VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 17

Publicēšanas datums 7 dec 2019
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Niko, Sam, and Wren sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • When lawnmower man came out, the were marketing as the first virtual reality film, utilising the very latest in graphical technology. It never did great, because as you say, terminator 2 had come out and that was visual stunning... at the time!

  • Merlin Tv Show

  • Metropolis please

  • It's NOT godzilla, it's zilla.

  • Seriously stop the goddamned SQUARESPACE bullshit!

  • Have you guys ever reviewed the first “Alien” movie? I know, you weren’t even twinkles in your parents eyes in 1979, but I would love to know how they did the chest-burst scene. I’d also like to know if it’s truth or myth that only Ridley Scott and John Hurt knew it was going down, and the rest of the cast legitimately thought Hurt was having a seizure. If you have done this movie already, please share how I can find it. I’ve been searching through your channel.

  • I know everything about lawnmower man from funhaus

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE React to all the Godzilla and king kong films!!

  • I was alive when lawnmower man came out. I was lucky enough to watch it in the theaters. I actually thought it was a very interesting concept at the time. I enjoyed the CG as well. I thought it was meant to replicate the style of video games. It looks a little corny now but I was totally into it back in the day! 😂

  • i is not godzilla it is zilla

  • I saw the Lawnmower Man in theaters as a teen, and it was a fun ride, reminded me more of a video game than hyper realistic cinema. I guess i liked it enough to buy the DVD....

  • Ayyy I was watching Gods Of Egypt which has some pretty shiny and goofy CGI. If y’all could check out the Horus and Set fight scene at the start of the movie that’d be great

  • Lawnmower man looks well dated now but I loved that film when it came out even then I knew the effects were far out but the virtual reality was like that then,especially in some music videos etc .I liked the story about making the local idiot into the most powerful human alive and his revenge on the others who were cruel to him and others around him ,but then to be consumed by his own powers. but each to their own lol

  • 5:40 -- I saw this film when it came out. It was ... I'll be diplomatic. It matched the work you saw in Siggraph demo reels from around 1988. It matched 1992 music videos like Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer. It matched Commdore Amiga RenderMan CGI demo reels (also see "Fred Fish disks"). The ever-present Phong shading, the flat texture mapping, the particle systems, the notional kinematics, the post-render pixel-editor fixes, it's all there. From such sins rose Heaven.

  • I watched the evil chrome boi movie when it came out. I know people that like it, but I thought it was very bad.

  • When they said South Africa i first thought they filmed that in soweto but like ya wheres my sa bruthers

  • Many movies set a bar that has to be past to become better. The best in order from release and special effects evolution: Star Wars 4,5,6 - the terminator 2- Independence Day - the matrix - transformers 2 - the avengers.

  • At the time I thought the lawnmower man was cool and cheesy at the same time

  • Lawnmower man was like watching behind the minds eye but as a kid did it. Please talk about behind a minds eye music video vfx.

  • Supernatural, I cant remember the name of the episode but its the doc Benson episode, the scene with the eyeball scoop

  • That one shot scene reminds me of 1917

  • 0:43 BAHAHAA

  • Well yes I was around, because most of the graphics was done for the "computer world" , for me that didn't bother me. It let you know the difference between the real guy and his cgi ego. The story was awesome. I think this had a ton to do with budget. So they went with a less costly cgi. It didn't bother me to be honest cause not a ton of high end cgi had been seen, so this was very cool for it's time. That in-between stage of tech. Once T2 came out then the game was on for higher end quality.

  • Lawnmower Man - I watched this when it was released. The previews were intriguing and the premise of the movie had so much potential. The CGI was so jaw droppingly terrible that while watching it I was taken completely out of the movie and thought WTF is this crap! This is awful! It ruined the movie for me.

  • lvcd.info/watch/l5aRdnScrM-Japc/video.html

  • Actually... the CGI virtual effect you see, we're designed by mainframe studios who we're doing the reboot series. their facial emotions and all we're on point. back int he day they didn't have motion capture like we have today. so of course you think its bad. but at the time, it was the best we could have. you have to rmemeber that computers weren't always there to help us in film making, like in highlander, they had to scratch the film to make lightning ! imagine going frame by frame, in a film not by computer, to do lightning. that was the best thing back then.

  • Dunno if they've ever seen Narnia.

