Why We’re Giving up on the Film Industry

Publicēšanas datums 19 jūl 2020
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Sam and Niko explain their motivations behind leaving the traditional "Film Industry" behind, and announce the future goals of Corridor Digital.
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  • Corridor: "Fine I'll do it myself!"

  • I'm a huge fan of your channel and a subscriber. Best of luck you guys!! So this may be a stretch but if you need a cheap (or free) actor I am totally willing. Trying to get a chance to audition conventionally is next to impossible despite all my efforts. I just want to act for the fun of acting.

  • Launching a subscription based streaming service in this saturated market? I will pray for you 🙏

  • Hollywood's too busy with their TDS and all round wokeness and greed to be actually making and greenlighting good movies.

  • Well done guys. This I think is the future for filmmakers creating their own market and audience.

  • can confirm it's worth it!

  • You need a professional negotiator who can sell what you do while talking industry language and explaining your professional possessions on projects. or an agent

  • did you do market research before working your butt off on the website? comments just don't seem thaaaaat psyched

  • There are many other film makers that could benefit from this new website and it's features. Can you open it up to others? I'm sure you guys could take a commission. HaloVFX comes to mind.

  • 4:15 I know what I'm looking at

  • Loved the vid and will most def check out the website.

  • subscribe to the website haha

  • That's freaking awesome! I love it when people fix problems like this.

  • you guys are incredible, been watching for over a decade , learning, you help me shape my own career

  • they predicted quibi going under but i think even a frog could've predicted it

  • R.I.P. QUIBI Finally

  • Aww mam, I loved your guys's films

  • Hey nice, I'm making a WebSerie too!

  • Just seeing this. Pretty awesome. Best of luck!

  • Don't do business with EA.

  • Are you guys going to utilize locals.com?

  • I appreciate that instead of just complaining you're actually trying to do something.

  • Use indiegogo to crowdfund it.

  • Hollywood doesn’t care about the art of film making they just want money and to push there own agendas, they’d kill there own mother if it meant success.

  • great idea. gimme a few months and im down

  • no seriously, you just realised producers are the ones screwing up the movie industry ?!! i'm not even working in that industry and i knew that from the get go. the problem is how badly they want to make money out of nothing, why do you think sequels are so bad. its time producers stops listening to the masses and start listening to you guys, after all, you are the one developping the idea. the one thing i am thru hearing about, is how directors are the shiznit in the industry... seriously ? they are most often just stealing a writers idea changing it and making his own so he can get the credit. what's the matter with that ? i don't even understand how the industry is still working today.

  • Hey Corridor, I have a couple of questions, where can I email you directly!!!!!!!! Second, I am very, very interested in getting into VFX and CGI. Could you help guide me through this? please get back to this comment when you can. thanks!!!

  • place like Float Plane is also an option for creators who want to have a secondary, subscription based location to share their content, it's also not a creator discovery video streaming service like LVcd is, it's more of content sharing location. It gonna be way less flexible than an independently made website for sure, but probably are way easier to join for smaller team creators.

  • Idea Rainbow six movie

  • Why u guys leave film industry=because u guys just judging other films and making fun by others hard work so it will be a karma

  • Awesome you guys are doing everything yourselves!! From everything I've heard and read, producers/companies love taking peoples' ideas and tearing apart and basically shit on the ideas because its not violent, scary, gory enough etc. You guys are taking the right path and proud you guys are doing so!! Can't wait to watch more videos from you guys!!

  • Excited for you guys! Not a film creator, but a musician and a machinist/engineer. I totally get the need to create on your own terms. Looking forward to being a subscriber. Love all of your content.

  • This is a great idea. I'm guessing you guys are going to have others that will want to put their stuff on your site. I'm in. Sign me up for the yearly subscription.

  • lvcd.info/watch/27WyYmhemqSZY6s/video.html What's this movie called?

  • Ok, you guys are scaring me. What if, say, I don't know, a pandemic comes along, and everyone has to, I don't know, wear masks, just saying, and then Barrack Obama has a thing Tha causes people to lose control of their minds, and then, gophers take over the world. What if? I shall shut up now.

  • Hypothetically, if Corridor was approached by a Studio for VFx on a film gaurentted to have good marketing and public presence/appeal, would you try to find a way to commit to that role while not jeopardizing your in-house workflow? Especially if its more than just your studio involved. Inversely, if a Studio wanted to pitch Corridor to fill a specific roles in a crew not limited to VFx work for the same set of circumstances, would you think that Corridor would be more or less likely to go about dipping your feet back into a more traditional Hollywood type landscape?

  • Hollywood is disgusting anyway. Do your own things. You don't want to be a part of that.

  • I always watch your videos love your videos even though I have seen all of your videos 2 or three times before But I just wanna support you guys so I leave my phone on Playlist with auto play so you can make more revenue from utubeee

  • I will wait for fir your films to release in big screen 🔥

  • I wonder if crowdfunding through Kickstarter would be better for the feature. I understand wanting to have more steady income, but I don’t know if these extra show will do well. Corridor’s efforts seem better spent focusing on crowdfunding (I’m SURE they can raise the money for their feature - I know I would chip in, and I’m cheap!!) and developing the feature instead of juggling all these new shows.

  • Dude, with what the Oscar's just did with the NO WHITES ALLOWED for Best Picture you're making a smart decision

  • Do not quit LVcd

  • Awesome direction! I look forward to the future of Corridor.

