Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 18

Publicēšanas datums 18 jūl 2020
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Clint and Niko are joined by special guest Lauren Mary Kim to break down some of the best (and worst) Hollywood stunts!
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  • Please check out the window chase scene fromThe Thieves 2012 KOREAN.

  • after all those hightech equipments , lasers , galactic conflictions , it is all about kung-fu fighting . if you know better kung-fu tricks , jumps etc , possibly you can save the galaxy.

  • I knew there was something different about that Maul/Ashoka fight

  • one day we’ll have a stuntmen react with jackie chan

  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf.

  • 2:56 In the movie Surf's Up they actually did something similar with the camera.

  • Love the Rotor Riot shirt by the way!

  • Hi Lauren, When I saw your video as a character in a video game in Star Wars. I am glad to see a girl playing the actual character. Thx Olivia (6 ).

  • Please do the hotel fight scene from the movie "Haywire"!

  • I love how Laurens reactions are always like you notice that she's right there in that industry and then a second later it feels like she is enjoying each and every of the scenes like a stranger to that business.

  • I love the clone wars

  • Wow wren time to trim that ur wolfing my friend

  • But...but why does Wren look like Daniel Stern in Home Alone??!

  • "It's crazy"

  • I really liked the Clone Wars fight, but at the same time I feel like it was too slow. And I'm not saying in comparison to previous fights in the show, I'm saying in comparison to other saber fights with real actors. Hell, both her and Ray moved way faster when mocapping, but post removed all of that speed.

  • I've got a couple which are probably too obvious, but i'd still like to see broken down: Police Story - Aside from the obvious fireman's pole stunt, in the opening bus scene 2 stuntmen take a wicked fall off the top of a double decker bus which looks ridiculous. There's also a bunch of falls and glass breaks in the end mall fight scene which look pretty hectic (not entirely sure how much is sugar glass). Winners and Sinners - Jackie Chan goes under a semi-trailer on roller skates (not sure on timing and speed or if the tape is sped up). Project A - Aside from the obvious clocktower fall, towards the ending Sammo Hung falls off a flight of stairs seemingly into a solid wall and takes a pretty big bump. He's only wearing a vest (no shirt underneath), so he doesn't look padded up in the slightest. Armour of God - Jackie Chan fights 4 Amazonian looking women wearing high heels, there's a couple of falls that look pretty heavy. Also, as a rare "Bad Stunt", at the ending he base jumps off a cliff and somehow ends up landing on a hot air balloon (in one cut you can see a tree in the background) and abseiling from on top into the basket. The environment scaling is a bit questionable in that one, but the end wide shot is insane. Love your work!!

  • 3:53 Oh, I'm sorry, Niko. Was filming this video interrupting your game of Candy Crush?

  • Flint is such a flirt 🤣

  • Guys, you should check "Martial Club". It's a youtube channel of young martial artists who are following Jackie's footsteps in action comedy. You are going to like them.

  • Someone tell me why I thought Jackie Chan died in the early 2000s. I just found out he’s still alive wtf

  • Guys react on "the Mask"

  • I was hoping they got Lauren to double for Rosario Dawson in the Mandalorian but instead she was the double for the Magistrate that Ashoka is fighting!

  • there was a lot going on in this haha

  • "my eyes are glued to the buttcheeks" =DD I knew it from the first time I saw that hairclipp=PP

  • maybe I have missed an episode but I remember very well you guys saying that if you reach 4ml subs you will have a special guest on your show! has that happened??

  • Omg the stunt people you get! They're all so amazing with a great history!

  • foh

  • When I heard Ray Park was “guesting” (as a way to put it) as Maul in the fight for clone wars and it was completely worth it. As a fight for the series goes it was amazing, best one ever. The mo cap made it 100 times better than usual animating it, and Ray Park knocked it up that extra gear making Maul move as he should do. It feels more Maul, and can easily see how well Lauren and Ray work with each other to pull off the amazing mo cap data needed. Completely organic feeling!

  • That, children, is why rock climbing is kinda a really dumb pastime.

    • Nah it's really totally safe. That movie is notorious for being inaccurate and stupid within our community.

  • Afrwren is best Wren

  • Must see from Africa.

  • Yall should get Yoshi Sudarso or Johnny Yong Bosch from Power Rangers

  • please react to catwoman by halle berry

  • It would be really cool if you did Sherlock Holmes: Game of shadows the final fight scene

  • No action comedies lately? Jumanji?

    • What they mean is that instead of the human body be the center of action. They use the environment to be the action just like what Jackie does.

  • React to Man of Steel

  • Martial Club!!!

  • Simp alarm

  • Or the chase scene from Kung Fu hustle

  • Why not review the scene from evolution when Sean William scott was singing in the mall

  • Everytime I see a stuntwomen react to a Jackie chan stunt, it reminds me of the graphic novel "The Golden Path - Ma vie de cascadeuse" which tells the story of a girl that became a stunt women to work with Sammo and Jackie (of course the names have been changed since it's fictitious), "Golden Path" is a play on the Golden Harvest studio name and they have these awesome movies covers of all of Jackie's movies, highly recommended.

  • Love this super dope

  • 10:20 Oops, you forgot to censor it :o

  • The three amigos

  • Lauren. Way go go

  • nice episode! love it.

