VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 33

Publicēšanas datums 12 sep 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Clint break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • The trouble with spin gravity is if you turn 90 degrees the fluid in your ears will try to maintain the angular momentum and you will become completely disoriented. This is related to coriolis.

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • He is right about the Coriolis effect I'm not sure if that's you know specifically it with but it has to do with the diameter of the space station the larger the diameter the less of an issue that is expected. Now on Skylab they had a non-rotating yet circular room and the astronauts could run and cause themselves to have centrifugal effect on themselves. But the theory goes and of course it hasn't been tested yet in space but the bigger the diameter the better. The problem is is the engineering gets pretty heavy requirements when the space station starts to get that big a diameter. I talk on my LVcd channel about some of these factors and how they might be mitigated.

  • Dude you guys totally have to do space truckers. It's an amazing movie with an unbelievable cast it gets no love and it's one of my total favorite movies. Please I love your show do space truckers.

  • Kubrick 🔥🔥🔥

  • 2001 holds up so damn well

  • 0:32 OOF

  • Who else thinks they should do a JoJo's video

  • 2001 has no CGI so I don't understand why u added it, It's the greatest film ever no CGI no green screen

  • For the 2001 spinning set, I think Wren’s talking about centripetal force. It’s like when you spin a bucket with water extremely fast and the centripetal force is basically gravity that’s keeping the water in the bucket

  • 3:47 the giant space ship has a diameter of about 875 metres. Huge. Derivation below Assuming that the craft is trying to simulate Earth's g of 9.81 m/s/s, we can put this into the equation a(centripetal) = (4Rπ^2)/T^2 where R is the radius in metres and T is the period in seconds of one rotation. In this snippet at the time stamp given, the craft rotates about a 6th of the way in 7 seconds, thus yielding a period of 42 seconds. Putting these values into the equation and solving for R: 9.81 = R(4π^2)/42^2 (9.81*42^2)/(4π^2) = R R = 438m Or diameter of 877m

  • Watched 2001 A Space Odyssey for the first time recently and had to re-watch this episode lol.

  • in Aronofsky's films there are some quite smart effects you might like to check, especially in "The Fountain".

  • Did anyone just see that "MY Stepmom" ad and wonder if YT was showing them err... H material?

  • I would love to see you guys take a look at how they did the crazy liquid Stargate activation effects as well as that intense Interstellar Wormhole they created in the original Stargate movie. Information on that is so hard to find and it's such a clever use of reflection and water distortion with regards to practical effects.

  • please react to this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Wrens voice is the worst part of these videos

  • react to Ratatoing

  • Niko's reaction to the smoke under water is gold 😂

  • You guys should react to Day of Reckoning (2016) and fix it because it’s cringe to the max

  • Wait so what was the movie with the blue people

  • I know I'm watching this late but eh. In regards to 2001. It is indeed the Coriolis effect Wren, but not quite how you described it. It isn't the force difference between your feet and head (though that does feel weird) that makes you want to buff. It is your brain breaking and losing it's shit since the information your middle ear is sending and what you are physically experiencing are completely at odds with each other. Your middle ear is feeling you're going sideways really fast yet you're body is being pulled down in a vector that doesn't match. Its the same feeling you get if you were to sit in a car (or better a plane) without windows that is also manuevering. Technically the same process that makes you sea sick or car sick, just dialed up 200%

  • react for bollywood KGF, Sahoo, Robo 2

  • U guys should react to bad and great harry potter cgi

  • Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs

  • Gotta follow up Trumbull's 2k1 work with his work on Tree Of Life

  • Fun fact: Ice has a particular behavior when its turning solid from water. Its density should increse as any other material thay turns from liquid to solid but it actually decresses making it lightier than water and thats why it floats

  • Judging by Wren's reaction, Shia had to be totally CG.

  • 'Tactical three loads' should be its own porn category

  • Judging by Wren's reaction, Shia had to be totally CG.

  • You keep saying "no visual effects" while we are literally watching visual effects

  • Then 2001 pen was hung on wire hooks by actor there is a blooper scene where the actor couldn't get it perfect and pen fell

  • Any/all of walking with dinosaurs

  • Is it only lgbt people working at that company

  • Loved the vid as usual.💯😍💖❤️💯😍💖❤️

  • First scene I would have 100% just used CG toilets lmao

  • How did he recognizes Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes?

  • No, for the Worlds End one it's a CGI urinal, not forced perspective. There's 3 urinals in the original footage and an extra one in the actual thing

  • Because of you guys now I can’t watch an action movie without seeing the thousands little cuts they make on fight scenes lol

  • The Covenant (2006) Car crash scene


  • the corridor fight in inception is one of the most overrated fight scenes ever! i honestly dont get why people love it! nothing cool and not exciting at all imho!

  • jeepers scrapers 3 wings of jeepers scrapers))

  • I think the real unanswered question his how did he just know that guy was Xerxes?

  • I mean movie from 1968 and visuals are amazing as anyother movies of 2000s Stanley kubric was a genius

  • Love that you're looking at older pre-CGI movies now. It's obvious, but could you do a whole show on the OG Star Wars trilogy? We all know how revolutionary those effects were, especially the first movie. Would love to see you break some of that down - and this is important - NOT the "Special Editions", but the actual originals, which if you look hard enough, you can find out there, hint hint wink wink. :)

  • Something rotating in space under near 0G wouldn't have the same effect as it would on earth. As long as you match the speed to equal out to be 1G you shouldn't have a weight distribution problem with your body like you do on earth. In theory you could simulate 1G in space with the right amount of acceleration.

