Spending Time Doing What We Love During Quarantine

Publicēšanas datums 22 mar 2020
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Quarantine Crew Episode 1: Niko, Christian, Wren, and Jake show you what they are up to during their first few days of "Social Distancing."
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  • poor niko being alone at the studio......

  • Lol hopefully two weeks.....

  • This is hilarious. Jake has his kids doing the ray on headphones ad hahahaha

  • rubber handles in the oven!!! crazy!

  • Damn this was 7 months ago

  • Niko: cool anc calm Wren: fun and educational Jake: sponsored by FAMILY

  • Jake wren Niko are my favourite

  • Man, Niko seems like such a cool guy. I'd work for him in an instant.

  • jake is already insane

  • Fun Fact: as of Sept 15, it has been *roughly* 187 days since quarantine started.

  • I love this video

  • that was almost more salt than i eat in a week

  • Niko's daughter is so full of life bless you

  • Well I absolutely would love to see more of these

  • How many stuff are there in jake's garage??? First the bb gun, then first aid kit... What's next?

  • that chicken recipe look nice!!!

  • crazy its been 4 months now

  • not anymore idiot. social distance or fuck off

  • Re watching just to hear niko play the handpan

  • I want more Corridor Cooking with Christian

  • That "hopefully it'll just be the next two weeks" hit different in july

  • I found that putting the pot in the oven for only about 25 minutes will make the rice less crunchy and more like... well rice. I also found that a little bit of cream mushroom on the chicken itself is awesome. As well as sautéing mushrooms with soy sauce and butter works great with the dish.

  • just be safe guys we all gonna be okay 🤟

  • Making that chicken today!

  • Milo looks like my baby cousin londyn

  • Wrens giggle is super cute

  • Stay safe say home stay awesome : )

  • guys, discord server? for corridor crew and all of us? maybe please

  • I love I have the same name as niko's kid, it makes me feel special for some reason

  • 2:31 what video was this from

  • What's the instrument Niko use there?

  • I want more of these!!!! I love seeing all the babies (including fur). I also absolutely love Christian teaching me how to cook.

  • Jenna kinda looks like Jake

  • Jake made an amazing dad video and i loved it

  • Corridor Cooking Show! Now! Make it happen... i would watch the living shit out of it!

  • Jake: *"And here is the intercontinental ballistic missile I found just lying around in my garage"*

  • You know some babies can be ugly but OMG NIKO, MILO IS THE CUTEST LITTLE THING I EVER SEEN.

  • Nikos baby is sooo cute

  • Christian that recipe was awesome 👌. Thanks

  • "good thing pets can't get corona" uhhhh got some bad news

  • Just watching a plain old day in the life of the Quarantine Crew and then BAM I get a blast of MERICA! at the end.

  • don't know why but this video format in special was soooo confortable to watch... specially for the pan hahah hope we be around soon and safe best luck guys

  • 5:18 i've always had a soft spot for Wren and his cute goofiness and omgggg the smile, the pure cheeky joy Wren expresses over his wife liking him being close is too adorable for my little heart

  • your baby is so cute!!1

  • I loved your gun segment, so perfect.

  • Thank you for thanking the people who work at grocery stores we struggle so much

  • Did Jake just use his kids to advertise stuff...

  • The real Earl would have pulled out his 1911...

  • Milo is so cute

  • Jake: "Now, I heard that there's information in books..." xD

  • Can you react to Brad Pitts CGI in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button PLEASE

  • Yo the beginning where he’s by himself made feel so sad bro 🙁 then he showed the old office where they played all those games long ago with the old crew hit me with major nostalgia. Kerbal space program to the moon, the GOT Age of empires games

  • Fun to see everyone keeping well but dude is going to kill himself with all that salt

  • Sorry to say Wren but it's now confirmed that pets can get the virus :(

  • Stay safe during this and if you need to watch something funny like Jimmy Fallon talking about Trump or anything involving him and other hosts cause he’s all over

  • "it's a good thing pets can't get corona"

  • I made the chicken recipe for the second time today! It is sooo good 😄👌 thanks a lot for a really simple and delicious recipe!

  • For some reason Christian's segment made me so giddy. It just felt so genuine and wholesome, I don't know. This whole video is, really. I love the atmosphere. Jake's segment had me rolling laughing.