  • For some reason, I want to punch Clem Fandango there with the man bun and the glasses. YES! I hear can hear you Clem Fandango!

  • get Ray park on the show

  • Dwayne Johnson was in "The Rundown", which fits squarely into the action comedy genre.

  • I want to see Mad Max movie VFX background Tom hardey!

  • The sexual tension this episode

  • You guys really enjoy your ads, eh?

  • Corridor Crew, My kids and I started watching "Stunt Science" on Netlfix (it's an admittedly terribad show, barely above Johnny Knoxville 'stunts', I concede), and my daughter (8 yr old) noticed a decided lack of ladies doing stunts, and I turned off Netflix and knew EXACLTY what to show her. So, to you, and especially to Lauren for coming on here, THANK YOU. She was quite happy to see this and was genuinely impressed by the work (we've of course watched Clone Wars and she knew exactly what fight y'all referenced). Thank you again, A Happy Dad with a Happier Daughter.

  • That really cool stunt from Stargirl is kind of ruined visually by the terrible, terrible cheap sparks that emit no light and have no colour. Black body radiation, anyone?

    • You thought that ruined it? I found it a bit lifeless to begin with. Not Lauren's fault, the director shouldn't have concocted up a stunt where someone falls off a wall, magically floats back to it and somehow generates enough sideways force to grind to a halt on there. That just looked silly imo.

  • OMG still haven't started watching the latest Clone Wars season. RIDICULOUSLY COOL that they brought in Ray Park! They were serious! :D Damn, she looks awesome in the rehearsals!

  • at 10:23 is that matt peeking at what they're watching??! hahahahaha

  • 6:47 The sexual tension here is real.

    • To be fair Clint kinda flirts with everyone.

  • Man I can't stop watching this videos 👀

  • 7:42 - Парковий міст на Труханів острів, Київ

  • SHE SU YUNG?!!

  • 3:54 Anyone else notice them filming Jane telling Wren about how he lost his finger?

  • « I like the double stick ... I rather have both long » 😏😏😏 yeah yeah I know but ...

  • The last airbender. FIght scene between the earth benders and fire benders

  • that rock fall scene was the first thing i saw on my first home projector in DVD, it was a MASSIVE step up from a 27 in sony! So i remember this scene vividly, and it still looks awesome, i don't think it has been beaten for drama and realism.

  • just have to say that Vertical Limit scene is good unless you're a climber. it's abysmal when it comes to real technique

  • Do KGF

  • The rock climbing scene shits me so much cause no one climbs like that

  • her hair is on fleek

  • Few problems with the rock climbing seen from a climbing perspective, practically it wouldn't happen like that. The fall probably wouldn't really hurt, climbing ropes have enough stretch in them that actual falls don't really hurt the pain comes from swing back into the cliff face which they don't do. It's also such a weird way to climb, you don't normally have everyone climb at once, one person climbs another belays. And for the least practical part, if the gear is strong enough to catch them and stop all their momentum it's going to be 5x strong enough to hold them, so there is no reason for it too pop out. And also why don't they just swing back into the wall and grab onto a hold on the wall? it's not that much of an overhang they could easily get to it with minimum swing.

  • Maybe you can react on GUNDALA. It is a original indonesian superheroes movie. You react the vfx or their fightscene

  • 5:08 that scene is actually just bullshit

  • Talking about "we are all serious, we need to have more fun" but then you pixelate his butt. Is that because of LVcd? Why? I just saw Cardi B's WAP music video. Tell me what's acceptable. Great episode by the way.

  • Omg please have her back as an ahsoka double @starwars

  • Maybe the fight in The Crow that takes place in Top Dollar's hideout? I may have an obsession with that movie, I think.

  • Please watch Living Waters on LVcd

  • Holy hell the guy doing the square space add has the most ridiculous hair ever please cut it put some natural oils or something in it it’s making me so uncomfortable please for your own virginity do something with it. Especially when you’re on camera. Put a hat on. Sorry man I’m not trying a lot to be mean but god damn man.

  • Shame about Ray Park.

  • Pls get ray

  • Do the Man. From. Nowhere. I have been mentioning this forever!!!!!

  • Omg that was Dave Filoni

  • Liberals killed comedy. Can't make a joke it'll offend someone or whatever. Can't have someone getting offended. Oh my... the Twitter crucifixion that would follow a joke today...

  • Ok, seriously, guys, why the hell haven't we done this fight scene from The Raid 2 yet?!?

  • Anyone think that Wren looks like the streamer Jay3 but with more hair?

  • I Need More Gui

  • Anyone getting spiderman 2002 vibes from that star girl scene?

  • Where is Harry Marv?

  • That kid who took Jackie's newspaper: a young Clint

  • Nice hair clip lol

  • She’s so hot

  • 9:44 LMAOO

  • Can you guys do the scene early in the spy who dumped me where the guy jumps out of a window and onto a truck and the camera jumps with him?

  • you should react to the anime god of highschool because they are choreographed with real people

  • The anxiety i got from the sparks and the scratching

  • You guys should get Tom Holland to go on your show

  • Was that Randy Blythe in the background?

  • Shoutout all my proud nonsubscribers

  • She's savage, what a character.

  • Motion capture is *not* the future. There is nothing like someone being actually there.

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • The HAIR