EP#51 | Life is One Big Schoolyard Game (Childhood Games, Modern Times)

Publicēšanas datums 10 jūl 2020
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Niko, Dean, Sam, and Jake sit down to discuss growing up in the 90's, their favorite childhood games, and the importance of vetting your news sources.
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  • Love you guys but you really should have people of color on when speaking about cultural things. 4 middle age white guys talking about what should and should be forgotten and forgiven is kind of tone deaf imo.

  • People think Jake's old because he gives off the most dad energy A lot of the other guys give off kind of sibling energy

  • dat sam under thigh tho

  • I want Texas slurp

  • God I love your energy and love your pdcast/vlog/video !! Even you song (back in the old days with Jimmy ; slow in reverse )

  • That Intro !!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alright come on boys I need a new one

  • Since he's been on Node can you get Linus for the cast? He's an interesting fellow and it would be interesting to see how he made his following in s similar but different field

  • I love this podcast. Thank you! 🙏👍 Edit for thoughts: Dean is that young?! Definitely seems mature. I think Jake seems older because he's a lawyer, has a sick moustache and uses power tools all the time. All of that makes people think of their grandpa or their dad. As for the later portion: I am also going to primary sources and checking multiple sources. I look for the extreme positions on things, listen to those people share their positions and then find moderates between them. It takes more time, to be sure, but there's no one source doing that for me out there. I've definitely learned a hell of a lot more... And had to choose which issues I can handle deeply diving into and which ones I can't right now. Final thought: Taking time to look around with gratitude and hope is definitely good medicine right now. Fully recommend.

  • I think its brave that you guys talked about some politics. Its a dangerous field for any form of media outlet cause you might cut your audience. I really like your productions and i´m watching or listening most of your stuff for quite some time now. But you should be more careful in my eyes... Watching four white guys talk about how to feel about some youtuber painting her face and doing a sketch is like watching a bunch of men talking about how it is having your period. It just lies in the eyes of the people who are really effected by that. And of course you cant feel what they feel because you never had to deal with all that crap in your life. Empathy is so imprtant these days...put you in the state of mind of a black person and what they might have been through. I really dont wanna hate or anything but you as creators of media, reaching many many people , have a responsibility to rethink twice before you put your opinions out there i think. I have to say I was surpirsed that you left this conversation in the edit after reevaluating it. Also it is not smart to use Trump as an example for anything. To play down his impact on the US and even the world by basically saying he has some things to figure out is not cool. And honestly if some of you were Trump supporters i could live with it and stay in your corner because I believe everybody should get time to figure things out. Also I never saw any type of racism or phobias in your content. But if you would promote any Trump supporting views or play down his doings I would definietly never come back and watch your content. I am writing this because I do really care about this channel. Please keep up the good work! Cheers!

  • D aa a guest?

  • How did dean not know what a landline was? I’m way younger than him and knew what it was.


  • Talk to mike pecci on his podcast. Maybe he can come on yours.

  • I can't recommend enough the need to read news articles from outside your usual sources. If there's a subject or an even that interests you on CNN, go read about it on NBC. Read an Al-Jazeera article about it. Check out the BBC's coverage. The DW english-language news outlet from Germany does excellent coverage. Find media from outside your country, get an outside perspective looking in. I feel American media is very insular, you don't get a sense of how the rest of the world views events, and that's important. Especially when we live in an age of partisan news, alternative facts, and cults of personality. I feel that this lack of clarity in reporting the facts, and lack of clear/concise directions in how to suppress the virus' spread is what has led to the U.S.'s unenviable state with regards to coronavirus. There's so many examples around the world where countries got it right, yet their practices aren't co-opted in America to an extent at which they can be similarly effective. So now many places in the States have no other option than to close down again, for an additional long period of time that they couldn't even afford the first time around. If, as Sam described, you have to rely on people of reputable opinion to disseminate fact from fiction when it comes to important events and national crises... then find a way to become that person. Peer-review the media you consume, seek second opinions, read what news outlets you disagree with are feeding their audiences. Inform yourself using a wide range of information sources and cross-reference when a narrative doesn't match the facts. That's perhaps the most important duty of a citizen these days, to be reliably well-informed in a way that still allows them to empathize with and educate people who may not be as well-informed.

  • I've listened to nearly all the podcast guys. And it's been a while since I watched one

  • You guys should talk to a journalist about certain news stories off the record, and then read their work on those very subjects. I think you'll find it interesting that it's actually the editing process where most editorializing or slant comes into play. The tool most frequently used is selective exposure, the omission of certain information to emphasize the point the institution wants the piece to get across.

  • To avoid those janky podcasts/video call videos where everyone has crap audio, use TeamSpeak3 and multi-track record it.

  • Y’all should add marbles to the dumb school yard games.

  • I usually listen on Spotify but just came here to say yall are awesome

  • How hard is it for these guys to make a point?It’s like they circle around the issues and never get to the center because they’re too afraid to offend people or say the wrong thing and so they just end up rambling about nothing.

  • I would love to have a podcast where you guys breakdown how you all make a living doing this. You don't have to give specific details on how much you make, but I would love to see how you guys have so many full time people by making LVcd. Knowing that you don't get a ton of money from ads on videos.

  • It's weird they use the word "choice" in their consuming, isn't all media in the US owned by like 3 companies? What choice and what free market is there?

  • Just finished this video and thought that the guy in the video might be a good guest to have on the podcast! lvcd.info/watch/stOdnHeSfauqmps/video.html

  • Modelo is so good

  • 40:00 Holy smokes, Sam - did you tear your hamstring?

  • The dream of a better model for media does exist, even if it is only down in our little corner of the world. We have a news outlet here in New Zealand called the spinoff that is not based on click revenue, and it's brilliant. The content is still free for everyone, and they make money in a patreon type of set up, as well as having businesses sponsor sections of the "paper." The quality of their content is far superior to what else is on offer around here, there's no click bait, and they have been responsible for breaking some pretty major news stories for our country. Their coverage of the pandemic was so clear, concise and * cough cough* science based and non political that the world health organisation has asked them to do a bunch of work for them. And that's me appreciating the good things around me 😁

  • Dean said he was born in '97 and my mind was blown. Born in '96 myself, and this guy not only looks old but really carries himself in a respectable way. Whatta dude

  • Where do you guys find interesting things to read? Like the article about covid

  • That's a nasty bruise Sam has. What happened?

  • Much love and support from San Antonio. You guys are a huge inspiration for me, thank you for everything you do.

  • 48:02 Dean says "screen time" 48:07 Niko reaches for phone

  • with that covid talk with the deaths being significantly lower than the infections most people are a symptomatic basically