I’m Sorry About Your Face, But Not Anything Else // Ghost Chasers - Case #1

Publicēšanas datums 29 feb 2020
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When a man encounters a mysterious being deep within a remote tunnel, a team of Ghost Hunters go into investigate.
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  • 😂🤘 this is great

  • The most disgusting creature i have ever seen..

  • 👎🇺🇲👎🖕

  • Scp foundation wants to hire you

  • I would like to know, What was that clapping sound?

  • youre one month too late

  • 6:14 more ammonia please

  • its so funny hahahaha

  • ghostbusters who you gonna call

  • The freaking head is terrifying its gonna get me nightmares for months

  • This is like scp 087

  • This video is kinda scary and it look like that mans face is full of peanut butter

  • Not gonna lie I thought he had Peanut butter on his face when I clicked on the video

  • Haha lol

  • Ooo spooky

  • 3:35 THAT SCARED THE S [censored] OUT OF ME

  • Wes looks like if obama and don cheedle had a kid and I can’t unsee it

  • :)) Fantastic!

  • why i watched this shit when i was about to sleep

  • Isn't there ammonia in almost every supermarket?

  • ...

  • n sei pq o cara colocou " não vou traduzir pq é informação desnecessaria " sendo que tudo no video é desnecessario edit: mas a tradução da otima ✌️😊

  • Ohhhhh Great.

  • Still waiting for Case #2....

  • Plasmaphobia before they played it on node

  • Omg. Funny. Well done.

  • This need to be a movie dam

  • That sounds of piss drop on mask lmao :)))

  • I can’t even right now holy shit

  • I respect the fact that the majority of your videos are comedies but with different film styles. You are all very talented and should be proud of what you create.

  • That is the most redicilus video I have ever seen

  • He looking like Sam from trick r treat

  • What they do to save Sam??

  • You should have called Wesley and Wesley

  • Is it idubbz in the tunnel ????

  • Loverly. Excited to see what y'all do with Case #2!

  • 3:47 I totally sh*t myself

  • This was great. One of the best/funniest projects to date

  • Pls make more cases

  • the game Phasmophobia reminds me so much of the type of ghost chasers in this video



  • If weren’t I know ur channel for a long time I would believe it LOL (just rewatching)

  • The only reason why I'm actually thinking about getting a youtube premium account is that I want to download this video and watch it whenever. Hands down one of my favorite videos I've watched.

  • Theres a string on the head of the dummies head it’s fake

  • i shit my self when you put a close up on it

  • It looks like peanut butter

  • shieeeeet

  • first thing what the f*** second thing what was that creature the other thing literally what

  • Corridor let us make nightmares

  • No no no stopped

  • Case 2?

  • the floating face was horrifying

  • *We are not done yet!*

  • Lol

  • "Violent when exposed to light" *shines flashlights*

  • This should be a scp

  • I thought I would see a horror flick 😱, instead I saw all the wrongs of the world🤮

  • That was unexpected

  • I peed my pants. This is some of the creepiest stuff i have seen. I hope im not gonna get nightmares.

  • 廊下 デジタル

  • you got me in the eye. dont worry its just water. LOOOOL

  • 2nd episode pls

  • Im still waiting for case 2

  • Can't wait for the Case #2

  • You guys could tell me they work for the SCP foundation and I wouldn't be surprised.

  • That was . . . um . . . how do you say . . . beyond words. Nice Job!

  • I-i was actually acared, but only with the screeching and then the close up of the thing...

  • scary

  • Niko: "Where are we gunna get more ammonia?" Me: "Oh no, dear god no."

  • I remember watching doctor stone and they made ammonia from piss, so I found this more funny

  • Quem é brasileiro é tá vendo a legenda, deve ter lido na legenda " informações desnecessária q eu tô com preguiça de traduzir" kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ese era un trabajo para Geralt de Rivia.

  • Vary crepey

  • This is the most cursed thing i have seen

  • wtf

  • I hate you guys corridor because now I'm having nightmares every single night

  • The scp Foundation Secure contain protect

  • I literaly got a heart attack at 3:35

  • skip to 3:37 if u wanna see its face :)

  • “ I didn’t. Know ammonia naturally occurred in the human body”😂😂😂 says mid piss

  • My god that was scariest shit i have ever seen

  • 11:59 informação desnecessaria pq estou com preguiça de traduzir kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • كلزق

  • wes looks frightened

  • lol

  • I came for laser gun...not heart attack

  • watching this alone is freakish

  • 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • e sorry but i cant really spell but i whached this like right at my bedtime so uhh, yeah thanks for the nightmare, really needed it :)

  • Dude if that was real, i'd be scared like Nic Cage when he became a meme

  • Will think it’s weird that Sam is not talking when he has his face covered it’s so weird not to see his face

  • Thats freaking awesome!! VERY WELL DONE!!

  • U pissed on him say no homo

  • That is scary. With some funny & awkward aspects to it.

  • Im waiting for a case 2 to come out

  • I finally found it i haven't watched this in like a year

  • plz react to this one lvcd.info/watch/pqSDh42oZdJtgnk/video.html

  • I see your canada goose jacket