VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 16

Publicēšanas datums 30 nov 2019
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Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to discuss the films Twister, They Shall not Grow Old, Interstellar, and The Polar Express.
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  • A 3D episode would be cool. Some old 3D serials from when 3D first came out stand up to today.

  • You guys should check out the bollywood movie "mugal-e-azam"..

  • The black hole in interstellar was amazing

  • Ur mom walks in right at 12:20....... No more LVcd

  • The day after tommorow!

  • "WHATS UP ANDREW KRAMMER HERE" This made me laugh for real!! LOL

  • React to Beowulf

  • Happy birthday niko , I know its a late greet but i saw this today so happy birthday niko again

  • I have got a great Challenge for you guys. Try to make a video with dated tech (without all your systems that do it automatically) i think it would put things in to perspective.

  • 12:20 making a rated r movie but with you guys

  • 0:20 - Clint and Wren 👀💕

  • Liked for the training pun. Congrats guys

  • I think the first time a realistic animated Tornado showed up in film was in the Wizard of Oz if I'm not mistaken. I always wondered how they did it. Take a look at the Tornado at the 1:06 mark. lvcd.info/watch/trKQg5toecRhlXk/video.html&ab_channel=MaxCanon

  • I used to work as a Stereo Artist at another studio called Legend 3D. It was quite the experience

  • when I watched the polar express as a kid I didn't even know it was animated

  • Best conductor alive, mans did a j turn in a train on ice

  • I freakin hate sam.... he is the reason I refuse to subscribe or buy the merch...........

  • "Enhance! Enhance!" Is finally not an impossible request

  • try lab rats and mighty med (Disney XD) I just want to know what you think of it.

  • Im glad they didn't just tear apart the polar express. I grew up watching that, and I have grown to LOVE it

  • i want that ape escape shirt

  • The Polar Express is the one movie from my childhood that i would be ok with it getting a touch up, like the star wars original trilogy

  • please review this fight scene lvcd.info/watch/z5hwko1mj66KbYE/video.html

  • I have digitized film from the 40s and even without just that was a pain. The Kodak model m shot 8 or 16 fps. But the springs made the framerate non constant

  • 8:53 dose that say happy Easter Adolph

  • Sam swearing on repeat is the best 😂

  • its very impressive

  • That world war 1 movie was really cool thankyou for reacting to this one

  • I didn't know anyone knew twister and polar express

  • I thought The Polar Express came out in 2006 and not 2004

  • i laughed my ass off hearing all those bleeps at the end

  • Happy birthday!

  • Why does no one ever mention that Rudolph is dead in the Polar Express

  • Is it just me who thinks that uncanny valley the movie isn’t that uncanny, like yeah it looks weird but not uncanny

  • I used to be scared of the Polar Express.

  • 9:50 "...World War II fotage..." 🙈

  • I never realized why i don't like the express, but now I realise it's because of uncanny valley

  • That plug, at the end, was hilarious.

  • Please react to lovecraft country

  • Interstellar is one of my favourite movies of all time it blew me away

  • Do the movie Rubber

  • can you react on snowpiercer 2020

  • not gonna lie the first time i saw polar express i loved it for some reason the uncanny stuff really made the movie feel it was something more than just a few kids going to the north pole and meeting santa

  • Sam your kids will hate you

  • Love your videos! I'm re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and season 1 visual effects are incredible, both great and terrible and I keep thinking of you guys!

  • If you thought the polar express was weird, look up the partially animated cut song from the movie. Its soooo fucking weird.

  • Polar express is an all time classic

  • First time it was done?how about "a scanner darkly"?..granted the effects are different but they filmed the whole movie w the actors and then animated over it..BTW have u guys reviewed that film??it was a huge project where they animated to a different degree of cartoonism on every shot,its crazy

  • i did not know that was tom hanks what

  • You guys need to make some miniature stuff

  • Awesome

  • bad or not polar express is still the best movie for me

  • E

  • They did an amazing job with twister

  • 7:06 if you look closely ... the guy weaving at the camera looks like C-Mike ^^

  • Hats off to Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) the pioneer of modern visual effects technology.

