VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 18

Publicēšanas datums 11 jan 2020
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Sam, Clint and Niko sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • it wont let me watch this video, it says its age restricted

  • Please do a video on the effects from Alien 3

  • You know social distancing got you fucked up when this looks weird

  • Have you guys seeing what free software did to "Irishman"? there is comparison: lvcd.info/watch/nNulcmenesF2a4k/video.html

  • Lol the effects are great for the fighter scene but the reality of it is strange because missiles usually arent that clever lol this one seems angry

  • Spaceballs

  • Age restrictions? I mean.. ah whatever


  • Wow I just realized that Venom is really similar to that movie Upgrade which came out about 6 months before it, and the actor even looks like Tom Hardy.

  • hey dudes.. if ur ever retiring old computers & they still work (not broken) let me have one.. my computer is 10 years old... an i3 2nd gen... and i can barely play fo4 without it constantly crashing.. - instead of smashing up stuff thats better than my computer.. give them to someone else at least...

  • Irishman is my favorite movie I’m happy that you reacted to it.

  • Did you not watch Top Gun?!

  • What was the last movie? With the facial reconstruction but

  • Anybody knows what Clint is wearing around his neck? Been wondering what that thing is for a while now.

  • Ichi the Killer!

  • I'm one of the best.

  • Fun fact: at 1:01 they melt a 2GB PATA hard drive that you can buy from Walmart right now for $150.

  • Nah sorry that missile is ridiculously unrealistic, they don't track aircraft like that at all, after the first few evasive manoeuvres it would have overshot, lost lock and straightlined In to a mountain, it definitely wouldnt evade the flares and really wouldn't do a 180, it just cant sustain those Gs.

  • Dude, this episode needs a gore warning or something.

  • Iluvbubs

  • Jani dushman ek anhokhi kahani bollywood

  • One thing they definitely got wrong in "behind enemy lines" is the fact that air-to-air missiles in general don't try to hit a target directly. They just explode when a target gets in a blast radius

  • Can you guys look at Hardcore Henry?

  • Bad CGI ... Blade 2

  • From the military aviation community, the unrealistic missile tracking really took us out of the film. Funny how they like it for different reasons.

  • I will recommend Ted (2012) every episode

  • Hey Niko wanna go bowling

  • Lmao it got age restriction

  • Bad VFX - the final fight scene of The Last Samurai, look at Tom Cruises face as he falls off the horse

  • Why do they change deniros eye color so much tho.... it gives me polar express uncanny valley vibes

  • Other people tend to go to music and other things when they feel down...I come here to watch you guys react to vfx .. Thanks

  • I dont know, the de-aged faces in The Irishman made me feel very uncomfortable. I dont know why, but the faces felt somehow like an alien was wearing them and trying its best to make human facial expressions. It was very creepy. Good movie though.

  • U guys need to react to bloodshot

  • The biggest issue with the anti aging tech is the actor is still old, so when they move, kneel or stand up it's still rickety and slow

  • imagine having those DeNiro and Paccino 3d models for a MAFIA mod ....

  • The Irishman was soooo boring! I normally like slow movies but I was agonizing and I quit halfway through. I wonder if Scorcese, by bringing in all these old actors acting all worn out, and making it so slow and boring, was trying to make the movie a reflection of being old and worn out on gangster movies?

  • React to Atlantic rim.

  • Elysium is so near and dear to my heart, simply because its directed by a South African and has so many _South Africany_ things in it, like the fact that the VTOL gunship uses our current army's Attack Helicopter paintjob, or the fact that Kruger is just an Afrikaner Icon, from the song he sings on the VTOL, to the swear words and the Braaing he does on the roof. It all just brings it together for me, eventhough its really not that great of a movie.

  • Actually I’d say the rebuilding of the face was instead a reversed shot. They make a intact replica of the actors head, down to realistic bone. Destroyed it. Like how a doll could be destroyed with the power of a jet engine or a doll face is melted with a powerful gust of fire. Then used CG to remove the flame and or reactor force and touched up the little problems here and there.

  • Where the fucking stupid hobbit

  • Upgrade is UNDERRATED one of the best

  • The droids in the star wars prequels. Or better yet, that scene where Anakin is eating with Padme and he uses the force to split an apple in half.

  • The thing about the camera work in Upgrade is that, it's not the same old shaky cam where you don't understand what's happening, and there's a million cuts per second. I love when movies do something creative with the camera like that, like rotating with the character, and not all just shake and cut.

  • Ah nooo age restriction 😭


  • PLEASE make a short film series called Tech Damon - use a lookalike with deepfake in post- tech everything. "his body is a machine" from upgrade movie, exo suit from Ulesium or whatever the hell, and give him random missions

  • Why the fuck is this age resticted

  • Why is this Age Restricted? Wtf🤣


  • Clint should not be in this show, he just ruins it


  • Worst thing about that sequence in behind enemy lines is the incredibly unrealistic missile behaviour. Great film though

  • I'm running an i3 processor and an AMD 4800 series with 8GB. In 2020. It's painful to see a computer that's probably 10 times better than my own chucked out like garbage. Probably fake for the gag but still not cool.

