Tommy Is Moving In With Tubbo [Exclusive Stream]

Publicēšanas datums 8 jan 2021
Tommy Is Moving In With Tubbo on Dream's minecraft server! This was insane... [Exclusive Stream]
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
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    • 500th yay

    • You had a stack of carrots in your chest...

    • Amen

    • Pogchampn't

    • I'll do everything I can to do it!

  • 2:36 man this aged terribly

  • what is the next video i watch after this??

  • "I have a proposal for tommy" I know he didnt mean it in that way but I still laughed

  • I wanna make the dislikes 800 but then I realise I would be disliking it *intense British noises*

  • what if the giant hole fills up with water and somewhat into the future someone visits it.and uh idk continue the maybe head canonish below

  • I miss the daily streams😥

  • What the name of the music playing at 41:36

  • *the five stages of grief:* 1. denial 2. denial 3. denial 4. denial 5. bitch

  • The pokimane statue just standing there is so funny to me idk why

  • Who else thought this was irl

  • yes. L'manburg was blown up. But remember L'MANBURG ISNT A PLACE IT IS IN OUR HEARTS

  • I really love Tommy self projecting onto Techno whenever he talks about him. :)

  • 7:04 Tommy: i have no food Me : you have 51 carrots in your chest omg.

  • The damp atm disappointedly work because budget ethnopharmacologically thank beside a erect north. separate, gabby pear

  • I love how the wither didnt blow up the pokimane statue. Is the wither a simp?

  • Hey! ik there is a giant hole, But i bet if you use the river method and a bucket of Lava, You can fill it all in withing 12 hours of survival by yourself, but only 2 hours if you all join in, when you make a infinite water source, you make it in rows, and then you place it on 1 corner and it makes a flat river, Then pour a bucket of lava on the surface and the top layer get cobbled, complete untill top layer, then get dirt and regrow the grass! and boom fixed the giant crater

    • Then you can make the ultimate Pogtopia

  • me: woo hoo hes getting ver y close to his sub goal! :) :the subs: unsubs :me: O_O

  • Oh damn this was shot on my bday..damn 👀👀🤭🤭🤭

  • “Tubbo, I think you should come home.” “What do you mean home?” 21:35

  • This video helped after I just watched another bud of tommy telling Tubbo the discs were worth more than him. It helped a lot.

  • Idk where this is from but the chorus goes "my l'manburg..., my l'manburg ..."

  • 1.69 m huh BTW this is my second account my main account is v_scatts

  • Rudy what the fuck -Tommy 2021

  • Techno is like 99% in the right. He wasn’t greedy since he literally gave Tommy tools, let him have things from his house and made an entire armoury for the first revolution. He made it clear that he believes power corrupts and his intentions were to take down government, and even after they did it they just put Tubbo in charge which lead to the eventual full detonation of L’manburg. Not only was he right about Power Corrupting and ruining friendships and land but he honestly foresaw things like Wilburs betrayal. Alongside all of this even after he swore off violence L’manburg came after him even when he begged for them not to fight, then he was treated like the monster when he escaped his execution and Philza was imprisoned.

  • 18:30

  • 7:07 not Tommy yelling at his twitch viewers for Tubbo this time XD (it scared me and it was funny tbh)

  • "I don't think L'manburg can ever come back.." Me: *hold my pickaxe*

  • Tubbo:3

  • Did they reunite?

  • *mom says its my turn to visit dream.*

  • 7:49

  • Yeah Bitch!

  • Did anyone notice the birch sign saying "Fundy's mood board"?

  • And next stream it will be endgame

  • This is like end of infinity war

  • Are we gonna ignore that ranboo phased through tommys door when running from tommy and tubbo

  • Yooo I’ve finally caught up to the streams! I saw this live already. The first stream I tried to watch after finding the smp stuff was literally while lmanberg was blowing up, I saw like 10 seconds of it and left to go catch up on the story lol. Now I’ve caught up to where I am at the streams

  • wat hapent

  • 10:50 is tommyinnit with auto jump on?

  • I swear this whole plot was basically season 4 of Legend of Korra

  • Tommy: "techno would never compromise" "He would only help me when it would help him" I'm SORRY???? Have I been sleeping through the past streams??? This ENTIRE war just proved that techno never needed tommy to gain the only thing he wanted, to destroy manburg. He had absolutely NOTHING to gain from helping tommy in exile or defending him. WHEN HAS TOMMY COMPROMISED?!?!?! Techno always compromised with Tommy: gave him items, agreed to help tommy get the discs back, he always compromised for his friends. Tommy only took what he wanted from techno, EVEN THO EVERY SINGLE TIME TECHNO WOULD EXPLICITLY STATE HIS INTENTION TO DESTROY MANBURG AND TOMMY COULD HAVE SAID NO AT ANY TIME BECAUSE TECHNO MADE IT A POINT TO STAND FOR FREEDOM OF CHOICE, but of course tommy is the victim

