Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 18

Publicēšanas datums 18 jūl 2020
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Clint and Niko are joined by special guest Lauren Mary Kim to break down some of the best (and worst) Hollywood stunts!
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  • The sexual tension this episode

  • You guys really enjoy your ads, eh?

  • Corridor Crew, My kids and I started watching "Stunt Science" on Netlfix (it's an admittedly terribad show, barely above Johnny Knoxville 'stunts', I concede), and my daughter (8 yr old) noticed a decided lack of ladies doing stunts, and I turned off Netflix and knew EXACLTY what to show her. So, to you, and especially to Lauren for coming on here, THANK YOU. She was quite happy to see this and was genuinely impressed by the work (we've of course watched Clone Wars and she knew exactly what fight y'all referenced). Thank you again, A Happy Dad with a Happier Daughter.

  • That really cool stunt from Stargirl is kind of ruined visually by the terrible, terrible cheap sparks that emit no light and have no colour. Black body radiation, anyone?

  • OMG still haven't started watching the latest Clone Wars season. RIDICULOUSLY COOL that they brought in Ray Park! They were serious! :D Damn, she looks awesome in the rehearsals!

  • at 10:23 is that matt peeking at what they're watching??! hahahahaha

  • 6:47 The sexual tension here is real.

  • Man I can't stop watching this videos 👀

  • 7:42 - Парковий міст на Труханів острів, Київ

  • SHE SU YUNG?!!

  • 3:54 Anyone else notice them filming Jane telling Wren about how he lost his finger?

  • « I like the double stick ... I rather have both long » 😏😏😏 yeah yeah I know but ...

  • The last airbender. FIght scene between the earth benders and fire benders

  • that rock fall scene was the first thing i saw on my first home projector in DVD, it was a MASSIVE step up from a 27 in sony! So i remember this scene vividly, and it still looks awesome, i don't think it has been beaten for drama and realism.

  • just have to say that Vertical Limit scene is good unless you're a climber. it's abysmal when it comes to real technique

  • Do KGF

  • The rock climbing scene shits me so much cause no one climbs like that

  • her hair is on fleek

  • Few problems with the rock climbing seen from a climbing perspective, practically it wouldn't happen like that. The fall probably wouldn't really hurt, climbing ropes have enough stretch in them that actual falls don't really hurt the pain comes from swing back into the cliff face which they don't do. It's also such a weird way to climb, you don't normally have everyone climb at once, one person climbs another belays. And for the least practical part, if the gear is strong enough to catch them and stop all their momentum it's going to be 5x strong enough to hold them, so there is no reason for it too pop out. And also why don't they just swing back into the wall and grab onto a hold on the wall? it's not that much of an overhang they could easily get to it with minimum swing.

  • Maybe you can react on GUNDALA. It is a original indonesian superheroes movie. You react the vfx or their fightscene

  • 5:08 that scene is actually just bullshit

  • Talking about "we are all serious, we need to have more fun" but then you pixelate his butt. Is that because of LVcd? Why? I just saw Cardi B's WAP music video. Tell me what's acceptable. Great episode by the way.

  • Omg please have her back as an ahsoka double @starwars

  • Maybe the fight in The Crow that takes place in Top Dollar's hideout? I may have an obsession with that movie, I think.

  • Please watch Living Waters on LVcd

  • Holy hell the guy doing the square space add has the most ridiculous hair ever please cut it put some natural oils or something in it it’s making me so uncomfortable please for your own virginity do something with it. Especially when you’re on camera. Put a hat on. Sorry man I’m not trying a lot to be mean but god damn man.

  • Shame about Ray Park.

  • Pls get ray

  • Do the Man. From. Nowhere. I have been mentioning this forever!!!!!

  • Omg that was Dave Filoni

  • Liberals killed comedy. Can't make a joke it'll offend someone or whatever. Can't have someone getting offended. Oh my... the Twitter crucifixion that would follow a joke today...

  • Ok, seriously, guys, why the hell haven't we done this fight scene from The Raid 2 yet?!?

  • Anyone think that Wren looks like the streamer Jay3 but with more hair?

  • I Need More Gui

  • Anyone getting spiderman 2002 vibes from that star girl scene?

  • Where is Harry Marv?

  • That kid who took Jackie's newspaper: a young Clint

  • Nice hair clip lol

  • She’s so hot

  • 9:44 LMAOO

  • Can you guys do the scene early in the spy who dumped me where the guy jumps out of a window and onto a truck and the camera jumps with him?

