VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 35

Publicēšanas datums 24 okt 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood, including a very special comparison of Hulk VFX over the years!

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  • 300 rise of an empire "horse scene".

  • I like van helsing movie which is also good

  • 9:56 Wren: "Eric Norton" Me, an intellectual: “ah, yes, preceeded by the 2003 Ang Lee-directed Hulk starring Edward Bana”

  • “Smart hulk” is a fucking travesty

  • 2003 is the least realistic. 2008 Hulk was definitely more savage, intimidating, and powerful by a long shot... the best Hulk. And the best designed hulk hands down. MCU Hulk may look a little bit more realistic but absolutely not better. You're using excuses for the 2012 Hulk about him looking more realistic than 08 and saying he looks nothing like the actors. Its the HULK, he's not suppose to look entirely human. His muscles suppose to look to the maximum like that. He suppose to only resemble Bruce by a little, Norton's hulk resembled him. Hulk even had that "C" looking scar that Norton (Bruce) has on his face. That's just how you apply "realism" to yourself of the hulk. Norton's Hulk looked more realistic by being the beastly hulk from the comics. Ruffalo Hulk design is nice but he had more of a Gorilla physique. 08 is "The Incredible Hulk!!" I really enjoy you guys videos and channel though! I learn different things from it. 👌🏽

  • Out of all the Hulks, Ruffalos looks the most cringe and Shrek of all

  • I think i prefer the 2003 hulk animation the best, it was ahead of its time. Not saying the movie was really good but the cgi was superb. Just need a little touch up and i think it would look perfect. In fact Corridor Crew should do an improvement of the cgi. I also like it better if the hulk doesn't look like the actor because the hulk is it's separate entity from bruce banner.

  • Why do they do like they can make movies ehile they suck

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  • The second hulk will always be the best

  • 16:54 I saw that!

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • You're making the mistake everyone makes in judging the old Hulk movie and the Green Lantern movie: "it doesn't look realistic", it's too saturated. In that Hulk movie, he still takes powers with radiation, which is why he was made so saturated. The concept behind the old Hulk film is that it had to look like a comic, even the cuts and editing of the film were done on that imprint. It is precisely the basic concept that is different. You may not like it, but it's done very well (for that year). Among other things, it is much more similar to the comics of that period. The same goes for Green Lantern, his suit is made of energy, it doesn't have to look realistic, because we can't even know what it would look like in reality, an energy suit that doesn't exist.

  • deepfake avengers hulk to erics hulk

  • The avengers hulk looks more real, solid and tough

  • woww no entendi pero genial

  • Damn, he really said if we sub Clint would watch the movies and he said you cant make me do anything right away, must not want to watch them

  • Hey you know what you should do you should review the cgi from Spider-Man 3

  • nobody. nobody ever. the title at 2:05 : surace

  • I'm not here for the hulk, put Kung Pow in the thumbnail

  • I still think Hulk 2003 had some really impressive animations. It was just the textures that were uncanny

  • Anyone else hate Clint

  • Mark ruffalo sucks

  • The 2003 hulks was played by Brock Lesnar so technically that hulk was the first hulk to look like it’s actor well Edward Norton’s hulk looks like an anime character

  • Honestly the first hulk looked alot better than the second.... i just felt like the second hulk never blended well with the other characters through out the movie at all.... it felt like different scenes with hulk and people

  • 12:05 wren with the niko back talk

  • Clint doesn't wanna watch marvel , he loves REAL cinema!

    • So he is an elitist

  • Praise Yahweh Our Alahim Of Spiritual Israel!!! Deep Fake Trump Conceded Speech. lvcd.info/watch/usOFYJqoba6GooE/video.html

  • I don’t care what anyone says, the Incredible Hulk is the best hulk ever.

  • Guys, thanks for this episode. Was interesting to watch. Especially a Hulk part. BUT don't put 2 magenta lights from both sides of you all. It seems like a "Braveheart" movie. Leave a light on one side.