    • Holy shit Even though Techno from the start has wanted to blow up the place, Tommy has also said from the beginning that he never wanted to blow up planning or hurt tubbo, even while in exile. From what I can understand and interpret, Tommy was desperate. He had lost all is friends, was exiled and went into an extremely depressive state leading him to consider taking his own life. So personally I think he just wasn't fully process ing what techno was saying and when he finally got the chance to get his best friend back, of course he took it. Of course afterwards he would accidentally warp good memories from his exile to bad ones since there was already so many had ones. And obviously he wouldn't want to look at techno in any good light after he started siding with his abuser and manipulator. Not to mention in canon it's shown him to have undying loyalty even when it's unhealthy. I mean, Tommy was first hand witnessed Wilbur slipping into insanity yet stayed by his side, more specifically the hope of getting lmanburg back. From what I've gathered its his fatal flaw. Loyalty. So he obviously would be against techno eventually. To me neither of them were in the right but instead they did what they believed to BE right. Neither are perfect and I enjoy that in both of the characterisations of Tommy and technos characters. It makes them more real and makes you realise that not everything is as black and white as fiction normally portrays. Yes, I do sympathise with techno and I understand why he did it, after Tommy betrayed him, techno betrayed him back. Obviously I could go into more in depth but you seem to probably watch technos streaks more than I do so I'm sure you already know all about why we shouldn't hate on the guy. But yeah, no hate and just wanted to share my own opinion. They are both to blame but also both a victim :)

  • Tommy it’s not a wig me in my head it’s a toupee

  • Petition to rename l’manburg “THE TRENCHES”

  • -t-e-s-t- -c-o-m-m-e-n-t-

  • Just a reminder to myself 32:00

  • hello

  • The start of NPC sam

  • Not only did techno destroy lmanberg, be he achieved his greater goal of destroying the entire twitch platform

  • 28:44 no, theyre *eyelashes*

  • 28:40 when tubbo makes fun of Tommy’s eyebrows 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

  • tommyinnit : i got no carrots. looks in chest 51 carrots tommyinnit : i guess we gotta get more food Me : •>•

  • Tommy: where's the sub button where's the sub button!?!?! Me:the world's dark today, hmm.. Have I ate yet.. Have I slept yet.. I need a shower.. I need sleep My cat: da fuq- dis hooman talking to himself

  • Yes I realize I'm 3 weeks late but I was tired for weeks also my friends blew up my phone and I love how tubbo and Tommy fight it's adorable-

  • When Tommy forgets that techno gave him the shield and that ph1lza made it for techno but Tommy renamed it cause techno gave it to Tommy ✨FUCKIN MINT-✨

  • “Where’s Ranboob?” QOTD!

  • why does ranboo sound like technoblade

  • Please make a vid about why you hate Americans

  • Tubbo looks like Armin without the hair

  • I love how the pokimane statue survived the explosion 😂😂😂

  • 55:30 "Cuz this VOD won't go anywhere. VODs channel, if you're seeing this... Rudy, what the fuck."

  • Fun fact:-this fact is fun!

  • 22:53 the marvel reference🤣🤣

  • Damn looks like some one installed the laser eye mod to clear all this up 🤪

  • 39:10

  • Rudy what the FUCK??

  • o7


  • Is this cannon

  • A part of me dies inside whenever he says how much he hates Americans. If I do a really good Minx accent can I be apart of the non American community? :,(

  • I think Techno was in the right sorry Tommy

  • The begining of this vod made me remember this song: I imagine death so much it feels like a memory Like a memory I wrote some notes and melodies This is my legacy Sing it all for me [PRE-CHORUS] Rise up We will wise up And keep our eyes up Remembering [CHORUS] Rise up Open your eyes and you'll Wise up Open your eyes and you'll Eyes up Open your eyes and you'll Rise up Open your eyes and you'll [VERSE 2] I planted seeds in a beautiful garden that I will never see They'll become tall trees I left some loving fantasies This is my legacy Dream it all for me [PRE-CHORUS] Rise up We will wise up And keep our eyes up Remembering [CHORUS] Rise up Open your eyes and you'll Wise up Open your eyes and you'll Eyes up Open your eyes and you'll Rise up Open your eyes and you'll [OUTRO] Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll Open your eyes and you'll see Open your eyes and you'll

  • The beginning is painfully cringe

  • Bruuuuu 14:20 denial denial denial bitch....DANGIT IM IN DENIAL

  • Why did he sound exactly like tubbo 5:48

  • Omg😔 endgame, plz no more, this is so cringe lol.

  • Is no one gonna talk about a certain game on his desktop 🙂 20:00

  • 1:05:07 "That_One_Clapped_Kid" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yes,

  • Look in the bright side you can now use that to find diamans (im the only one who though of this lol)


  • That demon thing was a wither


  • "this is an EXCLUSIVE stream!" me watching the vods: *haha, you foolish mortal.*

  • 8:00 Carrot

  • Why are two toddlers trying to rob a grown man with Alzheimer’s in a block game?

  • nobody: tommy: breaking the LAW. heYY GUYSS- ( 53:27 )

  • First of all why the hell will techno blade and dream destroy l man burg and to the bedrock 😂

  • lol i thought you they were moving with eachother in real life

  • Hello

  • 14:16

  • L'woman burger (Random comment sorry)

  • 12:18 RIP techno blades brother

  • 25:22 His morals hurt but they are his morals. We live by morals and we die by morals. It is our own choice to trust those and form a bond with someone whom we know has opposing morals as we do and yet we still choose to be with them and in the end, we hurt ourselves. Not the person we choose to trust knowing their morals form the get go, but ourselves by leading on.

  • “why do you trust me?”- Ranboo “cus you have memory problems”- Tubbo

  • He

  • 55:40 lmfao ranboo

  • 51:42 Why does Ranboo sound IDENTICAL to techno here?? That scared me for a hot minute.

  • Most of the vods now are just tommy saying you know what or here’s the thing without thinking. Of what to say

  • POG