Is a Stranger Living in my Attic!?

Publicēšanas datums 7 jūl 2018
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This Episode ► Nick claims he heard footsteps in his attic, so the boys decide to go investigate. Sam continues his quest to find the perfect DIY anamorphic lens solution.
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  • 5:29 he lives only in my nightmares

  • "I can work at home in my underwear all day" that was a prediction ahead of its time!

  • When the door closed I was like A GOOOOAASST

  • avatar Jake is my favorite lawyer

  • 7:38 haha

  • At 5:31, wren was pointing his middle finger

  • Niko: Where can we get more ammonia? Doc: U are the one

  • I hate how clint wears a mask without covering his nose

  • This is by far one of my favorite sponsor segments.

  • I think I was up there just kidding lol 👇🏻

  • This is essentially just the job of professionals who work with rodents and other critters in the city

  • 10:04 the door someone is there

  • The attic door look like the one from Halloween

  • Set up cameras then you know for sure.

  • The first part is like Fortnite

  • That is terrifying I hear noises in my attic all the time and when I opened the hatch there was newspapers and toys now I'm terrified

  • Clint: **Is in a spooky attic that could possibly have someone living in there** Sam: "Hey now let's test our DIY lens!"

  • The fucking commerical took fooorreeevveeer for fucks sake

  • Real life phasmophobia

  • Please make one more video like that

  • But there wasn’t an in the attic that you were on There was also a lot of pices of paper on the floor

  • There will be lots of spiders and spider wed

  • In a dark place like that

  • Brett just fucking Appeared out of nowhere. Oh yeah that’s not suspicious at all

  • 7:37 what the heck was that shadow

  • Lohl, Brett. "Oh What up son?" Eating a fucking smore xD

  • This is my favorite corridor crew video!

  • Rolliepollies!!!

  • What was the purpose of wearing the mask if you dont plan to cover your nose? 💀

  • Add a public comment...

  • Guys I think someone may theoretically come and leave through the hole at 10:20

  • i dont care about your stupid lenses!!11!1!! 🥕

  • 7:38 uhm excuse me

  • I saw a cigarette

  • The guy at 6:55 with the redish hair he looks like John Lennon

  • Wow, 200 bucks that’s not expensive at all😂

  • he bought the ladder

  • That guy looks like Clint with a bowl cut

  • “Wait a minute! What if that’s what they were looking for? What if we are the people, like, the people right now are like [What are those people? What if there’s people?] Now we are those people, so what if that first person was someone who’s like [wait, what if there’s people up here?]” _-Clinton Jones 2018_

  • Avatar Jake is so revolting dude.

  • I need a follow up

  • Wren: *extends the ladder* Me A person who watches jack septic eye: ring ring! Bell of stinky!

  • ShotBot was only a training exercise for Clint to play Jake

  • You should mount cameras up there

  • What the frick is that title!?!

  • nobody: clint: 3:

  • 15:23

  • same

  • Where the hell did brett come from wtf

  • 12:48 by Brett's feet, a figure appears

  • this is my dream channel

  • Damn this video is so spooky even the ad is a lil creepy lmao

  • Coming back to this video because it feels like the whole interstellar twist. Like the person he heard up there was him from the future.

  • I don't know why I felt so comforted when I saw Brett the son in the attic

  • When Jake's green avatar starts cutting out and T poses, I lost it 5:48

  • WATCH AT 0.25X SPEED 7:37 WHAT THE HELL 👀👀👀👀

  • this place is definetely haunted

  • im afriad to go up there becuase of rolepoleys and spiders Me:rolepoleys are so cute

  • I'm so glad you noticed that cig butt because I saw it and was like, oh damn 😳

  • I typically just skip the squarespace sponsors but this time I couldn't bring myself to do it because that was hilarious. And if that entire thing was your original idea Nick then hats off to you sir because that had me crying 😂😂

  • Who put that jump scare in there

  • Put a camera up there and record everything

  • They could have dna tested that cigarette and they could’ve found out who was up there

  • I am currently paranoid of closed spaces now

  • is this fake

  • Years later, that same ladder was used to recovere a drone and a GoPro!

  • 8:18

  • That hole was between the walls. You should go investigate!

  • i hate the fu*** ending due!! you scared the sh* out of me

  • Where's the follow up? Want to know if the noises came back!!

  • Do a dna test on the cigarette

  • “There might be people up here son”. “What kind of people son?” “Attic people son!”

  • Plot twist, Brett was the one in the attic

  • When you first got the camera in the attic i heard a sound that sort of sounded like someone moving away really fast

  • The fact that the mask of Jake does not help me feel any better from fear

  • Well at least he's not lonely

  • I saw ciggerate!

  • i figures out what the black ooze was! i believe it was bituethane/Ice & Water Shield that melted and went through those cracks

  • Is there a sequel to this video

  • “I’m done, I- I saw a spider.” “Don’t get, dead person dust on you..” “It’s *ENDLESS* down there”. -Wren, 2018

  • _ mnbnbnnbnbn_ yes no

  • Why does Carmichael look fake

  • At10:10 their was a figure of a head

  • "Wait who is that?" "Ok we are working on this"

  • 5:38 had me dying

  • 8:48 i see you

  • Three videos in one

  • 1:40 strange voice


  • This video just give me some vibes cuz in my attic there's a lot of cigarettes and I always smells someone is smoking And there's a lot of Ink and I just I search of ink a cigarettes and this what I find out in Filipino there's a harry guy that smoke's a lot and the harry guy know as chaka kapre means in Filipino kacpre so that's why I've got vibes in this video

  • 7:53 I love how he said Spiders and Rolly Polies with the same amount of worry

  • look to the right

  • I think Brett is the one who live at the attic because he can move so fast in there and he did say "u guys just woke me up."

  • This still hasn't been answered

  • Got to give credit to the camera man

  • Corridor please if you're reading this, I want to learn more.... It's so mysterious.

  • Look in the top left corner of the thumbnail

  • I put a camera up in my attic because I could hear movement up there from time to time. Causes were bats, owls and at one time a racoon, which is freakin weird as they are not endemic to Belgium and aren't even considered an invasive species because there's barely any around. The racoon turned out to be an illegal pet that escaped from a house down the street. Bats and owls are rather normal.

  • dude its been two years we’re still waiting on that follow up

  • go to 8:48 I saw a man pause it there