Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 20

Publicēšanas datums 29 aug 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by Stuntwoman Amy Johnston to break down some of the best (and worst) action sequences in Hollywood!
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  • You could make about 100 episodes about Jackie alone.

  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf

  • I like how Clint knows everything Jacky

  • Bahubali 2 the conclusion, last battle (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

  • Such a beautiful woman could be a deadly living beating weapon

  • Sweet Mega64 hat

  • It would be better that instead of laughing at other people stunts, you get to laugh and watch your own mistakes. that should be the next episode

  • "best malawi karate movie.. african kung fu"

  • no huh ! not multiple shots, michael bay did this in bad boys 2. there is a pretty good explanation to it all on the dvd/blue ray too. basically one shot, multiple cameras for angles. the center car drives everything else. there ius a stunt man in the center car driving, the other two are radio controlled. the center car actually pulls on cables as it passes which literally dismantle the houses and makes them explodes. the queue for the people are the explosions themselves. as the explosions gets closer and closer, you gotta get a move on. reguardless of the car being there or not, just get a move on. not saying its easy to pull it off, its not the stunt man in bad boys 2 said he wasn'T seeing a thing. all he was told was to drive as straight as he could. but yeah, there is no redoing this, once you do it... its off, there is no multiple reshoot, you do it in one take and hope its great !

  • Her thighs are like onions. They make me want to cry.

  • How about reviewing anime fight scenes?

  • I've got a couple which are probably too obvious, but i'd still like to see broken down: Police Story - Aside from the obvious fireman's pole stunt, in the opening bus scene 2 stuntmen take a wicked fall off the top of a double decker bus which looks ridiculous. There's also a bunch of falls and glass breaks in the end mall fight scene which look pretty hectic (not entirely sure how much is sugar glass). Winners and Sinners - Jackie Chan goes under a semi-trailer on roller skates (not sure on timing and speed or if the tape is sped up). Project A - Aside from the obvious clocktower fall, towards the ending Sammo Hung falls off a flight of stairs seemingly into a solid wall and takes a pretty big bump. He's only wearing a vest (no shirt underneath), so he doesn't look padded up in the slightest. Armour of God - Jackie Chan fights 4 Amazonian looking women wearing high heels, there's a couple of falls that look pretty heavy. Also, as a rare "Bad Stunt", at the ending he base jumps off a cliff and somehow ends up landing on a hot air balloon (in one cut you can see a tree in the background) and abseiling from on top into the basket. The environment scaling is a bit questionable in that one, but the end wide shot is insane. Love your work!!

  • Yo you had Police Story but you didn't do the scene where 2 guys fall from the top level of the double decker bus onto what looks like straight up bitumen??? If that isn't in a future video (which I will binge watch today) please add that to the list!! As well as basically all of the Mall fight scene (for the glass shattering mainly) :-)

  • Glad she’s back☺️

  • That Mk vii in The Last Crusade has that random useless turret on the top that is slapped on right above where the engine block is usually situated. this I believe would render that turret useless. Mind you if you watch the full scene you can see that they decided to do away with the engine and to replace it with a platform for, who I can only presume is the TC. I honestly wish they used like, a maus or a Neubaufahrzeug two actual German tanks both with considerable mass and firepower perfect for this kind of scene. Kamchatka für die zweite Pazifikgeschwader

  • chocolate movie , ice factory scene

  • Chainsaw fight in Phantasm II!

  • downblouse

  • my god i swear as these vids go on more and more time is wasted

  • 3:36 and she should have seen it coming seeing that the cereal is called “Kaboom” haha

  • I just loved the vid.

  • Finally it took them 23 episodes to convince me to subscribe😂😂.

  • i would like to see reactions to police in the mall good fight scenes but i want to see reaction to the weapon getting hit or even the fight with the motor bike

  • Harrison Ford stapled his hat on with a staple gun to stop it blowing off.

  • Moon Lee vs Sharon "Pan-Pan" Yeung in Godfrey Ho's "Princess Madam AKA Under Police Protection(1989)"

  • Do some of the real + digital blends in some classic war epics, like the Jerusalem siege in Kingdom of Heaven and the armies of Greeks in Troy. If you another stunt one, you should just do a full video of nothing but Jackie Chan.

