VFX Artists React to STAR WARS bad and Great CGi

Publicēšanas datums 14 dec 2019
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Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to react to some of the zestiest CGi moments from the original STAR WARS trilogy: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Metropolis please i am poor university student cant be a patrion :(

  • 9:40 Return off the Jedy?

  • That halo around the explosion of the death star isn't original. It was added years later and really disappointed me when I first saw it. Not as cool as the sudden boom with just sparks and tiny debris. The music was written for it THAT way. (This is one of my favorite videos from the Crew.)

  • Do the prequels

  • I just watched star wars a month ago and I don't remember that bad effects

  • No wonder everything back then took a million hours to film. Thanks for all your hard work old timers! :)

  • "No computers"? The motion-control photography rigs were computerized. Computers as powerful as those that sequence traffic lights did the trick.

  • 15:15 you can see the back right foot of the thing getting puched up by a stick, so it falls down

  • More seriously, thanks for breaking down the original Star Wars. I saw it in the theater when I was 4 and every time it came on TV after and as much as possible during the age of VCRs and now on Disney Plus. It's a lot of fun to go back and see how the original was made and reminisce. But seriously, it's AT-AT, not AT-AT. ;)

  • I can tell how young you guys are by how you say AT-AT wrong, LOL. Darn kids, get OFF MY LAWN!!

  • Btw people during old times shouldve gone nuts

  • I love the original trilogy.

  • So much better than the Disney "Copy, Paste, Copy, Paste...." approach to the Rise of Skywalker. The infinite fleet of Star Destroyers and the Rebel Fleet at the end were so ludicrously overdone it destroyed the whole scene.

  • "What they did" you mean a team of artists - in the instance of the Empire Strikes Back - led by Brian Johnson. You guys have got to start to give the people who did the work credit. I know there's a lot of them and obviously you can't do them all but at least try. Like you didn't mention Peter Ellenshaw, who lead the matte painting teams. I get that this is old but I've seen recent versions of this type of video and you guys just don't do it.

  • I like jam jar binks

  • i think my favorite thing about episode 4 is how painstakingly limited their budget was and how it forced them to throw away the box that they were thinking inside in order to make it all work

  • 11:10 I'm Not Sure How Many People Know This But Here, Darth Vader's Head Actually Clips Through the Ship. I Found This When I Was Young And Stupid.

  • I grew up watching star wars and other sci-fy and never really though about or had any idea how movies were made. Now as a grown up, I'm thoroughly impressed at the work and talent those people had, that made up my childhood and teen years.

  • The way he says “Jedi” makes me cringe

  • Thumbs down because you can't pronounce Jedi or Atat

  • It's so sad that when you aim to illustrate the genius of physical effects you cut to a cgi effect from 1997.

  • Please react to Kung Fury, it is a free short film here on youtube, by Laser Unicorn lvcd.info/watch/xrRugJJ9dtOdjJs/video.html

  • Kingsman?

  • I really really am grateful that Lucas and his crew with their dedication to make this franchise real

  • Do mad max

  • Omg! Thanks for making this video! I knew it was intense but holy crap there’s so much more put into creating those movies!! Mad respect!!

  • 8:32 Disagree on the explosion of the two tie fighters. I cringe when I see that one. I respect the amount of work put in it but it just didn't cut it for me.. I was hoping they'd fix it in the special edition but alas for me.

  • Great now his nickname is Kylo Wren.

  • So cool to watch this right after seeing the Hacksmith's video about their new real-life retractable plasma lightsaber (world's first), which is capable of cutting through quarter-inch steel doors. Here are the related videos, if anybody's interested (you seriously should watch the test video, it was the most insane thing I have ever seen): Testing the lightsaber: lvcd.info/watch/ydqYdZ2Er616jYU/video.html Building it: lvcd.info/watch/3KRvemeFlMqJgZs/video.html

  • Could you guys please critique "Scene 38 reimagined"... lvcd.info/watch/2NBrg4CfnJapZ58/video.html

  • These reaction videos by you guys are like therepy to me.

  • Take that shot, throw a blue filter onto it - These guys predicted Rise of Skywalker

  • when my friend said that the backgrounds looked kinda boring and that the effects were so dated. I felt such a huge urge to slap her across the face and say "this was groundbreaking! These movies are visual effects marbles! This wasn't made by computers! This was made with blood sweat and tears"

  • 2000 IQ

  • Return of the Jedee 🤣

  • Wow amazing Mr I'm on it a marvel guy actually watched star wars wow.

  • Do attack of titan alive action vfx shot i wanna know about it


  • please review this fight scene lvcd.info/watch/z5hwko1mj66KbYE/video.html

  • Ya know u can’t criticize about the cgi a new hope was made in 77

  • 15:16 Look at the AT's back left foot. You can see a pole pushing up on it to knock it over.

