We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever

Publicēšanas datums 12 jūl 2019
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The Crew attempts a VFX Makeover on "The Worst CGI shot ever." Will it work?
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  • Sticking exciting music over nerds - they're still nerds doing computers. :)

  • I mean it still looks bad but at least it now looks bad for 2001 rather than bad for that year.

  • Watch KGF MOVIE

  • Imagine getting liked by you guys, that would be sick.

  • lvcd.info/watch/nMiggax0m8WopXk/video.html

  • Why didn't you just deepfake it? XD

  • the original footage got a better facial expression (don't talking about quality...) it's a monster who express rage, the other one instead at a certain point look at the camera like in a selfie but the fact you can change and do better past things is good idea

  • Awesome guys. Love it

  • Still Ugly

  • Guys, any chance to remake the dancing alien with Will Smith from Men In Black Video? =O That fkn alien really fks the whole song!

  • Fix spawn cgi

  • I just want someone, anyone, to make a perfected full-length version of The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor in its entirety, with Rachel Weisz replacing Maria Bello. Then, I can finally enjoy that movie.

    • Screw it. I'll pay someone to perfect that deepfake and every single other digital effect in The Mummy trilogy that looks bad.

  • if this type of rock was in a 3rd Video Game This is What He Would Look Like

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  • Really really awesome

  • this worst vfx was made 10 years before. where were you people at that moment? disturbing thumbnails guys. try to keep some respect

  • bruh idk if this is a troll video but the new one looks worse. idk if its bc all these comments are fans of this channel. but seriously the old one is like bad cgi but the new one is a like a bad deepfake

  • I now realize the original face doesn’t look like the rock whatsoever.

  • But i like the older face of Rock..

  • Skip to 9:16 😁😁😁


  • Old one is better imo.

  • The expressions are still lacking. He looks like he's drunk and confused. When he's bang opening the door I wanted to see some aggressiveness and smugness.

    • Agreed and hilarious description :P

  • The new Scorpion King says 'You're welcome'

  • Would actually love to see you do a VFX !!motion!! correction (for example on Toby's Spiderman, where they even used bad CG for a shot o spidey jumping 1m high to a window ledge)

  • 10:13 - Late to the game..not sure if it was mentioned yet...Matrix reloaded when Neo is fighting all those agent smiths..Starts off good then goes super bad CGI. Would love to see if that could be fixed.

  • The CG Rock's face from the original film looks like the character models from the first two Rock Band games.

  • with todays deepfake technology even this remake looks not that good and this video is only about 1.5 years old

  • Could you please fix the dam bursting scene from Superman The Movie (1978). I’d like you to spruce up what was a pretty terrible minarets shot, where the miniatures looked miniature and the water droplets were enormous. I’ll be you guys to make big difference in a scene that nearly ruins an otherwise terrific movie. Thsnks!

  • Make the expressions more smooth. Not a full set of facial expressions crammed into one shot making it look like a demo reel.

  • "we fixed" yeah..........

  • The edited face still looks smooth! Looks like the skin lacks texture! 🙏🤗🙏

  • Awesome! I have a prop axe from the Original Scorpion King. Great fixer upper. Perhaps you could fix the scene in the original Terminator when he's limping down the hallway chasing after SC.

  • Y’all didn’t realize his right hand clipping through the door at 4:31

  • Original one is best and is master piece.

  • You have to include this in your next VFX artist react video

  • so where can I download the entire movie with this scene spliced in

  • Ok ok ok so I could NEVER even approach what you guys did in a single day if I had a year and help to do it, I just wanna preface what I'm about to say with that. Amazing work and overall I think the new shot looks much better. HOWEVER. at 9:54 his eye is fully clipping through the eyelid and it bothers me more than anything on the original shot ever did lol. He just goes bug-eyed for a few seconds which plays to the early 2000s jankiness but still it's so glaring cause everything else looks so much better. If for some reason you guys ever revisited this scene, that's the first thing I'd fix. Maybe you guys did notice (I'm sure you did as you would've had to look this over so many times) but couldn't do anything about it cause of the time constraints. Regardless, amazing video!


  • I have a challenge for you. Take a look at Terminator 1, the scene at the motel when he cuts open his eye. Think you could truly " fix " that? The puppet head and all? :)

  • That was The Rock? I thought I was plan CGI-

  • The deepfake face still needs work. The expressions are still unnatural, but for a days work this is still impressive

  • You guys talk like Pimp My Ride team! :D

  • lmao... BARELY an improvement, this is awkward af listening to them say it looks good, it looks TERRIBLE possibly even worse, sorry

  • Nice work. Keep it up guys.

  • yay peter's back!!!

  • This Guy Looks Like Bill Pullman's Young Brother.

  • His last facial expression was terrible. Fix that

  • Big Brain.

  • Make reaction for 'KL GANGSTER' plizzzz😣

  • Achou que eu estava brincando?

  • Not very impressive. Just chuck it at deep learning and let it do the same crappy job it does for all these face swap apps. Lazy FX, i would never use this in a production.

