VFX Artists learn REAL Hollywood Stunt Driving

Publicēšanas datums 6 sep 2020
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Sam and Niko head to Willow Springs International Raceway to study the art of stunt driving--particularly drifting.
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  • Says Nissan pans over to bmw

  • At 1:12 isn't that movie Brick Mansions?

  • I know I’m late but Niko successfully doing donuts and even impressing the owner brought such a smile on my face for him

  • It is funny that they called the Bmw a Nissan

  • 2:52 Nissan?!?! BMW cries in corner.

  • "Drifting is just like parkour." So... carkour?

  • Can we spend at least a few seconds to appreciate the incredible voice of Instructor Naoki? Like... wow.

  • Lol"the Nissan"

  • Did Sam just call a BMW a Nissan?!?!?!

  • Sam said Nissan to a BMW wow ok

  • That helmet chin strap isn't doing Sam's double chin any favours

  • Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs

  • The shoes are proof proof

  • You have to turn right to go left

  • Just so you know, drifting, in the sense of using it in a race to gain a speed advantage, has been debunked.

  • I really want that song that plays when they drift at the start!

  • Did... did he call the BMWs Nissans???

  • The whole corridor crew makes me feel like a better person

  • Idk if anyone else here watches the trash taste podcast but Sam and Niko definitely are way better at this 😂 it's that MN life and action filmmaking experience that makes this so easy for them. Also really love the positive reinforcement from the teachers, they seem really cool.

  • im sorry but he called the white bmw a nissan

  • That wasn't a nissannnnnnn

  • great video

  • I love how he gave up on shooting him even though they were in an open space lol

  • Its interesting watching people learn to drift, ive been drifting since i was 14 living in Finland so most of my learning was procedural, and watching people learn is really neat to me

  • it would have been easier if he hadd gotten the revs up by clutch kicking

  • I know this is fake, but the slide on the gun firing near the end would move way too fast for the camera to catch.

  • This Video is missing the most important part: how you guys got told how this drifting actually works! So I learned nothing and only got to see YOU have fun. Thanks for nothing!

  • that zenki was ugly i hate zenkis so much koukis look so much better

  • this is how u do the muzzle flashes

  • what the fuck is that dobly song lol

  • I'm jealous

  • niko this is me teling to buy a manual nissan s14

  • Sam was bussin

  • me being an avid drifter and car nut spent a lot of that video like i wonder if they've welded the rear diff in that s14 or if its a lsd and if so what ratio are they running.. they 100% have a hydro handbrake for locking the rears up but is it a duel calliper set up or just using stock rears on a direct line, they definitely have a stripped interior and roll cage but what suspension and what have they adjusted, is it a soft or loose set up.. hahaha... as well as being like oh cool they learnt pretty fast 👍

  • Man you guys really out did yourselves this was a pleasure and d ass

  • Says "these Nissans" as a BMW pulls up lmao

  • Broooo its a bemer\BMW 2:52

  • Can someone tell me what car niko was driving

  • 2:53 Sam calls the BMW a Nissan Me as a car enthusiast: unsubscribe

  • Sometimes I forget Sam and Niko are from my home state, so cool.

  • "the nissans have a bunch of guts taken out" *shows a bmw*

  • whey you get to drift an s14 but dont know what car it is

  • I like the way that they kept showing tokyo drift scenes

  • I'm English and we pretty much all learn on a manual. I feel like it is easier to learn drifting/power sliding comes more naturally to us because of the clutch control. Right?

  • Man didn’t know Sam likes to pack-a-punch his starter pistol

  • Nice video keep up the good work

  • Hey Corridor Crew, Im at 38 minutes into Gemini Man and I don't understand how they're doing this, please REACT

  • It was cool till the explosions came in, then it became really cool

  • acting not to good

  • "the nissan" *shows a bmw*

  • Tbh, I'm really just looking at the S14's...

  • The girl with the red/orange hair as gorgeous

  • 2:52 "The nissan's" while showing footage of a bmw 🤣 I feel like Sam knows a bit more about cars but the editing just made him look stupid here lol

  • I got to say, it's very refreshing seeing the boys so active in this video. Puts there motor cortex skills out there instead of their visual cortex

  • Car people: that was pretty cool Non car people: they’re just going in circles I don’t get it

    • Hahahahaha so true. I love every cars (except SUVs and crossovers) and obviously I like watching races. But sometimes I hear "what is the appeal of running around a track ?" It's not a reason, it's a passion

  • are those out the window hand gestures a nod to Ted Wong in VGHS on the mario kart track? :D

  • This is so wholesome

  • I can imagine Nick kobayashi doing Kansai driftoo

  • so epic! Looks like this was so fun to do

  • Whats that song in the video

  • niko's drift around sam was so cool

  • Analyze the Real Steel movie.. I love the robots they put in the movie.

  • when pistols shoot bombs

  • I outta get those explosive rounds...

  • Should've played euro beat

  • Sam sounds alot like Nolan from Donut Media, I hope that you do a collaboration

  • I am in love with this channel....😍😍

  • as a car guy, this was fun to watch, especially hearing how they think drifting works.

  • the gun had me laughing out loud oh my GOD SLDFKJ

  • looks like sam found the pack-a-punch machine first

  • we know how to drive manual cars... still laughing :))))

  • gahdamn that silvia so nice

  • love how the pistol just turn into a granade laucher, f*ck it lol

  • Mad Max (1979)

  • I like how he called the beamer a nissan at 2:52

  • Yo whats the song at 2:11

    • i tried to find it, turns out it's their own song from songs they recorded to use internally

  • immaculate.

  • He called a BMW a nissan

  • I've been a fan for such a long time, and now I'm seeing you guys live your best fucking lives and do dope shit all over and I am just OVERJOYED to see it. You deserve all the success, guys!

    • Also, I pray and plead to some day be as cool as Naoki. What an icon.

  • for anybody who is listening to "might as well quit, cause there is doby in this bitch" its from 2:30 - 2:45 if you know if this will be released or any information please tell me.

  • he said the nissan on a a bmw

  • That's some drifting lol 11:35

  • Now their budget is now for C A R S

  • Bro I literally cried during this video it made me so happy!!! 😭

  • Such a nice s14

  • Sam you did well. But niko honestly take up drifting, you might actually have something

  • This went from Hollywood to Bollywood in a matter of seconds lol

  • 11:18 the moment you realize this is a legit Corridor video.

  • Calls BMW a Nissan. *Claps in disappointment.

  • its so funny watching them try drift a s14

  • the end is so fricking micheal bay


  • put bullethole stickers on the car, paint out in post until it gets shot.

  • It great to see people learn and be excited about their accomplishments

  • the nissans, shows bmw e46. gonna shoot myself in the head rn

  • "The nissans" Shows BMW.

  • Everyone gangsta until sam shoots grenades

  • what's next? TJ Hunt and DDE collab?

  • I like the part where his pistol shoots grenades.

  • nice job guys