Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 2

Publicēšanas datums 5 sep 2020
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Niko and Clint are back with Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig to break down some of the best and worst animations throughout history.
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  • So its an anime, and I'm sure you would rather choose western stuff, but the worst animation error I've ever seen, the biggest oversight, was a show called "unlimited fafnir" On episode 7, about 4 minutes and 15 seconds in, a main character vanishes. They just had her in one frame, and not the next. The scene was about 4 seconds long, and for the last second a character just vanishes. The show in general has super weird animation, but that stood out as the biggest oversight I've ever seen in animation

  • Did I heard right ? They’re doing Spiderverse 2 ?

  • Kinda upset they don’t talk about the centaurs in Fantasia

  • I would love you guys to check out the final fight scene from My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, cause it kinda blew me away when i first saw it in theatres

  • please react to JD Brick productions D day film.

  • You forgot to link Eric Koenig's channel in the description of the video, kind of a dick move imo.

  • You should have a look at miraculous, it usually has pretty good animation but it gets a bit wonky sometimes

  • It's a pretty old but the movie surfs up about the surfing penguins

  • React to animaniacs then vs now 💯

  • Code LYOKO!

  • R rated Go One Spider Men

  • Castlevania season 2 fight scenes please, some the best animations I’ve ever seen

  • Another idea! Do you think there's a category of animations and cgi that's really janky but after a while you stop caring about that because the story is so good? If there is a list of that, I say Waltz With Bashir should be on it. Janky AF, mocapped with other people's faces painted on it, stiff animation, not to mention firearms that refuse to run out of ammo... but still a must-watch IMO.

  • If you could , why dont do a drawing tablet , or cintique give away?

  • I would love if you guys looked at redline it has some of the best animation I've ever seen

  • For the next animators react please react too ‘your name’. It has such great detail and beauty. Even Coraline as the technology and smoothness of the frames have gotten better since the nightmare before Christmas.

  • Hate to be one of those guys but in all honesty, taking a look at the mixed at styles and mixed mediums in The Amazing World of Gumball would be pretty dang interesting. Could also look at what happened when they got together with Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

  • React to any scene of Dragon quest your story on Netflix

  • Old and new Red vs Blue!


  • anime : attack on titan season 3 part 1 : levi vs kenny squad demon slayer : episode 19 fate/zero : saber vs lancer

  • Let them do Flapjack or courage the cowardly dog...

  • Animators and cartoons to Legend of the Guardians every fucking scene cuz the VFX and CGI is fucking beautiful for smt in 2010 (especially when Soren flew through the rain and the flames)

  • Kill Bill vol.1 !

  • They should react to the rwby red trailer

  • In Music Theory class back in college, my professor told us that Walt Disney made his artist listen to classical music and to draw what they feel from the music for Fantasia. So most of those scenes were artists' interpretations of pieces of classical music.

  • do demon slayer ep19

  • React to anything James Baxter and midnight gospel, pen ward is a genius and see if you can get them on.

  • Poor Eric, never got his link in the description :(

  • Hey guys how about u make a video completely based on anime and would love to see some fight scenes react from "fate" series

  • I really REALLY wanna see the breakdown of one piece's wano arc, specifically the zoro Vs kamazo/killer fight

  • Avatar the last airbender! Specifically the finale of the show where Aang fights Ozai!

  • So where are the "bad" cartoons?

  • How about Disney's Silly Symphonies episode "Egyptian Melodies" (1931)? The tunnel scene looks 3D.

  • Please please PLEASE do Metropolis (2001) it has the most gorgeous animation and is super underrated and was created by the same director as Akira!

  • Can you react to levi vs the group of kenny?

  • I'd love to see a reaction to Ghost In The She'll: Stand Alone Complex. They used 2d animation layered on 3d for a lot of the stuff (namely the Tachikomas)

  • Did he just say JOHN Kirby?

  • How about doing a piece on the 2019 animation movie Klaus?

  • More of this please 🥳

  • 5:36 why its egghead there?

  • I’m so happy that they talked about Spider-Verse. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time and I literally watch it every time I see it on!

  • Hi, could you critique Amazons Undone, Linklater's A Scanner Darkly, and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood? Please and thank you

  • I want another one of these so badly

  • Could you do the Naruto vs Pain fight? I've seen a lot of arguments whether the change in style compared to the rest of the series is just sloppy or deliberate (it's deliberate).

  • Can you please ask them to watch your name?

  • Don Hertzfeldt would be interesting

  • would be really cool if in the next one u included the new pokemon music video it has one of the best animation i have seen (speaking as an animation student) rlly cool stuff would really appreciate if u would include it if u make another one of these

  • Teknoman Blade,or Tekkaman Blade,please check this out,do a reaction,and let us know if they should do a live action movie or animated movie or if they should do a movie at all.

  • Treasure planet is probably one of my top favorite animations

  • I wanna see your guys' thoughts on Promare!!!

  • It’s been said, but let me say it again. Avatar: The last airbender, the final Agni Kai.

  • Try reacting to how to train your dragon one. It has some odd animations.

