VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 20

Publicēšanas datums 22 feb 2020
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This Episode ► The Crew is joined by Hollywood Director and fellow LVcdr David F. Sandberg to breakdown and react to bad and great CGi!
David's VFX channel ► lvcd.info
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  • Christopher Nolan. Michael bay? I mean Jackie Chan... more directors would be neat

  • The fact that he learner Blender on his own through LVcd and made the end credit scenes which were on Big screen is really commendable job 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Gundala

  • Gundala

  • Keanu Reaves

  • Check out the movie stung, Would love to see a breakdown

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • imma be a part of those guys... Captain Disillusion!

  • *PLEASE try to get Bernie Sanders on the show.*

  • Damnit Wren, you win man. So funny brody

  • The flash

  • Stuntmen react with jackie chan!!

  • Gorge Lucas

  • Yo, i'm late to the party and the world has kinda changed, but Gary Powell is my vote. Grew up on Bond sets. Ended up doubling brosnan, then became stunt coordinator starting with Craig's first, Casino Royale.


  • Get Joseph Kosinski, Neill Blomkamp or Ruairí Robinson -- some truely VFX savvy directors.

  • So after giving Matt Aitkin and David Sandberg like >10 minutes of screen time (with the ads and promos), have you thought about doing longer episodes so these guys might be more than filler around your sales pitches? I've got no problem with you marketing your wares or promoting your sponsors but it's insulting to the people who take their time to appear to put them on a 15 minute video that is 5 minutes of promo. (And this is not talking about the embedded LVcd ads - it's you guys pushing your merch and spending time *in the episode* on promotions.). If I, for example, was Matt, and I took 2 hours out of my day to do the episode (with travel and time to record) while I was otherwise in the area - and this is what I got, unless he's a personal friend of yours - what a waste of his time on superficial bs.

  • jackie chan !!

  • Jackie chan

  • You guys should do the ultimate dragon, Smaug. That dragon is awesome and I think you guys should cover it. There is an immense amount of work that probably went into that.

  • Get Penn and Teller and talk about magic trick CGI in movies

  • Stephen King. He seems to be at a point in his career where he'd be down for it, and you could show him some of the good and bad VFX from his movies and ask him how they compare to his vision of them when he was writing,

  • Sam Rami

  • 11:20 it's totally oil being dropped onto a plane of glass being filmed from below

  • React to Pacific rim

  • Zack Snyder

  • Adam savage

  • Love that they kissing his ass , Shazam is actually pretty bad

  • Robert Downey Jr. Pls pls pls

  • Is it me, or David has a bit of an accent?

  • Men i like this bass in intro !!

  • The couch is the true star. You guys are not all on the couch at the same time.

  • You should react to some of your guy's fx

  • Shahrukh Khan

  • Captain disillusion

  • That mall running/flying scene looks atrocious and that should have been called out.


  • DUDES, review The Returner 747 sequence...SO SICK!

  • In all honesty, I love Shazam. Shazam is what DC movies should be.


  • David looks exactly like Will Menaker

  • Robert Eggers would be a cool guest.

  • Why not try Zack Snyder on the show.

  • I cant remember what video but captain disillusion was trying to debunk paranormal activity and it was the worst debunking of anything ive ever heard, it was so stupid and made no sense. It was very obviously an attempt to explain something that not only cant be explained, but to be a cocky douche about it too. So that was my first exposure to him i really didnt care too much for it. Ive seen other videos since where it was great but this one was so dumb and he was very clearly desperately reaching for anything to explain it and be condescending at the same time.

  • George Lucas

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html


  • Yall should bring CGMatter on. He's got the eye.

  • The Caine Mutiny (1954) - The Mutiny Scene that ship scene is insane

  • David Sanberg!

  • Get Donnie Yen to come on. Or Keanu Reeves

  • Duncan Jones please!

  • How in the blue F#@$% does he like the watchmen TV show. That show is nothing but extreme surface level, ridiculous political pandering with all the subtlety of being bashed over the head with a shovel. Its disgusting and a disgrace to an extremely impressive graphic novel

  • Mark hamil

  • I love Shazam and all I got to say about the movie the fights are AWFUL! Forget effects somebody show him how superheros should fight. Troll snyder all you want world but FUCK YOU his movies have awesome action.

  • You should react to Love and Monsters, there's a lot of CG monsters

  • Phil Tippet or Rob Bottin would be sick, seems like Rob Bottin just disappeared after designing and making the original Robocop suit, he also did the Peter Weller face make up as well.

  • You love the show Watchmen? The tiny hats really have corrupted everyone sadly....

  • Jackie Chan

  • John Cena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bring Zack Snyder

  • JACKIE CHAN!!!!!

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • Nafees Bin Zafar

  • I would suggest as a guest Fritz Lang but since he is no longer with us i will stick to my suggestion to react to Metropolis please!

  • Still waiting for captain D....

  • Is my DREAM to see John Knoll, Dennis Muren, Ben Snow or Michael Lantieri in one of the VFX React episodes.

  • keep the commercial down to a minimum guys. thumbs down

  • I hated the creature effects in Shazam, generally I just hated Shazam

  • Jackie Chan, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg. *Make it happen*

  • 11:51 Jake reacts 😂😂

  • Tou guys should do a vfx artist reacts on Real Steel and the Atom vs. Zeus fight scene

  • I would like to see some Scenes from Wild wild west with the huge metal spider..the effects still hold up in my opinion ;-)

  • Adam savage

  • Jackie Chan

  • Adam Sandler's

  • Get Spielberg in. Loved to hear about jaws and close encounters. Even recent stuff like Schindler’s list...

  • Okay but Adam savage talking about props??????? I would e x p l o d e plsplspls make that a thing

  • George Lucas

  • My man broke down the ad

  • Gui

  • Now I wanna see a corridor video with Capn D saying "greetings children" in the beginning...

  • I almost felt bad for the guy, he seemed genuinely disappointed by some of the shortcomings in Shazam...

  • Have Samara Weaving on

  • You should bring on captain dissil- oh

  • Get Robert Rodriguez. He’s always a good guest about breaking down his films.

  • Am I the only one who saw Shazam's legs clipping into his waist.

  • Jaws 3D. Ppl screaming about a shark sticker slowly coming their way. 😂 May as well b.

  • that was quake 2

  • did they ever do "the mask" i can't find it :(

  • _was_

  • *_Yo_*

  • do demon slayer plsss