VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 13

Publicēšanas datums 9 nov 2019
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The Crew is joined by Filmmaker, VFX Artist, and Meme-lord Mike Diva to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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    • Apropos nothing, but what keeps drawing me back to these videos is the warmth, charm and humor with you guys. It looks and feels a really awesome place to be and work. You all strike me as such great guys. It’s your strongest selling point

    • Is the tv okay

    • I remember being so stoked he pointed out how goofy and janky the matrix scene was hahaha, I had all the same thoughts when you guys covered it and were complimenting it when it looked cringey even at the time it came out

    • D was in panini

    • In the car shot on the right was that d from node

  • Wait, he made the trap kazoo kid video. I loved that video when I was younger.

  • Hmm, vfx artist reacts to his own work plus 2 clips.

  • Couldn't disagree more regarding CLUs face. That was years ago. Compare it with other full CG characters in live action movies. It was WAY ahead of it's time.

  • It took me like a solid five minutes to remember who Andy Samberg was

  • What ab out jumper? The car sequence, and the bank heist.

  • Was it just me, or did everybody else get an advert when Mike Diva clicked?

  • I honestly think the Tron face is kind of intentional too. Since he's an npc

  • This dude makes low quality stupid music videos, and he has the audacity to talk shit about The Matrix!?

  • 3:29 Wait a second. D?

  • When he snapped his fingers at the end an ad played

  • Flynn looked like Odo from DS9 in like a third of the scenes from tron legacy

  • This guy isnt that great His work isnt so good that he can be so overly critical of others work

  • No one going to talk about how they made Dubstep Guns?

  • You should react to Tenet!

  • 1:10 nice racism. Prick.

  • S1 Clone wars vs S7 Clone wars

  • The biggest problem with CGI is same with wax sculptures and other model, dolls, too much makeup and figurines. They forget blue green hue short hairs vascular tissue has.

  • I would like to see how you would render Matrix CGI effects back then at 1999 to 2002 and after that who will laugh like an ass on your results.

  • Look, ill give it to Disney that to this day I didn’t even notice that Kevin Flynn was fully CGed in all of Tron Legacy

  • Do Hellboy

  • Wait, your Dads weren't also CGI when you were kids? JUST mine???

  • im surprised they didnt mention D as an extra in the panini video.

  • I feel like one way you can interpret The Matrix that would fix all your problems, is you look at Neo's experience inside the Matrix for what it is, a computer simulation. We don't know how advanced the Machines running the Matrix are, and it's possible Neo's capabilities and Smith's power are beyond their capabilities of rendering, explaining why they drop in quality. Idk if I heard that theory somewhere, but I thought it was an interesting way to look at the effects in that moment, and explain why they were so shit.

  • Challenge, add mario sfx to the head jump scene. Bonus points for point score pop-ups

    • Also the soundtrack could be the star power up music

  • Spent way too much time on the lonely island video

  • I can’t even see a thing wrong with Tron scene. I guess it takes a trained eye.

    • You'll find it eventually Its worse if you have a real human talking next to it.

  • Wait is that our boy D at 2:48

  • nobody is gonna talk about that bad tracking of the robots¿

  • I like to think that Clu’s bad face was intentional and it was to make him look like an older program

  • Anyone else notice D in the panini video?

  • I was baffled about Kevin Flynn and C.L.U when I was younger as to why they looked like video game characters and never noticed the Real Jeff Bridges was the OLD Kevin Flynn. Such an underrated movie that turns 10 years old!

  • I think Tron was awesome for it's time. Even then the CGI could allready have been better then what the movie gives you. Never look to deep when watching a movie. Sucks all the fun out of it. It was believable to me but of course. Making Jeff Bridges this young. I was allready amazed it looked that real in the first place. With non moving objects or furniture unless you know as a CGI creator what to look at i would not see it. It is only a matter of time this face technlogy and speed becomes so accurate you won't be able to tell anymore. Unless you know beforehand.

  • Bring this guy back. He's very informative and interesting

  • I SAW D at 3:08 🤠

  • How can you hate baseball

  • “That was the whitest anyone’s ever said that” was a super racist thing for that Asian dude to say. Imagine someone saying “that was the blackest anyone’s every tried to pronounce Beethoven”. Double standards.

  • I think the Tron CGI would’ve been less uncanny if they’d ironed out the hair, the eyes, the mouth, and the overall smoothness/lack of imperfection of the skin.

  • Do venom or devil may cry V, react to video game graphics and the venom movie too

  • I think dmc 5 has better facial capture than this tron movie

  • Stretchy pores

  • 3:15 is that D on the right???

