Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 14

Publicēšanas datums 11 apr 2020
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The Crew is back with Stuntman and Parkour master Jesse LaFlair to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • reality being that free running is the same as parkour, except that now video games are explaining it by just putting you into a world where running is illegal !

  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf.

  • lol my favorite part about the new xmen movies is when mystique says "we should be called x-women, because it seems all the women are saving the men" but if you rewind to the previous xmen movie there is a glorious shot of mystique in distress and hank comes in with an epic save and goes "i got you" to her helpless ass. fuckin dumb ass feminist agenda in those movies

  • Do a vfx react for smallville please! And a vfx react for the san raimi trilogy

  • The thing I hate about those daredevils doing dangerous stunts on skyscrapers is not the risk they pose to themselves... it's the damage they would do to others if they mess up. They are often doing it illegally, which means there is no way they are closing off the street below. There are busy streets down there. People, property, etc. Someone is going to have to see you hit the ground. Someone is going to have to show up to the 911 call and see/clean up your broken body. And that's just if you hit the ground! What if you happen to hit a person? What if that hoverboard nails a kid in the head? Yeah no... not about that life at all. If you want to play with your own life, go for it. Not with some poor bugger down below trying to buy a questionable hotdog before your wet sack of meat and bone ruins his day

  • I’ll give corridor some credit. At least with their videos the minute I see that silly ginger goatee I know I need to fast forward.

    • Wut

  • 11:36 aight imma head out

  • The things people do for money.. Also the videos of the crazy ones doing their own death defying stunts are seriously pathetic and need help.

  • Can you make a video about "tarzan the wonder car" movie

  • You guys post the most interesting content. You should do the tavern fight in GOT, season 4 episode 1. The Hound and Arya vs. Polliver and random Lannister soldiers.

  • You should react on commando series by vidhyut jammwal

  • holy snicklefritz batman, add much...seriously feels like I'm playing some free to play mobile app that was the unwanted love child of tinder n facebook

  • District-13 is (imo) an amazing movie! Watched it many times when I was younger. Loved it.

  • Stunt professionals don’t get enough recognition

  • Supposedly, for the scene in Who Am I? Jackie Chan used a stunt double and wire to film the stunt due to a recent back injury. Not exactly the best source, but here's where I read it:

  • I think it’s gross negligence that they changed the height of the drop of the X-men scene with Jean grey. They didn’t rehearse for that, and there’s so many dangers you have to consider in rehearsal for even the smallest changes. Doing the change day of put her in danger and they’re totally at fault for her broken leg. Even though stunt people’s jobs are inherently dangerous, I feel like studios need to be held accountable for maintaining safe procedures. Last minute changes create unnecessary risk.

  • Must see from Africa.

  • I feel like Jackie Chan was doing parkour before it was named.

  • God this guy calling himself the "Tony Hawk of parkour" is cancer. Anyone who does/knows parkour knows he is nothing even close to being able to compare himself to Hawk. Hawk is a legend in his field. This guy is definitely not that.

  • How did they do the water seen in the newest mission impossible movie is it CGI how the water looks so neat folding over on the guy in hand cuffs

  • You got me Jake, today was the day I didn't skip past your sponsorship segment.

  • So actor's get all credit

  • React to the Cult horror movie The Void has some cool practical effects

  • Son of Dr.Strange and Tom.holland???😂


  • THt is why i continue to say xmen franchise is the worsttttt superhero ones.... logan, deadpool. And first class.... thats is it.. the rest are complete trash

  • That building Jacky Chan is on is in the city where I live, lookup "Willemswerf Rotterdam". That glass bit is really steep and really long, and allegedly Jacky Chan didn't use any support measures for it. Although at least one camera + operator moving along with him, so I'm sure there were some nets and wires he could move towards if he felt like losing control.

  • Reminded me of the free running in Johnny English Reborn. I'm sure it's meant to be a funny version of District B13 and Casino Royale, but I think its a classic

  • jackie chan's bucket escape from the movie "who am i"

  • The whole Dark Phoenix part seems like the most incompetent bullshit I have ever heard of. First: treating one of your stunt guys as a fucking sack of potatoes on the wire, yanking him back and forth. Second: A FUCKING 8 FOOT DROP *WITH ANOTHER PERSON FROM AN UNCONTROLLED TUMBLE!!* WHAT THE FUCK?! IT ALSO VERY OBVIOUSLY WASN’T NECESSARY GIVEN HOW THEY JUST BAMF AROUND ANYWAY! How fucking dumb can you be?!

