Interviewing College Students about TikTok

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Interviewing College Students about TikTok
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  • Interviewing collage students on UCLA...Like PragerU

  • 5’10”. Sure.

  • ?

  • I was really hoping to see you interview my cousin who goes to UCLA.

  • idiotz

  • They’re a waste of breathe.

  • 3:19 Omg im dying 4:00 same

  • Tik tok is shit

  • I feel like everyone should know who bryce is he is actually on of my favorite ppl 😍😅

  • The tv 🤣

  • Is it me who only think tht luvanthony looks like harry styles🙄

  • Alguém 2021???


  • Happy birthday

  • i feel so bad they all bully griffin but he’s a good boy 😂😂

  • Anthony while walking: dun dun dun SO CUTE WTH🥺🥺

  • Ok imma be honest this is my first time watching one of the hype house boys channel and it just seems like a team 10 copy cat just with cuter boys who dance

  • 1:13 Do your neighbors hate you?? Honest question

  • 🙏🙏

  • such a bad influence

  • Faan

  • Wish I could be in the interview

  • Unclaimed go uncl

  • omg I want to go to UCLA

  • Haven't did? Wtf

  • Griffins reaction 6:05 is soo cute😍🤩🔥

  • Wait, so Noah doesn't drink but he's constantly around these guys??

  • Ayo the flip no cap that sh.. what sick

  • This is the first video I have ever watched about Bryce!!

  • When us brits start drinking at 15 and griff wait till 21

  • I love all of your videos

  • party animals yass

  • I thought team 10 had a bad life

  • No One: Literally No One: Bryce: Breaks The TV

  • Ok i’m not one to comment but i have to say this.. I like u generally and would’ve clicked on the video anyway for the title. I just think when white people are wasteful like that (in this case breaking a tv on purpose) it’s SOOO trashy. Like PLEASE have the mindfulness and forethought of what went into making the things you consume. There’s precious resources and time that go into things like that. Not to mention people in the world who would KILL to be in your position to even afford one! In doing what you just did there not only did you disrespect the people that made that product, but just created waste for no reason. It didn’t elevate you as a person. Didn’t make you any “cooler’’. It was honestly just a dick move and it made me loose respect for you. Just wishing that these are things we could be more concious of especially as you get older. I do think this is an older video and you’ve matured since.. Or atleast give things more concious thought.. I just for your sake really hope that continues.

  • Love

  • all the sway boys starting to drink at the age of 21 me who started drinking at the age of 15

  • @1:38 Isn't jojo from free time

  • not on camera

  • 5:07 😭😂

  • oops i just subed i cant unsub shame to me

  • my favorite part 3:13

  • It should be cause Ani is probably trash. I will literally set all my blank merch on fire. You are the worst excuse for an actual brand creator.

  • this is just Bad.

  • 5:06 kills me every time and it's been months. LOL

  • Where’s nick bean been at?


  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Me the whole video laughing 👌😆Tell me you didn't laugh. 😝

  • Bruh I feel so badddd I wish ppl who knew them ran into them on campus

  • This on is my favortie interview 3:04 and also my favorite part 3:14 2 second favorite part 6:11

  • Durte dom?

  • Girl: " oh I love tiktok" Bryce: "oh u do" Girl:"are u the hype house?" Bryce:"no,sway house" Girl:"not intrestead " Me: what!!!!!!!

    • @Saarah ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ plus, the sway house is over hon

    • @Hoang Katelyn why u watching the vid babe and who said i am..?

    • @Saarah ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ur so weird... ur interested in dumb, offensive pranks and strippers wtf

    • @Hoang Katelyn ur so wierd lol....ur interested in adults swimming in pools of balls and literally a broken house wtf

    • The only sway house member I like is bryce cuz he is funny

  • What did griffin get for his birthday toe pictures😂

  • sorry for the hand of Anythony's bleeding

  • i love ho he breaks a tv to get his friends attention and say ''good morning''

  • Simpler times

  • USA LA

  • I love sway house boys but I wat I dont like about then is that they try alchohol and have the eager to try alchohol alchohol ain't good for ur health dont ever try or have the eager to try alchohol it ruins ur life

  • arpi.shahnazarian !

  • ''Breaking the television'' ..not so cool dude

  • You look soooo cute in this vedio 🧡

  • The dude ate the moth......chile

  • Hey Listen! Check out our how to win at college series based in Flint, Michigan 🙌. Thank you for your time ~ Amen 🙏

  • Can u pls stop swearing kids are watching u 👉🏾👈🏾

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • When I was 18 months old I had alcohol

  • you should interviewed miller and in texas

  • *سنينييتتوذذتنيي

  • is nick gay?

  • Why does Griffin look like tyler

  • Tv :i am brouked Bryce : i kill you

  • i wish yall were friends with ari vera

  • I finished the song so hard tho😂

  • 0:30 Rich people...

  • Was that jojo from free time at the start???

  • "You hurt my BoYfRiEnD" Avani : 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Kel

  • or addision who we "THINK IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND"!!!! she spilled the teaaaaaaaaa

  • Bryce should of said “the fans wanna know”😂😭

  • Anybody know the song at the end?

  • When he wrote do you know what that means I thought you’re going to be drinking Red Bull’s and other stuff

  • I'm confused how bryce have the Faze chain 🤔😂😂

  • Y me dicen rollo sufero, y yo a ver aver, pero que dices de surfero, que me estás contando si yo soy de Pamplona.

  • Lmaooo I’m done 3:13 😭😭 “aka we think that’s ur girl”

  • This video is mostly about the sway boys harrasing college students

  • I love their humour

  • at 5:07 tho

  • Me: *about to drink my water* Griffin: *eats a moth* Me:*spits out my water*

  • griffins 21!!!

  • Que linda manera la de dar bryce los buenos dias JSSJSJS

  • Straight LP and JP energy

  • love the 2nd girl lol 🤪

  • I know this have nothing to do with the video but if anybody have any problems in their life's leave a comment and I will pray for you

  • U and Addison are dating??

  • When somebody hurts bryces friends

  • 5:00 . Lol it seemed like the guy josh ws standing next to seemed to act cool or something like won of em Jocks that bully people but when it comes to somebody famous thinks they can b friends

  • griffin asking the bear wtf


  • Menino doente, achando que esses vídeos são engraçados, mas tá passando a maior vergonha

  • 3:56 the energy in this part, hit the accent, and did tuck and roll man this my brother on a whole nother level but more crazy and i know this comment is late but you know never late enough to watch bryces vlogs