How We Fixed the VFX in "RUSH" - Our Biggest Project Yet!

Publicēšanas datums 22 dec 2019
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Sam and Niko walk you through how they remastered the visual effects for their most ambitious series ever - "RUSH" which is out now on the corridor channel!
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  • Let’s not RUSH to any conclusions here

  • Make More series plz

  • Make more series

  • Make more series

  • The building collapsing looks like ass

  • Never saw the original (been binge watching Corridor Crew for months) just watched the remastered Rush. So good!. You guys are inspiring.

  • It’s so stupid that they gave the VFX work to some shitty offshore company when they had two dudes that literally own their own VFX shop that want and would do a better job smh

  • Bentleyyyyyyyy nooooo

  • Make season 2

  • Rush has its flaw, but fuckin I loved it. Sync too

  • The remaster is amazing, super impressed.

  • I still really want that theme song mp3

  • do a Remaster of the Remaster.

  • I think this project is as great as generation kill

  • Please fix Doomsday CGI in BvS. Give him more of his horns and change his color to more of a gray like the comic so we can tell who he is. Thanks keep up the good work.

  • Mor of Rush

  • I would love to see the color grading settings you used for this film

  • They should fix (the aviator)

  • Rush made me subscribe i hope more episode you make like what happens in their new mission

  • Can u start teaching vfx in video lectures because it will be great to learn from the best

  • すばらしい!!(゜ロ゜)

  • Great vid! But I must say that the remastered building-collapsing scene is still looking quite... weird... ;D

  • Parachute and building looks kinda weird

  • React to the VFX in Venom and Ghost Rider

  • I fuckig love it i watched it today and its amasing!

  • The building fx really falls apart.

  • Why is there blue in your hair in like the last 15 second Niko (I might just be seeing things)

  • Can you guys fix the black panther ending fight scene?

  • man he really loves him some pixels lol

  • You guys should add effects to the Threat Level Midnight movie from The Office.

  • well done. Just watched...Im glad you got some dignity back.

  • It's a small thing, but it'd be fantastic if you guys fixed the muzzle flashes in Joker.

  • When he jumps out I actually liked the first effect better, like it really felt like the end was whipping and things were out of control

  • "I can't fix bad acting." Mocap + Deepfake?

  • I've never seen anyone do a vfx fix of the monster bear scenes from "Prophecy:A Monster Movie"(1979). It was all practical effects as far as I know. I don't think anyone will ever make a modern take on this classic horror movie so it'd be nice to at least see an improvement on the rubber suit monster scenes.

  • Literately when I saw the seen 4:45 in the series I just was like “Niko made this blood Serb”

  • ''its even better'' you just called the original a 2/10 :p

  • Can you guys please do a video on the Mission Impossible series? Think you’d have a lot of fun reviewing them! Especially with stunt men

  • guys...why dont you try and fix the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie (1995) VFX. Updating the zords and evil alien-beast robot machine thingy...

  • It’s not ironic that they rushed a movie named “Rush” because it’s not something you wouldn’t expect to happen. There are 3 types of irony: Situational irony, dramatic irony, and verbal irony. Situational irony includes something you wouldn’t expect to happen, like a cat chasing a dog. Dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the character in a story doesn’t know, like seeing a monster come around a corner without the character knowing it’s there. Verbal irony is when someone says the opposite of what they mean, like, “The weather is great today!” When it’s raining.

  • Wow looks good

  • Could you try fixing Spawn 1997 cgi, like Malebolgia, or the ballroom scene with his cape?

  • a remaster of Frozen Crossing would be neat.

  • React League of Legends Warrior 2020

  • I have a small request: IF you are trying to "fix" or "improve" some SFX, I would like the scene in Jurassic Park where they encounter the Brachiosaurus be touched up. It doesn't really stand the test of time. It seems blasphemous, but of all the scenes in Jurassic Park, this one aged the worst.

  • Trying to fake thermal imaging is awful. I am very passionate about that technology and that is where I lost it with your remake

  • I didn't know this much of problems were there in the original cause I first time watched it here on yt. But really really good movie. Hope to see more

  • "Couple of blank fire guns" that's like 30 different guns

  • Do make a video on a tollywood movie bhahubali the beginning and the conclusion

  • Can you please comment on this? The Irishman was a decent movie but the CGI was so distracting.

  • This is just a bad show. There's no fixing it.

  • What normal people hear: So here's the shot now, it's better but still needs work and I'm still critiquing it myself What the youtube comment section hears: So here's 'completely finished' shot now, it's 'the best it can be' but 'needs no' work and 'I think it's perfect' Legit, some of these comments tho lol

  • For real I'm just waiting to see a trailer pop up one day while watching something and see "Corridor" be the crew that made it. Not like they don't have two pretty top stuntmen already on deck.

