Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Sword Fights

Publicēšanas datums 15 aug 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by veteran swordmaster Luke LaFontaine to break down some of the craziest fights in your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • Luke who? Why don't you check your guests facts before interviewing them?

  • I just wanted to say, mauls saber could separate into 2 single lightsabers if they took a little detail from Exars story........

  • First Blood has a car chase that was really awesome for its time

  • Lightsabers are the equivalent of violent plasma thats barely contained, the blades will have mass, less than a real sword of similar size, but they still have mass

  • Bring him back I like dude...

  • Somebody should get Ray Park come on as a guest

  • Taxi

  • There's a terrible 80's or 90's cop movie called Short Time, which has a bizarre and hilarious car chase in it. Well worth checking out!

  • Mask of Zorro had some great sword play. I'd love to hear a professional's take on the choreography.

  • Holy shit fine I’ll subscribe

  • Do you guys ever cover Punisher FX season 2? There was a few standouts that surprised me.

  • Need for speed!

  • I love when they start shaming the non-subscribers!

  • Unleashed, bathroom fight

  • The Last Samurai is so good

  • Fave episode. I generally don't care much about Tom Cruise but I have rewatched the fight scenes from The Last Samurai and especially the village ambush so many times. Beautiful work of art.

  • Have you done Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky? Because, if not, the intestines rip out and strangle scene is a must. Pretty much all of it is a must. In a good-bad way

  • the drowning plane in dunkirk

  • The Princess bride Inigo v Wesley.

  • I am a big fan of the car chase in the movie Short Time. It hits so many of the classic car chase moments such as the speeding down an alley, smash through glass, crash into boxes, cars taking a beating, and they do it so well. If you are not familiar, you should treat yourself.

  • I'm trying to think of something different, How about all the Train work they did on Unstoppable [2010]. Some of it is obviously 'Altered' but most of that looks pretty hairy :-)

  • Try BAAGHI it's a good movie u should definitely watch it

  • 13:58 2011? XD

  • A good fighting scene with blades is in John Wick 3 the knives throwing scene towards the beginning.

  • Well lorewise the Dual Lightsaber were made for the best between the best, so i guess its not pratical at all

  • "Don't grip the blade, that's not something you want to do with a sharp object." Are we just ignoring the fact that half-swording exists? Also, there is practicality in a two-bladed sword like Maul's lightsaber. Check out Shadiversity, he really knows his stuff when it comes to the medieval period and also analyses swordfighting scenes from films to see how accurate they are. He made a video talking about a sword like Maul and whether they would have been practical or not.

  • The car chase out of The Jar in Enemy of the State. If I'm not too late for the car stunt suggestion.

  • Really cool show and episode but would have been even nicer to have little definitions pop up when he uses super technical terms!

  • I remember showing the prequel movies to my friend who hadn't seen any Star Wars ever, only memes. And me and my other friend are huge fans, so we're the annoying friends in the background gushing about small details, about how it was made, about the comics, the game, the series. All that annoying good stuff. But during the Darth Maul, Obi Wan and Qui Gon fight scene, we were silent, and only some "ah it's so good" was audible over the Kast speaker. When it was finished my leek friend said, "damn that was a good fight scene" and we were like "RIGHT?!"

  • I don't think this guy understands percentages. :D


  • The more you tighten your grip the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

  • Peep the Mako t-shirt, niiiiiice

  • My Raycon earbuds stopped working within the first like 4 months.

  • Scott Adkins is the Man

  • Do the elevator fight and street fight with Bucky from Captain America Winter soldier

  • Dudes I can feel the HEMA community tearing hairs out over this.

  • I’m gonna be the asshole that says in current cannon lightsabers have weight. It’s not normal weight but they aren’t weightless. It’s from rebels sorry.

  • Well Battle of the Heroes then (Anakin vs Obi Wan from Star Wars episode 3)

  • never thought scott is canibal eat the abdomen..ewww makes me puke

  • Please please please. React to some bending from Avatar: The last airbender.

  • As someone who is very invested in Star Wars, in reality, lightsabers wouldn't weigh much, but in the Star Wars universe, due to the lightsabers being powered by kyber crystals and being tied to the energy that is the Force, they actually had weight to them.

  • You guys should react to The Raid : Berandal, got an amazing car chase and action there, absolutely nailed it so realistic

  • Lucas is on record saying that light sabers were very heavy due to reasons or whatever, but they were always meant to be used as heavy swords

  • Avengement was a kick ass movie. So brutal. Scott Adkins is a awesome fighter.

  • Could you guys do a stuntman react to the sword fight in Troy?

  • I have never seen a channel so annoying about subscribing man

  • Hey guys, hope all is well with you!!! Any of these would be great... Final train scene from BTTF3!!! Final train scene from Speed!!! Also stunts from Hardcore Henry... Have you ever seen Strange Days??? Be safe!!! 👍🏽💪🏽🙅🏽‍♀️

  • have more guests give a genuine "subscribe" bout like that and you'll gain more subs VERY fast... as I subscribed just because of how he presented it through his knowledge and history which is at this point in the video very believable... see...