  • it says bad and great cgi but there is literally no bad cgi in this video

  • Noooooooooooooooo Not the Halo'd Deathstar explosion. all that.. and you guys used the special. shame.

  • Wren's excitement at figuring out how they did the effects is the most precious thing, just sayin'.

  • Lol! Part 2 was released nearly a year before Part 1, of LotR & The Hobbit...even before this video itself. Nice typo.

  • Jedi not jEDE you know like jedie

  • FRS enough adverts?

  • But how did they do the Jedi mind trick?

  • anyone notice when the advertised the Lord of the Rings specials the first was coming out at the end of 2019 yet part two was coming out at the beginning of 2019. For VFX artists they don't seem to notice the flaws with their own visual effects

  • I never tire of seeing people happily geek out over the original Star Wars trilogy, AND the Hoth Battle is my favorite scene too! It's weird to see the cleaned up versions of the movies, I saw them once each in the theaters and got pissed off by them. When you have a movie memorized, additions to it can really just throw you out of the experience. I'd love to see the original series cleaned up with better sound (especially Episode 4, I have that on VHS and it's pretty messy), but none of the awkward add-ons (yes, including the explosion halos, YUCK).

    • 4K 77 or the despecialized editions are the best versions

  • Motion blur: On for movies Off for games

  • 8:11, "Star Wars is fantasy, not sci-fi"... now, you better learn the difference between "fantasy" and "sci fi", before saying such nonsense...

  • The battle on Hoth is the best battle in the OG trilogy except for maybe the two Death Star fights. The scale, intensity, the Rebel fortifications are so cool, and the AT-ATs are just epic striding across the battlefield.

  • I have never understood why this planets exploiting show this sided or angled halo when they shoy be round and facing the camera, I mean, they are supposed to show the growing Shockwave of the explosion, the only way to have this sided halo is when they interact with something like the ground, but in space this is not the case...

    • The halo isn't original, added years later and really disappointed me when I first saw it. Not as cool as the sudden boom with just sparks and tiny debris. The music was written for it that way.

  • Went to a Brian Johnson talk. To achieve visible explosions on Hoth they put cement bags under the snow. The cement powder caught fire during the explosion when the snow would just fly and settle with no fire.

  • Special edition footage... seriously? Do a breakdown on the De-specialized versions of eps 4-6.

  • "Star Wars is fantasy, not scifi." Cue the butthurt "BuT iT's CaLlEd FiCtIoN!"

  • Those original matte paintings must be priceless now. Beautiful pieces of art.

  • i love how the original trilogy looks more realistic then the other trilogies. sometimes new isnt better.

  • And then when you see how The Mandalorion did some of its scenes in the same sort of style as this with the ships it just feels like such a nice nod

  • I might be a year off with all of this, but thank you guys so much for covering the filmmaking process of the OT, seeing how George and his team managed to use so many different techniques and ideas makes me fall in love with the franchise even more than before (I've been a fan basically my entire life, I'm 19 now) the star wars theory channel calls these movies a love letter essentially, a vision made real to the best of Lucasfilm's ability and skill. The stop motion, paintings, handmade backgrounds, puppets, and VFX explained in this video greatly surprised me, especially the first Death Star scene in episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. I'd have never known myself that most of what I saw on the screen was painted, and it really moves me as a fan. Thanks so much Corridor Crew for enriching my childhood even more with this amazing video.

  • Actually orange is on the opposite side of the light spectrum than blue.

  • Ok middle dude is just too much, I’d vote to get rid of him, and I’ll let his sin pass for saying Star Wars is fantasy...

  • Was this footage taken from the digitally remastered versions released in the 90s? Not the ones released in the 2000s with the additional cgi footage. I remember watching the original VHS in the 80s and seeing a yellow "box" around all the space ships in flight. It was still great work, I just don't remember the original being so crisp, clear and vibrant.

  • Hey! I know this is hella late and you guys are VFX artists, but the sound design in Star Wars is amazing, too. Obi Wan's control room scene is one example where that hum and echoes really make you feel the space. Since FREAKING MARK HAMILL did so much voice work for decades y'all should get him (and maybe a Foley artist too?) Not like I know the guy personally (although I've watched the originals enough to feel that way), but I'm sure he'd be down.

