VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 33

Publicēšanas datums 12 sep 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Clint break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • If you want to see some awful CGI. Look at Rapsittie Street Kids Believe in Santa.

  • why is there no 4k option! :D

  • Wren's right about the coriolis effect being the right term - With small diameter rotating space stations, the difference in rotational speeds between your head and your feet would effectively make it feel like you were being subjected to a sharp gravitational gradient which would be very disorienting.

  • how many ads fuq

  • 2001 will live through time

  • VFX reaction to "THE MASK"

  • Full Trottle was the ultimate Karen movie

  • just realized, where and when was the dude able to put away his guns. look at 2:57. that and the obvious from where did he pulled them out of...

  • I went absolutely fucking bananas when I noticed the prodigy playing in the background

  • Have you reacted to the boys when A-train runs through the person

  • 3:54 wait WHAT?!?!?!?!?

  • Finding random actors in scenes from movies you didn't think they were in is most of my life

  • Thanks for all your vfx artist video's! Could you please do a vfx artists react on Spider-Man Far From Home? By the way... I just subscribed all the way from South Africa. Love your content!

  • There were also objects on the ice

  • 8:51 😯 I was not ready!

  • So Kubrick did the fake Moon Landing! 👁

    • Nah man, Kubrick was definitely behind the Moon landings, but he was so much of a hard ass that he insisted on filming them on location.

  • clint sucks

  • Santoro is a nacional treasure, jesus, uh lala

  • Lucy Liu is so beautiful

  • I’m only subscribing for more info on 2001 space odyssey

  • The 2000s Charlie's Angels movies are truly iconic and dare I say they're masterpieces

  • Can you guys react to the mega zord fight at the end of the new power rangers movie?

  • Can you do the plane scene from Superman Returns

  • in the scene of the worlds end.we can actually see the wire work done on the actor whose cut at 09:06

  • Would be cool to see you react to some VFX in advertising, or product launches like Apple

  • in the future, i hope i can return, and make fun of your meme about my last space travel.

  • Did you see the product placement with the middle dude drinking the kombucha and then zoom in? Two frames and that’s it. Lolol it was done practical 😂

  • LOL that was Rodrigo Santoro at the Charlie's Angel scene

  • did they react to "Love,Death and robots"?

  • These guys are annoying.

  • Stanley Kubrick actually talked with NASA on what exactly the earth and other planets look like out in space for 2001, well before anyone ever actually saw the earth from that distance. This relationship he had with NASA at the time might be what has fueled the conspiracy theory that the moon landing footage was staged on a set and coordinated by Stanley Kubrick.

    • @Duncan Wade This proof is covered by the scarF BIrd & appreCIAte. 👁 They usually try to give us clues through the ARTS... (Always Revealing The Symbols)

    • @Dozha Deville thanks gorgeous xxxxx

    • @stephen main What a sheep...

    • @Dozha Deville smh... what a clown

    • @Dozha Deville you know where I can find this proof? Google doesn't provide much info.

  • 5:55 That's true, if you wanted to create Earth-like gravity. The motion-sickness would be a lot less if they only simulated something weaker, like Moon gravity. Which makes sense if they trained on the Moon before heading out on their mission.

  • But the video isn't in 4k....sad face

  • I love like the sad music with the list of visual effects artists. Amazing


  • 3:18 that guy looks like that one boy from the lord of the ring also sam from transformers and now i'm seeing a weird crossover where sam is launching spells and all kinds of stuff and running around decepticons xd as a hobbit

    • Pippin was the hobbit i was talking about but no different actor

    • Also it seems that he is the guy who shouts the line "JUST. DO IT" XD if you know what i am talking about

    • Well that is sam i confirmed that i literally went to check it out

  • come someone yell at wren to shut up lol

  • Please react to Victor Magtanggol series!

  • Do Love Death and Robots

  • They should react to some of the vfx in ghost rider

  • try lab rats and mighty med (Disney XD) I just want to know what you think of it.

  • "hey guys, share your experiences of being in outer space in the comments!"

  • 7:55 that guy in the backgorund makes me feel wierd

  • Anyone here want them to review Star Wars the Old Republic Knights of the Eternal Empire, both trailers?

