This Crazy A.I. Filter Turns Cartoons Into NIGHTMARES.

Publicēšanas datums 28 feb 2020
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The Crew experiments with Machine Learning using RunwayML - what happens when you turn cartoons into people?
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  • worse then ANY of Trevor Henderson's creations

  • Hi Ren!


  • Creepy

  • danny delete this

  • i wonder how good it would look with a more realistic looking cgi character like someone from FFVII: Advent Children.

  • actors before and after drugs xd

    • i think this would be good for paintings in a horror game

  • 7:27 joker

  • I acually want to see mbappe/ mickel anglo

  • It looks like buzz is a burnt marshmello XD. elsa looks like a dead corpse ice age baby is just.... No

  • agree

  • Should've used Scorsese for ' 'UP' grandpa '

  • 2:37 if the toy story gang didn’t escape the incinerator in toy story 3

  • lol

  • so many ads

  • Clint did not look proud about working with Logan paul.

  • wren if you see this hi

  • adam=ice age baby

  • Ice Age baby and "Fluffy" (Gabriel Iglesias).

  • tom holland elsa=SCP 708

  • You guys are going to work with the burn out formally known as snoop dag. F snoop.

  • How old does he think the people watching this care at all about Water proof sneakers

  • This video is so cursed. I LOVE IT.

  • Adam driver definitely is ice age baby

  • Now I wanna see the original design for movie Sonic crossed with the Micheal Bay ninja turtle designs. Cos I'm a sadist who wants to see what it'd be like if they went the oppisite direction with the redesign and make it even worse. And yes, I'm still memeing on old movie Sonic 18+ months later.

  • 4:40 if you watch to literally watch a soul leave a human body.

  • Wrens Daughter is totally ivanka Trump.... Thats terrifying

  • For thanos you literally made tf2 heavy

  • This is the worst AI ever. Could you guys do this again with a better AI model?

  • it is sooooooo funny

  • literally could have tried Idina Menzel for Elsa haha

  • I love how y'all are determined to talk more about how good it works to... the truth of just how nightmarish it really is.

  • Ice Age Baby is Martin Shkreli

  • 4:40 Clints face xD

  • Someone send this to Vinny from Vinesauce.

  • That... was not worth anyone's time. I hoped by the end it produced something of value. I was incorrect.

  • Reminds me of the Oneyplays mario paint where they make the nostalgiacritc

  • The program is so bad at creating eyes. It just looks horrible.

  • It's so scary

  • Use the face app app

  • Yes ....its true....kilo Ren is Ice age baby 😅🤘

  • Try

  • I'm gonna have nightmares now

  • What's with the blurred final images? Made no sense to me why that would be the final image. Maybe it really was. But that was enough for me to lose interest and stop watching.

  • 0:34 that sound effect was used in KoToR for swoop racing

  • 2:10 look at wrens face 😂

  • How does lion king count as live action?

  • F to pay respect

  • Cartoon cats says woody what the heck are you doing in my house

  • lol i saw logan paul on the screen

  • Disney already turned their animated classics into nightmare images.

  • Do tom Hank's and the chipmunk on admin and xhipmunks

  • make Gremlins rated-R

  • smashing pumpkins

  • It's not a nightmare. *_It's more of breaking stuff for me. XD The A.I. can't enter perfection until more tests are done, and the other characters used for the A.I... are "broken" for me (in a joking manner)._*

  • Jschlatt and manny from cloudy with a chance of meatballs.... oh wait

  • 4:03 he... kinda looks like the Heavy from TF2... with a light mustache.

  • this video is cursed

  • SCP-2006 on LSD from Satan himself

  • ice age baby when he was two Adam Driver when he was 4 and in between he was disgusting

  • Why did the woody pic for the video look like justin bieber lmaooo

  • Me: 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😑🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • danny devito = ice age baby

  • i shoudln't have watched this before bed...

  • 3:48 Mitch McConnell?!?!

  • (not an ad) this is what face up does

  • “H-hey andy..... y-ouve got a fr-friend in meeee...”

  • Jake:Ai vant make 100% water proof sponsered sneakeds Ai watching this in the future: we could'nt then but now we are in control

  • i SHOULDNT watch this before sleep... what am i doing...

  • The ice age baby look ugly

  • The ninja turtle is my sleep paralysis demon NEVER MIND ICE AGE BABY JUST REPLACED THE NINJA TURTLE

  • Wait, why is this in the r-rated playlist?

  • 0:35 * DEMONIC DEEP VOICE * YOU HAVE.......FRIEND IN ME........ * PUlls out a knife *

  • Niko on Niko looks like Hillary Clinton and Trump mixed togehh th er

  • Wrenllen Degeneres

  • "Machine learning cloud" I don't like where this is going

  • 6:53 That's not hiking for me

  • Never thought I can watching Nick face this long in this video.

  • Now I have PTSD...

  • m

  • y

  • h

  • O

  • Live action Shrek?

  • 0:37 his hat is made of f̴̡̮̜͍̏̀̕ļ̵͇͈̤̠̲͆͌E̴̛͙͔̯̱̮̐̏͆͋͐̌̀̽͝͝͝S̸̨͔̣͇̬̗̖̦̪̟̺̀̑̾͠Ḩ̶̧̧̧̼̩̮̫̭̦̻͕̮͍͇̇̿͗̍̊͛

  • Its kind of garbage.

  • Have you made Paul blart R rated?

  • nearly ALL of these look like they were done by Francis Bacon...some of them are actually even similar looking to his nightmare-fuel portrait of the Pope

  • 9:33 that's the movie poster of Fear & Loathing! lol

  • The first picture of matt that Wren showed...i wanna open your eyes a bit. Give him some buck teeth, now he’s Freddy Mercury

  • havana camila cabello

  • It looks like Sid lit buzz light year on fire

  • Combine everyone to make the perfect Corridor crew member who later eliminates everyone

  • It's so cool to learn that Adam Driver is THE ice age baby.

  • Guys, you just made reaction video to filter… Welcome to the bottom of youtube and my blecklist. Reaction ≠ content.

  • its Terry lightyear

  • Well, i know I'll never use that software... those compilations are horrible

  • Eww

  • “It looks like Stan Lee” Yes... and it also looks like a fat dog with a child on it,

  • Nico has that big dick energy