VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 20

Publicēšanas datums 22 feb 2020
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This Episode ► The Crew is joined by Hollywood Director and fellow LVcdr David F. Sandberg to breakdown and react to bad and great CGi!
David's VFX channel ► lvcd.info
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  • Jackie Chan, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg. *Make it happen*

  • 11:51 Jake reacts 😂😂

  • Tou guys should do a vfx artist reacts on Real Steel and the Atom vs. Zeus fight scene

  • I would like to see some Scenes from Wild wild west with the huge metal spider..the effects still hold up in my opinion ;-)

  • Adam savage

  • Jackie Chan

  • Adam Sandler's

  • Get Spielberg in. Loved to hear about jaws and close encounters. Even recent stuff like Schindler’s list...

  • Okay but Adam savage talking about props??????? I would e x p l o d e plsplspls make that a thing

  • George Lucas

  • My man broke down the ad

  • Gui

  • Now I wanna see a corridor video with Capn D saying "greetings children" in the beginning...

  • I almost felt bad for the guy, he seemed genuinely disappointed by some of the shortcomings in Shazam...

  • Have Samara Weaving on

  • You should bring on captain dissil- oh

  • Get Robert Rodriguez. He’s always a good guest about breaking down his films.

  • Am I the only one who saw Shazam's legs clipping into his waist.

  • Jaws 3D. Ppl screaming about a shark sticker slowly coming their way. 😂 May as well b.

  • that was quake 2

  • did they ever do "the mask" i can't find it :(

  • _was_

  • *_Yo_*

  • do demon slayer plsss

  • jackie chan for stunt reviews

  • bernie sanders

  • Sponsor segment artist reacts episodes! With Brandy O' Daniel!

  • Lost some respect. The watchmen show is garbage.

  • fuck with a budget of 18 million USD I personally could have made a better jaws movie in half the time with their technology. WTF do you spend $18 million on?????

  • I made a disintegration effect in Unreal Engine pretty quickly by creating particles along the surface of an object or model then removing the model and allowing the particles to simulate. This created an instant vanish effect that looks really good and can be replicated super easily. The particles were only 1 pixel and matched the color on the surface they were taken from.

  • Speaking of sharks... Can you react to Deep Blue Sea?

  • 10:53 that's not quake III, it's quake II. little lag on the research. ;)

  • Get James Cameron on the show!

  • Shazam is awesome

  • I'm sorry but Watchmen was trash

  • 5:12 oh that's easy - the angle of the shadows should be changing because the background indicates he's violently rotating in the air. We see the blue sky change but we don't see the shadows of his profile changing with the implied rotation, so it looks completely off.

  • Die wren

  • jackie chan

  • Jesus, I love lights out

  • Scott Adkins!

  • Dunnnn dun dunnnnnnnnndun dunnnn dunnnnnnnn woom dun tun dunnnnnnnnndun

  • No.... He's wrong, I feel... The footage of Shazam(the REAL Captain Marvel) flying with the blue screen rig they made looks better than the cartoon looking body they used. Sometimes bodies are TOO fluid in their motion...

  • Can you react to a TV show in the Philippines called "Victor Magtanggol". They used CGI most of the time for the monsters. This is like a rip-off of MCU's Thor.

  • Review on Ninja turtle(live action)please

  • Would love a legendary action star for a stuntmen react. Like Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen or even Iko Uwais.

  • Sandberg's greying is the exact opposite to mine - my beard went white but my hair is still brown (although, I suspect Sandberg may be using visual effects to colour his beard, the cheat).

  • Your 'subscribe' graphic obscures your film titles - sort it out Corridor (please)!

  • Is it just me or did rampage with dwayne johnson look perfect to me

  • You can tell they were holding back when watching that dude's work

  • I would be interested in seeing John Knoll and/or Ben Burtt on your show. Also, Ming Na Wen would be an interesting guest, as she’s been in many action and effects laden shows and movies; it’d be interesting to get her perspective.

  • I noticed commercial insertions.

  • Kyle Hill

  • Nice have a sponsored video and an extra 4 ads. Such a nice way to waste time.

  • President Trump (never have Bernie).

  • Joe rogan

  • Pacific rim 1 and 2

  • Wait, Looking Glass' mask is CGI??? damn

  • Speaking of sharks, please review The Meg

  • I saw the rock on the thumbnail but did not know what movie the rocks been in like 100

  • The thing that always kills me, above and beyond everything else about that Jaws 3D clip, is that when the glass breaks, thousands of gallons of water don't immediately pour out. The water just...hangs there...waiting.

  • man shazam had trouble.

  • Jani dushman ek anhokhi kahani bollywood

  • Tom cruise.

  • 5:12 Actually it's just the fact that he moves his head, but the lightning follows the mouvement of the heaf instead of changing angles.

  • adam savage

  • get Michael Bay.

  • That guy who directed transformers name Michael

  • 2d animation is easier than full cgi animation and you can’t even lie about it

  • The 5th element.

  • Zack Snyder

  • Donald Trump

  • 100k comment!!

  • #ReleaseTheSnyderGuest

  • React to Beakman and invite Paul.... 😎😎😎

  • Jeremy clarkson


  • Get Jackie Chan on one of the episodes

  • Andy serkis!!!!

  • Jackie Chan 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Jackie Chan

  • Shark jaws are bone the rest of the body has cartilage

  • What about deadpool colossus

  • Captain Disillusion please

  • That whole bit about the Rock in the skydiving scene? It's the chin angle guys. As an artist, I can tell you exactly where the shading and angle is off: it's the chin.

  • Dwayne Jonhson🔥

  • I would have liked him to explain why he didn't try to do something creative with the monsters (instead of the Snyder style random CGI monster look)

  • I'd like Jon Tron to be a guest!

  • Ready Player One chase scene pls

  • You guys should react to Mayabazar (1957) an Indian epic fantasy film

  • Best CGI artist pls

  • If you cant get Captain disillusion, maybe you can get alan, his intern

  • Jackie Chan,make it happen

  • CD of course

  • George Lucas

  • dude perfect editors/filmers

  • Get Zack Snyder as a guest

  • React Stuart little

  • The RocketJump dudes!

  • I'm 1 millionth commenter

  • Get peter on here