  • Try to fix the broken faces of tron legacy

  • Fixing Clu from Tron: Legacy please

  • 3:29 Bruh D really do be vibing on the right

  • 6:19 oh it's not THAT bad. It's good enough and, quite frankly, probably the best they could do at the time. It's okay.

  • Advertising some dude's MV Advertising own merch Advertising another MV --------- I'm here and it's like 75% of the video. Not amused.

  • Well it seems like an example of good cgi mouth is Thanos

  • I actually think the tron scene looks actually acceptable. I saw some bad de ageing effects from 2020 and they look not even better

  • Was i the only one that saw D from node in panini

  • :~D

  • That's d on the right

  • react to philippines victor magtangol hammerman 😂😂😂

  • Clu looking kinda uncanny valley works for the character, since he's meant to be an unnerving, computer generated 'perfect' clone of Kevin Flynn, so it makes sense to miss some human imperfections and look more digital. The effect only breaks in the bedroom scene when it's actually kevin flynn, but it makes sense to include it because you need to know what young flynn looked like to recognise Clu as a clone.

  • Yeah, man, that scene inside the matrix looks like a computer program... wait...

  • Wait. Mike Diva as in KAZOO KID TRAP REMIX MIKE DIVA? This man is a legend.

  • 10:18 he is protecting his future

  • You guys need to check out the cut scenes from call of duty- modern warfare. The new one. Actually the best animated faces I've seen

  • Why your guys subscriber becoming less?

  • These guys are fake. They're cg fx. What? How tf i know this? The blue light on their faces are sharper than their arms. Yes! I catch it. (No no the reason is not that human face has got sharper forms than arms. F.o. you pr.ks!)

  • Still waiting for that Love, Death, and Robots episode

  • Wow

  • Anyone notice Dee at 3:28

  • 9:41 Wren's face when Niko left him hanging, only to be save by Mike. Utter happiness

  • In all seriousness, when I first saw Tron at 11 years old, I remember thinking it was so good I made my mom take me to see it once more.

  • I cannot emphasize enough how the two main Matrix sequels broke the whole concept for me. That silly fight was one of the reasons. It was just so... unimaginative. If you have the power to stop 500 bullets plus have the power to throw stuff around really hard, then why wouldn't you throw those 500 bullets around, well, really hard? Make a fucking bullet tornado out of them and just stroll around. For all accounts and purposes, the first round of that fight should've been over in 4 seconds. But no, fists on faces and random bowling pins cuz better, apparently.

  • Wait D’s in the Panini video? LMAO 2:47

  • Hey Boso! You ready for my stylish edits?

  • 2:40 who else saw d

  • 2:48 Is that... is that D!? Or someone who just looks like D.

  • The kazoo kid song he did is in my playlist

  • i only want crap-o-matic videos from now on everywhere :D

  • you guys gotta check out Westworld

  • I feel like they trashed tron way too much because the movie was made ten years ago and they compared it to infinity war which has a huge budget. I don’t actually know the budget for tron but I doubt it’s anywhere close to any avengers movie. They also overlooked all the other breathtaking CG in the rest of the movie. No hate of course. I love these guys, I just love tron.

  • Please react to Lucy

  • You cant fool me that's the Boneworks monitor guy

  • I don't know if you have done this yet, but could you look at the CGI in Ready Player One?

  • At 3:23 you can see D on the right

  • Oh my gods, I have rewatched this video so many times and I am only just now seeing that at 2:47 on the right a wild D is walking by

  • 2:46 is that d on the right side?

  • At 2:58 you can see d anyone that knows this is amazing

  • Is that D at 3:29

  • Mike is in bonework guy who works at gaming company

  • Anyone else notice D in the music video?

  • I disagree that the wired move and action chooses in the 2nd fight in the matrix reloaded it has neo flying spinning and jumping on the smiths heads because it proves that neo is no longer following or obiding to the matrix’s code and the reason there are goofy sounds and affects is to that he is also breaking it too sumenting him in power

  • i saw D from node in the car scene in a matrix outfit

  • i realised d is in panini

  • 2:48 D is on the right wtf

  • D is in 3:25 on the side

  • Now I know who was that guy in boneworks ... It was Mike.

  • Hey guy's did you see D from nobe

  • Weird that nobody mentions that X dances like a baby with a poppy diaper for like half of that music video.

  • I'm glad that despite CLU being uncanny he at least doesn't look soulless. It looks like a lively character

  • *Don't be hatin on the "MATTRIX"*

  • Just went back on this and in Panini when she’s walking to her Uber I saw D on the right

  • is that D by the car

  • Would you guys make a video on the Naruto Shippuden anime series?

  • Wren got totally ignored

  • ‌‌

  • Not gonna lie that line "when I get my chance I'm gonna punch him". Had me rolling, that was funny as shit! 😂😂