  • Being alive and witnessing visual effects in the 90’s were amazing because there was not modern high definition yet. Pretty much everything was 480 resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio. So “bad” visual effects were very believable. One that really stands out is if you get your hands on an original cut of Jurassic Park on DVD, before they remastered it, and watch it on a modern high definition tv. All the visual effects look terrible, but looked amazing on “low def”. Pretty much why most 90’s movies were remastered in the early 2000’s (including the original Star Wars trilogy) when all the 720 and 1080 TVs were the norm.

  • I actually saw Lawnmower Man because I was a big dork. I kind of liked the visual effects because it was different, but the story was complete garbage. First, the story is an obvious cheap ripoff of Flowers for Algernon. Second, the scriptwriters of a science fiction movie clearly didn't understand, well, anything about science. So many Hollywood nimrods think that making people smarter automatically gives them superpowers. I guess they listen to quacks like Deepak Chopra instead of paying attention in science class.

  • The song they played over the original soundtrack in the sequence of 'Lord of War' is actually a version of a traditional Swedish folk song. "Ack Värmeland" or "Dear old Stockholm" as the jazz version Stan Gets popularised in the fifties is called. Pretty fitting since Sweden has the fourth largest arms export per capita.

  • Shark boy and lava girl

  • Late to the party but I saw Lawnmower Man as an adult in the theater and it was mindblowing. Kinda dumb but the visuals were gorgeous. I'm still disappointed that they didn't film Stephen King's story like they advertised though.

  • Please do Teen Wolf on one of these

  • Imagine Magicians react 😂 Explaining Magics

  • Guys do Fifth Element please!

  • Did you know that Wren is wearing a VFX shirt/suit

  • you guys should react to the new movie 1917. it is absolutely filled with hidden cuts.

  • React to the horrible cgi (if it can even be called that) in shark boy and lava girl.

  • Christmas has passed. There’s still no LOTR vs TH 😂 pls make it!! ♥️

  • I'm 50 now and saw this Lawnmowerman in the theaters... Man it F'ing sucked. I wanted my money back!

  • Please react to stranger things if you haven’t already.

  • I watched Lawnmower Man in theaters. And while the VFX were really obviously bad, it all kind of fell into the zeitgeist of the whole VR movement. I mean, watch Peter Gabriel's Kiss That Frog video. That was what we thought the future of victual worlds would look like. Of course I also thought Jesus Jones was the future of music, so take my POV with as many grains of salt as that warrants.

  • I was 7 years old when I watched The Lawnmower Man so it was hard for me to fully understand the movie for what it was and too young to really grasp the idea of what bad CGI was. Although, I do remember being extremely freaked out by some of the ending sequences. This along movies like Alien, The Blob, The Stuff(pretty much anything 80s & 90s horror - Check out Bad Taste for some truly epic horror scenery) defined my child hood. Hellraiser. I could go on. Watching CGI progress over the years has been a wonderful experience. Who's ready for 360° VR movie experience? I know I am. Imagine, being right in the middle of the movie instead of watching from a flat screen. Not sure who will do it first(and do it right), but it's going to be awesome. Love what you all do while vegging out in the corridor. ☮

  • I was a kid when the Lawnmower was out. And that CG terrified me.

  • Lawnmower man was cool..check robot jox next

  • I remember when Lawnmower Man came out. I thought it was ok to start. But when he went all "Super Evil Chrome Boy" I was like OMG how dumb!

  • Please react to "Victor Magtanggol".

  • Lawnmower man was a great movie. I didn't care about the CGI

  • Lawnmower man kept you on the edge of your seat, along with ghost in the machine

  • I wasnt alive then, but if I had been. I would've cried.

  • It was dumb

  • You men zilu

  • Can you guys fix Yongary/reptilian 2010?

  • I was alive back then, and I did see Lawnmower Man at the cinema. It was laughably bad even then. I was familiar with the Stephen King short story, and I was like WTF???

  • In children of men... Love of life: *shot in neck* Husband: “blah look at that neck!”

  • The CGI in Lawnmower Man wasn't supposed to look realistic, it was supposed to look like upgraded version of the VR graphics that we had seen so far. At that. it succeeded well. Too bad so many people ignored the fact.

  • In the 90's Virtual Reality was very new, and at the time what made it cool was exactly the fact that graphics were all boxy and unrealistic. The point was not to create something that looked real, of course everybody knew that would come eventually, but the point was to immerse into those boxy computer graphics we used to watch in video games and simulations.That's what was cool about it. Imagine to be transported into a tetris game, would you want the blocks to look super cool and realistic? Or would you want to feel you are inside that old graphic? The Lawnmower man CGI work because they were never meant to be realistic, they were meant to look like some guy pulled into one of those computer generated environments that were common in games.

