Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 20

Publicēšanas datums 29 aug 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by Stuntwoman Amy Johnston to break down some of the best (and worst) action sequences in Hollywood!
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  • Do Fury the war movie or war pigs

  • Please react to Ridley Scott's first film The Duelists, great sword fighting

  • God, the Last Crusade tank sequence is one of the greatest action sequences in the history of cinema. The pacing, the moments of levity to momentarily break the tension so it can be ramped back up again... Absolute perfection.

  • Can you please either replace Clint or at least ban that ridiculous thing on his head and, most importantly, never let him interact directly with the camera? And please stop the cringeworthy begging for subs... I'm bingewatching all your stuff right now since I just found out about this channel and with every video I get more and more annoyed by both Clint and the sub bits...

  • They just perfectly summarised why good directors like Christopher Nolan will go to extreme lengths to avoid CGI. Because it *always* improves the film, unless it's literally impossible to do otherwise

  • Clint is starting to look like Joseph from Far Cry 5.

  • I honestly never really thought of the stunt doubles in movies. But its crazy how undervalued these guys are. There the true badasses,.

  • 8:45 if you knew what a mark 1 WW1 tank looked like.... OBVIOUSLY its a fake tank . but not many people are as big of a nerd as i am.... so....

  • 0:09 im sorry...but red heads are my kink..... and HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT THIGH!!!! . i dont even understand the physics of that booty..... you guys must have used CGI to enhance that...... their is no way a leg and buttocks looks like that on a real human . no, i get it now..... SHE IS A ROBOT!!!! trying to take over the world with her bodacious buttocks!!!! one sad, lonely, nerd on the internet at a time!!!!! . butt, lets be serious now ;) girl is amazingly beautiful...obviously.... but also quite smart, im sure (wrote a book, ETC) . idk folks.... personality, soul, and especially intelligence, turns my nerd butt on more than looks but my lizard brain didnt miss what a saw.....

  • Liam's action scenes are complete garbage. The Indiana Jones fights are superior, especially in Temple of Doom. Wide shot, you can see everything and punches have impact and feel real.

  • Equilibrium has some epic fights in it

  • The only reason I won't subscribe is because it'll be annoying to constantly hear them ask me to when I already did..

  • All of us know it, noone wants to say it

  • Guy do watch John wick part 2 again particularly the scene where John gets his car and then there is a car bike chase there ull find when the bike crashes the bike rider just disappeares ... So do check it and let me know if u find it or not... Just check it again and again

  • Hey Corridor crew. I just subscribed after watching several videos. I'd love to great a breakdown of 300: Rise of an empire. The action sequences are sick. Especially that opening battle sequence.

  • u look good amy shout out from Barbados

  • Kids really tried to make fun of my name calling me “Jackie Chan.” *UM HE’S AMAZING?*

  • Get a man guest

  • Amy 😍

  • Mandalorian Vs Jawas

  • Deadpool counting down

  • Check out rocky handsome fight scene. Also commando . Both bollywood fight scenes and one of the best out there.🔥🔥

  • Sword fight in Princess Bride?

  • When I was in China, I spoke to some students about Jackie Chan, and they were like "yes! He's great!" And I was like "what's your favourite film?" And they were like "film? He made films? No, I like his music". True story.

    • @Helaina McCollett I think I have seen it. It does exist :)

    • Didn't he also do a cover of 'Make a Man out of You' from Mulan, or was that a fever dream? 👀

  • Please look at fight scenes from "When the Night Comes for Us" or "Headshot"

  • FIrst - why have we not seen the reactiion to Commando? or did i miss that episode?

  • Wait did they just say that Tom cruise used CGI during the plane take off scene in Mission Impossible? Do they realize that was all real? Like Tom was actually strapped to an AC-130 during take off.

  • It's not hollywood but you guys should react to this:

  • You missed the best scene from the Taken series: Brian Mills jumps a fence.

  • Clints unibrow is.. A unibrow


  • Short Time (1990) A comedy with an epic car chase .

  • I let her kick my ass anytime. Who am I kidding I wouldn't need a let her I'm sure she probably could kick my ass

  • Have you guys tried to get Jessie Graff?

  • React to fan-made Dragon Ball live action

  • That bad boys 2 scene was horrible, Michael Bay explosion for no reason, look closely

  • I’m surprised nobody talked about how Indians satchel wasn’t on him when he rolled off the tred on the tank and then all of the sudden was wrapped around him and the gun out of nowhere lol

  • do the lone ranger

  • Please react to deshdrohi movie

  • Amy has such an eye for detail. The things she picks up on in scenes I have never noticed.

  • Stuntmen react to Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)?

  • At 8:38 you can see the treads aren't in synch.

  • "Merlin" from bbc has some CGI and fight scenes you guys would love

  • nightcrawler in X2 pleasee

  • You guys should take a look at the bathroom fight scene in the movie Colombiana. Sooo many cut scenes lol

  • Alright now I will never unsee Jackie Chan singing

  • #corridorcrew damn she's sexy and them thighs are thick mmmm mmmm

  • Equilibrium (2002) the gun kata scenes

  • final fight scenes from Crows Zero pleeease

  • Only the strong. Great movie...

