I Missed This Entirely and I Can’t Unsee It...

Publicēšanas datums 22 feb 2021
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In order to take a break and step back from everything that they found in the last episode, the team dives head-first into the Reddit again to see what the fans have found, both in the way of new discoveries and hilarious distracting memes. However, relating to the former, the team makes an interesting new connection when it comes to the Syntec logo, and the speculation on what that might mean as a whole becomes front and center.
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The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and it's characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.
If this new disclaimer confused you, watch this video, but be careful, it will break the spell, if you would rather not know, disregard this message and keep having fun! lvcd.info/watch/ypFtXX2hrqyWhIE/video.html
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  • This is so crazy

  • Wtf

  • To sams comment everyone has a game plan till they get punched in the mouth

  • COVID Sam COVID is still around. Lol

  • Matt with bald hair looks like a gym teacher lol

  • That black on the cup are 3 snakes

  • theory: matt and his team were threatened for making these videos, and now has to say that they are set up for their safety, because obviously if he stopped making these videos overall, something would have to be going on, and people would figure out its government/criminal involved.

  • What if D and syphas are a undercover name

  • Wait on the Apple ll it they asked why and the Apple ll said you were chosen FOR THEM! So I think there is more of this happening to other ppl in the other units bc they didn’t say Nelson Syphus picked them

  • With all the keys being labeled with numbers and if they are patient then every key would open a different thing causing there being that many locks about others patient

  • The symbol on the mug is not hearts they are three snakes that are making infinite ♾ signs

  • I know a " D " but he sells me weed might be the same guy🤔🤷

  • Wait how did Sam get up the stairs that fast?

  • The shoes on the couch are giving me anxiety

  • Mad kudos to you guys destroying parts of your building to entertain us

  • When the snake symbol was superimposed onto the Syntech logo I got some serious Umbrella Corp. vibes. They (Syntech) may be just as two-faced as Umbrella. Publically there for the people, but hiding a much darker side developing who knows what. =@~@=

  • I just saw new vid what if her mom flied this?

  • I just saw new vid what if her mom flied this?

  • LISIN what if Sam as a baby was a good test subject but the company shutdown before this happened but scifis (idk how to spell) wanted to start it again and continue it and D worked with him when the place was shutting down that’s how he knows so much


  • The fact this is not a real and true story now makes me feel less engaged! sigh!

  • I'm addicted to this series! 😍

  • I kinda wanted hear what Matt had to say about sleep...

  • Bruh I am just disappointed that’s this stuff isn’t real. It doesn’t really seem fun to watch anymore. I

  • kind of sad this isnt real :( but its still amazing content and i have no reason to stop watching my favourite youtubers!!

  • I knew it wasn't real but considering it has been going on for 1,000 days I convinced myself it was real and then he says its not. Honestly kind of mad. But glad they are safe.

  • I find it hard to believe that it took Matt putting a disclaimer into the series 6 months in for people to realize its just a story. Clearly his fanbase is either younger or dumber than I thought.

  • The three snakes or more make the Heart and he could be injecting snake poison

  • Snake poison

  • Atleast we know Woods actual job at HI5 Studios..and Matt doesn't just keep him becos he's a cool kid..Woods is such a good actor.

  • wait wait wait does anyone remember those tapes? what year were they dated as??

  • Matthias says its not real but the syntec and all the other stuff is real there matey saying its a story so people don't get scared or worried but if it was a story they would say it in the first video so its all real Edit: syntec mabey changed there logo cause I looked up syntec and the logo isn't the one in the video its like 4 dots

  • 26:30 sam trying to impress boys 😂

  • How did Sam get infront of Matthias when he walked up the stairs first

  • Has no one noticed that John Doe is most likely D because Doe starts with a D!

  • What if Matt puts in John Doe as one of the words in the apple 2

  • "Look closerly"

  • If this is what Matthias’ stories are like I cannot wait for his book!

  • all the same logo and everything

  • i actually searched up syphus corporation and its actually real

  • Good luck

  • But I am going with the first theory

    • find info on syphus.

  • 863 could possibly be a subsistence Or a person monitoring that person who it taking that substance

  • I would ask what you're name is and where is the server

  • Let’s keep track of how many times Sam said “unsettling” in all these videos

  • So, all of this is just a show? Oh

  • My neighbor was wearing a shirt and on the back was a green patch with a red line. On the shirt is said Syntech Industries....😗

  • Well prepare to get less and less views

  • I know that a lot of ya'll might hate them for making it all up, but props to these guys for taking so much effort. I mean this is *quality* content.

  • Now that its been stated none of this isn't real PLEASE make a blooper real PLEASE we need to know how hard you laughed when "Syphus" started screaming in Sam's office

  • I think it's more fun when everybody understands that something like this is just for fun. The series stopped being really enjoyable when people who were taking it seriously started getting upset with everybody who tried to explain that it's a story.

  • You're joking..... maaaaaaan a part of me was really hoping it was real.... but still cool

  • Well that broke my heart

  • Thank God u uploaded this Matt the previous video got me shaking scared its to much to digest


  • Now that I know that it’s a really cool complex story and not a reality, I can start to notice little things that I didn’t before like Sam looking away when the person saying we can’t find info on syphus.

