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Publicēšanas datums 27 feb 2020
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Here at Corridor we are making more videos than ever, and that means we need help! If you have editing chops and want to prove it, and you also want a job.. well you came to the right video!
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  • Watch them a hire a 5 year old

  • Did you guys ever hire? I made a submission (check it out if you’d like) and I haven’t heard anything about you guys hiring on here?

  • I’m just curious, did they announce the winner? I’ve been trying to see who won on their Twitter but no name has been mentioned

  • What do you consider your strengths? Me: Im dedicated, work hard, and a perfectionist Ok, what do you consider your weaknesses Me: I work too hard, Honest to a fault, Put my work before myself. 🤔 Me: 😎

  • Damn I just saw this today :(

  • Damn did I miss my stuff

  • This is so cool I would really like to work there. I am a young VFX artist and I want to encorporate that in my career in the future. But I want to go to school and college. I am in 7th grade rn

  • Is this how Jordan got there?

  • worst part is all the people who apply and arent even close to qualified,and then they try to throw in a sob story...if you ever do this when looking for a job,damn you

  • Why am I watching this? I’m 14 and on the other side of the country.

  • If you don't need any help in IT then I will deadass get an education in editing and writing just for this job

  • Damn, too late

  • Lmao imagine getting rickrolled by this

  • 6 months later, is the new hire Nat or Jordan?

  • Can I have Clints job? I actually watch movies, lol cheers just razzin you guys love the shows

  • *closes imovie in a sad and slow fashion*

  • Goddammit how did I miss this??

  • I'm to bad to edit

  • I'm crying cause I didn't saw this earlier

  • I would edit your video if I could download the 6 GB files

  • How about me, who knows how editing works but no laptop to edit to? Is there a possibility?

  • I'm an aspiring scriptwriter from Egypt. Help I've got no chances even though I have been thinking of so many project ideas for Corridor 😭

  • Genius!

  • I don’t have professional skills in editing or cgi or VFX and I live in Florida and I am 14, but If I did work there, I would freaking grind hard asf and learn everything that I could about editing because working there would not only be fun, but it would be an honor!

  • You guys still hire?

  • Does anybody know if the position has been filled?

    • @Lauren G lol I guess everybody will cross that bridge when we get to it. Thanks!

    • Justin Falls hey just another update. While it doesn’t look official yet I think they may be closer to their decision. Awhile back they posted a picture on Instagram saying that they were sending out a round two email for people they liked to edit another video so they could get a better idea: instagram.com/p/B-0Tud_lP2p/? Weirdly no one has mentioned getting a round two email on their Reddit or Instagram or anywhere though. They also said they would tell us when they found someone on Twitter and they haven’t done that yet either. Who knows! Lmao

    • @Lauren G Thanks for the update. And good luck!

    • I don’t believe so. The new hire I think that Luke means in the newer videos had a lower thirds that read “Associate Producer” My best guess is that COVID effected their time table on this as many companies have taken a hit financially. I threw my hat in the ring so I’ve been frequently checking both their twitter and each video. But as far as I can tell there’s no new editors in the background.

    • I think it has been. There is a new person in their newest video.

  • I'm graduating in December with a chemistry degree!! How can I work with you guys??

  • They should hire the guy who made the fanmade warhammer 40k cinematics.

  • Damn too bad this was two years too early :\

  • Shame I'm a noob editor who lives in the UK :(

  • Can a 12 year old work there

  • I don't remember what my first video from you guys was. I do know that I saw some videos of yours years and years ago and I was amazed when I found the corridor crew channel. I watch you guys because you make great content and you all have great personalities. Also cause I would love to meet and hang out with you guys one day. But for now I live vicariously through the videos you put out!

  • I’m sorry but where is the updates for this

  • yes

  • I'll brush up on my skills. Can you put the application date forward to, I dunno say... 2028? I might be ready then.

  • I would love to move to San Francisco, but working at Corridor and living in LA would be even better :) Too bad I'm not very proficient at editing video. As a designer, my thing is more about graphics and drawings :)

  • Want to work here? Yes. Have any useful skills?...... no.

  • Want to do this feel like won’t have time to finish it

  • Hi

  • i can make a good choking sound

  • Poor me, I'm just a Graphic Artist, but I'm really into VFX.

  • Crap so you don't have any needs for an engineer?

