How Actors Suffer Through Special Effects Makeup

Publicēšanas datums 1 mar 2020
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The Crew attempts to create a new shortfilm, but in order to do so, Sam and Brett must wear debilitating masks of clay while filming in a remote location. What's the worst that could happen?
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  • Thumbnails that didn't age well.

  • This is kind of pathetic you guys could have used putty Play-Doh paper mache anything--but clay and you have straws yet you didn't put them up the nose or in the ear like what the fuc

  • No offense but... wouldn't you have worked on the mask *BEFORE* going to the sewer?!

  • As long as there’s no skaters/hipster bodies with spray bottles laying arround your fine with all that graffiti

  • "Im good with breathing underwater for a long time" 🐟🐟

  • “Son”

  • Considering it says Case 1 in the Ghost hunters video, will there be a sequel? I hope so

  • Wish I could breathe underwater at all

  • Video full 0:11

  • 8:25 thank yoouuu

  • *A R T*

  • I hope Wes is ok with the Jaundice in his eyes

  • My uncle must know something about ghosts because he pees on me.

  • Devils gate dam type beat

  • Man...this videos thumbnail did not age well...

  • *oh I forgot to press record-*

  • What if they make a new version of corridor crew but its not vfx, but practical effect Practical corridor

  • The thumbnail aged... bad

  • That’s devils gate every hour or so The tunnel filled to the top from the lake and anything inside will die

  • 1:52 This will what happened to the Primitive Series if Clint was bitten by a zombie

  • that thumbnail didnt age too well...

  • Jan loves the fact that he's not under that mask! XD Also for some reason my mouth is watering everytime I see & hear the mixing of clay.

  • i think sam and colby has gone there

  • Actor: im pretty good at breathing under water for a long time this man must be a fish

  • Dude my name is Brett too !!!!!

  • That video of the guy who puts clay on his face is amazing

  • I was hyperventilating while he was hyperventilating

  • why not putting a stopers inside ears and put cut short straw into nose and cover it with clay? no hate, just asking

  • That quote on the thumtag did not age well

  • The tunnel is actually called (devils gate)

  • Directors:*feeling joy* Movie makers:*actualy chillin* Actors:*suferring*

  • wow

  • No one is mentioning how awesome Clint was as the monster. That man would be such an amazing character actor; not to mention the sounds he can make.

  • Some people call that tunnel devils gate

  • They got the movie idea from a LVcd posted a long time ago. I've seen it a bunch of times. Go look it up. It's real. And super creepy

  • you guys should make some busts of yourselves so you can create real masks

  • I was having trouble eating ice cream while watching this.

  • White guy saying I cant Breathe huh?

  • Theres alot of pain, suffering, tears, sweat, blood, flesh, Bones, Death, stress, guts on that video

  • Almost 4 million subscribers! You guys are so awesome, I'm sure you guys will be able to do it!

  • Wait, is that second guy doing the clay the guy from BoneWorks!?

  • 6:19 Dude can breathe underwater son

  • 5:44 He said the line!

  • This is where sam and colby went for a video

  • This has 666k views

  • WTFF. 0:47 reminds me of a Deep web video

  • And that’s how Channel Zero’s skin taker was made who was played by Olivier de Sagazan...

  • Wait- was this at the devil's gate?-

  • Well, this thumbnail has a total different meaning now...

  • Ok son

  • This thumbnail is not allowed anymore...

  • Its so cool to see the real life Arthur Ford lol.

  • that "I cant breath" thumbnail didnt age well lmao

  • "I can't breathe.." Me: can't you just breathe from your mouth?

  • Dude that thumbnail just predicted the future

  • *I can't breathe* I wonder where I have seen that from

  • Also, Clint seemed ok with doing it and was able to "equip" the costume all by himself. Sam and Brett were courageous, but I wonder if Clint wouldn't have been a better alternative at the end.

  • Man that "I can't breathe" do be hitting hard now.

  • Just letting you know guys that sewer is devils gate.

  • FORD!! 5:49

  • don't listen to 4:39 with your eyes shut. It's cursed, and now I am too.

  • Hey Sam and Colby visited this place

  • This is so ugly that I ever scene 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • If you guys ever do a mask like that again. Put straws in your nostrils and build the clay around them then take the straws out.

  • If you can’t breathe just.... * silence *

  • Brett is Ford from boneworks idk if that’s true but he looks a lot like ford

  • Coyote Peterson made in china

  • A clicker but instead of cordiceps it’s corona

  • This quarantine has made me lose all connections with friends and social life in general, so sorry to be so abrupt and rude but if anyone would like to be my friend, I play Roblox, Horror games, Resident Evil games, I draw, I also accept all people unless you're racist of homophobic, (Oh, I also play Undertale stuffs)but I NEED FRIeNDS!!!!!

  • Guys dont go there that's called the devils gate dam because it opens randomly and kills people who are in the tunnel

  • Man Brett is so cool he can breathe under water.

  • The monster looks like the ghost glow mask just without dreds

  • Oliver de Sagazan?

  • Hey guys, just throwing in my two-cents as a middle school art teacher -- clay is the worst. The. WORST. It gets everywhere. It will stain your clothes. When it dries out, it shrinks & tightens your skin... you become the most ashy human being imaginable, and everything itches. So yes of course the obvious "use protection, ear plugs, swim goggles" etc you boogerbrains, but live and learn, I guess

  • 1:38 Sounds like some type of Half-Life 2 zombie

  • Anyone knows where is the abandoned tunnel is located?


  • damn, I hope that clay didn't dry otherwise, beard bye bye

  • Looks like they were making orcs in Isengard

  • Sam's a wuss diva. LOL

  • The guy in the film is a performance artist Olivier de Sagazan

  • Omg look at the background 3:42

  • Its based on a video document on an experiment where they removed a man's senses and he went insane and put clay on his head etc


  • Dam

  • Isn't this tunnel a gateway to hell? I just know it's very haunted

    • Yes I know they tell us a little of what happened

  • that place is that devils gate?

  • Honestly, people say Keanu Reeves is like a god in human form, but I'd have to say it's Brett. He is the best guy I think I've ever seen.

  • I'm surprised that straws weren't used for his orifices.

  • Can you guys please get a prosthetics specialist in to react to good and bad prosthetics in films?

  • Those parts in the begining. You looked like crazy townsfolk from Bloodborne

  • well you did a good job

  • That’s the devils gaet


  • Sam went into it already not really liking the situation, that probably was a sign that mud bukkake wasn't in his best interest

  • No

  • Cool! How about you guys invest in a mask from :D

  • that sewer do be lookin dank tho

  • Brett looked like a clicker from the last of us.

  • Oh that's devil's gate dam isn't it? Thought I recognized that tunnel entrance in the video. Went to school right around there. At least you guys had the ladder available climbing down, usually the top part was locked shut when we would go down there