint or XR

  • No one: Wren: We're at Ootuh

  • This is a really cool sport.

  • I was there that day and didn't see Wren!!

  • The forearm pads are smart.

  • Me and my family watched this race

  • we have a onewheel pint and a onewheel XR

  • Wren is a child in an adults body

  • What arm armor do you use?

  • I watched this once, prior to owning or even trying a OneWheel. Just watched it again as the proud owner of an XR and a pint. The stoke is real. Even more exciting recognizing the names and faces involved with the race. Well done Wren, so much fun to experience from your perspective. ➖⚫️➖🤙

  • "Maybe it's the fact that this is suddenly real, and I'm actually here." LOL That lack of fear ahead of time is probably why Wren and most people are successful with anything at all ever. The rest of us are in a constant fight against life always suddenly feeling real and that we're actually here - all day everyday.

  • What kind of video editing software do you use?


  • Wren just wants to fit in so he says knarley 14 times

  • I just love that the idea of a one wheel is “yea let’s throw a racing slick on a cut up skateboard deck and people will take it off-road.”

  • My name is zyan

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  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • I really want one now but have just checked online and they're Over a grand ?????? This must be a mistake - its a wheel ,a motor an some wood !!!!if anyone can direct me to the actual price of the item i would greatly appreciate it .thanks !

  • Zoe Thomas is in my grade and school

  • 20:49

  • Sick!

  • Wren: if u wanna build a website or online this is the only thing for you! Teespring: online store eh?

  • One wheel is really cool and I totally want one but Im so glad I chose to build my electric mountain board instead of buying a one wheel.. these pro riders still look a bit sketchy on these trails. I'm a pretty inexperienced rider but feel very confident on my mountain board after about 200 miles of riding.

  • *Anyone else getting Disney's "Brink" vibes from the announcer when they finish at **11:50**?* Lol.

  • Huge respect for being such a good sport!

  • Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs

  • "I gotta go get my toast." Nick

  • I’m not comfortable with how many times wren has said gnarly within like a day of being in a one wheel competition

  • wren you've been an advocate for the one wheel for so many years, YOU EARNED YOUR SPOT

  • I bet I could smoke these dweebs lol

  • My name Brenden

  • Wren seemed slightly too hard on himself for that endurance race, he did really well based on seeing all the individual times

  • Wren is the kind of guy that everyone can like. Very humble and likeable dude.

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  • 21:27 Announcer: will walk off with $5000 Mr beast: shame

  • You did fucking great homie! Brutal race.. hell I would have died💯

  • Did they give that onewheel to you

  • well dun

  • Hey guys you must react to an Indian mollywood film called " ODIYAN " that have more CGI than any films .. Try it out , will be fun .movie links provided :-@XGak try it ...

  • Hey guys you must react to an Indian mollywood film called " ODIYAN " that have more CGI than any films .. Try it out , will be fun .movie links provided :-@XGak try it ...

  • Free free free free onewheel

  • This guy's just wines for 20 minutes about not being the best and his body being soar. Comeone man. Have FUN.

  • Hey Wren, love your twin brother

  • Why would you wear a mask in high mountains?????

  • where can I get a one wheel? I saw this video a while ago and I really think that one wheels are pretty cool and I would love to try and use on for my self ohh and also I don't want to spend some crazy money on a one wheel (like a thousand euros(and I also live in Ireland)) just asking for your guy's opinion and keep on going with you fantastic work and thank you

  • *Moral of the story: 'Don't use your influence to do something you're bad at anyway to get last place... let someone else who actually has a chance to actually compete'*

  • Wow

  • there is always next year (well hopefully next year) wren if you get in (i haven o doubts you will)

  • 22:43 explains everything

  • 🗺️ the action 🌎

  • Is corrdor still alive because there is no videos being posted

  • This is insane that is where I raced for mountain bike

  • Honestly Wren doesn't have to prove anything to One-Wheelers. He single-handedly got the majority of his co-workers and countless others(including myself) to get their own one wheel. Wren is a true ambassador for One Wheel.

  • Hi

  • 13 midroll ads plus sponsored segments? Jesus Christ guys, take it down a notch

  • did someone keep a gnarly counter

  • Lol

  • Seeing a new sport develop is so interesting. I feel like one wheeling now is sort of where skateboarding was at in the 80s. Who knows what's in store?!

  • I really appreciate that you guys specified what covid precautions you were taking.

  • Solid Sierpinski mask!

  • 4:46 COVID?

  • 22:38 Randomly throws up his helmet and randomly catches it. I was waiting for it to hit the grass.

  • Idk how this popped up on my youtube.. no clue this was a sport... Still not sure if it should be lol

  • Man I so want one of these. Searching for Aussie retailers! Any suggestions fellow Aussies?

  • I hope you win next time and always

  • Confidence in the competition went 👆 👇

  • Thats my backyard practically

  • I am happy for Wren, but was so unimpressed with this event.

  • when it cuts to somewhere different and I know exactly where you are LOL

  • my fastest time from top to bottom in (skis) was 3 minutes lol

  • lol 20 minutes from my house and I ski there a lot I feel honored lolol

  • So happy for you Wren. Was literally smiling all the way through! you definitely earnt your place amongst the crowd here! Great job brother!!

  • I just want onewheel board. Too bad they are expensive

  • 22:42 that helmet catch tho

  • You should react to Spider-Man vs electro in town scene

  • Corridor in 491761: Extreme downhill hoverboard race.

  • Do reaction on back to the future series

  • I have the Onewheel XR and I love it

  • wait i watched further into the video and you raced on snow basin? thats where my mtn bike races are

  • you were in utah and didnt tell me?

  • I hated that time when that guy took away wrens one wheel for one week. I love wrens one wheel videos.

  • This is the last video, I said that 5 videos ago.

  • Go Wren!!!

  • Wren you’re sus

  • Sooo gnar bra

  • "world" champ

  • Man you went to a legit race, you probably should have thought about reaching out to a friend with any experience in competitive sports or personal training for advice on recovery and priming your body.

  • #wox

  • 22:42 what just hit him?

  • This was so awesome to watch Good job Wren

  • 13:11 is, is that sign behind him rendered in lol

  • I’d like to see you dorks try that in Kansas. We got 4 wheelers and cousins that are dtf what u got? One wheels? Bahahahahahahahaha.

  • This was sick!

  • aye Wren! this is dope! looks like an amazing experience!

  • Rookie move, dude. Best way to SLC from LA is to fly Delta from Burbank. Direct flights every hour, and it only costs like $20 more. Also, bummed I didn't get to see you guys when you were up here!

  • React to fan-made Dragon Ball live action

  • g n a r l y