Inside the World's Most Extreme Onewheel Race

Publicēšanas datums 29 sep 2020
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Wren travels to the mountains of Utah, where he competes among the pros to be the best Onewheel rider in the world.. but can he prove to himself that he deserves to be there?
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  • Gnarly!

    • For sure

    • wat does that mean

    • 🇿🇦🇺🇸✅😊👋😤🦅👎🏿🦉🦖😠👺👿👹🐊♠️🦇🤯🤨🧐🐕🐈🔥🍺🇲🇿🦎🦎🐍😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😊☺️😇🙂🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😛😋😝😜🤨🤪🧐🤓😎🤩🥳😏😒😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭😤😠😡🤯🤬😳😠🥵🥶😱😨😰😥😓🤗🤔🤭🤫🤥😶😐😑😬🙄🥱😯😦😧😮😲😴🤤😪😵🤐🥴🤢🤮🤧😷🤒🤕🤑🤠

    • React to drake's sprite commercial

    • gnar-core bro

  • 13 midroll ads plus sponsored segments? Jesus Christ guys, take it down a notch

  • did someone keep a gnarly counter

  • Lol

  • Seeing a new sport develop is so interesting. I feel like one wheeling now is sort of where skateboarding was at in the 80s. Who knows what's in store?!

  • I really appreciate that you guys specified what covid precautions you were taking.

  • Solid Sierpinski mask!

  • 4:46 COVID?

  • 22:38 Randomly throws up his helmet and randomly catches it. I was waiting for it to hit the grass.

  • Idk how this popped up on my youtube.. no clue this was a sport... Still not sure if it should be lol

  • Man I so want one of these. Searching for Aussie retailers! Any suggestions fellow Aussies?

  • I hope you win next time and always

  • Confidence in the competition went 👆 👇

  • Thats my backyard practically

  • I am happy for Wren, but was so unimpressed with this event.

  • when it cuts to somewhere different and I know exactly where you are LOL

  • my fastest time from top to bottom in (skis) was 3 minutes lol

  • lol 20 minutes from my house and I ski there a lot I feel honored lolol

  • So happy for you Wren. Was literally smiling all the way through! you definitely earnt your place amongst the crowd here! Great job brother!!

  • I just want onewheel board. Too bad they are expensive

  • 22:42 that helmet catch tho

  • You should react to Spider-Man vs electro in town scene

  • Corridor in 491761: Extreme downhill hoverboard race.

  • Do reaction on back to the future series

  • I have the Onewheel XR and I love it

  • wait i watched further into the video and you raced on snow basin? thats where my mtn bike races are

  • you were in utah and didnt tell me?

  • I hated that time when that guy took away wrens one wheel for one week. I love wrens one wheel videos.

  • This is the last video, I said that 5 videos ago.

  • Go Wren!!!

  • Wren you’re sus

  • Sooo gnar bra

  • "world" champ

  • Man you went to a legit race, you probably should have thought about reaching out to a friend with any experience in competitive sports or personal training for advice on recovery and priming your body.

  • #wox

  • 22:42 what just hit him?

  • This was so awesome to watch Good job Wren

  • 13:11 is, is that sign behind him rendered in lol

  • I’d like to see you dorks try that in Kansas. We got 4 wheelers and cousins that are dtf what u got? One wheels? Bahahahahahahahaha.

  • This was sick!

  • aye Wren! this is dope! looks like an amazing experience!

  • Rookie move, dude. Best way to SLC from LA is to fly Delta from Burbank. Direct flights every hour, and it only costs like $20 more. Also, bummed I didn't get to see you guys when you were up here!

  • React to fan-made Dragon Ball live action

  • g n a r l y

  • My onewheel pint got stolen 2 weeks ago :( Its amazing how much I missed and used that thing.

  • Like for northern Utah gang ✊🏻

  • karl is a model

  • Yo I go snowboarding there lol

  • This is one of those wierd moments where something you've literally never heard of has major events and internal celebrities....

