What Is The Resolution Of The Eye?

Publicēšanas datums 10 mar 2014
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Vsauce video about the FRAME RATE of the eye: lvcd.info/watch/xtaMkayoeKhqe2w/video.html
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  • One things for sure; it’s better than any camera existing today.

  • arre vaa... hanu dixit..!!

  • 5:37 "64 bit, 32 bits, 16 bits, 8 bits, 4 bits, 2 bits, HALF BIT..."

  • Japanese videos have a blindspot in their pants

  • Ive been asking this for weeks

  • I'm only halfway through and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work. Thank you for your work

  • This is my shower thought

  • Vsauce: *Exists* The Indians: 👁️👁️

  • Michael is the type of dude to visit a country to tell facts about it instead of using a green screen

  • 00:26 why with the Indian classical music 😆

  • right eye: 1080 left eye: better, somehow.

  • My opinion is our eye is 12k resolution..

  • smart people see everything much worse because they reduce the graphics to gain more fps

  • Everybody says life is beautiful but I look at it in 720p and 30hz

  • Echte Leben ist ein Video Spiel

  • @Josh Potter

  • I don't know if I will make any sense but knowing that a single glimpse is horrible due to how much our brains stitch and process our visual input over time, isn't it sort of like Temporal Anti-Aliasing and more appropriately, Nvidia's DLSS?

  • 80000000x60000000

  • We have feature films but noone watches those.... We watch crappy movies thats an eyesore......

  • My eye resulution: Right: 4k Left: 480p (I wear glasses so now both are 4k😆)

  • Love India let’s all move there!

  • Can we talk about how many tabs are open at 5:27?

  • Gggggggggg gang

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  • Wow, that blind spot thing really amazed me, I never knew we had one

  • I want a refund of my eyes!!

  • Don't think that I did not notice the "thin hair" note on that top-down picture of you Micheal. Lol 😝

  • 5:00 i wan't fooled until he said 'blue circle' then i saw it before i just saw blue lines, and he said color spreading i thought i saw the lines making more of the lines blue

  • i cant find a blind spot and I don't see a blue circle wierd

  • The adjoining guatemalan interstingly bump because egypt systematically lie aboard a hot huge cup. guarded, pathetic dream

  • And what would happen if they made a screen (that would fit in our field of view) more than 576 megapixels?

  • "washton dc"

  • I was gonna go to bed but then I started looking at my nose unwillingly

  • Right eye: 5K 60fpsHDR Left eye: 8K HDR 60Fps

  • I am stuck ... now I notice my nose in the way of my vision

  • This guy travelled from London to Washington to India, just for a video and our information.

  • damm i cant unsee my nose now

  • Imagine a time we’re 64k is a thing... it would be almost as if whatever your watching is 100% real

  • Am I the only one who thinks that the same Vsauce videos are 90% different than the ones we saw 1-2 years earlier? Did they record 2-3 versions of the videos originally and update them along thumbnails?

  • In my living room I see in 4K and in my den I see 1080p HD :)

  • My bad vision: 144p

  • I didn’t see a blue circle-does this mean I’m a god or somthin?!

  • You always see your nose and glasses.... *what is seen can't be unseen*

  • They look so confused. 0.26

  • Hindi song in vsauce ending!!..

  • Man fr went to India for this. Dedication 100

  • I tried the blind spot thing and couldn't find it. I guess my resolution is a few pixels higher than normal or my brain's Hz is a little lower. Apparently my brain is slow. I don't get the 4:55 thing. Am I supposed to see a blue circle? All I see are black lines that turn blue, in a circular pattern, all on a white background.

  • Did not expect that ending, love ya Vsauce. Wish i knew you 6 years ago. Maybe i could have had a chance to meet you than.

  • Hanu Dixit at the end was a great surprise :)

  • my eyes are literally like -480p

  • Love from india ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😘❤️💕

  • Michael: I’m at the White House right now Security: Michael has breached the perimeter, death is inevitable

  • Vsauce did more for India in this video than Wes Anderson in The Darjeeling Limited

  • blind people- whats a resolution

  • Did anyone else question their eyesight watching this despite having 20/20 vision

  • How Many Indians here? I didn't expected that he would mention that, I am glad he did it

  • I understand like 670 % of this video

  • never thought a vsauce video would end with "Gulabi Aankhe jo teri dekhi"

  • 9 mins and he never answers the question!

  • Anyone else get an ad with a camera’s resolution related to it?

  • Samsung still better

  • our eyes see at 139k for the quick answer

  • console peasants be like. 720p

  • Did you see how many tabs Michael had open at 5:20???? Jesus Christ

  • my right eye is bad but my left is good

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    • He loves us so much, we are dying from a virus and many innocent people are suffering from poverty, illness, etc, and our world leaders are corrupt taking advantage of each other and countries hate each other and people kill each other... So much love.

    • No

  • *hOw* *tO* *bAsIc*

  • *casually walks by the White House*

  • My eyes are still running on 480p.

  • i am indian i know hindi i know what he said. Vsauce do you really lnow


  • 0:04 where Mr. Trump lives

  • 6488 x 8000

  • It´s unmeasurable since our eye (brain) is more comparable to analogue than digital. The quantum world actually makes more sense (if at all) in an analogue space compared to digital one.

  • Remember that one time you went to India in order to make this great, epic, episode...?

  • But I thought we couldn't see over 16k tv resolution?

  • thin hair

  • but israel life

  • So does this mean that aside from the retinal detachment i have in my left at the bottom left side of my eye. But i actually see in the top right near my the bridge of my nose my vision is avoid that can b corrected by my eye moving aound. Now i have additional blindspots in my eye. Well this explains a lot y people can ask if i see sumthing beyond my arms reach and i cant see it.

  • Me who’s in 2021 capitol storming

  • Eyesight is far better than any camera. Not sure why you said our vision is shitty when it's crystal clear. Also, you're wrong when you say you can't see color in your periphery.

  • 4:55 Yea? Are they supposed to be different? They are exactly the same to me

  • America's capital? You mean USA's capital.

  • said framerate like a robot? XD

  • Don’t understand any word in the song but he sings very nice

  • nobody else caught the "thin hair" label ? 😂😂🤣


  • I tried the blind spot trick @0:4:02 and started laughing

  • Looks like blue to me

  • 1000000000000000000000000000x

  • Him: You are always looking at your own nose Me: **Closes eyes**

  • Etc I have a blind spot on my leg teye

  • I saw no blue circle. I did see that the termination points of the several blue lines could be joined together by a circle. This is interesting in that not all illusions fool all people. I do know most optical illusions do fool me. This one doesn't, nor does the phenomenon of the moon appearing bigger when near the horizon.

  • This guy know how to manipulate the quality of the camera 6 yrs ago Pewdiepie: i guess i need you to be my tutor

  • what’s the resolution of stevie wonders eyes

  • Did he say that he lives in London??

  • My guy..... I just did the Thumb thing, just to check it out for fun, I am very much bored...... and I could see my thumb all the way around........... I must not have this then

  • Who would ever think an elected president of the United States who lived in that house, incited an insurrection on the US capitol protesting that he in fact won the election.

  • 1024x768

  • yo can we just take a minute to appreciate the dudes singing like damnnnnn.