VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 25

Publicēšanas datums 2 mai 2020
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Clint, Niko, and Wren are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films (socially distanced, of course).
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  • You should make the effects in sharkboy and lavagirl better like you did with there mummy king

  • I watched sharkboy and lavagirl ... 🔪 😃

  • Do a react to bad and great cgi with harry potter!!

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Min 4:53 Wait a second…. How the fuck did they shoot a guy with a blue head against a blue screen without having his head disappear?? That’s what I want to know

  • React to Ben-Hur 1959

  • I know that at this point, no ones going to ever read this, but if you’re looking for old revolutionary VFX, look at The Invisible Man from 1933! There’s a hell of a lot of effects shots in that movie that look phenomenal considering that the movie was made nearly 90 years ago. Please check this out if you read this!

  • React to gerald's game

  • Please review Ray Harryhausen effects! He was a pioneer!

  • 12:01 My guess is that del toro stabbed a guy again

  • ok so... i saw pan's labyrinth when i was 30.... is that why I don't understand why this is a masterpiece?

  • Omg there were movies 80 years ago......

  • You guys!!!! you should definitely watch rainbow six:siege operator’s videos!!

  • And now Doug Jones is Captain Saru.

  • Mary Poppins!

  • I love these react videos. It's like my film history classes mixed with Ridiculousness commentary. So good!

  • Calvin from life

  • As far as old VFX, the ones in the Universal Horrors would be cool to talk about; Invisible Man, Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.

  • oh pans labyrinth. back in the day... when we had to rent dvds me and a friend went out to get some movies for the night. funny, childish movies. you had to pick by the cover art. pans labyrinth slipped in. i will never forget our faces. THATS NOT A CHILDMOVIE. absolute great movie .

  • It would be fun to hear your thoughts on "A Trip to the Moon" or "Metropolis".

  • The evil dead series and ash vs evil dead would be a good one

  • 11:21 Best!!

  • You guys need to react to Day of Reckoning(2016). The movie in kind of the same situation as Birdemic but its close to their level of cringe. Also I'd like to see how you guys fix it.

  • I've been binge watching this series like a madman

  • Jason and the Argonauts

  • Mayabazar - Its an old indian film from tollywood very famous for its visual effects

  • Can you guys please review "Clash of the Titans" from 1981. How did they do that movie?

  • I only started watching these because it actually have closed captioning making it watchable

  • these guys are very very good. however, anyone can Monday morning QB. I'd like to see them do a video about an upcoming film project. pick a few special effect shots that would be required for that scene. when the film eventually releases show the video of how you would have done and compare it to what was actually done. I think that'd be more interesting than knowing how it was done and then giving your ideas. not disrespecting you guys at all. id just love to see it done the way I described.

  • I never thought I would say this but I actually feel kind of bad for Taylor Lautner.

  • The faun's knees aren't backwards, his knees are in the same place as humans tend to be and his feet are about as long as his shins. The joint below the knee is comparable to an ankle and he walks on his toes essentially.

  • Shoudl react to devastator from revenge of the fallen

  • A

  • 14 000

  • A

  • A

  • A

  • A

  • A

  • A

  • A

  • a scanner darkly or waking life. might be better suited for animators react but either way you guys should go over them

  • Original king kong movie they projected videos onto small screens when king kong is reaching for the people in a cave and they did the opposite when you see the people in the cave and king kongs hand at the entrance

  • Mayabazar Telugu movie

  • Better coreography for sharkboy and lavagirl than new star wars honestly

  • I want to see you guys fixing the bad CG

  • It’s Hollywood they do things to further their agenda’s so when you see something weird it’s because they wanted it to be that way.

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol (Filipino movie) 😝

  • Clint is so gay

  • Please do Clash of the Titans and compare it to the remake along with Wrath of the Titans

  • Watched Pan's Labyrinth thanks to this episode. Absolutely brilliant movie. Thanks guys!