  • Love how calm the middle guy is

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Guys please do Tenet

  • wait.. how do they get the pen to turn end over end though?

  • how did they make the pen spin

  • somebody

  • 7:55. What is that guy in the background looking at?

  • 7:55 guy in the background to the left.

  • we really love the reload series and love to see more of it In the future.

  • If you guy's like the pen in 2001, check out the one in 2010. Same technique but the flick it away! Really cool.

  • at 5:17 you can actually see a smudge on the glass in the top left-middle of the shot

  • Wow Xerxes was in blackface? That was damn good blackface.

  • Please do Flight of the Navigator! It's a childhood favorite 😊

  • I've worked on the first GI Joe movie as Rotoscope and paint artist. We have tons of questions on the final wrapped up.

  • 1997 wish masters. A Masterpiece.

  • Honestly I watched that Charles Angel movie ages ago when I was a kid. I always thought those was real deal. Now seeing it is CGI makes me sad a little but still. I guess it was good for the time it was

  • Kubrick shot 2001 at the same time he filmed the moon landing, then they killed him right before he released eyes wide shut so that they could change it because he was trying to redpill people about the elites. I still want you guys to breakdown the CGI used on the moon landing and the CG planes they added to the footage of the twin towers being demolished by explosives.

  • Massive explosions under water would actually look like that.

    • They wouldn't be fiery, they'd be giant bubbles.

  • React to Chronicles of Narnia please

  • It's been a very long time since I've seen Charlie's Angels Full Throttle. I remembered the stupid dummy, but kid me didn't notice the terrible green screen.

  • Kubrick was experimenting with something.....not sure it was ink into coffee.... know what I mean?

  • 5:55 unfortunately you are completely wrong. if your velocity is constant you don't feel any force on you just like the earth's movement does not create any sense of "dragging" whatsoever (which is 1000 miles an hour approximately). so if you are in outer space with a circular spaceship with a right velocity and angular momentum you are going to feel the exact same gravitational force on you just like you would on earth.

  • Oh yeah you guys just reminded me Bring Tom Scott to one your reacts

  • I love how they always reference andrew kramer(video copilot)

  • Ready player one or Godzilla throughout history

  • React to some DC movies CGI

  • I don't know if you guys have already done this but I'm new i just subscribed and I think you guys should look at aquaman it was incredible and so well done for a movie that was around 50% in CGI water and green screen

  • 1:18 Is he talking about Xerxes from the sequel? I think he’s talking about the actor who played Young Xerxes in the sequel, which means he saw the sequel. 8:45 Hit the what, now?

    • @Orange Hand Oh, okay. My bad, then.

    • @Justin Cruz He was definitely in the original film.

    • @Orange Hand I only remember seeing him in the sequel.

    • He's talking about Xerxes from the original film, played by Rodrigo Santoro.

  • 5:17 if you look up and left, like where the suitcases are and you will see this glass shine when it's not clean

  • Event horizon, the whole movie.

  • 0:20 was worried Wren was going to pass out again lmao

  • Kinda sad tbe practical effects are now the exception.

  • I love that you showed tom scott passing out

  • Video isn’t even 4K tho

  • They got a “Shia Surprise!”

  • To the VFX artists of g i Joe.... Press F to pay respect

  • You 3 are the best.. 😇

  • Any god Zilla?!?

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey is the single greatest movie ever made: Change My Mind


    • It was meant to be. The idea was for certain parts of it to feel unnecessary and/or unsubstantive. It’s part of the grander message the film was trying to convey. I didn’t say it was the most enjoyable, or even my favorite, movie, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best.

    • @Simplicious Finally, somebody else gets it.

    • I disagree. Freddie Got Fingered is a mind-changing experience that’ll reinvent your perspective on life.

    • I liked the book much better than the movie. I found a good bit of the movie to be quite boring.

  • is Niko the son of "Kevin Bloody Wilson"?.. hes a spitting image!

  • 0:28 does your man look at you like clint looks at wren

  • A centripetal force is what you were thinking of with the space station in 2001, commonly mistaken for centrifugal force...which isn't a real force like just like the Coriolis "force". Coriolis is the apparent deflection of an object on a rotating reference frame.

  • Shia Surprise!

  • Your videos are so good. The content is worth watching. Just relax all the overhype dialogue bullshit. Don't have to act so over excited all the time.

  • Did they really landed on moon??

  • I love my boys Ben, Clit, and Tito

  • 12:23 Smooooke under waaater

  • FYI it is not the coriolis force that makes you sick in a rotating space station. Simply the difference in apparent gravity between head and feet.

  • We actually studied 2001 in my physics class: that ring is pretty big, and it's rotating to give just under 1 g. The reason being that because gravity is radial, everything is "pulled" out, not necessarily down, and it would mess with your brain too much. Mir in Armageddon, on the other hand, would have almost a full g difference between your feet and your head, and would be spinning at 3 Hz.

  • Wren should work in finding criminals if he identified Xerxes like that, god damn.

  • At 7:55. That dude behind Niko is totally myself when I get to know anything new about 2001 - A Space Odyssey. 😲👀🤣

  • You guys are to nice about your critiques

  • You guys need to partner with Cinema sins