  • I wish you guys luck, but I sincerely doubt this will work out. Let alone revolutionize Hollywood.

  • Please create the Kickpuncher movie))

  • 3.99 for videos made by you guys? This is stupid, you should rely on patreon, and make the site free. Otherwise few will actually subscribe and even fewer will see your videos. As fewer of your videos as seen you can imagine where this leads to. PAYWALLS SUCK ASS

  • You guys were the first "secret link of the day" I saw from defranco, and it was Tether! It's one of the coolest ideas I've seen. That should be a series.

  • sorry, looks like money-grabbing...

  • This is awesome news guys! Love the concept

  • so, sort of like what early-access did for indie game developers - people fund what they want to see made.

  • Wellll... I just hope it will end up better then Neil Blomkamp - oats studio

  • Yikes, informative but cautionary. As a brown girl, this is not something you want to hear because there are already barriers in place. Thanks for posting.

  • Oh boy another subscription

  • I had a very similar idea that I started last year but only have one short :)

  • Why am I feeling #Sam looking like #Ashish_chanchalani 😂 #commonbat

  • Hollywood is the shitty highway to success...

  • Could I tell you with something that would be really cool make a space battle video

  • You guys should work with Blumhouse or A24 cause they give creative freedom to the people who are making the movie.

  • The most recent example: Netflix vs. Avatar Liveaction

  • Now I see what hollywood is:a dystopia run by control-savvy executives powered by *greed.*

  • Come to indiaaaaa

  • Are you still going to make youtube videos?

  • Netflix baby! They'll buy anything!

  • We need more private organisations like Corridor to make their own entertainment. Hollywood is more concerned about making cheap horror movies and over the top cgi fests than actual quality films. Some folks have made Good films recently but most are just soulless cash grabs and pointless reboots.

  • you guys should try and strike a deal with the guy making SCP overlord it would probably help him and you guys too

  • 4:15 , on the left. thank me later

  • So you're saying you're not going to be part of the mass production line of Hollywood, and create bland popcorn fare? As someone who's been following your stuff for years, when it was pretty much just Sam & Niko, this doesn't really come as a surprise. I do remember thinking "I'll be reading these guys' names on a big budget Hollywood movie soon", but this makes way more sense. TLDR: Shut up and take my money!

  • Fry: take my money

  • I say do it and F the "only fans" critics BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT a controversial advise: leak the intended version of your film somewhere for the "torrent people" is realllllly important for the long term "F the system" . You are already great professionals but you play right you are going to be references all over the globe and this shit tends to pay of.

  • What does this mean for your content on youtube?

  • I'm signing up soon as it's starts

  • So excited for Dungeons and Dragons, im pretty sure thats what I saw!

  • So it’s like Flow Plane (from the LTT guys) but specifically for your videos and or longer form stuff.

  • Today vs the past Past "We don't like the system. let's put our brains and skills together and work out of our basements to produce something better. Then sell that thing to the public" Present "We don't like the system. Let's force our fans to subscribe so we don't have to find another way to do things." Fans shouldn't pay creators subscriptions. Creators should create something, and sell it. Not ask people to pay, and hope they get something they want later. Your solution doesn't solve any issues. It's just asking your fans for money so you can do what you want to do and skip over the politics of the industry. A better solution. Create a film-making platform where everyone helps each other. Not just throw money at you so you can have more freedom.

  • so patreon but just corridor. wish you all the best in pursuit of your dreams, you guys are great at what you do, this just feels like a classic scraping of the barrel more than enacting an epiphany

  • As long as I have Corridor, I'm happy.

  • I fucking love this idea. The industry has been such crap. Corridor to the rescue!

  • This is really inspiring

  • This looks fucking awesome I’m so proud of you guys


  • These are difficult choices , dont stress out and do what you believe is best

  • Is it nearly ready? I super can't wait to see it. I mean I've gone to the page but I need further instruction.

  • Bb.

  • down to get coffee as long as its not for fucking nyc studios lol

  • neeeed another sound guy?

  • Man this is an excellent idea but I don't have money to sub

  • Just call Jason Blum, he gives millions away like pocket change, if he will give M Night Shamalan 10 million, i'm sure he has some for you

  • 'Every single aspect of making movies is a giant pain in the ass and it's never worth it" - Redlettermedia

  • GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!!!! Glad to hear it.

  • Corridorflix

  • I'd LOVE to see them make a SCP-610 series. I hope they also post videos on launching a new series.

  • "I'm not dead" BOOM hahahahah

  • How does this practically work? If the show I want to put my money towards doesn't get enough for an episode then it's just out there in the abyss, on the other hand if you use whatever budget you have for the show so far, it'll be worse quality. The money will be too spread out for these projects to work imo.

  • This is actually the first time I've heard about anything having to do with this "beast". And it looks amazing

  • Cant wait for them to make a horror movie to watch and recommend to friends 👌

  • No thank you. I’ll watch your videos here but I can’t afford to give you my money. Sorry.

  • Yeah Hollywood ain't what it used to be. The quality of movies has been steadily declining for a long time now. They don't take risks on much of anything that's actually creative and inspired, not to mention Hollywood and everything it produces is ruled by identity politics and weird agendas. What Corridor is saying is actually quite unsurprising but I will consider this video and this move by Corridor to be the death knell of the Hollwood system. I wish them luck in finding the right road for their creative passion. Hollywood is dead.

  • So this is exactly like patreon?

  • What it takes to make a movies is money.