  • I thought the mark ruffalo hulk looked really weird. Hulk and banner are supposed to be 2 different people in the same body, and having different faces shows that visually. Of course that changes depending on the story, but Mark Ruffalo Hulk is just butt ugly.

    • They aren't two different people. Hulk is the hidden part of Banner, is his most irrational and savage side. The comicbooks said it, i didn't invented it. HERE: scontent.fcrd1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/135480651_2949790761969216_7087401931970539393_n.jpg?_nc_cat=105&ccb=2&_nc_sid=b9115d&_nc_ohc=O_7FsITWX_gAX_H6qk3&_nc_ht=scontent.fcrd1-1.fna&oh=7df0625be768b246d9dba5e062175545&oe=60239C76

  • Journey to the west is a great movie!!!!

  • I feel sorry for animators like the ones for Transformers where there work goes underappreciated because the story writing isn't good enough for the hype build up to each film and now its just gone like what happened?

  • Does clint even watch movies bro?

    • He’s an elitist, of course he doesn’t

  • They're not works of art. They're okay.

  • They demasculinized the Hulk, took away the aggressive male and made him a soft modern weakling, no revenge on thanos, withered arm, not angry any more, even ridiculing himself about being angry, the ultimate aggressive male role model was destroyed to please the modern liberal, feminist, cancel culture.

    • Talk about toxic masculinity... Legit holding up male aggression as a positive thing. Professor Hulk is a natural evolution of his story arc. The only flaw is how abrupt it feels because of the time skip.

    • Thats very true and the thing i hated about infinity war and endgame but no one else seems to care. He should of been trying to go toe to toe with thanos in endgame and its like Thor just gave up as well.

  • "surace" ... Yes

  • IDK if youve done it alrdy. But srsly. Take a look at King Solomons Mine(1985), wich won an Oscar for best special effects that year. It is a movie meme if there ever was one from that period, alongside Evil dead, Return of the living dead etc. The effects are Killer Tomatos quality and it could be a good laugh to look a bit closer at it.

  • I've been watching you guys for a long time, i don't subscribe a lot, but while watching this video (at approx 13:25) i decided to finally subscribe ,

  • What the professor hulk 2019 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Incredible hulk is more natural than avenger. The facial expressions, movements, and muscles of the character were more natural, and the face well represented the process of human transformation into monsters. Incredible is LEGEND !! 👍👍

  • You'll people talk and scream a lot kina irritated watched this ik you'll know your stuff(nerds) but don't shove it down our throats please otherwise good info on the vid

  • I love how you included eren jaeger.

  • stop yelling wtf

  • Journey to the west is still my favourite movie ♥️♥️ its been like 15 years but still man it hits different❤️by the way its the first movie in the video if you are wondering

  • Hard to believe you work on FX and haven't seen the Superhero movies...

  • Clint not watching the MCU movies is the reason I am not subscribed.

  • Now ya'll gotta do this for spider-man...

  • I didn’t like the Mark Ruffalo Hulk. That hulk looked less like a monster and more like a wimp every single time they progressed. The previous Hulks may look unrealistic but at least they look intimidating.

  • Idk what clints doing but he needs to get on that marvel grind lol

  • wren relax dude

  • I wander what type of movies Clint watches.

  • This reminded me of the Warcraft movie from 2016. How about you give that one a shot if you haven't yet?

  • Hulk was practise for Thanos.

  • Please do the Rotating Room and Rui fights from Demon Slayer

  • You should review some CGBros films here on LVcd.

  • So is no one going to bring up the fact that the CG foot at 3:31 has 6 toes? Just wondering if I was the only one that noticed this?

  • I'm so happy you guys did Kung Pow: Enter the Fist! Hands down one of my favorite movies! I grew up on Chinese old martial arts movies so it was a hilarious movie to me. Thank you for bringing it back to memory!