  • Review Back to the future saga!!!

  • i think u should analyze Kung Pow Enter the Fist especially the cow fight scene

  • I subsribed .but you are not playing (Robot and robot 2.0) comparison .

  • 4:20 timing request to get me to subscribe worked 😂

  • You try to rob someone and you see Jackie walk down the stairs.

  • Even if you get stabbed in the heart you don’t die immediately ugh cmon Quentin

  • I am still surprised you guys haven't done the original Predator movies. Especially the first one and the near death Jesse Venture from that minigun.

  • Clint be tryin to get the girl real hard lol

  • Do KGF

  • you should do: “Drive” (97) with Marc Dacascos. :) best fighting scenes ever!

  • Pls make a video on mission impissible series car chases

  • Please, PLEASE do a stuntman reacts with Zöe Bell!!

  • I would like to see your faces, when you watch the end scene of Ninja Masters Of Death

  • Gimli in LOTR might be one of the taller actors in the series but he is a dwarf lol movie magic is crazy

  • Hong Kong filming is like a fight club you dont talk about

  • do prince of persia dude.

  • how many jackie chan clips do you have YES

  • "If I come back..." You mean WHEN, Amy. 🙂

  • I would like to see reaction to Van Damme fight scenes.

  • 4.00 i see pewds

  • react to the Gangs of London Bar Brawl please ^_^

  • Can you guys go over the stuns in Cobra Kai!!!!! The last episode of season 2 it’s a crazy fight At the last episode

  • React to the mystery of chess boxing!!

  • I hope they can review the locked arrest fight from Botherhood of Blades 2014 if they haven't yet.

  • Break down the fight scenes from blade 1&2 after he drinks blood

  • Stuntmen reacts to Killers, the movie with Ashton Kutcher. Movie is kinda campy but the action and hand to hand combat was pretty cool

  • she’s awesome, would love to hear her opinions more often!

  • KingsMen is one of my favorite series of all time and they have some amazing scenes that I think could really be looked in depth at! Very curious how they did the bar fight scene.

  • In the end of Top Secret, there's an amazing fight scene in a saloon underwater!

  • Please have a look at literally anything in Ong Bak!

  • Be cool if you guys did a Black & White stunt special. Taking a look at the work of Chaplin, Keaton even something like the finale of "Throne of Blood" with all those arrows.

  • Yeah the comparison between Police Story and Bad Boys is spot on, Bad Boys is maybe a bit more tight and has more "action", but when I saw Police Story's scene I was just slack-jawed totally in disbelief, that shot is nuts

  • react to kingsmen .....

  • I didnt realize how much you guys have ruined me untill i saw a new series on netflix. This awesome character started its fight scene with an aereal flip before it used its sword. IN SLOWMOTION. and do you know what i thought: “That move is useless filling of time and is no use to you in a swordfight, just slay them already!” You have ruined actionscenes and sword scenes for me. I hope you guys are proud. Ps. Love your content♥️

  • You should react to tekken blood vegence thats so fricken amazing especially the fights do this plssss

  • Drive with Mark Dacascos

  • Kindda disappointed you guys didn't know this/thought to mention this... but -> Jackie Chan has theater training (which included singing) from his years at the boarding school that also gave him martial art training as a kid and Harrison Ford started his career as a stuntman. Indiana Jones was the last film he worked on also doing stunts.

  • I would be interested in seeing the pros critique some of Jason Statham’s fight scenes from like The Transporter or Crank, or his other movies.

  • Dude in the front row is acting differently when this female guest is around, I wonder why :P

  • Karate Kid movies and comparison with Cobra Kai show, please!

  • Hey guys, there are a few cool parkour moments from the movie "Yamakasi 2" on the 20th minute and on the 53rd minute. Would love to see stuntmen reaction to them!

  • React to this, "Knight of Hope" by Adorea Olomouc:

  • Is it just me or what cuz i belive clint looks kinda like pewdiepie

  • Stunt men from 2 classics. Sergio Leone “Once upon a time in the west” the town shootout. A guy is shoot down and he falls from the top of a building with the neck. And Akira Kurosawa “Ran” the siege scene. A guy is rundown with a horse very realistically.

  • You guys need to do a react video to Tony Jaa in Ong Bak. Specifically the fight club

  • I'd love to see something along the lines of Pyrotechnicians React, or similar. Just watching explosions and talking about what must've gone into setting them up, etc. Or other disciplines for that matter.

  • Yeah im subscribed

  • 6:39 clint and niko: WOW THATS A COOL MOMENT! amy: *look at that rope*

  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST - Gunman falling from roof, through another roof landing on his head! At apx. 2h:10m:00s. Also, the several long distance shots throughout the film of men on top of the moving train were stressful to watch.

  • Do you know Fate/Apocrypha archer vs rider fight scene? Because it was hella awesome.