  • Thumbnail of the year

  • react to venom

  • 7:00 In Doctor Who they did a very similar effect in the episode, “Twice Upon a time”

  • You need to look at Good Omens

  • Please watch adventures of tin tin

  • Would love to see you guys animate a tornado

  • I will recommend Ted (2012) every episode

  • If you guys could check this out and do a breakdown, I would be *most grateful* lvcd.info/watch/qbKsZYmpg7KcsJ8/video.html

  • People: There can be male Karens too. Me: *KARMAN*

  • The black and white to color film was lit

  • Absolutely love that Ape Escape shirt!!

  • Please, react animated movies resident evil.

  • Happy birthday has been in public domain for years now

  • Remember that one deleted scene from Sid the science kid where he asks his parents where baby’s come from and they told him that they can’t say where all baby’s come from but they can say where he came from and they pointed to a wall and Sid no clipped trough that wall and found out that he’s a cartoon character and he was so happy so he went to tell his parents and his parents erased his memory using that men in black eraser thing to erase his memory. Just me, ok. 😅

  • Them: it’s not a cartoon. Sid the science kid: haha yes 😅

  • I love I happy wren is when he says puffed based imagery 6:06

  • 12:20 completely caught me off guard

  • So when my dad was a boy scout as a kid in Oklahoma for a service project his troop went and cleaned up debris from the Twister Movie.

  • I love how of all people Niko cracked a dad joke. Cause you know. He's a dad

  • Why is Clint and Niko wearing the same pants

  • Niko is a really good teacher. He's great at explaining complex things by breaking them down into simple, easily understandable parts.

  • To whoever is reading, I am high as a kite and I just realized why black and white footage brought to color looks good on most materials except human skin. It is quite obvious when a black and white footage is colorized and here's why; SUBSURFACE SCATTERING. There IS NO SUBSURFACE SCATTERING when recolored. That's why some material namely skin look lifeless. It's because it's missing those small haze effects (red glow interms of white skin and added melanin for darker skins) . This could also explain why most objects look very opaque and dense, such as food, plastics, nails and ceramics

  • Can u react to Stranger Things

  • I must be one of the weirdos. I loved Polar Express as a kid and still do, though don't watch it every year now. Faces that weird people out don't seem to bother me so much, I always think people are overreacting to some things like "OMG the horror is etched into my mind!", maybe that's just me haha. I didn't even think Mars Needs Moms looked that bad except for the weird hip designs on the ladies. I think it's a little subjective, I know some who would call the classic Rankin-Bass animations creepy in their own way.

  • Hey there, do a reaction video of the boys tv series.

  • Part of twister was filmed in Guthrie Oklahoma, my hometown

  • The Polar Express is literally my favourite movie from my childhood

  • Wren is annoying

  • Handimated*

  • Sam comin in clutch at the end, he bouta drop his whole wallet in the swear jar lol

  • Video just started, 50 seconds in exactly, had to pause to say how much I love that ape escape shirt.

  • Man it's painful to watch this with Niko's mike giving me a headache

  • This is probably my favorite episode

  • Sam's bit at the end is great!!!

  • Another series similar to “They Shall Not Grow Old” is an old series called “World War 2 in Colour,” it’s really similar styles and such, and that documentary series came out well before “They Shall Not Grow Old”“

  • The Polar Express is about a Conductor who steals kids and brain washing them about going to the North Pole.

  • Sweet 👍

  • Very interesting video

  • Watching 'They Shall Not Grow Old' is one of the most amazing movie experiences I've ever had.

  • The Polar Express definitely led to Beowulf, which today I still have a hard time watching because the animation is too lifelike. Like why not make a live action film at that point instead of making an entirely animated film?

  • Polar Express rated r would be amazing

  • That intro was phenomenal - so simple but wow was that ever unexpected. In my opinion, it worked so well because it was a physical part of the scene (as you've discussed in previous videos when noting imaged feet or hands on CGI bodies). That was awesome. That footage upgrade to the war film is some phenomenal work - wow.

  • That about any other peace of clothing.

  • Thanks for ruining my favorite Christmas movie guys