We Fixed the Worst VFX Movie Ever

Publicēšanas datums 8 nov 2020
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Inspired by one of the best "worst" movies of all time: "Birdemic: Shock and Terror," the Crew sets out to re-edit, re-master, and totally re-imagine the classic cult hit. Even with the help of lead actress Whitney Moore, this is sure to be one of their most challenging VFX Makeovers yet.
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  • The intro is funny because ur like hey this movie is so bad that I can make it easily and even better! But no that is not the case my friend because berbemic is so shock and terror that its even worse than that and they were actually trying which gives it this beautiful charm that could never ever be beat Just True... JT... what could it mean?!? Edit: yes it did make it less entertaining

  • 17:45 17:46

  • This wasn’t really better. It was like you were trying harder, but still didn’t look realistic, so it actually made it worse. The original is so bad that it’s good. This is somewhere in the middle, which makes it just... average. All charm lost. Then the final bird was too easy to kill. Made it seem much less boss-like.

  • I waited for this video for so long ... I wanted them to look at it since Jontron did a review back in 2012. But at last, it's here!!!

  • Wren's reaction to "What is a balrog?" is just perfect.

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  • 19:36 actually 18:46

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  • What's a Balrog ???? LOTR fans be like : You should not be here :))

  • Guys, how about fixing the jazz hands scene from Alien? Give the creature some skeletal fingers, and make it burst out of the darkness.

  • 10:14 whoa wtf

  • Birdemic 2: The Seagull

  • 17:53 "hey look over there! here comes that big *birb!"* *_r u sure that's a birb?_*

  • corridor crew, You're just a chicken, cheep cheep cheeeep cheep cheeeeeeppppp

  • Now do the Sequel

  • I saw his but

  • I accept this as canon

  • Nerds in a good way

  • Damn , I can't still belevie that birdemic is real

  • My God I bet a dead baby with no arms and a brain tumor could make a better movie than birdemic

  • wait there's a freaking sequel?!

  • if it was so bad of an experience, why did she do the sequel?

  • Remake the Bulk movie, it a very poorly made Hulk rip off.

  • Make the room r rated

  • What a movie👏

  • Took you 17 min to show us the result 🙄🤦🏼

  • So birdemic 2021 remastered?

  • 13:49 I’m dead 💀💀💀

  • You guys should do “Plan 9 form Outer Space” probably the worst movie ever made that I have seen.

  • Something about holding am RPG out in front of you with the backblast pointed right at ur chest is really funny

  • Fun fact: You watched the final product more than once.

  • This video made me subscribe you, 👏👏👏

  • Please do a South Indian movie, they are usually made with a very low budget so most of the VFX shots are low quality.

  • Whenever I hear pigsqueals in a VFX video, I click

  • Who killed captain Alex

  • You really need to invest in some aqustic improvements in your office. The reverb and echo is insane, I would be mentaly exhausted working there.

  • That VFX makes me want to cry.

  • Y-Yotobi?!

  • I love these videos so much when they break the process of how they make the videos down

  • I like the part when she just shooting the birt man thing with a handgun to an uzi to a roket launcher

  • You guys made diamond from carbon

  • berdemic cause of birds pandemic cause of virus

  • Y'all should fix sharknado

  • Di naman maganda ang remake ..low quality pa rin

  • kcuf

    • i spelled the f word but backwords

  • Redo the Luke vs Vaider scene!

  • So does Pandemic keep you away from pans??

  • Nick looks like post malone 😂😂😂

  • Make velocipastor or shark exorcist good

  • Okay, now remake Jurassic Park where all the dinosaurs have feathers

  • Just rewatched StarWars Episode IV: A New Hope on Disney+ Please fix the horrible CGI. It pulls me out of the movie every time I see it, and makes me wish I still had the original home release version.

  • Oh my god you fixed the unfixable movie,that’s amazing.

  • Try to fix Kung Fu Hustle :)

  • U guys get tested? How often? Who does the testing? I assume an American company?

  • Those muzzle flashes go brrr

  • I love how even tho it’s still pretty bad, you guys managed to add more humour to the movie

  • as a proud Bodega Bay resident, i must say this is the best iteration of any bird movie

  • daaaaamn 11:29 👀👀👀

  • Why the heck do people click the thumbs-down icon on videos like this? What exactly is there to not enjoy?!

  • I think everyone's first movie is not good and most people won't release it but this guy did and I give him props because I have a low budget movie idea that I want to make sometime but Birdemic showed me that I probably should not try it for my first movie that is my best idea for a movie because there are a lot of things I know im going to learn along the way and I don't want my passion project to be a crappy movie and ruin my dream. I want it to be good and low budget.

  • Sam Hyde was in this movie

  • "Balrog, from Lord of the Rings" My stupid ahh thinking about street fighter

  • Lol my brother is scared of birds, if he sees this he’ll be like aaaaaahhhh scary crappy bird movie

  • that was phenomenal when you guys are making a movie and thx for the content

  • More like Birdemic: Confusion and laughter.

  • What was the actress reaction to it? I was dying 😂🤣

  • Do sharknado 5 global swarming

  • More people watched this video than the actual movie.

  • Do thankskilling

  • And this is going to take a lot of time.

  • Bird I’ma shot you with a UMP45! bird boss: NANI!

  • Funny thing, birds don't flap their wings like that when they fly, they actually fold their wings a bit closer to their bodies when they go up. They fold them more or less depending of the species and the type of flight (gliding and soaring don't count because they aren't powered flight) but they always do it, since in order to be airborne they have to move air below them and it would be useless to do exactly the same motion in reverse...

  • Dudes, that was flipping incredible!

  • whats the name of the song that comes at 8,37 mark

  • I have one qeustion were did she get the guns

  • I had flashbacks of smosh when they said boinds at 13:40

  • I love how the gun changes

  • 18:31 brutality

  • *BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror Remastered*

  • do this lvcd.info/watch/y7FqfKRkapRtkHU/video.html

  • this was beautiful ♥ thank you guys

  • At 18:21 she has a pistol, a rapid fire gun, and then a rocket launcher where did she get that

  • I'm so proud of Peter.

  • Whitney was bad asf🤭👀

  • Make remodel of singham 123

  • Wren and clint are like kids 😅

  • Awesome work!

  • It’s not often that people recognize that we have a LOT of birds down here in Texas.

  • how did she carry that much guns ????


  • My main takeaway from the video *Deep inhale* BOID, look at those old Effects!

  • with the Balrog part thats just how i am when my friend says: what the heck is Lord of the Rings?

  • omg I've been waiting for this, I get an extremely inspiring message from the content of your videos, you guys are awesome.

  • I love how instead of working to get a model of her they just got the actor

  • *Arriving of the great eagle* Deadpool who seeing this: Superhero LANDINNNNNG😯

  • Sacreligious?

  • Is the girl’s hair just tucked into the back of her collar in the remake? 😆

  • Do the bulk next