VFX Artists learn REAL Hollywood Stunt Driving

Publicēšanas datums 6 sep 2020
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Sam and Niko head to Willow Springs International Raceway to study the art of stunt driving--particularly drifting.
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  • great video

  • I love how he gave up on shooting him even though they were in an open space lol

  • Its interesting watching people learn to drift, ive been drifting since i was 14 living in Finland so most of my learning was procedural, and watching people learn is really neat to me

  • it would have been easier if he hadd gotten the revs up by clutch kicking

  • BORING........

  • I know this is fake, but the slide on the gun firing near the end would move way too fast for the camera to catch.

  • This Video is missing the most important part: how you guys got told how this drifting actually works! So I learned nothing and only got to see YOU have fun. Thanks for nothing!

  • that zenki was ugly i hate zenkis so much koukis look so much better

  • this is how u do the muzzle flashes

  • what the fuck is that dobly song lol

  • I'm jealous

  • niko this is me teling to buy a manual nissan s14

  • Sam was bussin

  • me being an avid drifter and car nut spent a lot of that video like i wonder if they've welded the rear diff in that s14 or if its a lsd and if so what ratio are they running.. they 100% have a hydro handbrake for locking the rears up but is it a duel calliper set up or just using stock rears on a direct line, they definitely have a stripped interior and roll cage but what suspension and what have they adjusted, is it a soft or loose set up.. hahaha... as well as being like oh cool they learnt pretty fast 👍

  • Man you guys really out did yourselves this was a pleasure and d ass

  • Says "these Nissans" as a BMW pulls up lmao

  • Broooo its a bemer\BMW 2:52

  • Can someone tell me what car niko was driving

  • 2:53 Sam calls the BMW a Nissan Me as a car enthusiast: unsubscribe

  • Sometimes I forget Sam and Niko are from my home state, so cool.

  • "the nissans have a bunch of guts taken out" *shows a bmw*

  • whey you get to drift an s14 but dont know what car it is

  • I like the way that they kept showing tokyo drift scenes

  • I'm English and we pretty much all learn on a manual. I feel like it is easier to learn drifting/power sliding comes more naturally to us because of the clutch control. Right?

  • Man didn’t know Sam likes to pack-a-punch his starter pistol

  • Nice video keep up the good work

  • Hey Corridor Crew, Im at 38 minutes into Gemini Man and I don't understand how they're doing this, please REACT

  • It was cool till the explosions came in, then it became really cool

  • acting not to good

  • "the nissan" *shows a bmw*

  • Tbh, I'm really just looking at the S14's...

  • The girl with the red/orange hair as gorgeous

  • 2:52 "The nissan's" while showing footage of a bmw 🤣 I feel like Sam knows a bit more about cars but the editing just made him look stupid here lol

  • I got to say, it's very refreshing seeing the boys so active in this video. Puts there motor cortex skills out there instead of their visual cortex

  • Car people: that was pretty cool Non car people: they’re just going in circles I don’t get it

    • Hahahahaha so true. I love every cars (except SUVs and crossovers) and obviously I like watching races. But sometimes I hear "what is the appeal of running around a track ?" It's not a reason, it's a passion

  • are those out the window hand gestures a nod to Ted Wong in VGHS on the mario kart track? :D

  • This is so wholesome

  • I can imagine Nick kobayashi doing Kansai driftoo

  • so epic! Looks like this was so fun to do

  • Whats that song in the video

  • niko's drift around sam was so cool

  • Analyze the Real Steel movie.. I love the robots they put in the movie.

  • when pistols shoot bombs

  • I outta get those explosive rounds...

  • Should've played euro beat

  • Sam sounds alot like Nolan from Donut Media, I hope that you do a collaboration

  • I am in love with this channel....😍😍

  • as a car guy, this was fun to watch, especially hearing how they think drifting works.

