Getting the Hollywood Look Without the Hollywood Crew

Publicēšanas datums 13 dec 2019
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In preparation for his upcoming short film, Niko shows you how he plans to use technology to streamline the traditional "Hollywood" film set to fit the needs of the modern Indie Filmmaker. The question is, will his plans work?
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  • I love this video

  • Today I learned why the clapper exists.

  • Complain about old filmmaking styles all you want but just from a still you can tell which is a film and which is a yt short, have that confirmed in motion or just listen to an audio sample from each.

  • DaVinci Resolve crushed Adobe Premiere Pro so hard that Premiere Pro can't run anymore.

  • all this things are amazing but where do I find it? The monopod for example, what brand is it???

  • This is the ideal way to film a movie. I re-watch this video all the time because I love everything Niko says in it. Lots of great ideas and hopefully the industry will one day start to shift closer to this sort of work flow.

  • sono me, dare no me? Kek

  • It is incredible how much difference sound design makes. I fancied myself a filmmaker many years back. Made a couple of shorts. You lose so much without decent sound. It's way taken for granted. Vocals, background, foley work etc. If you do it right your ideal outcome is for people not to notice it. Which makes the margin for error very small.

  • Does Jake need more to do? He seems to spend a lot of time doing the sponsor bits. He hasn't been around much lately now that I think about it. Mostly just Corridor Cast I think. Hope all is well. I miss the guy.

  • I was considering what you were saying and I had a flashback to something Eric said on a stuntmen react vid. He said Chris Nolan shoots on film so there's no playback. I wondered how someone of his calibre could let that moment happen in Dark Knight Rises where Talia Al Ghul dies. It probably didn't look awful on his little screens but without having playback set up somewhere he probably didn't notice how dreadful that moment in the performances was.

  • Niko! I am a sound guy and I have said before let’s get rid of the slate. It is now redundant with the different programs like that that are out there. Though I prefer Timecode syncing over waveform.

    • A lot of times my clients want the slate so they can feel like bigger production then they are or used to old ways.

  • So basicly all this episode was made to promote black magic camera. Gotcha!

  • Rakitic decided to make a career switch .

  • The plot reminds me of a cinemasscre film where a filmaker is being constantly followed by a camera

  • Niko: Cameras aren’t expensive anymore these days. The Blackmagic 4K is only 1000$. Me: “Look at my wallet” Wallet: Don’t even dream about it.

  • Hahaha! Air quotes with Spak hands lol! That needs to be a geek meme

  • Honestly, a lot of these inefficient and cost prohibitive practices in the film industry seem to stem from the prominence of unions in that industry more than anything else... Despite what high school history taught everybody, I hope people realoze that laws protecting and giving unjust power to unions are (like so many interventions the state does in industry) primarily meant to protect the big boy super corporations from any start up, low budget, every-day regular joe competition. It's naive to think these massive and very wealthy institutions, who are at the point of having enormous political power and who's leadership is populated with old money families very much plugged into the political and economic elite, are in any way out there to protect or serve the every man worker. If there's any working folks who benefit from it, it's the old timers who've developed a career over decades, being protected from being competed with by young amd inexperienced entrants into the field (minimum wages, maximum hours, no tolerance for workers who might take on multiple roles at once). Young people in this day and age wonder why it seems like there is so much less opportunity than there was back when their parents and grandparents made careers - it's because of the growth of all the state interventions into industry that were sold to the public as helping the little guy. Lobbyists and propagandists are good at twisting the public's perception of a particular policy into exactly the opposite of what it actually is. We need to recognize that it's the rich and powerful that employ lobbysts and propagandists, and those PR people understand that appealing to the margins is how they get passionate (and often irrational) support, and they routinely appeal to them emotionally (in defense of a particular policy) while actively exploiting them and robbing them of opportunity. The phenomenon illustrated in this video, in regards to the movie biz, exists throughout all industry. Consumers and newcomers (young people) are very much exploited for the sake of the established and connected.

  • So are you saying no one is solely focusing on sound alone? Who is going to notice a scratchy lavalier underclothing? I want this to work, I'm just not sure I understand you.