  • the reason why the old star wars works is that the universe feel, alive, it feels used, abused and worn, whilst the rebels use advanced fighters their finish is mat and rusty whilst the empires ships are clean cut and precise as well as both the talented actors, the care free nature of the director, the time and effort put into each scene which has been pain stakeingnly made, probably to either be blown up or in a single shot, unlike the new movies whilst looking stunning lacks any cohesive story, the actors (besides john boyega and the other guy who plays po) are terrible, the costumes are stupid, kylo ren behaves like a spoiled teenager rather than an imposing force who is competent and can strike fear in an instant, the whole first and final orders were stupid, HOW AND WHERE DID THEY FIND THE MEN AND RESOURCES TO CONSTRUCT, MATAIN AND FUND such a large military force even if you dig into the empires pockets hell ol palps been waiting FOR NINE MOVIES just for some girl who crawled out of the sands who turned out to be her father (JK) which leads to more questions and so on, they lack any progression heck thirty years could have passed and they would still be the same, PO being nothing more than a wet blanket and to be berated by strong women, rey is a disaster of a character where you'd get more facial expression from brie Larson outside of being a mary sue, PO is just sad a true character who could have been something, just left on the side walk and beside from the few words he says RRREEEEEEYYYYYYY, being the most common and looking like a fool, what's sad is the way disney treated John Boyega a true star wars fan who loved and listened to a seasoned veteran of the show and a veteran actor, was only shoved in it to (PANDER FOR DIVERSITY POINTS) (OH WE HAVE A BLACK MAIN CHARACTER ISN'T HE COOL AND ALSO HE'S A STORMTROOPER AND CAN USE THE FORCE, LOVE HIM OR GET LOST YOU RUSSIAN BOTS) only to be dropped to appease the Chinese audience, which is why they shoved rose tiko in it just to please the chinese, and thats why the new star wars is hated

  • Do the "shields" from Dune

  • The Emperor’s Death Star landing bay filled with Imperial Storm Troopers was a matte painting as big as a door. The artist who painted it , painted a “Smiley Face” on one of the Storm Troopers helmets. I saw the actual painting back in 1989. A Ghost Busters II matte painting has penguins on a rooftop building for no reason other then the amusement for the matte painter.

  • Why call it bad & great cgi it’s clearly only great 😂

  • Speaking of go-motion... you guys really should cover the practical dragon in Dragonslayer (1981). That thing STILL looks amazing today... better than most CGI creations of modern day. Stunning FX.

  • They made a little mini movie to make the binocular shot. That's soldiering!

  • Overreact much?

  • Lol you should break down REBOOT cartoon series. I didn't know untill I googled it, but apparently it was the first CGI tv series...according to Wikipedia. Thanks for all the amazing content. You make my work day more enjoyable.

  • "Go motion" is the technique developed first for blurring the tauntaun legs and then refined for use in Dragonslayer. It's not the technique of letting the camera move while the shutter is open, which I don't believe got a nickname.

  • A 1977 movie (Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope) had better CGI than a 1982 movie (Tron). Change my mind.

  • And being born from those movies, "Industrial Light & Magic" is still one of the companies at the top of the visual effects industry, more than 40 years later.

  • You know, it't very special to see the non-augmented SW scenes again after decades. And remember kids, Han shot first. :D

  • The 40th anniversary for Empire Strikes Back is tomorrow. Watching this makes me excited to see this in the theater with my dad. He was around my age when it came out.

  • 9:28 (where i left off)

  • 9:38 Return of The Jeti

  • I would love a breakdown of Tim Burtons Batman 1989. especially the batwing scenes.

  • Ok, take a gander at Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

  • Sure, it’s not that good now, but in the 80s this was unreal

  • the original theatrical release you could see through some parts of the ships during the cockpit bits too.

  • Plz do Doom Patrol.

  • Can you make a ringtone of Clint's "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" at the very end of the episode? I would SOOOOOOO buy that.

  • I learn more from this video then I have in school for 12 years

  • Where is the bad VFX?

  • The original trilogy is perfect. There was no need to make any additional films

  • I feel ashamed of not watching any of the old star wars movies.

  • Its fookin AT AT's NOT A. T A. T 's ......................

  • The original Star Wars no longer exists.

  • And this is part of why people waited in line for hours WITH NO ADVERTISING! Strictly word of mouth. We had simply never seen anything like it. EVER!! Best testament to the quality of the finished product is how excited an expert gets when he catches them at it (13:45 or so).

  • please react to the fan made "Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined" (fight between obi and vader). I'd like to hear your input how this was pulled off so well.

  • Has anyone seen the Star Wars Bad Lip Readings?

  • At that time there was lack of technology and was very difficult to make a movie like this...so we should appreciate it

  • Am I the only one super confused? The dates they gave for the new LotR videos were 2019. But this came out this year. Am I just stoned?

  • After all that they use the death star explosion from the re-released trilogy and not the original. Tut tut tut

  • Stop dissing this and get a job. Star Wars the original trilogy are pioneering/breakthrough in cinematic history, if it wasn't for ILM or George Lucas you'd probably be working in KFC. Fucking idiots.

  • It kills me every time he says A T A T instead of AT AT.