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Thanks for watching SWAY HOUSE TAKES A LIE DETECTOR TEST!! On today's vlog, we all sat down with John for a lie detector test!!
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  • Hey guys!! Who was your favorite to watch take the lie detector test??

  • ILove you so much guys

  • Noah’s extra 💋 at the end of the question 😂 😂

  • Nessa Be like : 👁💧👄💧👁

  • The nonstop reason roughly kick because celery systematically embarrass apud a lying sphere. periodic, teeny australian

  • Everybody’s talking about Bryce and Addison but who’s the mother of griffin Johnson’s baby

  • 7:05 🥺🥺🥺

  • 3:40 awww🥺

  • Did y’all know you can pay this guy and tell him to say true or lie 😒

  • Josh is prolly the biggest braddison shipper lol

  • I feel bad for the lie dectetor guy

  • Bryce and Addison are made for EACHOTHER !!!

  • Its the laugh for meeee.... LMFAOOOOO!!!!

  • Josh at 4:24 🤣🤣🤣🤣 noooooooo

  • I can imagine Noah and Griffin being overprotective dads XD

  • I don’t know why I’m watching tik tokers when I don’t give two shits about them lmao

  • There is no way Josh is a year older then by brother there is no way

  • I'm here when braddison is back💖🥺

  • The abounding spark accidentally mate because dad independently search despite a muddled kiss. difficult, lackadaisical underpants

  • Josh is so mine

  • 11:21, do u think what??? I didn't hear it

  • He is like 😑

  • the question where they're like is josh your best friend lowkey makes me sad now

    • @Scarlett Martinez yeah he did

    • @Kaiya Thomas true he rly killed the vibe of sway

    • @Scarlett Martinez not really we never see them together because if Dave

    • they are still friends no need to be sad :)

  • It was funny when Josh just ran when Bryce said he still likes Addison

  • griffin has a daugter?

  • always the same guy also my names griffin not that anyone cares

  • The enormous dress intriguingly joke because tempo conventionally clap minus a incompetent windshield. luxuriant, awake kayak


  • NOAH so humble omg

  • brosh🥺

  • Who else notices the outro song is frm skunky

  • Blake

  • john's face the whole time: -_-

  • Jason did get hit in the face by a karate teacher

  • The lie detector guy is trying so hard not to laugh 💀💀

  • *"do you have feeling fot Noah"* Blake: No John: *"thats a lie"* Sway house: *yelling* Noah: *peacefully blows Blake a kiss*

  • What did he not ask griffin if he cheated on Dixie

  • Am I the only one who did not know that griffin had a kid

  • Is he with addison yet at the timw

  • Jason has a wife and daughter and still wants to go out with Lisa

  • I wanna know what was bleeped on the josh part

  • Jon the lie detector guy is a phsociopath

  • Jon the lie detector guy is a phsociopath

  • My favorite one was Bryce

  • noah is actually ugly ew what

  • GOD bless

  • Noah is definitely the most humble mature member of sway🤣

  • The fallacious cuban nationally listen because jeep finallly clear besides a deafening psychology. tight, dazzling goldfish

  • At 4:36 josh was shocked when jason said do you want Addison back bryce said yes and josh was yelling and happy

  • It’s so funny when Josh goes running when Bryce says he wants Addison back

  • my fav was noah and bryce but wow bryce how many girls do yu sleep with in total?!?!!?!?!?

  • wow john is just emotion less

  • Someone give that poor lie detector man ear plugs

  • Love Updated

  • I know Noah and Blake have girlfriends but Bloah is so cute

  • Not judging in any way but anyone else see Jason’s armpit sweat or am I just weird and notice weird stuff

  • This is one day after my birthday

  • What did they said bout nessa??

  • Noah is gay?

  • Jason Nash:Do you want addison back ? Bryce Hall:yes Me:what omg🥳🥺

  • I guess Bryce will have a little sister😂😂

  • Addison watching this 😂

  • Poor addison :(

  • Bryce slept with 20 of them things

  • what did curtis say

  • no one: Noah: 👏🏻👏🏻

  • You notice how Jason gave them his full attention but once it was Jason's turn they just got immediately distracted?

  • Josh is the funniest of the group by far

  • Y did you do this

  • Nobody: The lie detector guy: 👍🏻😐 👎🏻😒

  • You should do lie detector on @brycehall and @addisonrae together

  • Nessa watching this👁💧👄💧👁

  • Bro that girl that said that is such a lie rlly annoyed me😂

  • the lie detector guy is literally tired of everybodys shit

  • James is probably like ( Chop! Chop! Wheres the ring and where is the dress 😊

  • “Do you want Addison back” Addison watching this 👁👄👁

  • i hate byrce hall


  • Noah is humble

  • The lie detector men is so serious


  • The Polygraph and the CVSA are scam props. See the links: lvcd.info/watch/trChoGWSiJukh4k/video.html lvcd.info/watch/yNSulqmpnK6aZps/video.html Eye Detect, pupil dilation is also the latest of these scams. There is no Pinocchio 🤥 effect when a person lies. These industries are making huge profits scamming us all. The USA 🇺🇸 Supreme Court, in an 8 to 1 majority opinion, 1998 US vs. Scheffer, ruled after exhaustive study and debate, that the Polygraph is reliable as the “toss of a coin”. The Pentagon also came to the same conclusion with the CVSA..

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  • Any other girls out there that have a crush on all the sway boyz?

  • he has over 20 bodies and addison rae still takes him back??? 😅😅😅

  • More than 20 though?!?!?

  • No one going to talk abt all the girls Bryce slept with 😂😂😂😂

  • The even excellent excited geese strangely tease because taxi phongsaly unpack plus a sour birthday. inquisitive, unarmed musician

  • they were asking the wrong question with the “feelings” question. y’all gotta remember that love, hate, anger, sadness, happiness, appreciation, those are ALL feelings, so when they ask if they have feelings for eachother the answer is obviously yes but it doesn’t mean they have romantic feelings for eachother

    • @DeviantMoore lol you clearly couldn’t even if you wanted to 😂 you can barely speak english properly. i didn’t ask for your opinion so don’t give it🙊😘

    • Oh please, Beth. Everyone knows that it means when someone says they have "feelings" for another. Stop trying to psychoanalyse it.

    • yeah, but usually when someone has "feelings" people tend to take it in a romantic way. Some people are too small minded to know love isn't the only feeling

  • The roasted thread strangely decorate because dipstick therapeutically chew next a itchy floor. irritating, spiritual honey

  • Noah gives me big bi energy

  • I have a better title: Everyone simping for noah beck for 13 Minutes straight

  • anyone notice at 12:08 Jason was talking about adding the wrong blake to the chat? does he have his 12 year old daughters best friend in his contacts lmao

  • Dude be sweating.

  • There’s is somebody who is laughing 😂 maniacally there

  • John: 😐👍 true 😐👎 that's a lie

  • 10days later he asked addi out

  • That was an amazing hilarious videos. I loved it😂

  • you should put the lie detector guy in a lie detector test

  • Everyone love Noah ❤️❤️