  • well done boiz!

  • The first version on the sky diving........


  • 6:18 that's completely the wrong helicopter. That's one of those old Sikorsky H-34 and the guys in the film are in a modern blackhawk. Clint should have known better.

  • Please Fix "DRIVE" netflix indian movie, worst vfx in history. It's Vfx is Shit!!

  • Rush is not a bad movie series. It was interesting on how it crafted a story that came on the second to third episode. The new CGI parts are amazing as well. Thank you for realising these episodes. I have always wanted to watch this when it came out, and now that you remastered it, i am glade that I saw it now rather back then because it is almost 100% completed.

  • Please react to "Kong Skull Island" 2017! Great job guys, keep up the good work!

  • You guys sounded a bit elitist here, not gonna lie. And some of the improvements still managed to look... ''whatever''. So get off your fucking high horse.

  • Nico and Sam are work goals XD


  • I sure can f*ck some pixels.

  • What will the system requirements be

  • Watched the remastered version. Well done.

  • Really nice! But to me the bricks from the wall looked too contrasty / crisp

  • Just watched the whole series yesterday... glad I waited for this second release! :D

  • Please Please Please can you make a R-Rated remake of Threat Level Midnight from The Office?

  • 0:48 you know it is good whan Trevor is in it

  • 5:02 If u get shot you may freeze. Please try it bananaboy.

  • 01:34 You Are witnessing TRUE LOVE in Niko's eyes!

  • I remember watching this originally and thinking “this is so bad, how did Corridor make this?” But then being forced to outsource most of the post work makes a lot of sense.

  • That shoot where the m249 fires is just amazing. The amount of power and punch that those few seconds conveyed was truly amazing. In the Swedish language there is the word kraftfull, and it’s closest relative in the English language is powerful, but powerful doesn’t really do it justice, because kraftfull is more raw and violent, which I think perfectly encapsulates that scene. Thank you for reading!

  • Sam your edit of the helicopter's perspective with the missile trailing behind it genuinely shocked me. The difference in something so simple is so effective. Great work all around and I can't wait to rewatch it with your signature flair!

  • I watched this the other day and just realised that I was watching the making of how the Ateam got together haha

  • Not called battlefield any more .. yet the music over the intro sounds awfully familiar.

  • Every time they fix vfx it’s always the biggest project yet. Little do you know the snickers was my biggest project yet

  • Please upload the original version too 🤣😂

  • There's still no ground impacts from the debris falling from the building demolition above. They just kind of stop or fall through the earth with no deflections when it hits the ground or smoke/particle effects as a result of those ground impacts. It's like you see all those massive chunks of wall falling down in the up high shot of the building (which does look great btw), then on the ground shot you expect to see them impact, but they just sort of disappear. Still looks way off because you need context for the massive amount of smoke/dust, which s supposed to the result of debris hitting the ground. P.S- I love your guys channel! Big fan! Not trying to shit on your work, just constructive criticism. Cheers!

  • Emergency pocket tree.

  • So excited that this is remastered!! I didn't want to watch it again until I heard that

  • everything looked good except for that building collapse. The lighting on the particles is way too bright in comparsion with the original shot, too obvious.

  • Better than a lot of stuff on Netflix. Chapeau guys!

  • rush's plot sucked

  • Trevor!

  • I watched the first episode and really judged the effects, but seeing what you had to work with, and ESPECIALLY what it was originally, y'all did an amazing job

  • 2:30 him falling is so cringe and bad still

    • FullMetal Atheist Gaming its because they can change acting so it’s the same thing

  • The fact you guys made and released that original version is just sad. The Remastered version honestly is still REALLY bad

  • I love what you guys do. Keep up the good work. I noticed on the exploding building. One effect to it I would suggest. As a building implodes and fallen in smoke blows out of the exposed holes. This would be a good way to hide the imperfections of the re rendering of the explosion.

  • Corridor should fix something in an old video that they wish could’ve been done differently

  • Zero movie of Shahrukh... please

  • Can anyone tell me if this shot has been done somewhere? A camera slowly pulls back from someone’s point of view, through their eyes, then their brain and out the back of their head?

  • The building falling apart still looks rough, but a definite step up for the other scenes

  • I 🤮 at that explosion at the beginning

  • RUSH was three years ago?!?!?!?!

  • This is the greatest "rush" project, and it actually looks awesome just from the previews. I still think the building explosion needs more dust, falling pieces at a farther distance, and collapse from the top part. Basically just try to not make the hole and crack slightly visible.

  • How did you guys save your projects? The reason I ask is I’m often scared of saving and exporting cause I want to be able to go back and re-edit it. You guys clearly saved it in such a way that you can go back and “re-master” it, so would love to know how. Thanks!

  • “I sure can f*** some pixels!” Needs to be a shirt

  • Go corridor