Ferrari 512BBi First Wash in 12 years. Only 6420 Miles - AMMO NYC

Publicēšanas datums 30 jan 2021
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My Abandoned Ferrari 512BBi gets it's first wash in over 12 years and the transformation is incredible with AMMO NYC
My thanks to Larry AMMO NYC -
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  • Thanks so much everyone for watching, hope you enjoyed the cleanup transformation. Please Subscribe to follow the rest of this amazing Ferrari build

    • Your music blows.

    • @Callum Stanbridge q g

    • Please please please re-center that AMMO sign on the wall

    • @Cris ¹jm

    • Pretty clear you just made this car "dirty" for your gay little sales pitch video. 12 years without being started would have necessitated a complete mechanical overhaul before any "dirt" would have required attention. You are a scam artist.

  • 6:22 How many hairs inside the car. Was the owner a werewolf?

  • I have no idea why anyone would allow a "rare" car to get into such a state.

  • good job bro

  • Unskippable ads now? Gah damn.

  • 👍😀👍👏👏👏👏👏

  • wow !!!! that looks amazing i am staggered how mutch garbage was on the car's paint the result is day and night . it's starting to look like a loved car again . keep up the great work

  • Muito linda essa Ferrari, parabéns pelo trabalho feito 👏👏👏👏👏

  • いやいやw エンジン内部も掃除しなさいな

  • Seriously who leaves that car sitting there rotting. All you had to do was buy a car cover. Absolute grub.

  • Please don't change the color leave it white

  • I wanna see Larry detail a warbird! Awesome to see this. Now I must do my motor!

  • Wowww what a revamp absoloutly beautifull job 💯👊🏼

  • I need one of those washers for my car.

  • 9ice one i love it

  • Great job, the Ammo products did a fantastic job..

  • the owner could've really done more to take care of this beautiful car! if you don't have a garage you could still cover the car to protect it from the rain, sun, dust, wind etc... I can only imagine how MUCH MORE he could've got for that Ferrari if he had actually taken care of it!

  • incredible work, doesn't even look like the same car.

  • What kind of monster leaves that outside for 12 years?

  • How in God's name do you dislike this video??????

  • im still impressed how good the sealing on this ferrari seems to be... 12 years outside... and a lil bit of vacuum and it looks ok... a lil bit of detailing... and it looks amazing... wow the whole car looks so good!

  • 페라리에 뭔 개새끼털이 저리만노 밴이나 트럭이면 몰라도 2인승 스포츠카를 개새끼랑타노 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋ

  • WOW! WOW! WOW!

  • You can use a razor blade or fine steel wool on the glass. Not the mirrors though. Experience is the word used to describe our mistakes.

  • Very good

  • who is the incredible genius that designed this vehicle? There are so many fancy elements!?

  • Bravo mate

  • This thing needs a Dry Ice cleaning

  • A Rover 75 2.5 v6 1999 green one🙋‍♂️

  • black supra

  • Sent go to car wash lol

  • never seen so many ads in youtubers video....

  • In germany the police will kill you if you wash a car on a private ground with chemical cleaners.....witch owner let a ferrari rotten like this? OMG

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  • What a nice job cleaning the Ferrari

  • way not use dry ice?

  • I do not understand how someone can leave a beautiful car so neglected and dirty for 12 years, shame such an owner does not respect a beautiful car

  • once you get this running, i highly suggest you considering getting the classiche certification, mate... wow!! thanks for sharing this awesome video!

  • That is bad ass! Well done mate!

  • Wonderful machine!

  • felt so good to watch that job come together...lad to have found this channel and it's a really great collab with ammo nyc!

  • Looks good

  • bravooo

  • The little girl was just too cute when she said it’s would take forever😆❤️❤️❤️

  • This is literally a one of a kind car. Why would a person let it get to this condition. Shame on the previous owner.

  • лучше показал бы,как подручными средствами почистить .А ты все хуету эту рекламируешь.Этаж говнина бабки стоит

  • All this could have been avoided for the cost of a simple car cover... oh well

  • i just dont understand the mentality, you have a unique car and you just leave it to rot for 12 years, you cant even be bothered to put it under a cover. i have a 16 year old astra and i treat it with more respect

  • Come si fa a ridurre così una Ferrari?!?!😔

  • I would love to no how much u paid for the car in u must be loaded to buy a ferrari in Australia that car will cost u $ 500 000

  • A thousand times better than it was ... Great job ...

  • great job! but i CANNOT believe you just yanked off the original factory Ferrari sticker, oh my days

  • Wow!! Great job.

  • Nice job.....👍

  • That is a shit tier pressure washer. Poor guys gotta stick the nozzle up the cars ass to get it cleaned

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  • Amazing video, I would like to see how the headliner turns out and how it can be cleaned better

  • Thanks for the video 💦

  • It kills me that some owners will not sell a car or restore it, but will leave it on display to deteriorate outside till its 2 foot deep in the ground.

  • "one down. three more to go and that would take you forever" lol

  • 💔🙆‍♂️👍

  • amigo, quedo re sarpado. parece como cacho, el de la vuelta de la esquina, que lava asi re sarpado tambien

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  • Less talk please ,and get to cleaning the friggin car......................

  • top very good

  • Great video, love that car

  • Complimenti

  • Faen va ni snackar!!!!!!!!!

  • Why am I watching this instead of washing my own van 😀😀😀😀 think these make it look easy

  • 911 barn find would be incredible

  • Why would anyone let such a beautiful car get in such a bad state madness

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  • Who just leaves a car like that outside to rot? I don`t get it. I`m glad you aquired it and saved her. Great job Scott.

    • i have no garage but maybe a cover might help eh...

  • IS beatiful saludos desde México

  • I paid you tube premium not to watch commercials and he inserted in the video

  • Beautiful piece of Automotive Machinery

  • Beautiful!

  • Nice work you are very talented

  • Wow amazing job..I need some for m fiat 500 . what a transformation

  • Wow . thank you for sharing. Love watching

  • Strangely enough, a few days before this was uploaded, I bought that exact same battery from Tayna Batteries for £84 delivered! Tayna were the cheapest for almost every battery I looked at, far, far cheaper than Eurocar parts and even Amazon.

  • Ferraris were never white

  • Before: dirty. After: smeary.

  • NEVER EVER 6k miles! NEVER. But a fantastic job * * * * *

  • Makes me wanna buy myself an old ferrari to just wash it ...

  • Great ! So great. Congratulations

  • I bought my dream car in 2005 a 1997 Dodge Viper GTS Blue and White color scheme. It was a dream and I had to part ways, it was in immaculate condition as I am obsessed in keeping things clean. I would love to see I e like that restored and reconditioned because I know many of them are in poor state.

  • @24:54 It does look good, yes.

  • another channel recently did a party bus that was destroyed i'd like to see something like that

  • What’s the name of the background music

  • Wow

  • Complimenti

  • Y'all should do a Petersburg semi tons of Chrome and lights to polish and clean. Semi drivers love to keep their rigs top notch see if y'all could do it as good as those semi drivers who's been detailing their vehicles for years. For example I know a semi driver and he made a barn just so he can keep his Petersburg out of the weather when he's not using it plus converted it where he could detail the stacks does chrome exhaust looks so good going into the air and they get really dirty because of the diesel that's my opinion on what y'all should try detailing next have fun shout out from the Sunshine State

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  • Love this collaboration of sorts. Good video, very much enjoyed it.

  • thanks.

  • My first thought was sacrifice a cheap electric power washer and hook it up to the hot water in the house

  • Looks amazing and I would love to use AMMO on my 1967 firebird restored