We made an IMPOSSIBLE domino run!

Publicēšanas datums 8 mai 2020
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Clint, Niko, and Wren combine forces to create an insane CGi domino run!
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  • This is seriously so impressive! As a domino artist (thanks for showing some of my projects in the beginning!), I’m amazed at how realistic it looks. Usually these physics domino simulations look clearly animated, but the extra level of details you put into the lighting, surface imperfections, size, and sound were really well done. The only thing that seemed off was the domino drop at 11:22 from the door to the circle field on the ground - that was just too clean of a fall xD Usually dominoes would bounce and make dominoes fly everywhere on impact, especially from that high up on the ground. But really, this was awesome and I very much enjoyed hearing the thought process behind it! If you need a pro Domino Artist to help out with some designs, just let me know! Can’t wait to see what you make in the next one!

  • 8:45 oww

  • Wow that shot where the dominoes are standing vertically against the wall is so unreal it made the whole thing really look kinda dumb. Hey, how about putting all your criticisms on your "reaction videos" to work. FYI the Giant dominoe shot... it still look CG.

  • Can wren explain that back ground?

  • How is COVID-19?

  • Mind blown shot👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • niko wasnt lying, milo looks exactly like baby yoda

  • テレビで見て来た人 ↓ ↓ ↓

  • Let’s be honest. Explosions are the only ways to ends videos.

  • This is more or less, the domino effect

  • Did Wren say Windrunner..? Have they been reading the Stormlight Archive..? :O

  • Dommo


  • Sorry corridor i cant afford nvidia or razor

  • 10:44 TF wren ?

  • How embarrassing for us that a baby got into a video of famous people

  • 7:49 Thor lands⚡

  • What texture did you use for the dominos?

  • Where I can see this complete one scene,? This thing is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  • who knew dominoes could be so fun? lol

  • Which software you use, can you plz tell?

  • Sorry to say, but this video is not The best

  • CG matter would fit in so well with this group.

  • Wren stop touching your mask man, it defeats the purpose

  • It’s unfortunate that this thumbnail is nicer than the official videos

  • I'm here after watching how the fake it

  • 13:48 If this was real this would have been an absolute *NIGHTMARE* cleaning those life size dominoes one by one


  • Niko looks like an out of touch boss but is really wild and fun

  • The dominos a paid actor

  • Is the actual video linked anywhere?

  • They look terrible i dont know what your on about its so fake!

    • I guess u not watch the whole vid

    • OFC IS FAKE IS ONLY for entertaining

    • I hope ur joking

  • clearly if you made it it's possible

  • Me seeing a wall Mart ad. 😡 Me seeing it's one of my walmarts

  • Plz sub 2 Pegasus I post coGamingd contnt I am 18 subs

  • 1:18 literally top gear's footage

  • This would have been a perfect worlds largest [BLANK]

  • ok

  • 9:43 cat in background lol

  • You guys actually wore masks while working? Or was that just clickbaity?

  • Was the giant domino shadow supply to go over the palm tree shadow?

  • HOW!!!???

  • Please make another domino run! I just found this chanel last night and I love it and I have already subscribed!

  • There is a mistake at 13:36 look at the vheicles

  • what track is it at 0:30? you use this a lot and I never found out.

  • dominos!

  • Guys you should make a game for AR.? What ever you want to do it would be an entertaining and interactive game.

  • What Physics simulation software do you use

  • Sad thing is we can't see niko's smile due to mask😓

  • You did the domino run in twelve parsecs

  • Milo is so cute. ♥️

  • Are they using Blender?

  • Clint is thicc enough to use his thigh as a mousepad? Intense.

  • Damn! What a team work hands down

  • I like it! :)


  • Could you guys write in postprod (like at the bottom of the screen) international units when you're talking using american units ? It's so hard to follow when you don't know american units :( The shots are really great, the part that looks really weird is the one above the door, the tracking is kinda strange

  • E

  • Wren is just an older Tom Holland

  • Loved Wren's Stormlight reference!

  • Didn't cg matter also make an impossible domino run

  • What I love about Domino's is their extremely cheesy 🍕🧀🧀🍕🍕🍕🍕

  • Lol is Christian watching tv in the background

  • You guys are AMAZING

  • I keep thinking that they're talking about the pizza company Domino's

  • Anyone else notice that Niko had his mask upside down?

  • Try to do something with a slinky

  • 15:13 05:53 02:32

  • what kind if of drone did wren use

  • Looking at those razer notebooks makes me sad when I'm sitting here waiting six hours for a rhino Modell to render ;_;

  • Wren reads Stormlight Archives? Sick

  • You should added a bit more bump on those dominoes as they look a bit too plane and fake.and how did you make so many different materials for dominoes.

  • Not a fan of the adobe tracking. Wren, you've got to try out the foundry's Nuke 3D camera tracker. The amount of sliding that happens is all to often. This one was one of the best, until it got to the wall.

  • Does anyone notice the paper at 2:22 that says murder them all

  • why is theo goff EVERYWHERE now

  • 3:20 do you want to have an office next to the Corridor Crew? Call now (213) 765-77-00

  • Guys we know your masks are fully cg...busted! 😂

  • why does the decal from the shirt look like symmetra's (from Overwatch) turrets?

  • 11:21 what is that dimino

  • That business with the mismatched shadows reminded me of that one shot from Star Wars where the landspeeder drives past the camera and down the street in Mos Eisley. The various special editions have tried to tweak it but they still have the vehicle's shadow falling in the opposite direction of everything else in the frame. Worth fixing?

  • God dam y didnt u say u were sponsored by razor and nvidia because it's glaringly obvious

  • can you make a process video, from start to end?

  • Take off your Muzzle s nasty(((

  • I literally looked up the Immigrant song earlier!

  • look at the last domino on the wall ride

  • whats the song at 7:12 ? pls its driving me insane on whats playing

  • Computer/laptop companies needs to create more designs and specs for editors

  • Liked the video only for milo!

  • 4:90 i felt that

  • Soooooo... we're really not gonna talk about Wren's background during the video call? XD

  • Is that laptop good for architecture student?

  • Corridor Crew is really a huge resource to some things im hoping to achieve in the future. Please keep it up and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Stay shreddin boys!

  • +

  • Cant believe that one of my favorite youtube channels referenced my favorite book!!! The stormlight archive is so good!!!

  • Great show

  • Dude with the hair clip in, think his name is Clint. Dude, c'mon, please dude, please take that out

  • Sponsored by domino's.

  • You guys ever think about making games? I think you guys could make some boss games

  • Dunno what this is but y'all are annoying.

  • Masks don't work