  • Well I mean if you look at it this way her birthday was predicted maybe it wasn’t maybe they put the wrong date on purpose

  • I have a feeling they’ve come under some heat for something because this is to in depth at this point for it to be staged the pens the company everything and seriously a hole through the upper floor It doesn’t makes sense

  • now here me out what if he said that to get people to stop doing it me tottaly not getting emotional about this

  • Wait now I'm confused I read the first part of the video saying the story was created for entrtainment purposes only is it the story real or made up I want it to be real but after reading that I don't know any more?

    • 100% made up. Matt made an apology post on reddit and allowed people to ask questions about the story and admitted all damage (the holes the walls and even in the floor) were intentionally done and all the keys were cut and made for them to use in the story.

  • If I was on the stake out I would have been on my horse with my laso and syphos would be hogtied and I’d be getting some answers

  • (Beginning disclaimer) Well, I guess that explains that. Matt is much more ingenious that we though he was. An ARG that he managed to stretch out over 2 years. Now, I'm just interested in how they plan on culminating it.

    • On reddit Matt says he plans for the finale episode to be in December of 2024! A lot more ahead lol

  • Ok so I shurched cyntech and thair company is cynteach a KILLER COMPANY

    • Also I I rilly like woods in the background showing us his chocolate bar

  • Wait someone please tell me, is this real or no?

    • RIP

    • 100% made up. Matt made an apology post on reddit and allowed people to ask questions about the story and admitted all damage (the holes the walls and even in the floor) were intentionally done and all the keys were cut and made for them to use in the story.

  • In the back of my mind I knew it wasn't real but that just took all the fun out of it.

  • 23:50 can we appreciate that Hershey bar in woods hands.

  • To be completely honest, this hurt a bit. I have been into this series from Day 1, so finding this out was really surprising. But, have been watching the Matthias channel and every other hi5 channel for over 4 years, so I won’t stop supporting you guys. 🙂❤️

  • You failed us

  • Bye lol so disappointed

  • My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined, great job putting this story together guys though!!! Amazing storytelling!

  • I’m just waiting for merch 🤔

  • this is so weird i want to know moree

  • Syntech: "Why all these crazy people calling our California branch, threatening to report us to the police?!" Mat: "I guess it's time for a disclaimer "

  • Is it bad that I use light mode for LVcd....

  • Does anyone remember just a couple of days ago scientists found a way to get into the 5th dimension pretty much time travel and in this video their talking about time travel and how it could be possible another thing I think there was a mention in the video were one of the scientists were in the government and that there was a lot of info that civilians can't get like deleted files on people or places etc idk seems sketchy correct me if I'm wrong

  • Now I’m unsubscribing.

  • I’m glad that we were told this wasn’t real because I can now enjoy it as a show almost and not worry about you guys.

  • Man Nelson Syphuss probably just took velocity X from the Flash

  • WTF, GALAXY_ONYT STOLE MY COMMENT Ifiyfitfitcutcigif -_- I hate people

  • This story line is so amazing that people were so convinced it was real also would ‘D’ be Deb I noticed for the one trailer it say D3B

  • Now I'm scared to pull my blanket out from under the bed expecting syphus or something like that

  • THIS IS NOT REAL like none of it like not the car and you pretended you went back and got the car on the i did not mean for you to see this video i am not mad i am just dissapointed so my question is why did you continue it after you found 863 like 2 or three years ago did you forget aout it also why woul you talk like that abou the police when you wernt even calling them after this sirres can you continue the ghost hunt pls i ps you are still the best youtuber ever

  • The three snakes: nelson -D ??????(might be the other partner)

  • K I rlly love watching this story but the vids are wayyyyy too long. 😢 I don’t have that much time. It took me 2 days to complete this vid. Haha 😂

  • Pov: your scrolling through to find spy dragon

  • I am so confused is this real or not

    • 100% made up. Matt made an apology post on reddit and allowed people to ask questions about the story and admitted all damage (the holes the walls and even in the floor) were intentionally done and all the keys were cut and made for them to use in the story.

  • Wait wait I know this sounds crazy but I was looking for bio Tec and sentec and there is a company in London that has same name and been around scene the cold war

  • nelson syphus he owns the place i just look it up and it showed hes name on the google map

  • The documents look like ones you'd get from a hospital. But at the same time documents look the same in different places. Also i looked up syntech on google, i looked at images looks like the logos all are slightly simular.

  • All the keys you have found could have gone to rooms of the patients and the keys were to open the room and that is how they kept track of the rooms because that is how hospitals do it

  • I will admit the production value of this series is admirable. The amount of thought put into the storyline is extremely creative; however, if this was released as a fictional series from the beginning, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Extremely engaging and creates a great community but at this point I almost feel mislead and betrayed. Amazing series, just wish it was portrayed at first as fictional

  • syphus hes a test subjet 590 but i olso think D is test subjet 863


  • What if Nelson tested on his son

  • time travel is real

  • Matthias is the Chad wild clay of 2021

  • time travel

  • sorry about all the comments i am just shook about sams birth date.

    • There isn't any need to actually worry about Sam the series was made for entertainment purposes


  • MATTTTT PLEASE READ the comments i send i think they might help

  • MATTTTT PLEASE READ: WHAT IF SAM WAS A TEST SUBJECT when she was a kid AND HER PARENTS FILLED OUT HER BIRTH DATE. what if SHE was the successful test subject.