  • The mortal kombat movies have some of the worst cgi I have ever seen. Especially the ending for the 2nd film MK Annihilation. It's hilarious😂

  • Bourne legacy explosion in the snowy mountains scene

  • 👍

  • This video is demonitized

  • Thank you Clint for saying this is the best jet sequence. I didn't think anybody would ever agree with me.

  • subscribed to not see same cry

  • lost in space the original 1998

  • Age resticted video?? How?

  • I think Deniro looks weird cause he still moved like an old man even with the younger face

  • Has Battle: Los Angeles been done yet? There's a freeway battle where a car goes airborne that bothers me

  • I have a movie that will make Clint go “bleaeaakk” Cats and dogs: the revenge of kitty galore

    • Fionn MacCool How did you find this one? Lol (And I don’t hate it, the CGI just leaves much to be desired)

    • Why do you hate this movie so much lol

  • 0:34 Star Wars ion cannon, anyone?

  • Wtf why’s this age restricted?

  • 12:26 rude

  • I think what's also irritating in the irish man is, despite the floaty heads, that the supposedly younger character still move like they are 80 years old.

  • On the first movie I watched an actual pilot react to it and he was kinda "meh" on it when it came to the missile chase, simply because it doesnt work at all like that. A missile doesnt chase a plane that way simply because its way too fast, it cant maneuver like this and a jet cant outrun it or even keep it at a distance. If you want to make it miss, you have one try to outmaneuver and distract it with chaffs or flares - that either works or you are done for the day (or for good). But he acknowledged that this is movie magic the real thing wouldnt be as entertaining to the audience as a minutes long chase is.

  • Please react to a Pakistani movie Sherdil. ITS an airforce movie it has a lot of cgi stuff please review it.

  • Hey guys, can you do quantum break?

  • 3:17 Niko "it's another tre' and a half hours of Martin Scorseses Irish gangsters"

  • ok wait...12::22 is that how I am gonna retired one day???

  • Tom Cruise falling off his horse in The Last Samurai! Towards the end of the film, its fast but its so janky frame by frame!

  • San Andreas (2015)

  • Stephen Chow movies like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle have some interesting effects and transitions. He's one of my favorite directors/writers/actors. You guys should check him out. Off the top of my head, I think you guys would be interested in the last big fight against the main character and toad character in Kung Fu Hustle, the scenes near the beginning of Shaolin Soccer where the main character kicks a beer can which is later found miles away stuck in a brick wall and when a character pulls the can out of the wall the wall crumbles revealing the main character in a fight, and then of course the last scene in Shaolin Soccer when the game ends.

  • Lots of bad effects not necessarily to react to, just freak out about it: Every Sharknado 😂

  • Dam. I'm gonna have to watch this on the other computer.

  • please watch hardcore henry ...

  • Please hit up Total Recall. So many shots worth reviewing.

  • Hey love how you guys breakdown everything to such minute details. My creative mind soaks it up. Can u guys review a new animation movie called MORTAL KOMBAT SCORPION REVENGE. it's amazing. And would love u to review it. Thanks in advance. Awesome content and website

  • So the first movie, it's impressive what they do, but why does it still look super fake? Is it the animation? It looks...too bouncy?

  • Has the Mummy 2 ever had some critics from you?

  • Look guys, you do a great job and everything, but your subscribe spiel in every single episode is pretty annoying. People aren’t going to subscribe just because you ask them. They subscribe because they like the content regardless whether or not you beg during the episode. You’re just wasting time and annoying your viewers with this repetitiveness. I don’t get how so many youtubers don’t understand this very simple concept..

  • conjuring 2

  • Don't their logo kinda look like Siva logo ?

  • When you can casually sneak I'm the blue screen Kenobi clip and no-one notices

  • when everyone morphs into harry in harry potter and the deathly hallows part one

  • Hi corridor can you to saving private Ryan and 1864 please

  • age restricted...

  • oh, you gotta do Battlestar Galactica, you have to. and Star Trek (2009)

  • Cats can be an episode

  • I love your videos! Haven't seen you guys do harry potter yet. Also please do Micheal Jackson "ghost" mv react

  • Just wanted to ask if you could react to the Transformers movies

  • 8:44 this looks a lot like the Volk gun from COD Infinite Warfare idk why I noticed this lol

  • Likes for Jajantaram Mamantaram (2003) from Bollywood for Bad CGI effects

  • Review District 9

  • Can you do Birdemic?

  • Shaktiman indian show a

  • Not going to lie, I swear I was subscribed but I wasn't.. I am now.