Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 25

Publicēšanas datums 12 dec 2020
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The Crew is back with Stuntman Gui DaSilva to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Fred Claus has a kinda Santa fight scene

  • he said Gui Dasilva the black panther himself 😂 no he is not, thats disrespect towards Chadwick Bosemam.

  • The orange bobcat multivariably interest because seaplane formerly harass opposite a enchanting sock. incredible, vagabond good-bye

  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf

  • Missed Gui!

  • Can you guys react to some cobra kai?

  • I want to say the movie Fred Claus has a Santa fight, but I don't think it's great.

  • In the movie Fred Clause, there is a santa fight scene


  • The Santa fight from Elf!!!!

  • Santa fight scene? Tomska Christmas demolition. Idk if there's much new with stunts but it's a santa fight scene, hilarious in all the right ways, plus a great christmas pun one-liner!


  • Omg you guys when the train almost hits the guy lol

  • Whats the thing on clints neck

  • It makes me o happy that these guys gave the nod to the Venture Bros. the greatest underrated show of all time.

  • The night before has a funny Santa fight.

  • Omg, the national lampoons Christmas vacation is my favourite Xmas movie too!

  • Anyone else spot Gui in the new Netflix movie Ava?

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, a must see

  • Could we give a hand stunt men and especially those that did it in the early days of cinema

  • Elf has a Santa fight

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 has a great chainsaw fight.

  • Another great chainsaw fight.... MANDY. Chainsaw fight plus Nic Cage

  • lol liking the bro love at the end

  • 14:08 Clint doing Yoga

  • Having just rewatched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, there's so much to talk about in there: fight scenes, dodgy rope swings and some glorious window smashes, please take a look

  • Can you talk about Waterloo's battle scenes?

  • 7:21. I think you mean acclimated not accumulated

  • Haven't seen a chainsaw fight prior? *The Lord of the Harvest would like to know your location*

  • 7:03 if you look closely , i think the car is hitched/chained/pulled with the truck at the front of car

  • 5:25 didn't they do the same type of stunt in the first fast and furious ???


  • Another movie with a chainsaw fight is Mandy

  • that lorry/semi stunt reminded me of this

  • "The Fat Man" has a good Santa fight at the end of the movie. or the fight is more like a gunfight.

  • 12:34 "I've never seen a chainsaw fight before" ...You hack frauds have NEVER watched the craptacular masterpiece that is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2???

  • FatMan has some santa fights

  • I feel I've been watching these guys for years now, and they really do seem like a bunch of cool people.

  • Fred cluas has a santa fight and some elf cgi that you guys should react to

  • Wanna see another chainsaw fight that is dope? Mandy starring Nick Cage. Pretty sweet movie.

  • Hong Kong action cinema has a motivational phrase for stunt people and it´s something like: fuck your safety we´re making this movie

  • Transcript for this video: It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine Hangin' pictures on my wall Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl

  • If they want another chainsaw they should look at Marty (2018) when he battles with a chainsaw but against a dude with a bigger chainsaw.

  • Can you review watchmen?

  • 14:07 is he good? If cgi then cool but like, put it in slow motion. 😬

  • Love watching theses! Should have used "Wanted" for the pickup scene.

  • I always enjoy when Gui guests. You can tell he is a really, genuinely, nice guy. He's funny and just seems like a cool dude all the way around 👍

  • i hope there werent any bloopers on no 1

  • Please do a Stuntmen React episode on Cobra Kai!

  • More Santa fights? Check out Happy Season 1

  • aight ya'll need to do the venture bros shot IRL

  • Verne Troyer there as the mini Santa as he was also a stuntman.

  • Nothing will ever quite compare to professional practical effects. Even the tippy top of CGI has a soft unreal appearance. And with 3D printing tech now everywhere. Props can be plopped out in 1/8 the old time

  • Santa fight: Rare Exports -movie

  • Shot in the dark comment here since there are already so many. But I'd love to see an episode featuring stunts that were unsuccessful. Even something with a story behind it or caused injury. As bad as that sounds I feel those would hold a lot of meaning & be fascinating to hear about!

  • Elf Santa fight

  • Please watch Riki-oh! It's amazingly horrible

  • Aaaay, Fat Man has a Santa fight

  • “and now i have a machine gun. ho ho ho.” could that be considered a “santa fight”??

