Animators React to Bad & Great CGi 2

Publicēšanas datums 19 dec 2020
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After getting tested for coronavirus (with negative results,) Niko and Clint sit down with with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of DreamWorks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst CGi animation in pop culture.
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  • Have they reacted to love death and robots yet?

  • Since you reacted to Lord of the rings before, You all need to react to the original animated Lord of the Rings from 1978, there's also a Hobbit and Return of the King animated movie as well!

  • Just watched The Peanuts Movie 2015 with my kids and I think it would be a perfect addition to the Animators React series. 3d animation keeping the style of the cartoon was really cool to watch.

  • Did they ever talk about Fantastic Mr Fox?

  • I worked on Foodfight. They paid me in coke and tigers blood

  • You should react to Illuminated - its an animated short film. Here's the link:

  • sub sub like like follow follow hype hype!

  • Directors react?

  • Is it a movie ? This is Foodfight.

  • Why does that weasel look like an animate pile of wet crap?

  • This man knows what he is talking about. Interesting to watch and listen.

  • react kingsglaive final fantasy xv animated movie please

  • Didn't know freddy mercury was an animator too

  • @Corridor Crew Do one on that CGI GUY AT THE SEASON 2 FINALE OF THE MANDOLORIAN PLEASE!!!! I know who it is y’all just no spoilers.

  • Kubo and the Two Strings This would make a good animators react

  • You guys should check out the amazing screw on head. Especially if you guys like hellboy. It’s animated to look exactly like mike Mignola’s artwork.

  • Please react to Love, Death, and Robots!

  • When you get back to 2D animation, you should check out and talk about Lilo & Stitch’s post-9/11 animation changes.

  • Why not react to a lot of *practical* effects, I know you always react to VFX’s. But still, you guys done it on your Halloween video, why not react to some more of it?

  • I love your guy’s react series! I’ve watched through them all and I think I have a good suggestion for a CGI react. Please take a look at ‘The Centrifuge Brain Project’ if you haven’t yet, it’s such a trip

  • This dude kinda look like modern freddy mercury

  • Please react to naruto vs pain

  • React to japanese anime Your name

  • Please react to killer bean!!! Guys like if you agree!

  • Pretty cool for you guys to react to foodfight, famous for being the biggest animation fail in history

  • Please do Rango!! That animation has aged so well! Still looks sooooo good!!!

  • Maybe react to My Hero Academia the movie: Two Heroes, the ending fight. Quite spectacular.

  • I know about IK because video games use it A LOT. You see it with how legs work when interacting with the surface they're standing on.

  • React to dead leaves! A really stylized anime film :)

  • Please do an animators react comparing new Animaniacs reboot to the old 90s version! 🙏🏽

  • i love how you guys talked about the last of us 2

  • Great Movie to react to “Wings” it’s a Russian rip off of Disney’s Planes with American actors.

  • 0:37 nice save

  • I would love for you guys to look at Titan A.E.

  • The way this guy explains things is really fucking awesome

  • Please react to the 3D animation in beastars. It's amazing how much they make it look like 2d

  • "Sausage party" react to this movie

  • I love that he explained why the scale of Pacific Rim works so well, in the context of animation.

  • any animation from K/DA: more Music video, SOOO much in those few minutes

  • Hi Corridor. I know this is a bit late as Christmas has passed but Could you react to Klaus?

  • I would love to see some work from commercials! It's an often-overlooked part of the industry. It takes just as much work as cinematic pieces, but it's short form. There are also different challenges like staying on-brand and never obstructing products or trademarked characters. I work at Calabash Animation in Chicago as a compositor and ALL of our work is for commercials. Pretty much every VFX studio in Chicago works exclusively on commercials. It would be awesome to see you guys react to memorable commercials from your lives!

    • Charlie the Tuna (from the Starkist brand) is in the background of Foodfight. Calabash does the Starkist commercials! I didn't even notice until after I commented.

  • Tthh

  • Please!!! Another One ... If possible, some anime animations, Boku no Hero the fight os Endeavor vs the High end Noumu, Or Midoriya 100% vs Overhaul...

  • Can you react to the some game cinematics? Specifically, from Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege?

  • “I think everything Pixar does is like a masterpiece. How do they knock it out of the park every time?” So, I’m guessing you’ve haven’t seen the Cars sequels.

    • ​@Traveandre Oh, fair, I guess the OP was comparing the video's comment of "masterpiece" but I was just assuming they were talking about CGI masterpiece so I misunderstood.