  • React to stranger things

  • Hear me out, break down every Godzilla movie and show!

  • Have you done Evil Dead 1? In particular the scene of him spinning around and the invisible force slamming through the window and going through the house?

  • I fucking loved lawnmower man I was probibly the only kid who was excited to see the sequel...maybe cover it sometime ;P

  • I vaguely remember being too young to watch Lawnmower Man. That didn't stop me. Was it amazing CG graphics? No. Was it something crazy and different and that other-worldly-ness affected the scenes in which it was present in a way that enhanced the movie? Yes.

  • Live action attack on titan please

  • FOR ME, the old graphics were seen similar to how I see next level stuff now. I cant go back as easy lol, I can see the difference because my eyes are trained but they also remember the impact of a new age tech before new age tech now. It's like turning off recency bias and remembering it was epic. I played Everquest and they updated thier textures like crazy once and it was a huge upgrade but not it looks like the early 2ks lol

  • I dug Lawnmower Man but definitely not for the SFX

  • Take a look at the host directed by bong joon ho

  • I saw Lawnmower Man when I was a kid and definitely thought it was a cool movie. Well, I wasn't that impressed with the CGI but the idea of VR excited me the most. The Virtual Boy game system was a big letdown back then...

  • I really liked this Godzilla movie and cartoon I never understood why people did isn’t like it, I still don’t

  • Whenever it's a Disney production, these guys go all defensive.

  • I was so in love with Lawnmower Man when it came out.

  • I'd like to see them react to Godzilla (2014)

  • Please do Jumanji

  • Please react to umbrella academy cgi effects!

  • What's the name of that nicholas cage movie they reacted to?

  • I saw Lawnmower man in the theater in the early/mid 90's. It seemed as goofy and ugly then as it does now.

  • Lord if the rings

  • can you review the old 1954's black & white Godzilla

  • The Lion King (2019) was good.

  • Lawnmower man was incredible back in the day, but then so was Reboot...

  • I was alive during Lawnmower Man, and as a kid, it was cool enough, but nobody expected VR to look "real" back then. 3D computer graphics were barely even a thing.

  • I wouldn't even say the warping on the fiber is weird... have you ever loaded a magazine? Especially a glock mag... glock thumb sucks.

  • I was a kid when "Lawnmower Man" came out but I saw it. I didn't think the visual fx were bad.

  • at 2:00 that's a free photogrammetry software called "meshroom"

  • Not cgi but you guys should do how they filmed the end of taxi driver, such badass cinematography!

  • The Zilla movie would have done fine with out paying for the name and the sound effect from Godzilla, they should have just called it some thing new, like The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.... oh wait.

  • Jani dushman ek anhokhi kahani

  • Lawnmower movie left a memorable, weird, threatening mark :) into young me... (im from Lithuania). Btw i liked the movie.

  • Please, a video about the scenes with Bilbo and Smaug would be so cool!

  • My dad watched lawn mower man in the cinema and he loved it he thought it was amazing, he doesnt now though

  • He talks about the warping of the finger after loading the magazine i would argue thats intentional becasue anyone whos loaded a large magazine knows your fingers are kinda warped after irl.

  • Honestly, I was quite impressed by the Lawnmower man at the time. Even though it looks worse than A New Hope. This kind of "3d CG right in your face" was still ... interesting

  • So I wouldn't say it was impressive as a film. Because at the end of the day, when you watch a movie, the story is a big part of it. The story was, eh. There were a lot of strange films back then. In regard to CGI, we had things like Max Headroom and Virtua Fighter, so it was pretty on par IMO.

  • 9:03

  • fuck me the shoe-horned ads at the end are annoying

  • Can you all Fix the hundred agent Smith fight from matrix reloaded

  • Lawnmower man was pretty bad

  • Everybody who's seen karim debbach episode of crossed on the lownmower man were waiting for it to appear here...

  • 3:14 I'm sorry wren but this isn't Godzilla, this is zilla, it betrayed everything godzilla is supposed to be, and the Japanese make fun of it in their own godzilla, calling it a stupide fish eating lizard, their's a line in one of the Japanese movie where a character ask "and the attack of new York was it godzilla?" And an other guys answer "that's what the Americans said but our guys have serious doubts", it eve' appears in one of the Japanese godzilla movie but it get it's ass kicked by the one and only king of monster with his atomic breath, the first american godzilla isn't a movie about godzilla that's it

  • Lawnmower man when it came out was mind blowing! Haven't watched it in quite a few years and its safe to say it hasn't aged well looking at this :-s

  • I would love if you would do the flash