Max reacts to the Rockets trading James Harden to the Nets | First Take

Publicēšanas datums 14 jan 2021
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Brooklyn Nets acquiring James Harden from the Houston Rockets in a 4-team blockbuster deal.
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  • good job

  • Ain't no pressure on the players 💪💯 but coaching that's where the pressure is 👌💯

  • Kyrie doing them a favor already. His sacrificing right before the trade when his no where to be found. 😂

  • KD-Harden-Kyrie maybe the best 3 ball dominant players but look at their is empty like a desert.

  • Kyrie Irving and others should start a players owned basketball league 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • And folks have the nerve to call Lebron a diva ? Bro, it’s levels to this

  • Kyrie was MVP in the all-star game and MVP in FIBA so you can say they have 3 MVP's.

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  • they only need KAI SOTTO next year draft..and automatic championship...kd wants kai sotto....he even follow kai...a superstar ..who do that?

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  • Stfu

  • This is not MY NBA no more! For me, ist is all about competition! All these KD‘s, AD‘s i‘m sick and tired of it!! The „last man standing“ winning an NBA title against all these super teams was Nowitzki! Props to him for not letting his franchise down

  • triple double for harden and 42 points for kd, who's a ball hogger. where's the chemistry

  • I wish the sixers traded Ben for Harden

  • Lego Pacers

  • Max is a boxing guy . He doesn’t know anything about basketball

  • Every year?? Reality says, Nah son

  • let go irving some problems will be solved

  • Bron really ran KD and harden outta the west bruh

  • I'm just here after tonight's game, I'll wait.....

  • I hope Kyrie Irving never shoots above 25% from now on.

  • I hope James Harden never shoots above 30% ever again!

  • KD is lightyears better than harden and kyrie

  • Rockets got better I said it!!!!!

  • In all seriousness this is one dangerous team . If they find the right game plan it’s game over

  • Utah Jazz still the best of the west

  • Mashed potatoes team

  • I never understand why American sports networks have analysts who specialise in a certain sport talk about other sports. Max is a boxing analyst...

  • I actually think Cleveland won the trade they get a real good up and coming centre in Allen and they get a glue guy in Prince and I have a feeling this will not work out in Brooklyn’s favour

  • I feel bad for Steve Nash. He’s NBA coach not a Director for a soap opera for this Cry babies 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Kyrie is a flatearther ... should cut ties with that guy long ago

  • Maybe this will prove that there is more to the game than iso ball and the league will go back to team ball. MAYBE

  • cant wait to see this circus

  • This show needs go

  • lakers had a big four they barely made the playoffs.

  • Iguodala?

  • Lebron been in nba 18 or 19 seasons he dont get to finals every year media be just making it up as they go

  • Until kyrie flat earth irving carries a team to the playoffs he will never be a mvp caliber player

  • IDGAF bout Lakers vs Nets finals but I wanna see Nets vs Warriors finals.

  • And Steve Nash just so happened to land there.

  • It’s a moment to see- you have KD as one of the best ever most effective and efficient scorers, and then ball hogs in Harden and Kyrie. If Harden and Kyrie can play off ball this team will be amazing. If not- we’ll see them flop in two weeks time. Harden and Kyrie have to respect KD’s capacity

  • Max Kellerman : they should trade for igoudala

  • Rockets scored! - Oladipo & 4 first rounders! Harden is an extreme talent but this is a trade that sets Houston up for a potentially very bright future(providing they draft at least adequately). They get a great point guard in VO & have 4 future first rounders(+ those picks/swaps give them a lot of trade liquidity) to build around him. I'm sure there are plenty of people in H-town who are bummed to see Harden go but the franchise got super max value outta the deal. i wish my Blazers could make moves like this.

  • I hate to say this as a nets fan, but I have a really bad feeling about this mess.

  • He can’t shave his beard that’s his security blanket

  • I wonder if kyrie pulled all this stuff off, think about it, if he did the guy was right the media is a bunch of pawns and he played them all 🤣

  • Nets will lose with that curse person harden

  • max kellerman just likes arguing for arguing sakes,,,,,brayo tu

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  • Sounds right LeBron goes west everyone goes east nah

  • LeKing James making the league nervous. They need to assemble the Power Rangers to beat Superman!!

  • God another big 3. Why don’t guys want to compete anymore? So weak. And boring. Although this will be interesting from a drama queen perspective. (If KD was unselfish he’d still be in the bay. I’m glad he left, but His ego is why he went to the nets. Wasn’t enough to win. Ironic given the size of Kyries ego)

  • Lol Harden’s career isn’t necessarily on the line. But if Lebron and AD win then Lebron oughta be the undisputed Goat

    • Under .500 finals record lol no

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  • Harden is going to be spreading his wood all over town. Very bad trade for Brooklyn.

  • Max is complete idiot.

  • If you acknowledge it’s a team sport and that chemistry matters and that the nets gave up their depth, then how incredibly foolish is it to expect that same team to make the finals no matter what?! Consistent logic is officially gone

  • This is probably the only time where SAS isn’t screaming into your ears. Thank you

  • The respect kd been getting is so lovely to see

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  • Lol, the 3 nba stars with a reputation for not getting along with their teams (especially co-stars) all ended up together. Either this will end in a trainwreck, or somehow they will cancel each other out and dominate. Good luck Steve Nash. It's gonna be a fun first year coaching.

