We Made Star Wars R-Rated

Publicēšanas datums 22 nov 2019
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The crew use their collective VFX powers to make Star Wars even better.
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  • @6:29 But no confetti, you can not explode a Jar-Jar without confetti... oh, or was I thinking about exploding unicorns?

  • Is it just me or has most of the crew been buffer?

  • Who also think sometimes the sponsor segments are more entertaining than the video

  • Clone Trooper guns wouldn’t do that. When they shoot someone they do not look like they got shot by a gun, don’t act like you know what it would do to you when you can’t even find the difference between clones and stormtroopers.

  • bro what the fuck

  • poor jar jar binks

  • 12:38 chunky...

  • 4:19 bro maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen this but he’s getting shot at on both sides by the droids and the clone troopers. Also that’s a lot more than two

  • You guys get paid. Someone PAYS you. HOLY FUCK

  • I feel like if you got hit by a lightsaber it would immediately cauterize the wound healing it

  • not the creature

  • You should make Jurassic Park rated R

  • If you want an R rating then just throw in some ‘fucks’ here, some ‘cocksuckers’ there, with full frontal nudity

  • If they got shot or cut they wouldent bleed beacause the lazer burns the Blood leak and then it doesen't bleed

  • There really needs to be a series about Guido the bounty hunter "hey, the Don says youse guys gots something of his. Don Jabba don't like delinquent accounts..."

  • Congratulations you created Warhammer 40k

  • This is best rated r series Video

  • Can you Make Over The Hedge ( 2006 ) R - Rated

    • It Will Include The Predator And Jason Voorhees

  • Ani: noooooooo u cant just put ur head against the laser binders!! The corridor crew: hahaha body go boom

  • Why would you do something so controversial, yet so brave?

  • Misa Will get my revenge

  • It's not an r rated movie if there's no sex scene

  • Good. I'm glad that Jar Jar is dead. 10:40

  • 10:20 idk wHat you call tHem but one would expect you to have covered tHe finished product w.tHose video screen crosshair tHings.

  • Can we get a clip of Boba Fett holding Jango’s helmet, and then the head plops out?

  • You guys need to turn R rated films into G rated stuff.

  • I always new the Sith should have won.

  • Hey guys, absolutely love these videos, your work on Civil War and John Wick was phenomenal and you are absolute credits to your industry and totally underutilized in this day in age. I have a rather unique challenge; Can you make Deadpool EVEN MORE R-rated?

    • If any film could do with more exaggerated gore and violence, it is Deadpool, and if anyone can make that happen it IS you fine folk.

  • 10:41 well deserved, Jar Jar.

  • lol you guys are Sadists!! =P

  • Buisiness? 3:07

  • Skip to 10:37 if you don’t wanna see all that dumb shit

  • Anakin riding his podracer😱😱😱😱😱

  • What if instead of being numb he explodes

  • Awesome video, My only issue is the reason there is no blood is because it’s a laser so it instantly cauterize’s the wound.

  • You ruined my childhood

  • Lightsaber cuts and blaster shots shouldn't cause bleeding because the heat from them would instantly cauterize any wound

    • They also called clone commander Bakara commander Niko. (Small mistake, but whatever ) Clone commander Niko was the commander of those clone troopers on those speeder bikes in order 66

  • 1:48 lmfao they're all laughing at her crying, I lost it.

  • How about R rated Return of the Jedi?

  • Order 66 pizzas

  • Jar jar Binks was such a useless simp.

  • For my ally is the force, and a POWERFUL ally it is!

  • I love that they exploded jarjar

  • Make Transformers: The Movie (1986) rated R!

  • what if you remake the whole precuels and secuels?

  • The subtitles is saying order 60

  • 10:42 this scene should be canon.

  • sick... you guys are sick

  • Alternate title: Making starwars rated R then making the R rated star wars family friendly for youtube

  • channel awesome

  • So where's the not blurred version

  • Hey uhh the junglings were in the temple that was burning in the distance soooo that is not very correct. Still very nice job

  • Is it just me who finds it weird that when Vader chokes the guy, he says "aaarrrghhh... My back"? 😅 Corridor Crew, you could've recorded another sound instead of reusing the R-rated Avengers one Though, it was hilarious and you guys are one of those who inspire me to edit and make me wanna go to Hollywood.