  • The new version is good but looks weirder as in super out of place and forced

  • I got 20 RTX 3090 Graphic Cards let me know if you want them & yes ... I’m a scalper lol

  • 4:17 that was the nerdiest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life.... i love it😂

  • not even you guys could fix Jurassic Prey from 2015. Worst effects I've ever seen

  • This might have been perfectly alright if they had not tried to use the Rock's face. They should have used an unknown face and it would not have been anywhere near as noticeable. But I agree FX has come a long way.

  • hey Corridor Crew from the some scenes form the bbc documentary walking with dinosaurs i will send you the links here link 1 The Smell of Prey @ link 2 @ link 3 @

  • You guys need to submit it to the studio to get it put into the actual movie.

  • If I had to point out what's "wrong" in the remade shot which as also wrong in the original and amounted to close to half of the reason for the sensation of why it feels so uncanny, it would be that the Dwayne's face is too "pure" compared to the rest of his body. It's too much "untouched" by the curse that plagues all the rest of his body. Originally, obviously, the means were limited as to be able to properly make his face and add the curse-like scorpion's details and there were surely a tons of work done in post-effects to make it look as it was in the original, but if you were to deep-fake his face out of the Scorpion King movie, I would have went with quite fewer shots, but editing those shots to add fake-like curse stuff onto his left-side (our right from the front) like you can see on his cursed scorpion-like body. It doesn't need a lot of it, but just small bits to link the head with the body.

  • Good yry. Supposed to be snarling, not smiling. But good try.

  • Not gonna lie. I was expecting the eyebrow raise!

  • CC you should check out Ahmed Mobarez's Frozen Heist Police vs Clowns time loop video. He made it to highlight Philips's new 21x9 aspect ratio screens: lvcd.info/watch/uI6iZ4KQfrWsbok/video.html ...is that Al Pacino?

  • i can see the cut or the line that separate real face and the 3d skin..you should blend it perfect

  • Do literally anything from Mortal Kombat annihilation

  • I've always wondered if the Scorpion King and Mummy movies were in the same universe

  • The deepfake kinda looks like the Rock is high, also, the pincers deserved some love too imo. Still an insane improvement in one day.

  • a little texture on the face would made it more better, than being smooth

  • There are quite a few scenes in Total Recall like "Two Weeks" lvcd.info/watch/lNaScmWqaNyEY6c/video.html The Nose scene lvcd.info/watch/0bSidouZp9p5aY0/video.html Open your mind lvcd.info/watch/1MOjZIeWlMmpro0/video.html Eyes popped out lvcd.info/watch/2tZ8mZyDedKWeZ8/video.html Pic on one or re-do them all. :)

  • It looks even worse now.

  • Can you make the last scene in lion king rated R? Where the hyenas go after scar. Make it gruesome

  • cool, pimp my ride vibe 😁

  • They should have put some scars at the face

  • Sadly, the original's eyes were more lively than anything on Polar Express.

  • Please do the langolers.

  • Looks the same

  • It was because this video in a ad I got hooked with corridor crew and I didn't know that the glitch video was made by these guys until 2018 I

  • You guys act like you are doing these stuffs from the time you were born on earth. And the headphone commercial in the middle of the video is hardly appreciated.

  • The improved one looks like Ricardo Milos

  • Nice job!

  • 1990 Darkman VFX

  • Wow! You guys did an awesome job! 👍

  • hey have you guys ever heard of this game? its called *R A I D S H A D O W L E G E N D S*

  • I know I'm way late to the game but, had to share my thoughts. The highlights on the eyelids at 10:11 is bothering me. Also the motion blur is making them unevenly focus and sized. It may be correct but aesthetically it looks weird. There's a couple pops like that as he walks in that is distracting me. The eyes are a major factor of his expressions in The Rock's real life. I feel it just needs a little more love. That said, awesome tackle and I'm here to learn a thing or too also. Much love!

  • I have an impossible task for you... Redo the cyborg in the 2017 justice league movie. Pick any shot you want, because honestly they are all bad

  • 9:30 person: changes back to original Everybody: bursts into laughter

  • clickbite

  • Can you guys try to fix the cgi on the monsters from the SyFy Channel movies?

  • less content, bullsh*t too much...waste of time

  • I am not surprised that you guys can do that today with today's technology. My bigger respect for the people who did the original with the technology, training, and resources that they had at that time.

  • we landed on the moon in 69...this is the best we can do?

  • i would love to see you fix Datas face, eyes and hairline from Star Trek Picard - specifically in the Ten Forward chess scene and the garden painting scene. Obviously the Data from the latter seasons of TNG, which is what they should have done in the first place, in friggin 2019 :)

  • 1:45 wtf.... PEWDIEPIE 🙄😂😂

  • Fix Jaws 3 shark into glass scene!!!

  • They got almost 4 million subs.... You could film you guys farting and people would watch.

  • 10 minute video that could be done in 4

  • i wish i was them


  • End's up looking like a catwalk face... but sure looking better!

  • I always thought that scene looked a bit iffy. I'm sure it was tricky to do whatever technique they used. It seems like the new way of CGI would be to use less CGI, and more the use of photography. I do think a mixture if techniques is the way to go :D