  • You guys should cover Peter and the wolf the stop montion film

  • Levi and Kenny chase scene from season 3 of attack on titan

  • Gundam ibo has a really crazy fight between gundam barbatos and the hashmal

  • I can't believe NO ONE said Demon Slayer, episode 19, last few minutes. Insane moving camera in 2D animation.

  • Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust is one of the best hand drawn animations. The grittiness of the painted cells and the style of the character design. There is this panning out shot of a castle in the third act of the movie and I could look at that pan for hours. The haunting music and the f-ing entrance of the castle, with the hands of the giant lady hovering over the doors. It's the best! It's either that or Redline, the Yellowline race/ opening to the movie. Now *that* was pod racing!

  • Dragonball Super Broly, Samurai Champloo, Tekkonkinkreet, Ghost In The Shell 1 and 2, Berserk 2016 compared to the old series (bad vs good).

  • Pls react to some animes like attack on Titan ,death note,demon slayer ,and many more

  • Batman the Animated Series: "Feat of Clay" Part 2 transformation scene of Clayface needs to be checked out

  • They haven't seen CHHOTA BHEEM yet

  • Ghost in the shell stand alone complex

  • You should check out League of Legends animations!

  • Viewers react to LVcdrs begging for subscriptions every single video

  • Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse was really awesome. Man, seeing it on a 4K IMAX screen with 3D glasses? Now that’s wassup!

  • Do the Blade 1 and 2

  • Please do something from Makoto Shinkai. Anything at all

  • Please do a commentary on the works of Satoshi Kon! His editing technique is unmatched, a truly unique genius! Also Shinkai would be a nice topic, particularly Garden of Words, as his background art is second to none! And Redline! Oh, hell yeah, Redline!

  • Please remix the music to a lower level in the opening minute of the clip.

  • Many people in the comments would love you to react to all different kinds of anime - and I couldn't agree more. But to spice things up, I challenge you to react to some soviet cartoons, as I feel that there are many great works of animation (unfortunately) nobody is knows about. My personal recommendation: Investigation Held by Kolobki

  • Wow very cool animation research and etc. Love the editing. You know what else is cool? Jash-Land! On Spotify. That's baller music

    • It's pretty cool music

  • Do Attack on Titan (shingeki no kyojin)

  • React to Redline

  • Since you guys are Otomo fans you should break down Freedom, Otomo's design style is all over that series. Its one of those fully cg style anime, also the fully cg Appleseed from the early 2000s.

  • I'd love to see analysis of a scene from Avatar the Last Airbender. Maybe the final agni kai between Zuko and Azula or the scene where the Blue Spirit breaks Ang out of the fire nation fortress in Book One. Great animation everywhere in that show!

  • D O T R E A S U R E P L A N E T

  • So i know I'm late here, but how about something I HATE. So I love sailor moon and was thrilled they were redoing it as the art style looked closer to the manga and absolutely lovely. And it was till the transformation scenes for some Unknown UNKNOWN freaking reason they decided to go from 2D to 3D and maybe it was just me, but it looks...bad. like off somehow. Maybe it was the dramatic shift in animation, but it literally felt like a totally different team made them and I Hates it maybe these guys can figure out why.

  • You should definitely react to “Mickey Never Came Back” by Ethereal Snake

  • please get one of the Steven universe animators!!!

  • You guys should react to Treasure Planet

  • Any work of Satoshi Kon. I don’t properly have to words to describe it, but I can’t think of a director that embraced animation as its own distinct medium for storytelling more than Kon. Less so, but Makato Shinkai’s films (Your Name.) His background/landscape illustrations are unlike anything I have seen in animation. Just the way those environments combine with his lighting design, to create stages for his characters that almost act as characters themselves.

  • Can you do a review on Escanor vs. Meliodas fight from anime Seven Deadly Sins?

  • Crimson Alphine (pretty sure I spelled this wrong). Even though it's a fan animation, I believe it would be amazing for your guys to critique.

  • Should react to Prince of Egypt or The Road To El Dorado.

  • please do a breakdown of Satoshi Kon's work

  • React Promare

  • Please react to Twinkle Nora Rock Me (1985), it's very painful to watch

  • you have to react to Shingeki no Kyojin animation!!

  • Cuphead the videogame? Some of the Barbie movies have souless monsters instead of characters.

  • Any animation from studios like mad house (specially one punch man), trigger or ufotable it's in another fucking level

  • I love your intros, when I hear the BROOMMM at the beggining, wait no, just from reading the title or seeing the thumbnail and imagining how it goes, I get so Hyped up every time

  • I saw Chihiro, I click.

  • You guys NEED to look at the final fight from Sword of the Stranger and at Yutaka Nakamura’s work in general

  • I need a part 3 asap, love these videos

  • I would like to see animator react to "the castle in the sky" the scean would be when the robot escapes the fort

  • Some of my faves are definitely Heavy Metal, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    • I especially love the demon boar battle at the beginning of Mononoke... was the boar filmed in 48fps? The way it looks and moves is just mind blowing

  • my favorite example some something being drawn on the 1s and it being noticeably smoother in the 4th opening to Haikyu where his eyeball is animated on 1s:

  • Do the music video for Space Rock by Trip Rexx

  • I think a reaction to some of the cartoons from love, desth, robots would be great, because i think these shortfilms there just great and the cover a great variety of diffrent styles