  • I have the power of the dark side that’s why I never die

  • 5,50, yes yes and yes

  • You had me at "...mutilate Jar-Jar Binks."

  • “Order 66 Pizzas” Me: You have ruined everything about Order 66. You have now been deprived of your powers to do anything related to Star Wars

  • 5:41 same

  • 10:14

  • This is a pain to watch, it's like you don't know anything about Star Wars

  • Why am I watching this

  • Top Notch

  • Viewing starts at 10:11

  • 3:03 Me, watching this on the toilet: *nervous breathing intensifies*

  • Star Gores..

  • Imagine if order 66 didn’t work and anikin didn’t turn to the dark side

  • One problem with their edits is, the ones that add bullet holes in mundi there wouldn't be any blood, 1 he isn't human 2 the laser that he is hit with are so hot the blood or whatever his race is made of would just MELT.

  • Close Captioning: "EXECUTE ORDER 60". Me(an intellectual): "Bruh". Me(an intellectual): *Face Palms.

  • These dudes are fucking stupid. Moving on.

  • Do Moana lol. That crab scene wear he grabs Moana has always given me the idea that she gets crossed and thrown in the floor. Hahaha funny

  • And just like that, my childhood is scarred.

  • Do anyone saw that dude has epic game logo on his jacket?

  • ...yea adding blood spurts to lasers & similar energy weapons is like making the ice chunks sink and crash into your underwater station or having underwater explosions cause smoke plumes instead of bubbles :-/

  • Sorry Niko, but blaster bolts wouldn't cause blood to spurt out on impact because that plasma is so hot that when it punctures through flesh, it immediately cauterizes the surrounding area. Over time would blood come out? Maybe. I'm sure you're probably tired of heating that but that's just not how blaster bolts would hit. Now the going through the body and clothes, that's the element you got right that the prequels didn't.

  • The jar jar binks scene didn't look super realistic especially with the head being the only part of him not vaporized

  • They would never make an R rated Star Wars film because the franchise is geared towards families and doesn't want to depict any graphic content.

  • All odds aside this movie was very emotional for me and how all the Jedi are killed idk if anyone else thinks this just thot I say

  • This video sucked.

  • The youngling murder scene here was like out Bugs Bunny. It was disappointing 🙄

  • Bruh. Why? Why would you do that?! It's even nastier.

  • I hate to be that guy, but you realize the lasers would cauterize the wounds, so there would be no blood, hence why you rarely ever see blood in Star Wars.

  • *jar jar blinks explodes and splatters* Neill Blomkamp: I see you've been watching district 9

  • Sorry to be "that guy" but the clones blasters, the DC-15A in the case, fire plasma bolts which cauterize wounds and they don't bleed. This video was awesome though and totally achieved it's purpose of making one of the most heart-rending scenes in movies even worse. 👍 Also, this video got my like the moment y'all decided to dunk on Jar-Jar. 😂

  • *The WORST murder? Was how you added in the clone troopers with 1993 technology at* 11:48

  • And this is why fans are NOT allowed any say or to participate in production.

  • I guess the scene with Anakin getting his legs chopped off and burned alive didn’t need to be made any more gruesome.

  • Stormtroopers use an E11 blaster; Clone troopers use the DC-15A. Everybody knows that.....

  • The Sith have returned.

  • I will remember this next time I watch Star Wars😂😂

  • We are evil,but those guys who did this and laughs in the Order 66 are Sith Orders


  • Definetively... All who clicked in this video has the dark side inside of them...

  • I can't get over the fact that the one guy sounds exactly like Blueweslto

  • If there was an R Rated version of Star Wars focusing on infantry combat?

  • "order 66 pizzas" *I have achieved C O M E D Y*

  • Damn, anakin threw the youngling a fucking distance

  • lol

  • This is when you realized that Lucas film was better of by being sold to Warner Bros, Company that will bring back the hype with their new dc titles that are dark and mature

  • I used to work in SFX in the late 70s/80s.Worked on some very big budget films.. .These twonks wouldn't of lasted 5 minutes.. I dispair for the industry..

  • Christ. We spend more time looking at you than letting us see the video uninterrupted.