  • Id like to see houston some how get beal. Him wall and cousins all played for kentucky together

  • The players have too much control.

  • If Lebron beats this team him and the goat convo starts to get real.

  • “There’s only one ball”. That is it in a nutshell. None of the big three came to the Nets to play as the selfless supporting cast. They all have big, and sensitive egos. Even with the very solicitous Golden State Warriors...there was friction between Draymond and KD; it is hard to imagine the Nets will avoid similar tensions.

  • Well said

  • Kyrie wilding out to make himself unattractive for a trade. Genius move! BTW, any financial he can still recover in deals outside the league

  • I agree with Stephen A. Smith... Harden/Irving are figuratively under a microscope.... Harden wanted DH... it didn't work... wanted CP3... it ALMOST work, then, it didn't work... wanted Russ... it didn't work... KD is already a proven entity.. If Brooklyn doesn't reach the Finals, it's a bust of a season and we would look at Harden/Irving the most.

  • I’m biggest Harden and KD fan but they DEFINITELY HAVE TO MAKE FINALS

  • Kyrie has more important stuff than balling. KD loves playing but wouldn't mind not winning the chip as he is set already. With a weaker bench and all the will of the world I just don't see Harden getting them to a title.

  • And that's wrong max give lebron all the credit just like the statement everyone wants to play with lebron....

  • Steve A stop with the dividing narrative there's so many people who aren't in the mainstream media that are better than you .....

  • Stop with the defense issues who plays defense now 5 players

  • I dont like the Lakers but They’ll win it all again. So Nets, Bucks and the rests.... sit down!

  • The Nets are KD`s team. Change my mind.....

  • Recent stars that have forced a trade: James Harden: Gained 15 pounds, didn't show up for training camp, threw his teammates under the bus on camera, exposed himself to COVID-19 purposefully. Anthony Davis: Requested trade to Lakers, refused to sign long-term deal with any other team. Kyrie Irving: Said he would get knee surgery and miss games if the Cavs did not trade him immediately. Paul George (2x): Publicly requested a trade which forced the Pacers to give him up , then went to Sam Presti to demand a trade after Kawhi convinced him to leave OKC after signing a 4 year $137 million dollar deal with the Thunder in free agency and publicly stating there was "unfinished business" there. Kawhi Leonard: Sat out an entire season with the Spurs and bad-mouthed the team and organization. Was willing to sit out as long as it took to get relocated. Then forced the Clippers to trade picks and players for Paul George. Jimmy Butler: Escalated chemistry issues. Called out teammates and ownership on TV. Kristaps Porzingis: "Trade me or I'm going back to Europe"

  • This looks like something from 2k.

  • If Harden doesnt win a Chip. His NBA Legacy will SUFFER GREATLY! He will the most dribbling, Elite Trash Ever!

  • Max, you left out Curry, KD, and Thompson as a Big 3

  • 🤣 56 is the number of the year guess what the finals was 19 years ago in the nbas 56th season? Lakers vs nets this is scripted theater if u can't see it its because you've been chemically dumbed down

    • BTW when the lakers win lebron will be 5-6 lmao

  • Do you have enough to beat the Lakers. I am not sure about that, but if you have James harden there will be no doubt. Said Stephen a Smith

  • All this proves is Kyrie, KD, AND Harden can't win without multiple superstar players

  • Chris Bosch didn't sacrifice. He took more shots then LeBron plus he only wanted to shoot 3's. He didn't rebound and if he took it to the rim he'd pull his back

  • Max never makes any sense

  • James and KD. Kyrie and KD both great duos. Kyrie and James idk. And putting KD in the middle of them could be bad for KD. Nothing he can do to solidify himself as the goat with those guys on his team though. Hes gotta win without 2 superstars to do that.

  • Trade kyrie for drummond and sexton

  • KD can control a game, a lot of time he can even control a series. But can he control his own team and lead them to their best potential without sacrificing his presence? With James Harden and Kyrie he's gonna have his work cut out for him. If he thought Russ was tough to play with it's gonna be a long season.

  • kyrie misses a few games and his "career is on the line" way to be dramatic stephen a

  • The drama team

  • It’s funny three super stars have to at least make the finals to be successful. Lebron James has to win the finals to get recognition 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Kyrie just doesn't wanna play with Harden.

  • "Fresh off an Achilles injury"...wut?

  • i wouldn't have made this trade. Nets lost too much depth in exchange for a player that's a bad fit for their roster. the best formula to win a championship is a superstar point guard, like Harden or LeBron, a superstar off-ball shooter or big man, like Durant or Davis, and a lot of 3&d players and rim-protectors. the Nets traded away a lot of their complementary pieces to bring in a player that is going to hurt the on-court chemistry, in my opinion. they can probably still win the East and maybe even the Finals just through sheer talent but i'm skeptical.

  • Big 3 don't equal finals nobody know when kyrie coming back or if the 3 would gel

  • Why are there 2 crackheads debating this.

  • Kyrie dont want the smoke

  • Stephen A needs to understand that kyrie shag about him tryna put pressure on him

  • I'd rather be the Potus than the coach of this team. Good luck Nash don't age too much

  • Dude does not know his history very well if he thinks every big 3 makes the finals every year.

  • 3 divas of NBA only 2nd to Lebron himself. This will be gold for the ratings. Can’t wait for drama to unfold