    • @Andy Malik yeah if you talk about how they look the movies are all breathtaking, but the good dinosaur and cars 2 despite looking good were really bad movies

    • @Traveandre Good Dino had AMAZING Environmental CGI. Seriously, rewatch that but ignore all the character CGI and Animation CGI. Look at how the grass blows in the breeze and the details and realism in the river.

    • I mean, the good dinosaur?

    • Anyone who says the cars sequels are bad hasn't seen the cars sequels

  • React to all episodes of "Love Death and Robots" .

  • You guys need to cover the effects of Ray Harryhausen. I'm suprised you haven't done the films he worked on, look at the real old school stuff

  • React to any of the CGI Bratz movies.

  • you guys should do a react to artspear entertainment. it is amazing the animation, music and voice acting varaity they do.

  • I AM BEGGING YOU pleeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeee react to the movie Rango

  • joel...

  • Love death robots letz goo

  • Stupid!

  • please look up the box office sales for the food fight thing, it is crazy how much money was lost on that thing oh lorrddy

  • Hey I’m one of those!

  • Animators React to "Cool World"(Brad Pitt Movie, where he goes to different dimension filled with cartoons)

  • You should do the live action Mulan next

  • A spotlight on Genndy Tartakovsky would be cool - how he stages action, his Clone Wars run, Samurai Jack, Primal and even Hotel Transylvania - he kinda maintains his principles through various styles of animation and would be a great director to review.

  • Have a look at RWBY red trailer. It was all done by one guy. 3 minute video of great animation and Choreography

  • It'd be cool to see yall react to howard the duck🐤, over the hedge🌳, and Dragon wars!!🐉

  • B E E F L E A F

  • I almost vomited watching food fight

  • Suggestion: Please for gods sake react to K/DA More MV, I swear you all will be surprised, its a song but its video is fully animated, and the animation is like the best i have seen. Its a song made for League of Legends which is a game.

  • Why not some Halo 2 remastered cutscenes?

  • wesh wesh la marseillaise

  • Love this series. Do you guys plan on doing an Editor’s React?

  • Do star wars clone wars series

  • I’d be interested to see a react video for the Netflix show love, death, and robots

  • Please react to Disney's Dinosaur! It would be pretty interesting to see what you guys think of it

  • You guys should definitely do the ending fight of zuko vs azula agni kai!!!

  • Please do the reaction of "KUBO and the two strings" the whole movie uses muppets and in every frame they are changing its coordinates.

    • Ooh! A whole episode on stop motion and claymation would be awesome! I'd love to see them talk about the Rankin-Bass Christmas films, too.

  • Reacting to one of the best games ever with TLOU Part 2. Awesome

  • Gotta do this awesome anime Star Wars short in a future episode:

  • Not sure if it's best suited for an animator react or vfx react, but you've gotta check out the gun fight scene in resident evil vendetta, it's like a John Wick gun fight on steroids

  • 8:45 "I'm sending you to the cooler" vs. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU" wow that's just two very different vibes huh

  • animators react is my favourite

  • I feel smarter

  • You guys should react to Violet evergarden animation it absolutely gorgeous and i think you guys would love it

  • inverse kinematics is basically kinematics, but inverse.

  • Seems like the budget for Foodfight went mostly for the voice actors and not the animation of the movie

  • just sayin, Blood Machines is on amazon prime video also...

  • Beserk 2016...

  • For bad cgi, The Lawnmower Man.

  • Would you guys ever do some episodes from Batman the animated series for animators react?

  • React to cowboy bebop movie opening

  • A good clip to look at for animation would be the final fight scene of Final Fantasy KingsGlaive

  • "I think everything Pixar does is like a master pice" CARS 2 THE GOOD DINOSAUR

  • Lol food fight cost 65m$ someone clearly played the investors

  • React to Japanese anime like naruto, one punch man or black clover plzzz ❤️❤️

  • Wait, this and the previous episodes are taken in one day. I can't believe, I just noticed this. Do they usually do this?

  • sometimes he looks like luis suarez

  • Could you guys react to Disney’s Dinosaurs from the early 2000s

  • Those aren’t so great but still kinda interesting I guess

  • I would love if corridor reacted to ratatoing

  • Content suggestion: Sonic The Hedgehog CGI cutscenes

  • It'd be cool if you guys react to the Daicon 4 opening animation.

  • React to anything League of Legends! Start specifically with: Tales of Runeterra - Freljord | "The Raid"

  • I'm hoping you will get to some student films from The Animation Workshop in Denmark, and/or Gobelin in France, but student films are a big area. How about looking at some scenes from Triplets de Belleville? the Sylvain chomet masterpiece.

  • check out "Wolfwalkers"

  • love these insights