  • The overconfident windshield reassuringly cycle because friend superiorly nest qua a lyrical richard. chunky, grotesque sugar

  • I loved the Gimli dialogue

  • Definitely think Jackie's shot on the village hill was better than Bad Boy's. It feels more raw and real, especially with the people on the roof tops etc running and jump out of the way. Awesome movie!!

  • "fake tank, fake wall", cuts to actual shot of them using a real tank and an actual wall

  • Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx

  • Amy Johnston on Street Fighter Resurrection

  • What they did with taken is the same shit that killed the transporter movies . first one was awsome , second killed the driving a bit and third one killed the driving and fighting . just rushed all the scenes

  • Clint and Amy have so much chemistry, there I said it. I swear Clint has a tiny crush. 😂

  • I felt bad when I realized that I had watched almost every video and not subscribed.... lol

  • SHE'S. SO. HOT 😍

  • Congrats Amy on your book & audiobook! Thx Corridor Crew for another great video!

  • Must see from Africa.

  • how is no one commenting that bad boys 2 ripped off that car scene almost frame for frame...

  • How do you think they’ll handle the stunts in Kill Bill 3 with a teenage actress?

  • So I just found this channel like four days ago & I'm binge-watching.episodes. This might be my favorite series along with Scott Adkins' The Art of Action. I can't get enough. Keep up the great work!

  • When showing Harrison Ford between the tank and hillside, the treds on the tank don't actually touch the ground. Maybe the corridor crew can point that out on their next review. I think they'll get a kick out of it. Great show! Also, tank treds are deeper than whats being filmed.

  • That is one very attractive and charming stuntwoman.

  • more amy johnson! i suggest Inception

  • Amy voice, melts...

  • i wanna see the martial arts movie "chocolate" that came out in 2008

  • Haywire - hotel scene and opening scene

  • Mandalorian season 1 stunts and effects 0.0 they have crazy could be one for an effects episode and one for stunts. I'm sure no one would mind. I know I wouldn't.

  • You guys should react to March of the Penguins. I love that scene where Morgan Freeman kicks a penguin in the jaw *SAVAGE* 😂😂😂

  • Jet Li, Unleashed!!

  • "so much more than just" HARD CUT "kicks and punches." Please take time to edit your own videos well while critiquing others.

  • This channel is an absolute joy to watch, but how did you guys NOT pick up on how it was 100% physically impossible for Indy's shoulder bag strap to get stuck on that blown out turret gun?!

  • Just wanted to let you guys know that it was CLINT who got me to subscribe after 5 years of learning from you guys. Keep up the amazing work, and anytime you need helping hands let us know, we have a group of highly talented creators. Btw did I mention the work would be free? Let's make a short film here in Puerto Rico!


  • Literally just hit me, Clint is Joseph Seed... you should do something with that.

  • Ah, yes. Taken 3... infamous for its quick cuts. I did not know Jackie Chan was a singer.

  • Please react to the chasing scene from hobbs and shaw. Its so funny over the top😂😂

  • I know Jackie Chan is a singer, but the only song I've ever heard of his was the Cantonese?/Chinese? version of Mulan's Make a Man Out Of You It was so inspiring

  • Please react to some Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fight scenes :)

  • Thumbs up just for the quick Key and Peele reference.

  • i wish someone loves me as much as clint loves jackie chan...

  • More Amy!!

  • Not subbing if you've got 10 ads on one 11 minute video

  • Re. "Police Story 2" -- the hillside shantytown car chase scene: Jackie Chan himself confirms (in his autobiography "My Life In Action") that *the entire shantytown" was built from scratch specifically 4 that 1 movie sequence on a normally-unused hillside ... & that every stuntperson involved knew (a) how dangerous shooting the sequence would B, & (b) that everybody had 2 get it right in 1 take. Ironically, Jackie Chan decided they needed 2 do 1 more take ... & so the entire shantytown set was rebuilt 4 the reshoot. Now *that's* commitment. 😮

  • Maul vs Obi Wan and QuiGon

  • If watching taken 3 hypercut action sequence gave you a headache. Just try watching the action sequences of the Tamil movie "Action".