  • the gun had me laughing out loud oh my GOD SLDFKJ

  • looks like sam found the pack-a-punch machine first

  • we know how to drive manual cars... still laughing :))))

  • gahdamn that silvia so nice

  • love how the pistol just turn into a granade laucher, f*ck it lol

  • Mad Max (1979)

  • I like how he called the beamer a nissan at 2:52

  • Yo whats the song at 2:11

    • i tried to find it, turns out it's their own song from songs they recorded to use internally

  • immaculate.

  • He called a BMW a nissan

  • I've been a fan for such a long time, and now I'm seeing you guys live your best fucking lives and do dope shit all over and I am just OVERJOYED to see it. You deserve all the success, guys!

    • Also, I pray and plead to some day be as cool as Naoki. What an icon.

  • for anybody who is listening to "might as well quit, cause there is doby in this bitch" its from 2:30 - 2:45 if you know if this will be released or any information please tell me.

  • he said the nissan on a a bmw

  • That's some drifting lol 11:35

  • Now their budget is now for C A R S

  • Bro I literally cried during this video it made me so happy!!! 😭

  • Such a nice s14

  • Sam you did well. But niko honestly take up drifting, you might actually have something

  • This went from Hollywood to Bollywood in a matter of seconds lol

  • 11:18 the moment you realize this is a legit Corridor video.

  • Calls BMW a Nissan. *Claps in disappointment.

  • its so funny watching them try drift a s14

  • the end is so fricking micheal bay


  • put bullethole stickers on the car, paint out in post until it gets shot.

  • It great to see people learn and be excited about their accomplishments

  • the nissans, shows bmw e46. gonna shoot myself in the head rn

  • "The nissans" Shows BMW.

  • Everyone gangsta until sam shoots grenades

  • what's next? TJ Hunt and DDE collab?

  • I like the part where his pistol shoots grenades.

  • nice job guys

  • That trigger pull is atrocious. Props for the driving tho'

  • NETFLIX: THE PRINCESS WEIYOUNG, SEASON 1 episode 30, last 10minites war scene, INSANELY HILARIOUS VFX! DO IT NOW!...please 😬

  • Per SAY

  • Nissan / points at bmw

  • Anyone know the specific name of the song by Savant

  • 4:20 The AK guy

  • What fun. Good for you guys!

  • Lmao they went up straight Bollywood at the end! 😂👍😅

  • It's not about being fast It's about being graceful It's about the dance *Put that on my fucking tombstone*

  • @2:55 when he calls a bmw a Nissan.. Lol I love y'all so much

  • Did he say NISSAN to a BMW car?

  • turn right to go left.

  • You guys did great

  • Umm I just gotta say the advice this guy gave Sam @ 6:12, is literally the opposite of what you want. You want the rear wheels to lock up after the car has started to turn in, and specifically after the weight has transferred to the outer side. That's when you pull on the hand brake, then once you start the slide slam on the gas to maintain it with wheel speed. I thinks Sam inital issue is that he was pulling the hand brake slightly to soon, before the big ol crown vic shifted it's weight, but the sequence was right. That's why his intial attempts were better. My advice to Sam in the pits would be, "Pull the E-brake a .5 second later. It's all about that weight transfer, you have to unsettle the car with sharp steering inputs and the ebrake to initiate the slide, then power to continue it." Also that nearly stock crown vic is just simply not going to slide effortlessly like the drift BMW they demoed with, or as good as the nissan.

  • the triple explosion pistol seems like something out of a build engine game

  • Men dont really drive in L.A. do they? Here in Central Canada, I see dudes doing Doughnuts on the damn highway every weekend.

  • Wait he called the bmw a Nissan ?

  • love that 240 at the end

  • "The Nissan's have the guts taken out" Shows BMW. Come on Sam you're killing me

  • Even though the sponsored content is integrated into their vids, the lads respect their viewers SO much that they put a timer on how long the ad runs for in the corner of the screen so you can skip it if you want. I fucking love these guys :)