Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 26

Publicēšanas datums 26 dec 2020
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The Crew is once again joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • That shot from Hooper is a split screen. As explained here by ILM VFX artist Todd Vaziri

    • @Corridor Crew have you guys seen WW84 yet? Please address the horrible scene with the clear dolls (as children) that wonder woman saves from being ran over...I couldn't believe a big studio let that scene stay in. Thank you guys are awesome

    • Yo Amiii, hope everything's ok for you in London right now.

    • Do Ghost in the shell, live Acton version

    • @prgnify damn u called it lol

    • idg

  • Not sure if this will be good or bad, but the upcoming film "Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1" says to have a 77-min one-take fight sequence. This might be right up your react alley for its technical standpoint alone.

  • You guys should do the spy next door. There are tons of good Jackie Chan fight scenes and they are great

  • Please react on jackie chan stunt 🙏🙏

  • Anyone know if they've reacted to Mad Max Fury Road?? If not would love to see it, especially the final "return to the citadel" chase scene

  • Can we talk about the entire Taxi chase scene from Action Jackson? It's got everything an 80's action flick needs. Exploding cars, Action stars with super-grip (the premier action hero superpower), impossible jumps. The whole works.

  • Can you react to a fight from the 2011 movie Shaolin in your next video. There’s a fight scene in which a guy is stabbed and then pushes the sword through his body then uses the sword to slice his opponent while it’s still pushed into him

  • Anyone see Casion Royale?

  • Man, you got to do Hardcore Henry!

  • Y'all should react to a scene from The Night Comes for Us. Its so badass and graphic lmao... i recommend a scene from the Warrior tv show thats produced by shannon lee, bruce lee's daughter.

  • Please react to Nannaku Prematho starring Jr. NTR. There is a warehouse fight using physics

  • DO ANYTHING FROM BORN TO FIGHT! OR EVEN THE WHOLE MOVIE! (Literally a stuntman candy shop)

  • Is it me or they have gone 26 episodes without talking about "ship mast" from "Death Proof"?

  • battle royal would be a great one for vfx artists react

  • I wouldnt mind seeing Werewolf stuff, but I believe that the supernatural stunts should be done for Halloweeny episode

  • i cant wait to see Tom Cruise using his Tech 49 Bubble Ship in space... and the drones too

  • There's a lot of crazy stuff going on in the Dutch/Belgian movie "vet hard". English title 'too fat to furious'. According to Google it's a remake of a Danish movie called "old men in new cars". But I haven't seen that

  • i highly suggest that for a future episode you review some of the shots from the show “Happy” i just think it has some pretty great stunt work from the whole team involved

  • The cliff jump into a waterfall at the 48m mark of the movie Kiss the Girls! It's incredible. It looks like the stuntman/woman almost hits their heads on the rocks. It looks so dangerous.

  • Should react to the oil slick fight scene from The Transporter with Jason Statham

  • React please :)

  • You guys need to get Zoe Bell on your show.

  • Can you guys and Eric react to this scene from The Dukes of Hazzard? This whole chase scene is just nuts especially when it comes to the end.

  • Please react to lethal weapon 3 when riggs gets pulled on a table down the highway

  • Suggestion: Slither!

  • Bad CGI suggestion: first scene of new Mulan where she falls off the roof

  • Rush hour 2. The scaffolding scene

  • Could you guys discuss the stunt in Broken Arrow where Christian Slater’s character gets dragged underneath the train car towards the end of the film.

  • Could you guys do the fight between Hikari Kuina and Takatora Samura from Alice in Borderland. It’s the fight during Season 1 Episode 7 that starts around the 17:20 mark

  • You should react to The Gauntlet Challenge fight from the movie Mission of Justice, one of the best fight scenes in the history of B-Action movies.

  • The motorcycle accident in Blink Stefaans (South African movie) around 1:13:40 in the movie.

  • I know it’s been a while since the last stuntmen react at this point, but could you do the fight scene from They Live (1988)? One of the most realistic fight scenes ever filmed!

  • Tom cruise is crazy...worth all that chedd and still does all these wild stunts

  • Anything from District B13 a french parkour movie. The scenes with Belle are insane

  • Probably you won't read this, but can I suggest you the initial race of the italian 1974 movie "Watch out, we're mad!" (original title "... altrimenti ci arrabbiamo!") ? It's pretty crazy

  • Not sure if you saw this. MI Fallout, during the skydiving scene the camera man was skydiving backwards for the shot. You should check it out!

  • Can we see the good and bad stunts from Vikings?! There’s a scene from when (SPOILER) Rollo is defending against Jarl Borg, and ABSOLUTELY IMPALES TWO men running at him with spears!!! Literally was so impressed with how good it looked

  • You should definitely look up the car stunts and plane stunts for “it’s a mad mad mad world” THEY ARE INSANE

  • Would love to see an analysis of the stunt work from The 6 Million Dollar Man. There are some pretty fun scenes in it!

  • The kitchen fight scene in Tenet, short but sweet

  • Cobra kai season 2 finale school fight

  • Suggestion: Jackie Chan in The Spy Next Door

  • I'm from Croatia. Young stuntman who still waits his first big movie or tv show. And I work alot by myself (our gyms are not allowed to work because of corona) and yes, we have real explosions and fire.

  • React with the rexona advertisement: stunt city

  • Please react to the 1961 "Striped Trip" Soviet comedy

  • Am I wrong here or have they not done "Mad Max: Fury Road" yet? Get it together boys!

  • You guys should try to get Damon Caro on the show, he's been in the industry for a long time and coordinated 300 and watchmen. Also a close family friend!