  • lean manufacturing for making movies basically! love it!

  • Niko: Founder of budget Film making

  • Hey Niko(or someone in the comments) Im having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to auto sync multiple audio tracks to one video. Resolve doesnt seem to natively support more than one secondary track being auto synced.

  • can i use a nikon d5000

  • i think your alien impersonation is wildly racist. But thats because I am half alien. Yeah. We exist.

  • I'm sorry, it didnt look like a hollywood movie. It looked like a youtube video

  • Niko be abusing my budget when he says only $1000🤣

  • Hey niko, there goes about 4/5 of all the workers in Hollywood. Good job “trimming the fat” by having people lose their jobs because of technology. Double sided, sucks.

  • idk where you're getting "$1,000" from because the black magic BRAIN only is $1,400.... then a lens is $399... (35mm or 25mm) then the Zhiyun Crane-3 gimbal is $319........ then the monopod extender arm is... oh... THAT is $24... so it looks like WE TOO can film a film such as yourself for $1000 but for $2,200 before tax! AND we haven't even begin discussing an audio recorder device, boom mic, NOT SUPER SENSITIVE TO HAND MOVEMENT Boom pole (if one exists), Rode Blimp wind cover, cables, OMG WHERES MY INHALER?!!!..........👁👄👁

  • Niko: and it’s only $1000 Me:😐

  • Such a cool video! Very informative! Also, the film company I work with uses DaVinci so that was really cool hearing that you're using it as well!! Love your guys' videos!

  • Shutter speed is too high, the choppy look isn’t appropriate for the scene

  • So helpful for starting out

  • well i can afford none of that

  • I actually want to make an action movie after the quarantine, glad I ran into this

  • how to achieve Hollywood looks in budget buy a 1000$ camera

  • This movie was inspired by Logan Paul’s Suicide forest incident ?

  • * comes out in June 2020 *

  • So it came out in june

  • whose here after watching padildo after waitng 6 months

  • This is the greatest indie filmmaking video on LVcd. I despise when my friends are doing projects and have all this unnecessary crap on their sets "because that's the way it's done." So much more can be done with less!

  • What people like niko forgets is.. camera, equipments and production crew are some of the most cheapest things in a film set.. once upon a time in Hollywood cost 100 million dollars not because of the camera or equipments. Talent, location, building sets or CGI are the elements that drives up the cost of film making. And I don't think anyone can come up with an alternative for that

  • For once, a sponsor that I actually need lmao

  • My dad is a grip and it was so cool to see you mention them, because it’s often a profession that gets overlooked but it is so important in the industry

  • I like Corridor's content, but I truly appreciate Jake's work on the Sponsored Segments the most.

  • 6 months later... it's here

  • and it is released only now...

  • The aspect ratio sets a big role for the mood

  • we've waited for 6 month to watch that movie.

  • Can you leave a link to your script it helps to analyse and learn how to write a script. Love from India. Thank you😃

  • Ah yes, Ander-oid.

  • "cheap equipment"? Don't you guys own like 200 red cameras that each cost $50000? xD

  • Wait is that Anthony Padilla

  • i actually kinda wish I hadn't have watched this video because it lowkey spoils the short film

  • The bad side of technology shifts like this, is the amount of people losing their jobs/carrers

  • Just saw the short but it still looks a bit over processed. Missing that film look.

  • "January"

  • Who's here after watching you monster

  • I think im gonna try to incorporate some of this stuff into me and my buddies dumb videos.

  • This like a mini solo podcast

  • When this video came out I didn't know Anthony Padilla (not a native speaker so as a kid I never knew about that side of youtube) but I discovered him recently. When I saw the final YOU MONSTER trailer I lost my crap xD


  • "January" lol It was worth the wait, though!

  • You did a great job Niko! Every time you guys do something I think it's better than the last video and I always love to learn about anything film.

  • Having seen the finished product so, so many months after, I can clearly say they succeeded at everything

  • Anyone know what video is at 4:39 it looks interesting

  • can someone send me a link or the name of the led studio panels?