  • If they turned up the green on this video, it'd look like they have themselves a couch made of the hulk

  • Hey guys, I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Hulk came before Iron Man.

    • Iron Man came on April and Hulk on June.

  • i remember the days when youtubers didn't treat everyone like children

  • 2008's Hulk looked like he's been taking Steroids and thought no one would notice.

    • But it is still 1000% the best and most accurate Hulk. What I mean by that is they actually made get stronger when he got more angry. Which that is literally his super power lol and Ruffalo's version his strength is capped. Like Iron Man is stronger than hulk.

  • 16:47 b a b y h u l k

  • Why does Wren say that the green screen suit actors are "overrated and unnecessary" They seem rather important to me. Genuinely curious

  • Actually also the first Hulk was modeled after Eric Bana. You see that VERY clearly in 12:02. He looks different of course, not like Prof. Hulk, but they made sure, that one could see Bana, if he tried. I liked the comic style of the first Hulk and I tend to think that the color was chosen to increase the comic effect. (Also I was one of the few who didn't sleep through half of the movie, but that's a whole different story. I thought the finale was mostly ridiculous however).

  • You talk too much🙄🙄


  • Wren is the strange guy lmao

  • 11:10. Imagine if this was the actual sound for the movie, in this part.

  • The main improvement between the 2003 Hulk and Edward Norton Hulk is the improvement in character design. Norton's hulk looks more like an embodiment of power and rage, 2003 hulk looks like a characacture of a ball shaped bodybuilder

  • Can we get a live stream of flint reacting to the avengers movies 🤣

  • Krish, krish3 movie

  • Make video on 2.0 movie

  • PLEASE DO JAMES BOND Die another day, when the iceberg falls!!! Gets me everytime!

  • You should say "vfx" artists

  • 6:09 🤣

  • In the first movie the Hulk is supposed to be bioluminescent, hence the color choice.

  • Please react INDIAN movies...

  • Why didn't the hulk fight thanos? Would have been much more satisfying...

  • Have they done the signal yet?

  • the incredible hulk 2011 looks like shit, Ang Lees look much better.

  • I think hulk needs to be green. More yellow-green than blue-green to be more real. But saturation makes him feel more radioactive. Desaturation of Hulk's green skin would make him look like an orc or ogre. Norton's Hulk was more dehydrated xD

  • The 2008 Hulk 👍

  • please react to this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • One thing I liked out of the mark ruffalo hulk is the ripples in his stomach when he hunches over. Which is very realistic because no matter how shredded u are your abs aren't always gonna be visible

  • I like Eric norton hulk more

  • 14:55 Mark Ruffalo trying to look evil :D

  • I mean their supposed to look different in the incredible hulk their two different people hulk is hulk banner is banner they aren't supposed to look the same.

  • invite CodeMiko

  • Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole 2010 directed by Zack Snyder. Day 1.

  • s2 ep 7 of umbrealla academy, 8:05 mark.

  • Loved that statement from Nico on the MCU

  • Check out some CGI from black mirror, from what I can see their stuff is pretty cool and airtight.

  • T-34 has a ton of crazy slow mo shots of tanks shooting rounds at each other

  • React to Warcraft

  • At 10:33 I could hear the crack of his spine Edit spelling

  • The thing they missed is that the 2003 Hulk and the Avengers Hulk from 2012 onwards is made by the same vfx house: Industrial Light and Magic and they did a lot better better job and produced a more realistic looking Hulk than Rhythm and Hues who created the 2008 Hulk. The Incredible Hulk looked too cartoony to believe.

  • The more hulk gets intelligent or be like bruce banner, the more the CGI looks like him. IS THAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OR WHAT?

  • Hulk is actually very poor since he has to pay for all the damages hulk causes so hes millions of dollars in debt lol

  • I kind of want to watch Clint react to the marvel movies now. I can't believe he still hasn't watched them!!