  • At 10:52 in this video - the scene where Harrison Ford's bag gets caught on the ruined tank gun barrel. The first time I saw this, and every time since, this scene has ruined this tiny bit for me. HOW the hell did that strap go over the barrel? It makes no sense. Look at when he falls off the tread... Do you see some loop of material working it's way over the jagged barrel end to capture him in a later scene. The physics makes no sense to me... Can someone explain it to me, or is it just wrong?


  • Do Fury the war movie or war pigs

  • Please react to Ridley Scott's first film The Duelists, great sword fighting

  • God, the Last Crusade tank sequence is one of the greatest action sequences in the history of cinema. The pacing, the moments of levity to momentarily break the tension so it can be ramped back up again... Absolute perfection.

  • Can you please either replace Clint or at least ban that ridiculous thing on his head and, most importantly, never let him interact directly with the camera? And please stop the cringeworthy begging for subs... I'm bingewatching all your stuff right now since I just found out about this channel and with every video I get more and more annoyed by both Clint and the sub bits...

  • They just perfectly summarised why good directors like Christopher Nolan will go to extreme lengths to avoid CGI. Because it *always* improves the film, unless it's literally impossible to do otherwise

  • Clint is starting to look like Joseph from Far Cry 5.

  • I honestly never really thought of the stunt doubles in movies. But its crazy how undervalued these guys are. There the true badasses,.

  • 8:45 if you knew what a mark 1 WW1 tank looked like.... OBVIOUSLY its a fake tank . but not many people are as big of a nerd as i am.... so....

  • 0:09 im sorry...but red heads are my kink..... and HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT THIGH!!!! . i dont even understand the physics of that booty..... you guys must have used CGI to enhance that...... their is no way a leg and buttocks looks like that on a real human . no, i get it now..... SHE IS A ROBOT!!!! trying to take over the world with her bodacious buttocks!!!! one sad, lonely, nerd on the internet at a time!!!!! . butt, lets be serious now ;) girl is amazingly beautiful...obviously.... but also quite smart, im sure (wrote a book, ETC) . idk folks.... personality, soul, and especially intelligence, turns my nerd butt on more than looks but my lizard brain didnt miss what a saw.....

  • Liam's action scenes are complete garbage. The Indiana Jones fights are superior, especially in Temple of Doom. Wide shot, you can see everything and punches have impact and feel real.

  • Equilibrium has some epic fights in it

  • The only reason I won't subscribe is because it'll be annoying to constantly hear them ask me to when I already did..

  • All of us know it, noone wants to say it

  • Guy do watch John wick part 2 again particularly the scene where John gets his car and then there is a car bike chase there ull find when the bike crashes the bike rider just disappeares ... So do check it and let me know if u find it or not... Just check it again and again

  • Hey Corridor crew. I just subscribed after watching several videos. I'd love to great a breakdown of 300: Rise of an empire. The action sequences are sick. Especially that opening battle sequence.

  • u look good amy shout out from Barbados

  • Kids really tried to make fun of my name calling me “Jackie Chan.” *UM HE’S AMAZING?*

  • Get a man guest

  • Amy 😍

  • Mandalorian Vs Jawas

  • Deadpool counting down

  • Check out rocky handsome fight scene. Also commando . Both bollywood fight scenes and one of the best out there.🔥🔥

  • Sword fight in Princess Bride?

  • When I was in China, I spoke to some students about Jackie Chan, and they were like "yes! He's great!" And I was like "what's your favourite film?" And they were like "film? He made films? No, I like his music". True story.

    • u mean jacky Cheung?

    • I have it on my playlist. He is a great singer. I listen to his stuff sometimes.

    • @Helaina McCollett I think I have seen it. It does exist :)

    • Didn't he also do a cover of 'Make a Man out of You' from Mulan, or was that a fever dream? 👀

  • Please look at fight scenes from "When the Night Comes for Us" or "Headshot"

  • FIrst - why have we not seen the reactiion to Commando? or did i miss that episode?

  • Wait did they just say that Tom cruise used CGI during the plane take off scene in Mission Impossible? Do they realize that was all real? Like Tom was actually strapped to an AC-130 during take off.

  • It's not hollywood but you guys should react to this:

  • You missed the best scene from the Taken series: Brian Mills jumps a fence.

  • Clints unibrow is.. A unibrow


  • Short Time (1990) A comedy with an epic car chase .