Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Sword Fights

Publicēšanas datums 15 aug 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by veteran swordmaster Luke LaFontaine to break down some of the craziest fights in your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • But there are so many good sword fights like Achilles vs Hector or the dread Captain Roberts vs Inigo Montoya

  • all chases in mad max

  • The lost Russo brother

  • The Movie Ronin with Robert Deniro, that movie has my favorite car chases ever

  • Hi Guys! It is not a Czechoslovakian guy. He is from Slovakia. Vladimir Furdik (known as Night King from GOT) :)

  • Me: -someone who knows a good bit about lightsabers- Nick: “lightsabers are made of light, they don’t weigh anything” Also me: yes...but no

  • why swing light sabre with strength? simple, because a LS can stop another LS and it must have a more powerful impact as all the other swords.

  • car chase scene: Any of them from the first Blues Brothers movie or the giant police wreck scene from either movie

  • I would have like him talk about “TROY”

  • You guys should do movie shoot outs with a firearms expert. Could be interesting with historical/action/anime.

  • Lightsabers actually have weight because they’re not just light that are an arc of energy however his point was a good point

  • Can you have a look at American gods some of the effects on there are top teir

  • 8:44 "Oh he's grabbing my rapier!" *lets go* "Oh wow I am now literally unarmed and unarmoured against a guy with a basket hilt broadsword, who has every intention to kill or grievously injure me. How could I have possibly avoided this?"

  • 4:51 If it's so light, would it not be advantageous to swing it harder - so that you can perhaps knock the enemy weapon off course? Because then, everyone would have to have a vice grip on the swords, and you'd get something less like a (real) sabre duel and more like a really, _really_ dangerous HEMA match

  • Blues Brothers the final car chase.....just insanity.

  • All the Bond car scenes train scenes all those scenes.

  • Lightsabers aren’t lasers. They are energy swords. And according to George Lucas they have some weight to them because of the energy. They weren’t weightless. It’s BS of course, but that’s a cool explanation. Obviously this dude talking is the shit, but he doesn’t know all the details of what a lightsaber actually is.

  • 12:43 Baby driver opening scene

  • 16:06 you can only charge them 4 times??????

  • 5:40 I thought he didn’t know who obi wan kenobi was and that he was mixing him up with rey

  • CAR SCENE: - Bourne Identity - driving through Paris and driving down the stairs with that tiny car.

  • Famous Sword scene: Hook - Guy with the golden sword fighting Hook on board of the ship. Did Robin Williams need a double? Or did he manage the other fights by himself?

  • I wish you would review the maul vs ahsoka duel

  • That guy really likes Scott

  • I think if you do more car stunts then pick any vehicle scene in the film Hardcore Henry

  • I love that scott atkins gets the love he deserves, first saw him in Undisputed and was just amazed, its still to this day one of my all time favorite fighting movies.

  • You guys should cover the choreography from Tenet, the work and behind the scenes are mindblowing new!!

  • Lightsabers are a sort of plasma not light

  • Lightsabers are a sort of plasma not light

  • A bit of lore for the light sabres, Jedi are connected to the kyber crystal and that’s why the have weight..... I think... maybe

  • “He’s not gripping the blade, that’s not something you want to be doing with a sharp object” Hah! Tell that to half-swording!

  • Ok,ok, I subscribed. This was actually the 1st time I've seen you guys, not the 15th, but your video is good. Definitely down for more.

  • I don't know how I got here

  • I don't think this guy understands percentages

  • Even though lightsabers weigh nothing They using powerful swings because lightsabers can lose power. All crystals are not the same.

  • The Duellists!!

  • This kind of reminds me of this time I went to the Highland Games. I met this guy who was teaching people how to hold and swing a Sword, and one of the things he told me was, and I quote: "everything you see in the movies is bullsh*t." I'm starting to believe him a lot more, now. Lol!

  • I'm guilty... I subscribed...

  • One of my favourite "Stuntmen React" episodes. Guys, seriously, you looked very impressed, almost like little kids listening to their grandpa who is telling an awesome story xD

  • Video should be titled “nerds commenting on nerd stuff”

  • they should have luke direct in every fighting movie

  • “Fortunate” to work on Beowulf!? Lol. I get it though. Good experience, all that jazz. If Beowulf went Final Fantasy Spirits Within with animation mixed with better motion capture it could’ve been epic. Instead, well, yikes.

  • Choreographing a sword fight actually IS NOT harder than hand to hand. Not only can you stay out of range for the entire fight, but the fight is usually over once someone gets hit. Hand to hand is more complicated and requires more acting because you need to sell the hits, and more hits can land.

  • Stuntman*

  • Matrix Reloaded chase scene on the highway is my vote.

  • The princess bride ?

  • I think the idea behind the lightsabers being wielded as if they were heavy even tho in reality they’re just little sticks the actors hold, and even in the fictional universe they are just energy beams that have no physical weight, they wanted them to look powerful so the idea behind them being wielded with power is that it takes real physical strength to push these beams of energy around and control them as if they were the same as a broadsword. And this isn’t just my theory or whatever, this comes from an interview with the guy who came up with the lightsabers concept and design, and who I think did some of the choreography in the originals, not sure. Not to be a huge dweeb about Star Wars, a series I haven’t really cared about since I was like 11 but still know a stupid amount about.

  • Amazing sword choreography with long and wide frames. This Bollywood Director is known for his amazingly grand cinematic frame. PLZ PLZ PLZ just watch it once it is from a film you have mentioned before Padmavat.