  • Scott adkin sucks no matter how much he puts on the show.

  • Do the Blade 1 and 2 Donnie yen Snipes freaking ron Perlman seriously guys come on👌👌👍👍☺️🤘🤘💪💪🤫😃

  • Check out rocky handsome fight scene. Also commando . Both bollywood fight scenes and one of the best out there.🔥🔥

  • Have you ever used the Crazy 88 fight scene from Kill Bill in one of these? That'd be a good one to look at if not

  • Lol "No one else will ever be Darth Maul" as Disney is planning on replacing him. . .

  • Check out Donnie Zen vs. Wu Jing in Killzone SPL. I think, I've never seen a more incredible knife fight.

  • This one finally got me the sub. Love tje content yall.

  • I would love to see them react to car chase from Wanted

  • I’m just a little curious why do the blades have to be sharp where the viewers can’t notice that🇺🇸

    • They edges are dulled down, but when you are swinging or stabbing to look real accidents can still happen just from the force of the blow. Even a butter knife can still be dangerous if you are not careful.

  • 14:44 I found just one bad punch. That's it. Everything else is perfect 🙌

  • The second scene they were really proud of, I got one problem. If anyone knows anything about fighting whatsoever, you would know that throwing hooks at someones knee in the middle of it all, its not going to work.

  • See, most people end up believing that stuntmen are grunts, there for the action and the "cool" stuff... But you hear this guy talking, and he seems to understand that he's a part of something greater. A piece of art that involves drama, release and conflict and that it's not always portrayed by words alone. I love how he speaks so passionately about his job ^^

  • For next time: super car chase in Spectre

  • 14:36 - You see a lot of kicks to the arms in film fights, but not a lot of punches to the legs. That was cool to see here. Makes sense as your hand is fairly safe hitting a meat bag, but the leg is being tenderized by your knuckles.

  • I have nothing against this channel i like watching this stuff but the amount of lies, fake laugh, commercial shit, screaming to keep kids attention AND CONSTANT BEGGING for likes and subs makes me cringe. It's their most negative part, it comes very scummy, it's pathetic. There's even videos they straight up manipulate young audience to sub or buy their shit.

  • @14:21 i wanna see more of her please let her sit on the couch 😋

  • Stuntmen React to the Train Thief scene from Legend of the Drunken Master Animators React to the Prince of Egypt and the Secret of N.I.M.H.

  • parachute cars from fast and furious!

  • Ugaaah... I gagged when the guy ate the other guy's liver. Gahgeh gehhh...

  • talking about sword fight I would like to see sword fight from Pirates of the Caribbean, please... tq

  • When I was asked, "What the hell is wrong with you?" I sighed and hit the subscribe button.

  • What is this earphones you guys always have in your necks?

  • sword fight between mutt williams and irina spalko pls :)))

  • Stuntman react to Tony Ja?

  • You guys definitely need to do the raid movies

  • You want vehicle stunts? Go and take a look at the car scenes from the French Taxi series of movies...

  • 1:15 into the video “let’s jump right in”

  • For sword-fighting, how about stunts based on the actual movie "Rurounin Kenshin" trilogy? And asks Luke to comment on those exciting close combat scenes.

  • How about the sword fight in Hook between Peter Pan and Hook

  • Actually naruto did the knife drop first.

  • "This channel and this guys are brilliant"

  • React to the movie "2011"

  • I think the best part of the star wars fight scene is all the storytelling that filled it. During the scene you get insight into the personality of all 3 characters without the use of dialogue.

  • U should do the eleanor chase scene from gone in sixty seconds.

  • 4:24 as a counterpoint, while the Lightsabers don't need any momentum to be deadly, they do need momentum to attack another lightsaber, as those are the only things that stop it.

  • The Argo in Star Trek Nemesis. Ya, I said it.

  • The duel between Hector and Achilles in "Troy". Best sword ever fight in my opinion.

  • Black widow motorcycle scenes especially in civil war in Lagos

  • 15:35 y... yaaaaaaaaaaay

  • the first scene of nightcrawler in X2 pweaase

  • If you realy want to see a legit sabre fight in movie, check polish Potop, Wolodyjowski vs Kmicic.

  • Train chase MI 1, with Tom Cruise

  • initial d... niko you are one cultured man.. with two of my favorite racing babes of the show

  • Please do an analysis on Dolittle 2020, i personally felt the visuals effects are poor in the movie.

  • Final fight from King Arthur: Legend of the sword

  • I got called out there on the subscribe check lol

  • 4:41 no it’s actually made of plasma, and is controlled by magnetic fields to keep it’s shape, and to stop it from becoming the galaxy’s strongest explosion

  • Can we get a breakdown of the full Troy fight though?

  • I wanna see the ip man fight with jet li vs 10 people

  • You guys should watch Rurouni Kenshin Live action

  • You showed it briefly but I'd like to see Luke dissect the Brad Pitt and Eric Bana fight on Troy