Pushing The Limits of YouTube Demonetization For Comedy

Publicēšanas datums 9 feb 2020
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The Crew tests the limits of LVcd demonetization while filming "Tiny Guns 2" in San Antonio, TX with the guys over at Black Rifle Coffee Company. Back at the studio, Sam explains how he creates realistic explosion simulations using visual effects.
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  • "Whips out phone" : Stolen valor, stolen valor, stolen valor. LOL

  • And there are still ads

  • "so im hoping this would get a pass cause this is cg" So the rest is real?

  • Yow i want to watch all your video that has violence is so I want to watch it

  • Wait what?! Where can I go and see that Fallout 3 headshot video that sounds amazing!

  • if you look closelyat 9:39 you can kind of still see the shadow of the blown up suicide bomber after he blew up.

  • I like how corridor crew takes so much time for a video which makes it so high quality

  • Not on toilet

  • Huge respect you guys..

  • 7:50 I was waiting if some of them is going to say "Because of our sponsor square space..."

  • Im not on the toilet

  • wow I am surprised how racist and offensive you can and throw so much stereotypical insensitive thoughts and joke about them without being called one!!.. the amount of hypocrisy and casual acceptance of such beliefs is so infuriating

  • "There is a line that seperates being monetized and being demonized" It's more like a fractal

  • Lmao we will all be pixels one day.

  • I love and hate how people treat LVcd as a dark entity that can ruin your videos

  • Its probably not gonna be demonitized

  • The guy running towards the camera reminds me of Monty Python

  • I'm not on the toilet lol

  • ,

  • “And he gave us the shot back and the Guys brain fell out and we were like Peter you’ve lost your mind” 😂


  • Not on the toilet

  • sound design was lit

  • Trying to get a video demonetized from testing how far you can push gore, while making sure it won't get demonetized from swear words. How fucked up is the US content rating system that that makes sense and gets pushed on the rest of the world. Mass murder, torture, dismemberment, etc on TV, FINE. Show half a tit or say a word some weirdos extremely questionably decided is bad (while it's the fucking mechanism of procreating life for most life on earth) and you're done. For fucks sake.

  • Lmao sam is having too much fun

  • I'm not on the toilet 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Collab with rackaracka

  • the key to look like a SAM BEING TORTURED SCREAM terrorist

  • We will all be pixels one day


  • wait I thought the hummer was CGI

  • Where did you get the tiny guns!!??

  • my main goal is to blow up, and then act like i dont know nobody

  • I lost it at stolen valor XD

  • sam: "Nailing the perfect 3d simulated explosion has always been one of my main goals" So you're saying your main goal is to blow up and act like you don't know nobody

  • *Me sees title and clicks* Sees yellow on the line Mission Failed We will get them next time

  • 0:08 Turn on captions and see what auto-generated captions needs to say. Demon thighs.

  • I’m definitely not on the toilet

  • may 17 2020 still going

  • Not on the toilet

  • LVcd manual monetization dude prob watched with no volume and we prob like meh it’s alright they have a lot of subs so MONEY

  • Why censor the cursed words when you can get a more probability of demonization

  • How they interpreted San Antonio in this video is exactly how I thought of it before I moved there, honestly most of San Antonio and Texas as a whole is basically just like every other American big city except, Texan. There is literally no other way to explain it.

  • I'm blown away y'all risked getting hate-fested by LVcd due to doing content with conservatives and such. Props, guys. Gotta say I love your vids and your vibe.

  • Wow ads yellow lines of course

  • Well it’s been two months soooo..............

  • “Peter, you made his brain fall out. You’ve lost your mind!” you don’t say...

  • 2:15 thanks,that’s texist

  • 7:43 I high 5'd you Clint......I high 5'd you !!!

  • *makes video of people getting blown up and shot in the face* LVcd: *I sleep* *Says a few no no words* LVcd: *REAL SHIT?!*

  • Why is it the antithesis of all your values to make a film without blood

  • the videos not even demonetized lol

  • This is a disgusting video you should be ashamed

  • 0:50 yeah quite literarily

  • And then there's rackaracka

  • "You look so *mhrrrrm* dumb"

  • What cam do u use

  • 0:10 "Hopefully with this video we find the LVcd line" sounds like a weird war where the big tech companies are taking over and their frontline in California is called the LVcd Line

  • .

  • We all don't talk like that

  • As a native Texan all I’m going to say is please never try to do a Texas accent again.


  • Love it ... lol 😝

  • Now I get the concept, The Guys are actually giants!

  • Change out the turbans and white robes with old white business suits and I guarantee the LVcd far left won't have any issues.

  • I love it when the guys work with people that aren't usually apart of their stuff, especially Black Rifle. I'm just glad y'all found Texas to treat ya right.(You rock that cowboy hat Jake!)

  • Drinkin Bros Podcast.

  • Your not on the toilet

  • Wat

  • Suicide bombers: Gets monitized *Says fuck* LVcd: Now thats where i draw the line.

  • Who's that 6:36 😏

  • My favorite was #2

  • I met someone a couple of weeks ago, who actually served with one of the black rifle coffee guys.

  • Does anyone know what’s the headshot video is called?

  • Tiny guns 2, tinier guns

  • XD

  • well it's demonitized you failed

  • I thought the explosions were real, and then I told myself, there’s no way they would have the time or budget to do that. Then I watched the video, and all I can say is good job guys, your VFXs are way better than some movies coming out today.

  • I am on the toilet

  • Simple... Show nekkid boobs... Instant demonetization

  • The font on clints name at 2:56 looks like it says c*nt

  • No one is gonna talk about offending Muslims/Arabs and getting away with it ?

  • :)

  • LVcd auto captions be like: dEmOn ThIgHs (1:25)

  • Tiny guns 3 and its vietnam

  • That's... a very convoluted way of saying you created a template/FX chain, Sam.

  • _gasp_ I second that other guy's suggestion of having a tiny gunship! Maybe collab with an RC channel to have a miniature AC-130 or A-10?

  • 666,666 view !!!

  • What the hell is wrong with the views count is the devil number

  • I love the channel. I might get hate for this but it needs to be said that this and the main video were very distasteful especially certain comments. This kind of content spreads stereotypes even if it clearly is not meant to.

  • I'm not on the toilet 😐

  • im not on the toilet

  • What programs do you use for all this stuff?

  • Jake comes on screen and I immediately skip forward 2 minutes, despite for the first time in forever it wasn't an ad. Thanks for the Pavlovian response.

  • Tutorial please on making master files 😉👍🏼

  • the only channel where you watch the BTS before the actual short film

  • So epic

  • It's so cool that those are the black rifle coffee dudes!

  • Anyone know which episode they talk about their network upgrade?

  • As being someone born and raised in Texas, I am highly offended by Jake's terrible southern accent.