Trying to Stay Sane During The Apocalypse

Publicēšanas datums 26 mar 2020
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The crew gives you a look at their day-to-day life while living in self-quarantine at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
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  • 0:57: I couldn't agree with Jan more. Katanas (and swords in general) are just plain cool. Unlike guns, they don't even need ammo.

  • 3:34 singed cosplay 😆 almost

  • It's always now

  • Yeah, I'm a Melee/Sword guy, too.

  • Katanas aren’t the perfect weapon

  • 6:17 personal timestamp for clint's stretching 😂

  • Jan’s was the best

  • Four things: - Nice Counter Strike sound right there Jan snuck between 1:38 & 1:39. - A radio that "can reach (uh) the *moon* ". What more do you need ? - IS THAT A *LIVE* SNAKE IN THAT BAG?!?!?! A snake for security??? #bagsnake - Did Clint just pulled off a Kim Kardashian pose @ 4:24?


  • Real guns u need real guns

  • Damn dean been spitting some wisdom, great character depveloment, stay safe bro.

  • Bruh

  • jan is the best. he would make any outfit fun and probably dead in a few minutes. if he talks as loud as he is on screen... no chill. but definitely hilarious.

  • Jan is the craziest person I don't know

  • Legit doing this work out

  • I

  • Omg Jan is actually missing a finger!

  • Who's here after the video about Jan's missing finger?

  • Jan needs in a cage cage

  • I thought Rhett was the most prepared for the apocalypse, but now he has some competition...

  • Is that a master grade Char Zaku II custom i see in the back?

  • i just want to know the reasoning behind working out in skinny jeans

  • My dude, as someone who’s been preparing for the boog for years, if you think you’ll last long at all with only melee shit you’re gonna die

  • 3:33 dude looks huge from that perspective

  • Christian’s recipe is the best meal I’ve had throughout quarantine. I used it to make a meal when friends came over and they loved it. We need way more of these videos and recipes and ways to avoid boredom/ depression/ anxiety

  • BeatSaber is my workout.

  • jan definitely looks like a knife collection guy lol

  • you know, i have just started to deal with extreme anxiety like.. this year. it started when my boyfriend dumped me, which.. sucked. i was just kinda there. not really feeling anything? but now i continue to indulge on the fact that even though i hate him now, i might not have, had i done things differently. like, if i was just.. more present. less cryptic and sad all the time. maybe things would be different.

  • This channel is keeping me sane

  • Me thinking that Jake is making a genuine statement... Nope he's just doing a sponsored segment.

  • Came for Corridor Crew, got ZombieGoBoom.

  • everyone else: lets be calm and motivational Jan: imma make some badass loadout

  • Jan is on sooooo many watch lists now, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I probably am too just for watching this.

  • His bald head has no protection

  • Jan should read te "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. It was so thought out and serious that I was almost convinced zombies were real.

  • ready for madmax

  • I love Jans snake it's so pretty and I have a ball python also so it was cool seeing one in a corridor video

  • Dude all you need are a sawn off double barrel shotgun with two knifes taped to it

  • Old people:Ugh you modern day kids are so violent Also them in 1940s: 1:13

  • I love your snake it’s so cute

  • 3:40 top character design

  • If it was a viable option, I would absolutely have a bag snake.

  • ....Has Clint been getting sleep?

  • Good on Clint. Something I've learned doing mixed martial arts my whole life is actually related to working out. Most of my gyms were located inside workout gyms, and shame is the number one reason people don't work out! People will always find a way to make eachother feel bad, no matter what. They make fun of their weight, of the excercises they do, the way they do sit ups, the size weights they use, even their workout clothes... it needs to stop. Just do what you can. I have 1000x more respect for the chubby person on the treadmill all day, than I do for the fitness models lifting huge weights. It takes courage to get out there and do it. Have pride in your mission, have confidence in your determination to go for it. Don't let anyone stop you from trying to better yourself. Bravery and determination are worthy of respect. If you absolutely cannot face it, find a 24hr gym and go in the middle of the night, or hit up craigslist for some cheap equipment, or find a friend to split cost with and help motivate eachother! (Avoid being competitive, unless that's how you motivate yourself.. but be weary that your competitive attitude might come across wrong and hurt your friend.) Don't try to push eachother, but pull eachother forward. Pushing can be taken wrong, but a hand up is always seen as helpful. I have one lung, and cancer and I get looks going to the gym and using 2lbs to excercise... but I have severe nerve damage and I have physical therapy to do. I don't worry about other people, I just focus on my goal. Motorcycle riding ADV and moto camping! I want yo get strong and healthy enough again to go camping alone on my bike, and take my nieces and nephews for rides! Wierd looks and condescending muscle bros won't stop me! Do what you can. Anything is better than nothing! Good luck!

  • Jan, the ultimate coronavirus killer.

  • Best part of the video? Jakes kids

  • So crazy😂

  • To my z-day survival lodout im Will have a bar Made of metal because im don't live in the usa

  • Do reaction video of "ASN" kannada - Indian awesome movie.. What a talented Crew they are, unbelievable.