  • Wren is Stimpy.

  • Hi

  • youtube getting way to comfy with these double ads.

  • Best line for me from Wren "We're in Otah"

  • Wren is such a child adult

  • Wrens deadass an athlete give this man a Redbull sponsorship

  • This dude not only gets paid to do something he enjoys (Vfx) but also gets paid to do his hobby competitively

  • When you say world champ, was there anyone there who wasn't from North America?

  • Gnaaarlyyy! duuuude!!!

  • That’s snow basin, a ski resort, I just had a mountain bike race at that exact place a few weeks ago 😂

  • Why am i JUST NOW learning about one-wheeling? Why were you hiding this from me, internet!?

  • Its fin i now how it fill because im an mtbrider and FTC from team11808 and im rice in them it hard

  • This sport is really cool but there’s just one issue with it. You can buy a cheap bicycle for $80 to learn. There is no such thing as a cheap Onewheel

  • One wheels on skyline now

  • 1:13 My guy just called Utah, Udah Not sure if he was joking about it.

  • Honestly this has been the most exciting Race for the Rails to date. There was so much action!

  • fricken cool!

  • This was awesome. I was legitimately hooked.

  • I got a onewheel ad

  • I ordered my pint the weekend of the race for the rail. It’s named Feisar, named after the Feisar racing team from the WipEOut franchise. It’s not the fastest, but it’s a start and I’m loving every mile

  • 3:33 Hey Orie! Dude was my RA in school. Check his art out here -

  • SICK I wish I could one wheel!

  • for the cramps you can use pickle juice

  • I have wanted a one wheel for years but my parents don’t have the money for it 😢

  • Wren, I'm highly surprised you don't take the safety precaution of wearing knee and elbow pads when just practicing. That's good way to get really skinned up. I didn't even see any knee pads when you were doing the first and second runs. I guess you want to break a patella, eh?

  • I want one do badly

  • "were in uda" hahahHAHAH

  • 2 Dudes 1 wheel 8:03

  • Is it oota or youta?

  • BUY. ME. ONE!!!!!

  • You are amazing Wren

  • awesome vid

  • 22:42 he catched that damn

  • man floating is the best. I got a used xr with 6 miles on it at the beginning of the pandemic for $1250. It's really been the best thing for me this whole time. Just need to get another one so my girl can come floating with me. :-)

  • I bought my XR because of your early onewheel videos, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that.

  • That's amazing

  • I've always loved how supportive Nick is. Hearing him get excited at Wren doing the nose thing is so awesome haha

  • Wren is so like Peter Parker...... He even looks a bit like Tom Holland... So innocent... We are with you ... Try again Next Year

  • sick in a good way like its good this is a good vid

  • SICK

  • 22:39 Did anyone else see that catch! *Was that VFX?!*

  • When I want you to know, and I bet you already do, but only a handful of people can do what you did. You deserved this. I totally wish I could get a onewheel and shred like you but I know you deserved to race.

  • Made me want to get into one wheeling but....they almost 1000 bucks

  • really gnawesome vid!

  • I wish they would do a ow vs euc race, I’m confident that euc would win. It would have to be a fair match of course, because an kss18 would blow every ow out of the water (and it costs about as much as an Xr), so it would have to be spec determined, not price. Maybe something like an Inmotion v8f or ks16s or something like that. Cool race though.

    • Fm should make an euc or a ow with better performance. (More battery, more power, more speed)

  • Why did Wren's description of the other racers feel like a scene out of a Spy Kids movie?

  • Gonna be honest. Didn't even know this was a thing...

  • You should go racing on the salt flats, its fun.

  • For people wondering it was at Snowbasin

  • Ah snowbasin where i hit my head so hard i dont remember snowbasin

  • It is a SO incredibly weird to see how oddly open the US is right in videos like this, with an order of magnitude more cases and deaths per capita consistently than we have only even just now as cases have spiked massively from our low into our second wave and are re-locking down!