How TikTok Turned my Friend into a Monster

Publicēšanas datums 3 apr 2020
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While the crew is in San Antonio, Texas filming a video with BRCC, Jan and Nick challenge each other in a TikTok battle - where they have one week to live like Cloutlords, before deleting their profiles forever. Which one will come out on tok?
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  • I can’t trust this story cause it was told by Jan

  • This association will backfire...

  • Girl: My job is being tiktok famous Me: I breed cowboys Girl: thats not a job Me: exsactly

  • Was Jan always this crazy? I just thought he was weird

  • It's Jan Levinson-Ghoul

  • Thanks guys. Your videos are.... I mean, they are.....they are videos you made. I'm thankful.

  • The bobcat bit was VERY hard to watch being that I own the same model.

  • They should have posted a final message "Tiktok bad reddit good"

  • I can confirm the tiktok cringe

  • Had to ask Bob how to start the Cat. Haha

  • Eh they all are monsters. Monsters who make great videos.

  • I can't take Jan

  • That's a caterpillar not a bobcat

  • That fucking beeping sound is horrible. Please mute those a bit more next time. My head's hurt


  • BREAKING NEWS: Local man rides one wheel skateboard while only wearing his underwear and a yellow jacket

  • Title: How TikTok Turned my Friend into a Monster Me: O - O My thoughts and my brain: well tik tok is cringe but hey it's my opinion Also if anyone sees this then maybe...pretend you never saw this...???

  • Pandemic? More like panicdemic. Or plandemic.

  • Is Nick making a Lost Highway reference? That makes me like him even more. Lynch!

  • This video is great! Love watching you guys have work...while my job sux.

  • Jan got possessed by Dobe

  • 6:01 What's with middle aged men and the alien emoji? My dad adds the alien 👽 emoji to the end of every text.

  • What earphones does jan have

  • bro im 12 and i use bobcats

  • I swear jake said, "wheel talk"

  • One big lesson? Don't do tiktok, kids.

  • Another big reason to add in my list why I hate tiktok: - steals your data & selling it; - & turns you into a monster. #iamagod

  • As a texan myself, i like h-e-b

  • Jan tells the best storys

  • I am not trying to be ofensive, but why do wimen alwais have to but in if we menn are having fun

  • Why promote one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen

  • Jan look like El Sargento Phoenix aka El Gato negro aka El Taliban René Velázquez Valenzuela A Sicario from Los Ántrax a armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel you guys should most definitely make a video of that now that I think of it

  • When jake started moving the bobcat and the intense music started playing a giant beam of light shined in to my living room like god

  • How to get most TikTok views: Just get the bloopers from your film, like mortar launching weaker and exploding.,


  • Trump: well, we did It boys, golum is no more

  • Tik Tok is literally spreading like a virus

  • Them showing us the tiktoks they made Me:oh, so thats why they call it the cringe app

  • I thought my fire alarm when off

  • Anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?

  • *Same here, bud.*

  • I wonder if nick or jan saw my acc when i followed them

  • The title should be: *how the chinese goverment spied on my friend*

  • I feel like a lot of us has been missing this format a lot

  • They sorta dodged a bullet with TikTok, given what we know now

  • I’m going to watch the video

  • I hate tiktok

  • Am I the only one that thinks Jan sounds like Nicholas Cage?

  • Anyone know what the song is at about 00:07? I dig that piano melody A LOT

  • Jan is crazy when he's not crazy 😂😂😂

  • 1. Where is Wren during this? 2. I wonder if The Corridor Crew heard the news of the unearthed controversies regarding TikTok.

  • WOW ow low oh my gosh

  • NOOOOOOO they've been taken to

  • Glad our Government banned the tiktok.....

  • Jake never leave corridor

  • thank god its getting banned

  • 16:08 It looks like he shit out an iPhone and it's dangling from a lanyard... lol.

  • "I'm not entirely sure of what tiktok is" What I wouldn't do to be able to honestly say that again...

  • Haha it is banned in india

  • d r a k e s h a k e

  • See, this is why the government is having to ban TikTok!

  • it looks like Jake was lifting a miniature forest with the bobcat

  • 1.

  • It's OK, its only a Chinese spyware data mine.

  • Jan: I might be Rando Jando for the kids Chris Hansen: 👀

  • I fear no man.... But that thing..... (Looks at golem jan) It scares me

  • bruh

  • Nick is worried of a Chinese app stealing his data; Apple has stolen his data since the first iPhone he ever had, and Google does the same with us Android users...

  • idk man tik tok has boosted my business by a ton. I was excited to see what corridor crew could do on there

  • Jake has a flite test hat lol

  • *"Are you HABin' a good time?"*

  • The rain really brought out the colors of the scenery.

  • tik tok is gay. still really good vid

  • 9:41 good strategy!

  • TIK TOK is a monster itself

  • Always new Tic Tok was a global pandemic

  • This is acc so jokes 😂

  • Tik tok is trash

  • maan i love Jake doing other stuff than ads!!

  • highest form of comedy is Jake sneaking around the office with a loud rubber suit on

  • that's why I hate everything hates TikTok it turns you into a monster

  • The tiktok virus attacks again

  • Love the Hat Jake!!

  • Why is nothing ever NORMAL! 🤣

  • fcking tik tok is soooolo fcking cringe man like legiy wtf

  • Corridor using discord for their meetings and not skype, is the best thing I've seen so far

  • bruh, i spent like 20 minutes looking for their tiktoks and then they said they would be deleted and i was a little sad

  • In the thumbnail Jan looks like a borderlands character

  • the two sides of corridor crew: 1. interesting and funny videos about cgi, filmmaking and other projects. 2. boring clickbait bullshit videos full of random stuff and jabbering for eternity without relevance to the title... 1 makes me happy. 2 makes me bat shit crazy.

  • tik tok - most useless app ever created. I do not understand why do pple like it?

  • i live in san antonio texas

  • 6:52 can anyone know what he use in his ear? I see clint using those device too.. what's the name of it?

    • Yeah I’ve been wondering too

  • Them: It's raining! Me a Bostonian: That's just drizzle ya big wus!

  • I use that machine most of my time at my work and its just funny watching someone else try and figure it out like i did my first time haha

  • This is the weirdest thing iv ever seen and I love it

  • Wait did this get re uploaded cause I don't remember this title for the video and the video never had any further content after the 12:30 mark roughly. I'm confused.

  • Dinosaur 2000 - please react to its vfx

  • damn this whole thing was funny af

  • I love that you guys are genuinely having fun with this video in the end and it really shows. Love the vid

  • Real tok