  • Thanks so much for the vid, I am an aspiring film director and this is the most helpful vid I have found, thanks again

  • you can synchronise sound automatically on premiere pro too

  • Where can Iwatch the film?

  • "I am going to see how I can get that hollywood look for nothing!" *Spends $1000 on a camera.*

  • Or get a Tentacle for audio Timecode !

  • Thing is, slating is still important. Yes, 80% of the time wavesync will work but it all depends on having the camera sound and mic sound match. Problem is sometimes cameras dont have internal sound, sometimes the camera sound fails, sometimes you have the camera far away while having the boom or lav mic close so the sound won't match Slating is a way of making sure you have nice audio if wavesyncing fails and in addition is a good way for an editor to keep track of video files as you can have it as the first frame of the video so you instantly know what file it is and can name it and organize quickly. As an editor my job gets done a whole lot slower sometimes because people don't know how to slate or think it's unnecessary. Also, It might be different in hollywood but in europe at least, the people in charge of light are called Gaffers and there's usually one Gaffer and maybe a maximum of 5-6 assistants or ''Best Boys'' Grips are in the camera departement and are in charge of focus and pushing the dolly. Basically the DOP's assistants. Also, We usually try to find electricity outputs on location, if not then we use generators but if there's sound involved then that's not really an option as they make a lot of noise. And all of the departements use the electricity that we produce to charge batteries and fourth if they can. Also also, My experience is that you dont usually want to rely on lav mics because they tend to make noise when actors move around. A shotgun mic is usually the way to go with lav mics acting mostly as backup. But it all comes down to taste and different workflows.

  • I have been into filmmaking for 3 years and this is really helpful

  • Hating how nobody talked about the reason I watched this video: Anthony Padilla

    • @Gambit771 Newest? I commented that 4 months ago. And even if it is, you’re making it as I’ve committed a sin or something. I didn’t even remember I made this comment. Get a fucking life.

    • @Clasher Boy Look up the dates. You'll see yours is one of the newest comments saying that.

    • @Gambit771 bro, when I watched this vid there were NONE. That’s why I said that.

    • Plenty have talked about that. Read the comments.

  • Only a thousand dollars 😑

  • What is that LED panel you are using?

  • To sink in editing in Final Cut Pro I just clap and then use multi-cam which lines it up

  • Is that anthony padilla in the thumbnail?

  • I've worked for companies like this, they treat everyone like a contractor and like scum.

  • where can i watch it?

  • Hollywood producer watching this: So basically money

  • everyone's logic: Im gonna use technology to cut down on crew my logic (aka the logique of an old stuff nerd): film making traditionally needs a lot of coordinated and skillfull people, WHICH IS WHY i'M GOING TO DO IT MYSELF! [proceedds to opterate everything at once

  • "How to get the Hollywood look for nothing." "The Blackmagi-" *broke ass clicks off*

  • What happened to the short film

  • I thought this was Anthony Padilla!

  • 13:00 My FaVoUrItE bAnD

  • Your hairstyle makes you look like a little bit similar to Conan

  • dude this is a great fucking video

  • What brand and model are these LED panels that can adjust colour?

  • Doesn’t the thumbnail have Anthony Padildo?

  • >only $1000

  • The Hindenburg wasn't a blimp, it was a zeppelin.

  • Dudes, is this video ever gonna come out?! I’ve been waiting expectantly.

    • Yeah I can’t find it anywhere. :( when is it gonna come out?

  • Better way to sync audio than what I've been doing. 123 Snap Snap....then I have to match up my finger snaps

  • Doesn't Premiere and Audition have a sync audio feature?

  • The short never came out did it?

  • where is da film?

  • Why is Anthony Paldia (Smosh co-finder)the thumb nail?

  • i still dont know a single person who even owns a 4k tv. so pointless to me, 1080p really feels like the end of resolution improvement for me, i really cant even tell what is 4k or not. Now people just need to improve their story telling :P

  • Old school is the best school. Watch Lawrence of Arabia. Or Vertiga. These shots can’t be even done with Arri Alexa.

  • No. A clapboard is mandatory. Always. Your light is also ugly. LEDs are ok but lack CRI. And they can Also be bright. But, you ll always need a grip.