  • if I'm not misstaken, there's a BTS video about Jackie Chan's "Who Am I?" floating around somewhere where it showed there was actually no wire

  • Jackie has been doing parkour before the guys in B13

  • Calling himself as an "Tony Hawk" of parkour is a bit over the top. I have done parkour for 15 years and I barely have heard about this guy. He is not as known guy in the community or especially outside of it.

  • these men are teaching the next line of titan defence with the 3d maneuver gear!

  • I wish we had wires when training in gymnastics. You could be on a high beam and your instructor/trainer would be like, “Alright now do a front flip followed by a backflip.” *EXCUSE ME?*

  • the beginning scene with the parkour expert/creator. I was just astounded. Eyes wides, jaw dropped, that was amazing! There is something so satisfying as an animator to watch movement that is so fluid and well thought out

  • Is it me or Jesse looks a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch???

  • I can front flip without a wire and I can’t backflip but em being held up by a wire makes it feel so weird to do front flips and I couldn’t even do one. Backflips are very easy though I could do one effortlessly even though I’ve never don’t one

  • I'm sitting here at home watching you discuss jackie slide down the building, while seeing the same building out my window XD The Jackie slide is in Rotterdam, it's called Willemswerf. Here's the exact loaction:

  • please review this fight scene

  • I know damn well that guy at the end can do some actual stunt movement

  • Did they ever reacted to arrow?

  • You three are stupids☝🏿

  • I would like to comment on the Jackie slide haha, there was no wire. It is well known, or so I thought, that Jackie had never used wires or safeties for his stunts until the late 90's early 2000's. This link even has it listed as one of his five deadliest stunts. The man is a legend in the history books of stunt work.

  • Hey, Jesse seems like a cool guy. I like that you mentioned the difference between Parkour and Freerunning, even though admittedly it can maybe be a bit nitpicky. Also I've heard about the Manpower gap so often, yet I never looked it up and idk if I've ever seen it. I probably must have seen it somewhere in the last 10 years of being involved with Parkour. I've even been to Lisses a couple times. Kinda cool to see these things show up on your channel, and that you looked at Banlieue 13. :)

  • Do KGF

  • I feel like Fox Studios has a lot of assholes working for them.

  • Troy Achilles vs hector

  • District B13 is so understanding and was disrespected by the remake.. The original was so much better

  • The thing about parkour is your awesome...until your not and then you fall to your death

  • Jamie Chan did that sliding scene all by him self he broke his leg and almost died

  • District 13 is such a great movie

  • I want them to react to hardcore Henry

  • David Belle, is just awesome

  • Niko will always look like Iron Fist to me. Anytime I see him I think Iron Fist.

  • 1:02 David Bell looks exactly like a skinny Marcus Mumford

  • David belle l’inventeur du Parkour

  • Look on 6 underground for some sick stunts

  • after hearing this guys reactions he doesnt make it sound as exciting as amy, gui, and eric made it sound. they talked about how challenging it was but they also made it seem like they enjoyed their career. he kind of just makes it sounds miserable.

  • that cut from the matrix to the office was fuckin gold

  • Corridor Crew X STORROR please 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Why do you guys put Jake on camera? He needs to keep being a lawyer and stay off camera. I'm sure he has skills.....they just don't include being on camera. So annoying!

  • If they're just going to cut away from the fall off the roof in Dark Phoenix, why did they make the drop farther down? Just have them fall on the mat that's 3 feet down instead of making them drop to a mat 8 feet down if you're just cutting away from the full fall anyway

  • The fine demonstration at the end is a wonderful example of free running but it truly embraces the values of interpretive dance. It is art.

  • That’s awesome y’all brought Jesse LaFlair I used to watch his parkour a lot when I didn’t weigh so much!

  • No one knows it but Jackie chan is low-key the actual inspiration to Parkour since 1978.

