I Will Build a VR Vacation to Relax My Friend

Publicēšanas datums 9 aug 2020
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Worried about stress consuming his life - Clint asks Sam to build him a personalized VR meditation experience to help him chill out during intense deadlines. But could Sam have made it too relaxing for the workplace?
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  • My grandfather has a one for hunting

  • Okay but this is literally a good idea though

  • I worked with an animation company that had an Oculus Rift. They boss programmed in a desert island with a juke box in the sand that linked to an mp3 folder. The upshot was place of refuge that he could go of to instead of having a row with his wife and it apparently saved his marriage!

  • Clint look’s like the father from far cry 5

  • Lmao

  • i'm 2 min 40 seconds in and if I don't see spongebob ross we're done.

  • Wtf is the thumb nail

  • At first I thought Clint had a shirtless shirt on underneath his Hawaiian shirt.

  • cyperpunk in VRwill be op

  • I have quest 2

  • This makes me want to make Video games

  • Alright now next build Clint his own vr personal hell😂

  • The loutish slave erroneously bake because macrame seemingly pinch toward a three sweatshop. wooden, loose arch

  • What app are you using to capture the face motion?

  • In North Idaho we don't know what a lock down is and we're all happy. Tell California to take note ...

  • Funniest video of Clint ever... good job guys aka Sam's VR world

  • This had a Accounting VR vibe so fun

  • Corridor's Office ;) www.google.com/maps/@34.0276038,-118.2276935,3a,75y,196.36h,101.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scuO8FeieoV_FZs_4jjfAhA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

  • this guy looks like pewdiepie

  • Don't be afraid, let us try

  • Even they use mixamo to animate.

  • the mans nipples is littarly the size of the wworld

  • I wanna be friends with Sam. So badly.

  • 1 minutes into the video all I see is pink puffy man nipple

  • Damn, just watching this video got me relaxed) Thanks guys, it was awesome. It also reminded me what I'm doing 3D for.

  • Is it just me or does he look like Joesph Seed. Hopefully he doesn't try to take the rest of the crew through Eden's Gate.

  • this is amazing

  • I literally wanted to do this so much. I just can't because i can't animate or model or.. anything

  • Gratitude levels uhhh what

  • maybe next do a virtual nightmare

  • Loved the vid as usual/always.

  • omg this ws amazing!!!

  • Sam: he's definitely relaxed. Sams head constantly doing a full 360 spin.

  • Dude when the fire got started i got far cry vibes seen sam trying to calm you down like a tripi dream

  • "His heart rate!"..

  • There's nothing better then SpongeBob lurking around...

  • "Who installed a smoke alarm in the temple?" xD

  • Bruh this is amazing.

  • But he does not have sound connected?

  • Why don't movie company's hire you???

  • This was fuckin GREAT. Well done, Sam 👏😆

  • 6:53 hey Clint watcha ya doin back there?

  • Could not stop laughing as soon as he put the headset on. I just knew things would go south. LOL

  • You guys should start making vr scenarios. Do people make these things? this is a really good idea

  • Make vr headset for kids where after a certain amount of time, two things from the bottom pushes the face and pushes the vr up and off or create a vr headset with the front removed so it can be projected 3 feet in front of the face so we all don't hurt our eyes by staring so closely on a tv screen.

  • That would be cool, if you built an outside machine to be put over a table where a person could lay out on and while they have the vr set on, the outside machine feels with some kind of multiple sensors, where the person is tense, then starts massaging them

  • Put the swarm of zombie sounds behind him so when he looks behind, he gets scared and starts running but put a directional treadmill under him and call it the zombie run work out. Or do the same thing and make a vr temple run.

  • If this doesn't get made into a full thing, I definitely think it should be a little easter egg in one of Brandon's new VR games, I'm so glad to see how far Sam has come from making Sakura Digger

  • Sam should do another one thats super tranquil night and have a creepy grudge girl or something creep up on clint or something 😂👌

  • Do ishakriya.

  • David goggins quotes in a vacation VR? WHO GONNA CARRY THE LOGS TO THE BOATS

  • I love how the software made virtual Sam turn his head 360 degrees lol

  • That was comedic gold.

  • whats up with clint and "zen".

  • total recall

  • BRUH, it would be so FUNNY if it slowly faded into an apocalypse world LOL

  • Clint is like the test dummy of the crew........... Well KINDA?

  • VR relaxation turned terror & stress. Was still super cool.

  • I'm back to watch this a third time. This is so awesome.

  • dude

  • This was the coolest thing. Woke up at like 4am and been watching your videos all morning. This was so worth it.

  • rick roll someone in vr

  • Thumbs up for the Goggins.

  • Yo that handrail at 55 seconds looks fuckin fire to skate

  • Is nobody going to talk about how the cameraman recorded himself clapping with both his hands in front of him

  • please can we play the vr vacation

  • What did you use for the facial capture?

  • :0

  • I built a vr girlfriend to relax my friend

  • When Covid started, I lived in the city and I tried my best to stay inside more, and to make a little escape for myself, I made a VR camping scene with a tent I could lay in while actually laying in my bed irl. I added stars, a full moon, and a campfire. I even figured out a way to drive around the woods with my own pickup truck using motion control steering. I also figured how to parachute or glide when falling. It's really fun, and helps with cabin fever (ironic, cause the hand starts in a cabin lol) and I want to share it in the future.

  • Did some VR at a place called Urban Air. The most fun I've had playing a video game in a while.

  • Not a fan of Clint's nips.

  • Next thing Corridor should do: Making VTuber avatar with Unreal Engine and voice changer kit.

  • step 1: get money

  • He look like "father" frome farcry 5

  • Wow. I could really use this experience.. I love it!

  • That could be the beginning of a funny game.

  • The editing in this is great. My favorite is “carpet” and “Dean: bridge” 😂😂

  • I love your channel and I love how you do affects and all that kind of stuff and I see everything and I love doing affects by my own.

  • I kinda wanna consider being a Patreon just so I can see and hear Clint speak my name while doing Yoga poses.

  • Hi

  • Anyone else think he kinda looks like the cult leader in far cry 5.

  • You can tell sam is actually kinda upset with the vacation

  • Wait, in the USA is it really such a big thing to go on a 1 week off in the summertime, or it's just a joke?

    • It's not a joke, but it's not, like, uncommon. American work culture doesn't generally involve time off that doesn't directly coincide with time unavailable. If your trip to another state starts Wednesday afternoon and ends Sunday night, most Americans would only take Thursday and Friday off and just leave early Wednesday. It's also sorta rare to take time off that doesn't have an "excuse" like travel or hosting family or events for other organizations. All that to say that Clint probably didn't feel like he had an excuse to take a full week off until he said "screw it, I'm gonna go camping this summer." And then he did. But without those plans, it's hard to justify it.

  • Are these guys sponsored by Aeropex?

  • they should of made spongebob jumpscare him lol

  • Genius

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  • Who else wants them to make a Vr Horror game

  • ME: making game in unreal youtube: you want to people more talented than you

  • that is by far the most meaningful thing anyone has ever accomplished with VR

  • i am so stressed out by the thought of jank sam roaming around where you can't see him


  • 6:12 😂😂😂

  • 1:50 looks like the most stressed out guy in the office, 😂😂 no hate intended

  • corridor VS cinecom , that would be epic!

  • unreal engine gang hit like...

  • Take my money!

  • Every day Clint looks more and more like the far cry 5 villain

  • damn this is lit yo