  • 10:00 to 10:03 you can see the square tubing that's supporting Doug Jones' foot. It didn't get painted out.

  • You should check out the glasspainting in the Adventures if Picasso

  • Another fantastic video, citizen Kane is iconic! Could you guys also react to Astartes please?

  • Army of Darkness

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • I love Doug Jones!!

  • The blurry lines never mattered to me I watched movies on a VHS

  • Please do the first hellraiser movie

  • You'd certainly be doing your audience a favor if you showcased Georges Melies, the 19th Century entertainer-turned-early filmmaker whose innovative effects were both practical and in-camera. Though archaic-looking to modern audiences, the restored short films are still entertaining.

  • I sub u last night and sharkboys and lavagirls is one of my fav show when i was 7? Or 8? Around 2015 - 2018

  • "The thing is, when you watch [Citizen Kane] you're like, 'This is okay, I guess. Why is everybody raving?'" Sweet Jesus, keep your superbad film opinions to yourselves and stick to the VFX reactions.

  • This is so cool

  • Please do Sinbad and the eye of the tiger made in 1977

  • Why is Twilight Horrible and Sharkboy/Lavagirl/Spykids still Really Good? IDK, maybe the campiness of it all.

  • Hot take I still really like shark boy and lava girl

  • Anyone else noticing the nerf darts on the floor in the background

  • Am I getting “CG” paranoid by watching these videos? Or do they all look like they have blue edges around their hair? There was no blue light source behind them that I can see

  • Grow Up Timmy Turner 2011


  • Metropolis (1927) has amazing effects as well, and really ingenious ways of achieving them.

  • i thought this was node so wasn't subbed

  • Check out the VFX in The Black Hole that Disney made.

  • Review Hugh Jackmans Van helsin please.

  • maybe you need to invite Dough Jones to react his monsters.

  • The Time Machine (1953) is a good one to do, those effects blew me away and the ones in War of the Worlds (1953). He'll even Forbidden Planet would be a great one to do, one of which was done by Walt Disney Studios.

  • I always love hearing what was used as a stand in for CGI creature on set. For the Kraken in Pirates of The Caribbean 2, they just had the director chase everyone around set shouting “I’m a tentacle!”

  • I like spy kids and shark boy and lava girl as a kid. It is eye candy for a kid and though the effects are not in par with other movies it stays somewhere special in my memory

  • 1:58 I get $ 182 daily and my entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • 10:17 movie name???

  • Doug Jones is my best buddy he was best man in my wedding :) So Im doing you guys one better than a Tweet ;) lol Do a video of all the movies he has done.

  • Man, do the old Ben Hur!

  • Can you guys do a video game cutscene episode?? And do uncharted and horizon zero dawn and something else :)

  • Im ten years oold and i do cg ALL the time!!

  • Thank you for explaining details like luma and color data

  • Is just acting dumbass

  • Your noob at cgi and ur mocking the ppl that is better then u at cg dumb accept for sharkboy and lava girl your better

  • They should look at the movie "Them", it's an old movie with some interesting shots👍

  • 6:21 damnit Loch Ness monster

  • ren is the tom holland of this channel

  • Funny how they criticize bad cgi , but are one of them actually working as professionals in the industry ?

    • Of course dude go check their backgrounds

  • You Guy's Should Really React To, The Cw's Supernatural. Especially Season 15😉

  • For Twilight, they should've had her pet a dog that was on a green box.

  • Could you react to the final battle from Godzilla King of the Monsters between Godzilla and King Ghidora

  • Are they green screened?

  • 13:03 that's Johnny Sins

  • Godzilla vs destoroyah

  • Shark boy and lava girl was a terrible movie in every aspect I never Envied the deaf and blind so much in my life

  • New subscriber hi I have something for you guy to look at z nation I think the fx are quite good for a TV show I think more impressive than TWD

  • YOU HAVEN'T SEEN CITIZEN KANE?!!!????, commented while at gunpoint by my film school teacher