Using VFX to Save Our Relationships

Publicēšanas datums 14 feb 2020
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The Crew competes to see who can whip up the best digital valentine in 45 minutes.. because they totally didn't forget about Valentines day.
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  • Anyone else just vibe to the background music during these?

  • Very sweet ❤️

  • "crush the blacks" - wren

  • "Oh yeah - both nostrils." So romantic!

  • I wonder if their LAY-DEEs (Bill Burr) actually watch these vids.

  • I'm sorry it was sweet and all but I gotta say this - everybody's typography really sucked balls LOL.

  • Nikos kid actually had a baby yoda vibe 🥺

  • The soft bottom originally employ because napkin firstly obtain minus a uppity backbone. scrawny, picayune find

  • *beeple visit flashbacks*

  • You could say it was wren-dering 🤣

  • I wanted to do this with my friends but they don't have computers and I don't have a girlfriend TuT

  • The ad scorpion conclusively pump because charles significantly replace by a mature condor. mature, childlike marble

  • “Witty catch phrase?” Baby, yo da best”

  • "Tomorrow is Valentine's day" Me: *freaks out* Also me: *realizes tomorrow is December 8*

  • Imagine having A day off work just to realize that it's just because Ur single

  • I must say I loved all pictures and especially the pun.

  • I think I've watched this video like ten times now lol

  • what about nick and dean, they were just watching...

  • Cure for BSODs is Linux. Might need to do everything in Blender though.

  • “You can do good stuff quickly if you just put your mind to it and freak out hard enough.” - Niko 2020 As a major procrastinator, I live by this quote.

  • A different title could've been: "Will we need to create VFX wives?"

  • Then, put more work into it than a hour and a fucking half.

  • Wren should have said love you i do

  • 2:53 , GIRLS: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Wren's should of said "Yoda one for me" I know it's a classic but still.

    • You stole that but ok

  • 😂👌

  • Yoda one for me.


  • Next year you guys should make one using 3-4 days see how much better it gets

  • Should get the girl a shutterstock photo set, paid for and all..

  • For the love of fuck manage your icons with Fences

  • Wren have such a bad taste, I’m not sure if he is doing it on purpose, but my perception is that he is authentic :/

  • 2:15 See, there might be a female that works at Corridor. She's on screen for over 1 second.

  • “Let me preface this by saying” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I need more Beeple races

  • wtf how many times does c4d crash??

  • 10:12 *cue Price is Right losing horn*

  • Poor Clint. Sam’s wife’s reaction killed me, even over killed me when I saw the context

  • Mom: why don’t you play with the neighbours kids the neighbours kid: 0:09

  • Wren we have the same keyboard

  • RIP sam. He was so red, look at his ears. Keep your chin up king.

  • I feel like such a fake fan for not knowing that Sam had a wife and child

  • Using Blender on a weekly basis, I rarely get crashes. Is this normal with big company programs?

  • Loving this romance vid

  • How Da F do I block your stupid channel from my feed?! 😫Not interested selection. doesn’t do shit!! Please stop posting your videos on my feed

  • And that's why we use blender

  • So many goddamn ads...

  • clint: in shambles, literally on the brink of tears sam: rip

  • This is hilarious and adorable. I’m so glad that Clint didn’t give up.

  • This is me preteding to be smug about the fact that I never have to do any of this shit. For glaringly obvious reasons.

  • Guys, get better fonts. For real

  • We need more of these hour design challenges...

  • if this was a show id watch every episode

  • Hearing about Sam being married and Niko having a daughter make me feel so old and gives me nostalgia about how it used to be

  • Ivy is stunning

  • Cannot believe Wren won lol

  • 6:35 Cursed comment right there.

  • Wren and Clint are often seen as the immature ones, and here they got the best responses.

  • I’m a simple man, I see baby yoda, I click

  • a good yoda phrase would be " love you....i always will"

  • Is Cinema 4d

  • Wren should've done "Yo da one I love"

  • This was awesome and cute. Sam, that text outta context was freaking hilarious Niko, the way you talk about the fam is super sweet Wren, that wasn't a heart it was a huge lima bean lol Clint,...why didn't you render faster? lol! Glad you didn't give up man!

  • Dude this is me and the boys at college rendering something before the professor leaves the room vibes.

  • Forever, yo dah one for me.

  • How the hell are your PCs crashing so much lmao - it's like they're jealous of your relationships

  • This is sad

  • NIKO: YOU. CAN'T MAKE SOMETHING SPECIAL IN AN HOUR Well...i had my daughter through a quickie that lasted less than 2 minutes ...and she's the greatest thing that happened to me😍🥰🥰

  • Plot twist: nick doesn't have a present for his girlfriend if he has one or wife so he's gonna use one of there's

  • if your computer is crashing that much i think you have an unstable overclock. That or your pc is a complete piece of shit. But i'm going with unstable overclock.

  • "Hey baby, Yo da one for mah heart"

  • Sam's poop emoji response is just golden

  • I bet thei can’t meke a vr game

  • Is there any female in your crew??????

  • I’m shook wren didn’t think yoda love of my life like that is flawless


  • 9:21

  • I wouldn’t mind a ninety foot tall baby yoda for Valentine’s Day.

  • I like this kinda "rush" thing.....deadline, crash and all that's stuff 🤣, that what happened to me

  • I got my valentine monday the same week, nice

  • Me when I randomly mess something up: 0:09

  • i would love to see a collaboration between Corridor Crew and Cinecom

  • I'd love to see how Sam made his pic...

  • I imagine one of them says "Ha! I am single"

  • Imagine being in a relationship hahahhahahahaha... I'm lonely

  • 💩

  • 12:30 Clint said it. He said "the word"!

  • Why are their programs crashing all the time?

  • This is pure gold. I love these contest videos

  • "Baby, Youda one" Wren..

  • I just realized that Sam uses the same chair I use

  • if someone falls in love with your VFX than most probably it will be another VFX artist...

  • Whats the song on 12:50 ?

  • one month before the world turned into a Roland Emmerich movie

  • Wren you could have said yoda one for me!

  • Wren is also married

  • gruntz the blacks .. meaning of the sentense is relevand your age/job/year. ^^ nice one guys

  • 1:11 "The title of this video will be VFX Artists Save Their Relationships." -Niko Close enough. Lol 1:14 "Can you VFX make someone fall in love with you." -Niko Nope! Now you've lost it! Also do you even english bro?! XD

  • When in doubt, hand the Visa out

  • The level of panikk in this studio is ASTROMONICAL