  • Jokes on you im in florida oof Im florida man =v

  • This is where I wish I was older. I could do what yall need me to do, but alas, I am only a child, looking up to the people who got me into filmmaking, envying the person who gets this job

  • Dang and I found this video on March 20th or so. :(

  • THAT HURTS ME... I live in Italy... 🥺

  • Has anyone received the 2nd Round email yet?

    • @Alexatron Where'd you hear this?

    • They emailed 5 people for the second round.

  • I’m a designer, but these clips do not fit my style well

  • Everyone Rick roll them

  • What if I’m 13

  • I’m not an editor, but I’m a stunt person?

  • Who did they hire??? Is it clint

  • smart of them to add little details like the formatting so they can easily see who can follow simple directions. it's surprisingly few people haha

  • i was going to apply but then saw the filesizes and didnt want to wait three days to download the stuff

  • Damn, wish I had seen this when it came out.

  • They're true with the stock video mainly kids are probably gonna enter I wish I wasn't 14.

  • I wanna work here and edit videos but I’m twelve, so in 9 years can u hire me please?

  • I just want to be a test dummie

  • jake looks really skinny idk if thats just me he dont look to ok

  • if you are part military do you allow us to stay military reserves while working for Corridor Digital?

  • Oh no I am late😭

  • Can i get in now?

  • would you do a video where you review submissions? that could be a fun format, similar to LWIAY.

  • I wanna work here when I get older


  • Well I'm 20 days late considering I just started editing...

  • What is the youngest age to hire? Actually I'm guessing probably 18 unless you want to deal with work permits😂

  • I wish I could apply, but I'm all the way over in North Carolina and I'm not a professional editor or VFX artist

  • Results, anyone?

    • @Alexatron I don't think I made the cut. Thanks for the heads-up

    • they have reached out with a follow-up email to 5 people for the second stage of the selection process.

  • Lol looks like nobody is moving anytime soon

  • I don’t do anything except die inside

  • React indian film pulimurugan 🐯tiger fight scene

  • Did anyone else here also not apply and just watch the raw footage?

  • I live in Texas but I would definitely consider moving to LA, here’s my submission, I sent in the formatted email as well, love y’all’s work! Hope you like mine! lvcd.info/watch/vMlrYYKnasSAgGw/video.html

  • Gosh, I would LOVE to work with y’all.

  • I wish I can but im still in high school

  • If only I was not 10 years old didn’t live in Canada and my older brother let me use our family’s computer and there wasn’t a global pandemic and some how you guys would convince my parents to let me live in la

  • Been watching all your vids recently during these dark times so I made this track I'm based in UK but a big fan of your company for years anyways enjoy this beat Listen to C-VIRUS SONG by Laz Tobaz on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/lasco-atkins-829961533/sets/c-virus-song

  • me 13 years old: hmmmm btw i edit memes and stuff like that

  • Just got to know, what we’re the age requirements?

  • Well, this was poorly timed.

  • but im just a kid.

  • 0:13 professional editor right here

  • I am an Indian, with the basic knowledge of vfx and following your videos and I want to know more about the vfx, like what are the abilities ,what software is used . We Indians mostly do not have a crew of vfx from India we generally have the crew from abroad ,so the next generation is to be the INDIAN one so please make a video on basic vfx for beginners and part it to the expert's step wise

  • Any update on the hiring process? I suspect you need editors that can work from home right now. Stay safe!

    • they have reached out with a follow-up email to 5 people for the second stage of the selection process.

  • I want to but I live in Pakistan. And I have only one phone.and can you tell me how to make best cgi and video I love filming and want to be a director

  • I love that how corridor crew read every comment man much love to you guys

  • Me around 1 minute in: "I'm from germany, still a filmstudent and building a start-up at the moment.. But.. hell yeah, I'll just do it for fun." Video continues:... "submissions closing March 15" Me: "Dang.. even less chance to be chosen now. " 😂 ... Hope you're all safe and sound

  • Hire a woman, fellas.

  • This is all just a way to get their next video edited. Soon they’ll be doing weekly applications

  • I have rice

  • I edit but I’m 13 and live in sac

  • Any time estimate for updates?

    • Alexatron I know :( I was not selected. Sad.

    • they have reached out with a follow-up email to 5 people for the second stage of the selection process.

  • I want to work with yall

  • Damn it. Five days late.

  • Ah, just now saw this video, really wanted to apply *takes the footage anyways and looks at the new video*

  • Finding this video at 4am and I’m in Australia....and also 5 days late....bummer

  • I really wish I saw this a few weeks ago...

  • i only found dis out today rip

  • if only I was over 18