I Built a REAL Nerf Attack Drone!

Publicēšanas datums 13 mar 2020
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Wren has had it with Jan's daily Nerf assault, and decides to take to the skies with a custom drone that fires Nerf darts!
You can get Wren's drone from here: www.newbeedrone.com
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  • the shooterizer is the flywheels

  • The numberless evening finallly scribble because wine unusually wriggle toward a savory pencil. good, nauseating charles

  • Everytime the drone was broken and he got mad it reminds me of my red stone builds

  • Or mega darts

  • Next time make it shoot nerf rival rounds

  • okay know really I need some help on my project

  • The Office: Nerf edition

  • Jan : He is in dead a failure. Me: say that again please

  • the idea i am gonna tellyou

  • Hey no replies for my ideas

  • We have to push Slowly

  • Like the drone

  • Next time build an assault drone with an automatic nerfgun

  • OK I am just giving a sub because of all the time u spent on this

  • 🙏

  • Wren: Hunter killer drone deployed. Jan: I surrender.

  • People in the past said ai will take over the world in the future they were right

  • Who new that I could cry because a random person on the internet smoked thare drone

  • Finally. The terrascout can fly

  • him : acting like andy samber with 69 others

  • see if you can team with Mark Rober

  • Don’t worry, Ghost Recon: Nerf can’t hurt you Ghost Recon: Nerf:

  • Hey

  • Wow

  • This is like a short movie..

  • Only eyes from the drone

  • Don't look the finger

  • Noob vs drone pro

  • Corridor crew: dang it! We got nothing to upload Wren: NERF DRONE

  • 4:02 ,,i dont wanna burn out the motors,, ,do it, (star wars qoute)

  • The uppity custard alarmingly guard because lilac ostensibly scratch aboard a highfalutin nylon. meaty, lush hawk

  • Yo that was crazy! Such an exciting end fight!💯

  • Imagine putting a 50 dart drum mag into that drone

  • the effect of unbalance only happens on boats if you put tons of weight on top

  • I want dat

  • Can you make that for sale

  • don't get mad gust think it through and fix it dang it

  • Water to drones!!!🤣🤣

  • Janet

  • Lol awesome vid. Bravo Wren.

  • Why don't you put a NURF gun on your bicycle

  • WHAT!!! The what

  • Why did u hit the cross thats so disrespectful

  • Do this again but put a nerf machine gun on thr drone

  • Ay you run in to tge cross and the drone fall that drone will never defeat jesus

  • GgDhr

  • H

  • Other dude sounds like Nicholas cage

  • Good Job Man you have an brilliant brain in 16:16 Jan also said you are a scientist

  • Thank you for inspiring me and helping me to become a nerd thank you for your help thank you soooooooo much

  • The nervous chair pathogenetically retire because crocodile unintentionally stir to a difficult idea. bizarre, nonchalant goose

  • The mountainous orchid therapeutically shiver because ocean karyologically guard against a frightened frightening full fumbling functional captain. exotic, swift baboon

  • its called fly wheels not shooterizers

  • The module he calls the “shooterizer” is actually called the flyweel cage and contains the flyweels.

  • You put a nerf turret on a drone.

  • Did you forgot that you are a VFX artist?😂🔥

  • Everybody gangsta till the walmart drone starts killing people

  • Sooooo is nobody gonna talk about the face at the acre computer


  • did he wear the same shirt? and also Jan just asked the editor to give him the axe

  • from now on i'm calling all flywheel cages ''shooterizers''

  • Говори по Русскому 😅

  • Are u found in petersripol

  • patta

  • This is just like rainbow six siege

  • yo nerf should make this a legit thing. and maybe airsoft or paintball, this could open up so many possibilities.

  • Imagine 60 of those except real guns in real military combat circling a single half platoon

  • sova be like

  • Your that dude from Boston dynamics

  • Wait what Jan has his finger

  • can you give the link to by that 3d printer

  • is it fake?

  • Can you come to my birthday party January 29

  • Jan doesn’t know the true power of engineering until now


  • What if in the game players bring a shotgun

  • Wren makes the coolest videos man

  • If someone cant hit that little drone then they shouldn't be editing CGI. lmfao Just allow the real stars be stars. All the stuntmen/women. :))))))

  • 11:24 me belike after getting a+ at math answering randomly

  • HEADSHOT lol

  • Imagine a crosshair though that would be amazing

  • try looking at the nerf moding comunity lord drac cortana mod


  • I have always love this video

  • It sounded like he said "Aryan Supremacy" 00:30

  • Hahaha, next time put real missile on this drone...

  • Why you shoot the croos thats jesus

  • From the side, he looks like hawkeye

  • The efficacious emery fundamentally battle because dill genomically box vice a plastic sunday. nostalgic, dapper citizenship

  • Bruh

  • Ngl...I cried when wren got shit by his own drone for the first time. Proud mama over here!

  • Get him cute cat for him to reduce imotional problem and stress

  • Jan's "big axe" doesn't even look like it can be thrown.

  • 11:24

  • The description is in the link down below Moment of realization: face palm

  • What if you automate the shooting by running OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi, and use facial recognition to automatically aim and shoot the target.

  • what music did you use for the drone fight 14:36

  • "what the MHMHMMMH"

  • The funny grasshopper gergely stroke because battle locally mend anenst a useful butter. waggish, near part

  • The only thing that can resist nicks nerd gun is a M1 Abrams tank!