  • I wanna hang out with Jan

  • Can you react to Brad Pitts CGI in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button PLEASE

  • Clint is a public menace, a danger to society, he is showing us how to work out...IN JEANS!! What is this?

  • There’s a great quote along the lines of: If you are anxious you are thinking about the future if you are depressed you are dwelling in the past and if you are at peace you are living in the moment.

  • I can never tell if Clint is serious or doing a bit.

  • Dean sounds like he would be really good narrating!!! Really calming as he speaks i found haha

  • THIS was really disrespectful, WTF is wrong with THIS dude!!!!?

  • gas has a 3 month expiration day fyi

  • PLZ can everyone stop crying about their anxiety? Everybody feels bad from time to time... the secret is to not be a sissy and not to fall in the victim hole! Stop crying, stand up and go play again!!!

  • Loved hearing from dean and the anxiety talk, really comforted me

  • Every mom: never play with knives Jan: hold my morning star Edit: WHY DOES JAN JUST HAVE A SNAKE IN A BAG AND SHAKES IT AROUND Last edit: nice Char Aznable Zaku in the background. Respecc

  • Used to love to hike. But I cannot walk now

  • There was a lot of character in this video

  • Jake's kids are so cute!! :) Solidarity to all of the other parents out there during the quarantine!

  • As soon as he said Alternative Food Sources I started having Frostpunk flashbacks.

  • That snake was it real because that is animal abuse

  • Jan and just dustin would be the best of friends

  • 1. Jan is awesome. Melee is my preferred combat style as well, but I prefer short swords over daggers. 2. Thank you Clint for the exercise routine. Been needing to work out. I'll post a video... sometime soon to Instagram. 3. And most important. Anxiety. For me, it's coupled with depression. It's been hitting harder because I didn't work for a couple of weeks. And my bills didn't stop, they're just on hold, so whenever this is all over, I'm going to owe everything I was unable to pay. The stimulus check wont cover one month's worth of bills for me. So, that's my anxiety right now. To those that are working through this, whether at home or in public, be thankful for having a job right now. And those in public, thank you for working to provide for the rest of us. Stay safe and well, everyone. 4. Is there a Mack Weldon for women? 😁

  • anyone else notice the char zaku 2 on the shelf to the left at 1:37 😂

  • Just one question: was Niko playing that double bass or was that synthesized?

  • Jan's segment was so awesome. 9:35 care does not get rid of danger, it's still dangerous. I used to be very anxious in a previous school I studied at. There was no fix, I just had to live facing the anxiety. When I moved, it mostly went away, though the mistrust of people did not; in fact that only increased. I think the reason why I was anxious - though at the time I didn't know - is that I was scared of that place, the people there, and their toxic behaviors. Everyone there had it in them, that little bit of toxicity. Dismissing, mocking or making sarcastic comments. Even teachers did that, to a lesser degree, but not any less demoralizing. It was 'normal'.

  • Nice! Thanks

  • Haha good stuff!

  • Hi ive been watching since the how to fall video lol

  • Jan talks about his buggout bag and loadout being melee only. *Gets blasted by some Texan thats 15 yards away.*

  • You have no clue how happy I was when he said morningstar instead of mace

  • This episode feels like a different channel and I love it

  • Tooth paste is literally poisonous if you eat to much. I don’t recommend that

  • Bag snake, genius!

  • spend half a year in the county jail, and you'll consider quarantine a luxurious delicacy compared to that shit. no better way to appreciate the little things

  • Loved hearing from Dean. I really appreciated that message about anxiety. I bike for the same reasons, it helps keep me in the moment. Happy editing, Dean.

  • Jan looks like mad max

  • billy

  • This is the perfect interpretation of me

  • What do you guys think of the cat in the Smurfs movies? Azrael. Do they use a real cat and a CGI version? I think so...

  • MIB 3 time jump CGI is it good?

  • 3:34

  • Yo with that snake you can so drink it's blood to stay hydrated too

  • Jake, your kids are awesome at adverts. I’m sold.

  • signs of coronavirus insanity nah jk

  • I just realized almost all of the crew members have their own sorta music theme when the focus is on them, pretty cool touch

  • Thank you Niko and the rest of Corridor, for making me watch 16 videos of you doing your hobbies XD Time well spent!

  • I love the pocalypsin with jan

  • Hey guys, love your vids! Question for you...with all of the work you do, how do you prevent headaches/eye soreness after working on screens all day? Seeing as so many people are working from home now (myself included) I’d love to hear how you self-care. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • 2:55 Me: COOK THE SNAKE

  • Bro since I’m a workout guy clints part of the video was so helpful and I also learned so much from jans part very helpful for a zombie apocalypse 👍👍👍😂

  • I broke my arm

  • 3:39 he looks like a boss from some call of duty or battlefield game

  • Crewtons support 💪

  • His kids are gonna get a degree in advertising

  • Well this got serious quick