  • When you mouse over thumbnails (at least on desktop), the thumbnail changes to a series of pictures from that video. On the LAST picture in the series before it snaps back to the thumbnail, there's a guy jumping across frame - the *same* guy that's in that exact spot in the thumbnail. PLEASE tell me this was on purpose. LOL I reeeally want it to be on purpose.

  • Hey guys! Love your videos! Can you make a video about stunts in water? A good start would be the sinking of the Titanic where Leo and Kate are running in the halls of the ship.

  • What would have been hilarious is if today's sponsor was the *Community Against Preventable Injuries*

  • Really love the chase scene this guy did when he was on Hawaii 5-O. It just came out of nowhere and was so good.

  • Jet Li, react to Jet Li please!!!

  • What about remake of B-13? David Belle is still cool but it was shot worse. I'd like to hear the opinion, with Jesse, of course

  • Do Yamakasi.

  • 11:34 that is absolutely quote worthy.

  • I lost a lot of respect for the crew of xmen dark Phoenix after hearing about that😡 it doesn't sound like they're concerned about the well-being of their stuntmen😡

    • It's a business. They don't care about anything besides getting the movie done on time.

  • Damn. I really want to master the double entand

  • Attrapez le BORDEL DE MARDE !

  • In the sponsored segment jake really did climb the fence with the "beware of the dog" sign xD

  • Okay now do this one

  • Bollywood baagi movie stunds

  • wasnt parkour invented by a black french guy not this guy?

  • Im just curious on something. When you guys "stuntman" got into an accident while filming a scene, specially if it is a serious one. Have you guys got some compensation, or at least the production shouldering your hospitalization? Sorry about my english.

  • I had to look away after 11:20 mark. I hate heights, even more so when people juggle, roll or do other dumb crap near edges to a dead drop. *shudder* it's even worse for me when they do it with a gopro camera.

  • I want to see you with Bryan Dechart from Detroit Become Human and review and talk over some of the best moments from the game. I would really LOVE to see this, if anyone agrees with me on this, please like this comment so that they can see that we want to see this. Hoping everyone is having a nice day.

  • He said some weird internet subscribsion that you don’t want talk about the ad in this video was from the same company

  • That’s actually messed up that they switched the drop from 3 to 8ft and after the chick broke her leg doing that, they had someone else step in and do it exactly the same way that caused her injury. Not cool.

  • Ok but what's that weird Internet service at 5:17? I get why it's "weird" (aka it's not known by everybody and their mother), but why wouldn't you want to talk about? EDIT : Would like to point out I did several Google Searches and I dug a bit in the comment section.

  • YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING!!!! I love this channel so much!! Thank you for your art thank you for your work 💕💕💕💕

  • Can you guys talk about the parkour in the Arrow tv show? Didn't parkour inspire the whole show's creation or something?

  • X men dark Phoenix was such a shitty film for someone had broken a leg for it

  • I have been following your videos for a while. But, this video has the right words to feel ashamed of watching you people without subscribing. So , one more in the que. Thanks.

  • Fun fact....The swirling motion humans do instinctively when falling is how birds fly and penguins swim..Its a throwback to when our ancestors where all swimmers and if you were lucky enough to evolve hollow bones, flight.

  • it must feel awful to end your stunt career in a shit movie like Dark Phoenix

  • Jackie chan sliding down that glass roof is etched into my brain. I remember being a kid watching it and i remember being super scared for the first time watching something on tv.

  • District 13 and both seqel and remake have the sickest parkour scenes, for my opinion

  • I would love to see the stuntman from The Punisher commenting on the fighting scenes of District 13 Ultimatum.. the sequel to this David Belle movie

  • Why do they always waste all the hard work of stuntmen and practical effects artists by going over it with CGI. Even if CGI is very good, you still almost always know it’s there. It robs the scene of life.

  • 11:38 movie?

  • "Who Am I?" Is my favorite Jackie Chan movie

  • That longest slide down a building with Jackie.. it was filmed in the Netherlands . No f'ing way that was done without a wire, would never have been allowed - even if the production team would have been crazy enough to try. Can't believe there hasn't been a Kurosawa film looked at yet..