  • 7:33 I’m sorry to tell you week but pets CAN get Wuhanflu/covid-19 as pets of patients in Hong Kong have tested positive

  • So I have a Question for you guys: I am from Germany and here everyone has to have a health insurance and i wondered about how you would handle a corona infection if you haven't got a insurance because i think that the treatments are really expensive and if you are more on the poorer side of society and you can't affort a insurance and you got infected with the virus you can't go to a hospital because you can't pay either the test nor the treatment and that would be incredible dangerous for everyone. Secondary i'm asking for your opinion if you'd like to have a law wich establishes that everyone must have an insurance (something like Obama Care) because the americans elected Trump, who killed this health system immediately after he got President. Best regarts from Germany

  • Wren got his dogs, he gonna be fine during quarantine

  • Me: see’s jake Me: again well he is on a rampage to survive

  • This was lovely and interesting, I especially liked Niko`s segment, he seems like the best boss ever!

  • I like how jake teaches a little trigger discipline

  • Wait there’s a virus outbreak? Couldn’t tell because I stay inside and play games anyway

  • My mom has Lived in Nashville Tennessee for almost 25 years before it was as populated as it is now, the other day she went grocery shopping and it took 15 minutes to get there like it used to she said that it felt super weird

  • Niko showing where the team's desks used to be almost brought me to tears...

  • Link to recipe? 👌

  • Love that chicken 😋😋😋😋😁

  • So cute all babies 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Christian is out here saving people with 0 cooking skill. Good guy christian

  • People did'nt take it seriously,now america has more than 100000 corona virus cases.So, mr. Nico you were correct making the decision not to work at office.

  • What’s the song niko was playing on the handpan??

  • What instrument is he playing at the beginning of the video?

  • I just made that chicken dinner! Thanks Christian!! 🙏🏼

  • Lol Christian should start a cooking channel

  • Niko: My little *daughter* milo Niko 5 secs later: I get to spend time with *him*

    • He said them. He was saying a more general statement.

  • Where's Cuarantine Clint?

  • PSA: don't wash raw chicken if you want to avoid food poisoning

  • Never knew Niko played the hangdrum 🎶

  • Don't need a gun, but okay.

  • Bon Appetit better watch out :)

  • Christian's little cooking guide was the only one I've ever actually wanted to watch. I love what you guys are doing here. Stay safe👍

  • Can u pls review Mortal Kombat 11's cinematics? I found them really interesting, and i hope you do too

  • So Jake had taken the role of Jan...

  • Becareful!

  • Niko(after coronavirus crisis settles down): Welcome back everyone! What did you guys do in quarantine? Wren: I actually made a real scientifically accurate lightsaber. Want to see it?(shows lightsaber) Niko: Cool. Wait scientifically accurate? Wren: Yeah.(turns on lightsaber) Niko: NOOOO! (everyone in the office is flashfried from the intense heat)

  • Internet has ruined me too much to be able to hear Milo and not expect a yeet.

  • Could you guys do “The Lost City of Z” specifically the scene where a guy gets eaten by piranhas while another guy tries to get him untangled in a net. Wondering how they did that scene... looked like real piranhas to me.

  • wren and his wife are the ultimate relationship goal and no one can tell me otherwise.

  • My wifi is shite, so the quality is rough. I can't tell that's a cup of chopped onions, BUT I can tell that's a framed color vinyl of DAMN. in the back. Respect.

  • I love seeing more from Christian. He's great

  • 2weeks? Cmon. China was in lockdown for months. It will surely last longer than 2 weeks.

  • Christian washing his chicken made me uncomfortable (with his sleeves down too!). Don't wash your chicken people! It increases the chance of bacteria spreading and therefore food poisoning!

  • 2 weeks, lol! You guys know this won't be over for months, right?

  • Niko's baby is just like Niko, always smiling❤. She got his eyes too.

  • Did u guys do this in the states yet? lvcd.info/watch/z5N9eJaQqNalgZc/video.html

  • What’s that instrument Niko is playing?

  • You made the right decision. Best wishes to you and your loved one. Love from France mate.

  • So tried out christians recipe today... for the love of all that is good and holy. DO NOT USE MINUTE RICE (unless you like mush). Other than that, super good. Also, I thought he put a lot of salt in, i was wrong.