  • you should react to the anime god of highschool because they are choreographed with real people

  • The anxiety i got from the sparks and the scratching

  • You guys should get Tom Holland to go on your show

  • Was that Randy Blythe in the background?

  • Shoutout all my proud nonsubscribers

  • She's savage, what a character.

  • Motion capture is *not* the future. There is nothing like someone being actually there.

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • The HAIR

  • Guys do React to the market fight scene from the Indian Tamil film MUGAMOODI from 2012


  • Putting Ahsoka Tano in the thumbnail was the fastest way to make me click on a video. And she got to FIGHT AS HER?! im in love

  • And wrens hair in the sponsor sections of the video.... lmaooo!

  • What movie was that with the rock climbing scene

    • I believe it was Vertical Limit 😃

  • What was the name of the movie for the Jackie Chan scene?

    • It said at the beginning of the clip: The Accidental Spy 😄

  • my neighbor totro 🥰🥰

  • Clifhanger : maybe state of the art vfx, but super dumb from a climber's point of view

  • Lauren legit has the real life Ahsoka vibes going.

  • "i like the double stick"

  • Guy with glasses looks like Father from Far Cry 5 😁

  • clint:" its carzy" lauren: "its crazy' wait what!,a we twins?

  • Strap on the nitro!

  • Ray Parks’ footwork is insane. He’s incredible

  • The hunted. Tommy lee jones and benicio del toro. The last fight

  • More episodes with Lauren! She's awesome!!!

  • Wow now the animations with motion capture look 100% better with motion capture much more fluid,don't has the ''time stop'''.

  • Check some Stunts by "Alarm für Cobra 11". It's a german TV show, running for over 20 years. They are quite famous for their car stunts, with almost no CGI. I bet you will find some amazing car demolition scenes. Check

  • reacted to Kung Fury yet?

  • Bring Jackie Chan into the show!

  • Yall gotta react to the beginning scene of the movie dinosaur, of the t rex bitting the triceratops, it looks VERY real

  • YES!!I love clone wars!!

  • PLEASE DO THE FIRST SCENE OF “Kung pow: enter the fist”!!! You work regret it

  • Guy Ritchie's king Arthur's ex-caliber fight scene vfx breakdown

  • The last 4 episodes of clone wars. Was the best start wars movie ever made, change my mind.

  • And why is wren failing in those kind of stuff, I wonder? I.e.: that "stunt" he did and the impersonator olympics.

  • Wow is wren doing the ads now in place of jake??? I dig wren's afro tho.

  • "i like double sticks" thats whats she.. nvm

  • Do the Fight Scene From Pacific Rim 1

  • For a stuntman react video, you guys should look at the realistic fights from Crows Zero movies series please! and Thank you!

  • Accidental Spy is one of those films that is pretty meh until the action starts. This naked scene still goes on and the thing he did to get dressed and escape from those guys is also impressive. I think its also in this one were at the end he is on a fuel truck on fire and jumps off a bridge and everything explodes

  • wrens hair 😂

  • can't believe I forgot this. Get hte guys from Streetfighter assasins fist to come in and talk about their movie =D that was amazing

  • u guys should try to get jackie chan on there.

  • Just taking no chances with that nude shot. Could have been classy, but fuck it, take out the whole clip. It was just funny to me, especially when they took their time looking for Jackie's junk.

  • Honestly you guys should break down "Rambo: Last Blood" there's a lot in that movie that I'd love to see broke down 👍

  • The only react videos that are worth it besides vocal coaches if you’re a singer.

  • I like your videos. but there is a LOT of padding involved, imho. Please just get to the point, be a little more concise.... add more content. Maybe that is the problem: not much content, but a need to have a 15+ minute run time, regardless.

  • Get your hair cut, dude.

  • Jackie Chan in IKEA would beat Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet.

  • I was rewatching all these, and I realised she's actually in a few clips in Stuntmen React 13 around 4:42.

  • 6 underground has a crazy car chase scene in the beginning that you guys should check out.

  • Lots if fight scenes in ANNA

  • 8:02 That's my personal favorite fight scene Here it's link to the orginal mocap And here to whole fight scene:

  • I want you guys to do stuntman reaction on Bollywood vidyut jamwal commando 1 and commando 3 fights

  • Eastern. Promises.

  • When did Wren turn into Bilbo Baggins?

  • There is some sick gun kata fight choreography in a Russian movie called "Paragraph 78"

  • 9.58 didnt have to blur the tree :D

  • You should see Alex Honnold's thoughts on the rock climbing scene