  • There's definitely santa stuff in Happy

  • Take a look at Chocolate (2008). A bit cheesy but the warehouse or the meatpacking scene has some stuff that looks like it really could've hurt.

  • Do stuntmen react to smokey and the bandit

  • 4:59 the knife changes colors for a second or two

  • you could probably do countless more episodes of "Stuntmen react" filled entirely of clips from those classic Hong Kong films (there's just so much greatness in a lot of those).

  • 3:44 Ofc they didn’t get the “it was all a dream” b.i.g. line😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I love the Speed run on Carpet stunts but why can’t the studios adjust for reality, I Love Speed, but even with the carpet trick, their legs would be moving so fast, and they keep it regular human strides, Think, how many strides to run by a car, now multiply that by speed, so either the strides need to be more like an extended Long Jumpers stride, so maybe one car at a time, or otherwise it’s default Cartoon strides where we basically see blurred Wheels as legs....! So I think is one of the best stunts ever, but still is a bit off to the eye... Anyone? I think with a lil editing especially nowadays could adjust that soooo easily. I love the speed stunts but could be corrected so easily, how come no one int the Production sees this... Maybe I’m Nuts? Wouldn’t be the only ones o say so. Lol. Any response appreciated.... Peace and Health to all.. Happy New and Better Year!

  • Fred Clause doesn't have a santa fight but it does have a santa chase.

  • Review anything Jet Li.. especially black mask or Fist of Legend!!

  • React to RED car tail whip?

  • kindly check out the show "Warrior". awesome fight scenes - some adapted from Bruce Lee's techniques.


  • 2:37 There's additional railcar with crashpad on it. So it more about camera placing and train pace. Silent movies deserve a "VFX artists react" special. At very least it could be about Georges Méliès and Trip to the Moon @CorridorCrew

  • 4:59 look at his knife on his belt

  • What Gui it's saying about the driving, it's pretty accurate, you can get used to the car pretty quickly, so maybe a few days of preparation

  • the car stunt from Christmas Vacation was originally done in Smokey and the Bandit.

  • CORRIDOR CREW!! Do that cartoon stunt for real! Please, that would be sooooo awesome to see for reel (well, you know, live action.....ish) Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  • Guys, look at how slow the train is going and remember, they speed the film up. That train is going like 3 miles per hour

  • Please react to the obstacle course scene from Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

  • Sleepy Gui is sleepy

  • That Santa fight reminds me of the 2nd matrix movie

  • They should have Ryan Gosling on the show. I hope at least one person gets this reference.

  • They should react to the evil dead series

  • You guys read my mind when you showed the stunt in sharky's machine. So I was wondering if you guys could do a run on the stunt in devil's advocate when the guy got ran over and did like four rolls in midair

  • wait I wanna see you guys play smash

  • I didn't realize they only met Gui at that point, or if it was mentioned in that video I forgot

  • React to this: Poliziotto Sprint, Italian film, minute 32:03 of this video a guy gets hit by a car in a very nasty way: Ask everyone "how do you think they did it" Answer: th stuntman Vito Domenighini (father of my K1 instructor) got actually hit by the car, he is fine now but it was a terrible accident but the stunt still got in the film.

  • Can you do telugu film SAHOO Chase scean breakdown

  • i got a chainsaw video in my recommended after watching this. Might just be a coincidence but im watching u youtube ::::)

  • 4:26 duuude

  • I’m pretty sure little Santa is Vern troyer aka mini me

  • I don't know of any other Santa Fights, but there is Definitely a Jesus fight in Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 9.

  • React to more classic Hollywood stunts


  • There are some pretty crazy car and helicopter stunts in Rat Race

  • Before the season is over PLEASE react to Rare Exports. CGI is weirrrrd

  • Who the hell comes through and gives vids like this a thumbs down?

  • Ayeeee he got the SOUL KING hawks hoodie

    • Do the fast and furious 6 prison escape please

  • please react to this , the director is know for his weird and awesome styles

  • Santa fight, Scott Calvin vs. Toy Santa in the Santa Clause 2. The stunts themselves aren't really intense, but Tim Allen does play both roles

  • That moment you realize that Christmas Vacation inspired the opening action scene in the original Fast and the Furious. lol