  • WUT. There is no 4K... got bamboozled D:

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • 6:21 Yes, the coriolis effect. Same thing that happens to air and water currents due to the Earth's rotation. A slightly terrifying thing to think about is that under those conditions your blood and bodily fluids would act like the swirling currents of air on Earth. Thus the insane disorientation. However it probably wouldn't be spinning nearly fast enough to simulate Earth gravity because that would be very fucking fast. Most people don't realize how fast that actually has to be.

  • 2:30 What is the point of pulling the sky out like that? Feels like a poor choice to blow out the scene like that for no reason. Just let it be darker... Light your actors maybe.

  • Wren no not again

    • So you wont feel sick

    • They are in space spinning and you wont feel that youre spinning because youre in space.Theres no perception on your ear telling you that your spinning

  • React to fan-made Dragon Ball live action

  • I'm sorry but Clint looks like my grandpa and I hate him. And Clint is awesome.

  • Me: looks for 4K setting. (chin drops)

  • It hurt

  • Is there any cgi used in prom yet?

  • Shout out to Gavin from The Slow Mo Guys (and Rooster Teeth). Love that man, legendary creative genius.

  • You guys should check out the effects in the Sabaton music video for Bismarck

  • “If you’re ever ran around rotunda like this in outer space let us know in your last space travel” What do u mean?, none of us ever when to outer space

  • T-35 the slowmotion scene 😎

  • Ink drop practical: The Fountain.

  • I love the Gavin reference

  • want that 2001 focused video!

  • Every video wren is in: gavin from the slo mo guys did that

  • Guys... look at that neck.

  • When you realize you got Shreked!

  • Everytime I look at Niko in these eps, he's leaning back on a folding chair and that just freaks me out tbh..

  • Bad effects. Fargo season 1 episode 6 . The gunfight in a snowstorm.

  • The cinematic trailer for dc universe online would be super cool

  • Love, death + robots would be really cool if you guys haven’t already reacted to it

  • React to Apex Legends Launch Trailers!!!

  • I'd love to see you response to this: lvcd.info/watch/vZKBd5p6eNOOaZc/video.html&ab_channel=ontyj

  • Boa vs Python from 2004. Bad acting, bad cgi, it'd be awesome.

  • Can you guys Breakdown the VFX for.. ****MAJOR SPOILERS FOR BREAKING BAD SEASON 4!!!!**** Gustavo Fring's Death, i really need to know how did they go from Practical Explosion and then the Face Off scene.

  • I would love to see you react to the movie 'Lucy(2014)' . I feel like its full of good and bad. But the entire end bit is just really good i think. Would be neat to see your guys take on it. Not sure if its been done or not.

  • You mean he haedbutt the wall

  • You guys stopped begging for people to subscribe thanks, now I have subscribed.

  • React to the boys cgi

  • I don't know if you've done this film yet, but 'Into the Storm' (which you can see on Netflix) has some really cool tornado VFX! This is why you need to do an index somewhere on here of all the films you have commented on - so we won't have to go through them all every time to find out if you've already done it or not!

  • They finally viewed the world's end, its suuuccchhh a good filllllmmm

  • Try Indian tollywood movie karma

  • Please react to Hereditary!

  • Why don't you guys do the scene in Spawn when the clown transformers into the Violator?

  • react to a scanner darkly

  • Can you react to tank girl cgi

  • Hi guys, have y'all reacted to Mother's killings in Raised By Wolves

  • Love death robots

  • Along Came A Spider opening car accident

  • Found a really rough one. Numb3rs s1e12 the jets flying through downtown LA

  • When I went to Titan I never once faced that kind of stuff but I also slept most the time, except when chris and jen woke everyone up over some stupid romance drama

  • Can you guys look at League of Legends?

  • Saw Coriolis effect, liked immediately

  • im rendering a 240 frame animation and it takes 2 to 3 hours per frame. 🤤

  • That dude from "300" is in "focus" too

  • Clint looks so pale and sickly here, are you doing okay dude? :(

  • React to along came a spider (2001 first scene car


  • 1:28

  • You guys should check out The Expanse for some cool zero gravity shots. Also, it's an amazing science fiction series (or how I like to call it scientific fiction)

  • The rotating space station wouldn't feel weird because it would emulate earth's gravity by applying centrifugal force. You wouldn't pass out like that fighter pilot scene you showed. They have to endure way higher rotational forces.

  • The pen was stuck to the glass with 2 sided tape. You guys should watch the making of 2001.

  • Wren doesnt realize that even tho the ship may need to spin super fast to be able to stand on the wall youre in space you dont feel anything aside from floatiness