  • The scene from the godfather part 2 where the godfathers mother is shot.

  • Y’all should react to the movie Sukiyaki Western Django. Good for cgi and stuntman reacts.

  • Please do a whole episode on knife/axe throw and hits, how they're done in their varying forms. Cheers blokes

  • I have a strange scene you guys could maybe possibly check out, you know if you’re not too busy.... hehe 🙃 It’s the ending scene in A Fish Called Wanda , a guy just got run over by like a concrete roller thing. It was intense! lol

  • Jackie Chan would be a great guest.

  • I'd love to see an episode on Max Mad: Fury Road! Stunts, CGI, you name it!

  • tokyo gore police horribly amazing Japanese movie need a review and every needs to watch

  • Stuntmen react to "Brawl in Cell Block 99"?

  • You guys should react to the opening scene of Beverly Hills cop!!

  • The legend of drunken master

  • React to the commuter

  • Get Mike Escamilla on the show.

  • I wish your content was as exciting as your thumbnails.

  • I know u did a episode on VFX in the lord of the rings movies but could u plz do a episode of stunts fr the same movies?? There are alot of nice ones! Check it out!

  • You guys should see the final fight in Ung Bak2 by Tony Ja

  • How about some Lady Snowblood reactions

  • Suggestipn for Foreign Film Stunt Me: sobs in Indian Movies

  • Amazing sword choreography with long and wide frames. This Bollywood Director is known for his amazingly grand cinematic frame. PLZ PLZ PLZ just watch it once it is from a film you have mentioned before Padmavat.

  • Watched the Last Knights the other day. If you want some bad swordfights I recommend this movie. Basically a rip off of the 47 Ronin story line.

  • Scene suggestion: the final fight of The Hunt (2020), between Betty Gilpin & Hillary Swank

  • What is the CGI movie shown at 0:37?

  • Your videos are truly epic! (Scenes from the expendables please)

  • You guys should try and get Chad Stehelski and do an all John Wick episode (including getting his reaction to Nerf John Wick)

  • I’d love to see you guys reacting to the stunts in mad max fury road

  • I would love to see you guys react to the Hannibal Lecter and Jack Crawford fight from the s2 finale of Hannibal!

  • the navy DID NOT let tom curise pilot an f-18. he was in the back seat acting while the real pilot was in the front seat flying the plane. but yes he did ride the back seat just like in f-14. and here is the article that explains that fact.

  • Please do Gangs of London. Watch the first episode. You'll thank me. Brutal!

  • 5:40 Tom Cruise isnt allowed to pilot a navy jet. Its against regs.

  • Equilibrium final boss gun fight

  • take a look at this

  • This fan film of Cyberpunk, with references from Wick : Lot's of good stuff here

  • Could you react to some Cobrai Kai stunts?

  • 2004 audi lands on a stadium from. Matando cabos

  • You guys need to break down the final shootout in “Long Riders.” Some epic horse stunts.

  • Review stunts, particularly the final fight scene from District B13. It’s a French film starring 2 stunt men as the lead actors - David Belle (Co-founder of parkour) and Cyril Raffaelli. It’s incredible!

  • Check out Russian B category action films made by a man called Alexander Nevsky. His films cost a lot of money, but they are extremely mediocre and carelessly made. There are some very funny action scenes, so check it out! The films are called Showdown in Manila (2016), Black Rose (2014), Magic Man (2010) and others. Alexander Nevsky is a very funny person, he calls himself the Russian Schwarzenegger and has an overestimated conceit.

  • There is some great mixing of practical effects, stunt work and basic CGI in the second episode of Stargate SG1 at the time stamp 57:40. You guys need to see it. Falls, gun fire, sifi plasma weapon fire, smoke and explosions. The best place to catch it would be on the Netflix platform can't seem the specific scene on youtube.

  • If you haven’t already done it, the Axe Gang fight scene from “Drunken Master” with Jackie Chan would be a good scene to react to.

  • Ong Bak final fight , just after he sees the elephant. so many broken bones.....

  • Have a look at the the final fight in Hellboy 2 between him and Prince Nuada on all the clockwork machinery. I always loved that.

  • Talk about fighting scene from Russian movie “Skif”

  • Stuntman react on “Mile 22”

  • react to the show "warrior". it's reeeeally great and the fights and the choreo is amazing too.

  • You should do a reaction video to the movie, "Gleaming the Cube".

  • Brilliant show as always! Just saw a good parkour clip that you guys should take a look at. It's the intro sequence to an episode of "House" season 6 episode 6.

  • Foreign scene recommendation: 2008's Chocolate from Thailand with Jeeja Yanin. Insanely high risk stunts in the final scene with a fight on the outside of a building. So many real falls. I can't find that scene on youtube but here is another from the same film:

  • How does the stuntman not kill themselves in the beginning of demolition man when he jumps out of the helicopter? Answer me that your honor!

  • Niko: finally, my chance to out film nerd Eric! Eric: so this is quite a simple setup...

  • Not hollywood, but the kdrama (?) Uncanny Counter, episode 5 elevator scene. Other fights throughout the series too. Hardcore henry type scene in episode 4.

  • It's been confirmed by several Navy pilots, that Tom Cruise was in the backseat of the 2-passenger Hornet. They were able to tell right away based on the front view, from where he was sitting, versus the proximity to where the wings began. So to support what most comments were saying, Cruise was never in control of the aircraft.

  • The Legend of Drunken Master bamboo fight scene would be awesome!

  • I love these react videos

  • Please, take a look at cobra kai