  • Lets jump right in.....AD immediately plays. Thanks youtube.

  • Gotta do the judgement day dirtbike chase. Just have to lol

  • Point of order... It might be called a lightsaber but it's not made of light it's actually a highly charged stream of plasma. That's why the Sabres repel each other there is an electrical charge involved. That's why you would have to swing hard because you're still importing force on the other person's blade

  • Please do the hotel fight scene from the movie "Haywire"!


  • Car stunt from Blues Brothers 2000 ... like a 200 car pile up..

  • I don’t know if they watch it, but the Revenge of the Sith Obi vs Anakin fight was done in real time by the actors.


  • Lightsabers aren't actually made out of light they are made out of plasma

  • 2:40 have you ever heard of half-swording?

  • The car chases in the the Jason Bourne movies.

  • It’s just so surreal watching a LVcd video and see your teacher from years ago popped up in one of those films that’s mentioned....

  • Best car chases “6 underground” and “ronin”

  • The knife drop catch from hunted is done better

  • You should have this guy back to watch the fencing in Princess Bride

  • Must iconic sword fight is the Dual of the Fates? I think the Princess Bride wants a word with you.

  • The Mustafar duel - Revenge of the Sith

  • When he said why aren’t you subscribed it’s like your 12th video, It was and I’ve subbed lol :)

  • “No one else will be Darth Maul” *angry Sam Witwer sounds*

    • @Hell Kaiser I totally agree. Maul is made infinitely better by Witwer but at the same time I don't think anyone besides Park could quite get his fighting stlye

    • @Bree Cook Sam witwer did develop the character into an even bigger badass but I get your point

    • I mean he is just the voice. He is a very good voice for Maul but even still, they got ray park for motion capture during duels. Ray park _is_ Maul

  • Ummm, in Kendo. In a real sword fight. You'd never 'brace' your blade with your arm. That would require taking a hand away from the grip... which is a bad idea. And get that 'technique' tripe out of your head... most real sword fights with Katana were messy. Batting the opponents blade away to score a hit was what would happen 90% of the time. 'But what about 'Nagare' and sword techniques like that?' I hear you say. Yes, they exist, and are practiced... but you'd never really use a 'technique'. Look at it this way, do you see Karateka standing in the Sanchin stance they use for kata in a real fight? No. Because its never good to be immobile against a combatant.

  • Bring @scottadkins

  • Gotta think about the force in star wars. Thats why he does the parry behind his back. Cuz he saw it coming.

  • Has there been a video on the fight scene in Old Boy?

  • Bullit

  • Luke a great advert for stuntman, who does he double, Homer Simpson😂

  • To correct your musings on light sabers they are not just light but light suspended in a magnetic field witch gives it weight ......Star Wars physics lol.

  • The Bourne Supremacy had my favorite car chase sequence.

  • Contradicting opinions from your blade experts about Rob Roy. I would agree with the previous guest that he was bracing due to injury. Not taking up En Garde stance with a claymore. Contradiction #2 in this is his statements about bladed fight space and traditional Samurai attack swing. It would seem prudent in planning the choreography to have those big behind the head swings to unfuck that small area of combat with so many swords in close.

  • The slate DIY vs igneous DIY knife fight in The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones vs. Benicio Del Toro is as visceral and realistic as it gets. They had several Special forces advisors I think to choreograph and aim for realism. And for the Record..... Anakin vs. Obiwan from Revenge of the Sith is best swordplay from Star Wars to date. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have truly brought balance to the force at long last. I trust that they really care about all that encompasses George's vision. Even with the needleas flourishing and baton twirler breaks

  • Just guessing but I think if you want to be a good stunt man give 200%+

  • Can ya'll look at some things from Smokey and the Bandit, or Gone in 60 Seconds?

  • Baby driver!! In the opening car chase at around the 4 min mark, in the ally the car dose a 180 spin then reverse spin back, that would be a cool review idk if they did that for real or not

  • Game of Thrones stole the knife drop from Ryan vs Dorkman.

  • I didn’t know Kevin James knew so much about sword fighting

  • undisputed 1 and 2

  • They should put tom cruise in a star wars movie

  • "best Malawi karate movie clip. african kung fu"

  • Great video guys! Luke was a great guest, such a nice man too. I hope he comes on again.

  • please take a look at ong bak the best stunt film ever

  • Please Please Please! Review an episode of "Gangs of London", specifically the first episode. Love you guys!

  • The commando series has some great stunts. Please make a video on it.

  • Literally my 12th video 💀

  • This guy loves Scott

  • Give us Blues Brothers already!

  • The gripping of a sword close handed is a Korean method, but the movie depicts Japanese so they should have a farther grip on the handle. I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily incorrect, as far as whether sword fighters actually use it, but more like what country is it supposed to depict.

  • Tenet Car chase scene

  • I just know now the striker pulls the knife away 😁

  • The knife drop, grab and stab was done waaaay before in The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro

  • Literally anything from Baby Dri ver. If you don't include Baby Driver in the next video I'm gonna probably leave a sad comment. Or do nothing idk yet.

  • Ok. Been watching alot of your stuff. Great stuff! You got me all subscribed!

  • The whole Lightsaber argument is rather moot, since they clearly DO have weight. If Lightsabers were just light, they wouldn't collide either, they would just pass through one another!