Snoop Dogg Had us Bring 2pac Back to Life!

Publicēšanas datums 6 mar 2020
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Niko attempts to use deepfake technology to bring Tupac back to life for Snoop Dogg's new music video... the question is, can he impress Snoop himself?
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  • Imagine being called a future legend by snoop dog

  • Not being racist but like I find it funny when anyone lives in a nice area finds rap and hood music and just love it.reality being they look like wanna bes

  • Yall aint foolin nobody we know tupac came in from his island to produce that track with snoop. Dave Chapelle TUPAC Rest in Peace and I WILL!!!

  • Snoop talk was really making me emotional. He´s just iconic. Wisdom and chill

  • Just curious was there a reason why you did not use tupac faces from his films he starred in? Rather than interviews?

  • Snoop Dogg is the living example that money can excuse and buy anything like a medical condition that needs to be treated with canabis.

  • tooth pac

  • you can smoke weed if you are 20 or older.

  • Tupac asking what Tik Tok is is cursed.

  • He is alive and there’s proof

  • This is the music video

  • That's Walmart Tupac

  • Gotta see these men do a dame da na deep fake

  • Why is this age restri- oh wait right there is weed in this i think

  • 13:04 lmao

  • This 2pac looks more like joe budden😂

  • LAST!

  • !!! Nice on the work !

  • *Honestly could have just bought some of Tupac's movies and used some of the facial expressions in some of those scenes.*

  • remember kids dont do drugs

  • I know snoop did stuff with erb

  • How did they age restricted it

  • Deepfake Wren as Marty Mcfly

  • Please repost this! It says it’s age restricted, but the last time I watched it, I could?!

  • snoop a snake, they even pop the mtv awards footage in lmao. Snoop bitched out in NY. Pac didn't want anything to do with him.


  • Why is this video age restricted?

    • @Scott Nufer Damn

    • Lots of F bombs. Only takes a few for a rated R movie, so they're sensibly putting an age restriction on it

  • I can’t fucking wait years from now until we get deepfake movies. A Brucee Lee movie, an Abraham Lincoln movie, so much possibilities.

  • He has been high for so long he gotten used to it just like alcoholics

  • What if, *Snoop was just a deepfake*

  • Fun fact: This video has more views than Snoops music video

  • When will the music video be uploaded I have been waiting for 5 months now Who else is still waiting🤨

  • This was a lot of work for the final product to be a small quick transition

  • Why is this age restricted?

  • VFX-HDRI Ball(gray ball and a chrome ball) Dimensions:12cm/20cm/25cm/Custom diameter

  • Get to and do it

  • Why is this age restricted

  • HOW COULD YOU FORGET “POETIC JUSTICE”? You could've obtained hundreds of Tupacʼs facial expressions in high quality from that movie! 😥

  • Title is a bit insensitive. Guy's dead

  • what about the I Get Around Music Video? that could've worked

  • " *I've seen a dinosaur* -Snoop Dogg such beautiful words

  • Snopp look so Suspect sitting next to Pac......

  • Lol I just realized tupac is old enough to be my dad as well as snoop dogg they’re both the same age as my mom

  • Snoop: good shit Subtitles: stuff. he said stuff

  • Looks nothing like pac. Fuk off

  • Da Da da da da... Continue through replies

  • Just noticed the Corridor logo on the microphones XD

  • That's a GREEN SCREEN!

  • Why not use any footage from any of the movies he was in either way seems like a lot of work

  • Who else came here to see If snoop dog commented on this vid

  • He’s alive Jake don’t stop believing

  • Why is this age restricted

  • 13:04 wot

  • They could use that to make a better tupac movie

  • joke at 7:01 is horrible

  • Uhhhh why is it age ristrected

  • You know it just hit me (pun intended), but whatever Snoop smokes must be extremely potent in THC so he can stay high all the time.

  • Nah he just came back from cuba

  • I always love hearing Snoop. Have y'all seen his LVcd channel? It's great haha.

  • I'm amazed that this guy doesn't realize that Tupac made movies and had music videos for him to gather sources for his deep fake. That would have been a rich source of material and none of it would have had interlacing. And let's be honest he didn't do a good job. The guy looks more like Charlie Murphy than Tupac. If i was Snoop I would have sent that shit back and said work on it some more. It's borderline incompetent that no one in the Corridor crew helped the homeboy and told him that Tupac made videos and was in movies so he could more source material. wow.

  • How is this age restricted

  • We keep losing legends and receiving bad people

  • Somehow snoop dogg is really poetic

  • 4:48 That scared me so bad

  • Lol

  • 1:18 I thought jake was going to stop after on and I was like woah he just went there 🤣

  • Crazzyyy

  • Plot twist: They actually deepfaked Snoop Dogg's face onto the real Tupac.

  • Plot twist:snoop dog is actually deepfaked

  • They're friend does not look like Tupac at all. I'm interested in hearing who actually hires him for that.

  • Me: thinking. okay, they probably deepfake snoop to make a video. then, I see the actual music video. okay, this is for real. cool.

  • That was just awesome! I wish I lived on the West Coast and worked at a place like this, meeting chill people like Snoop.

  • What's the music video?

  • "Tooth Pac" lmao

  • That's a wild title

  • 2pac would be proud

  • turns out they are deep faking a video of 2pac for a deep fake of snoop dogg

  • These teeth hella white bro

  • This music video never came out because Snoop Dogg got so much shit for it

  • Tu-pack to life

  • Why is this now age restricted?

  • This has more views than the music video

  • So... where is the music video at?

  • Is it just me or did he not look anything like tupac

  • What's the song tho

  • It still doesn’t look like Tupac. Bad actor they chose for Pac, and even worse deepfake

    • Like you could do better

    • There is something wrong where maybe don't hate that has to be near impossible so stop f'ing hate

    • okay...

  • This is an act to deviate people from finding the truth. The government was behind the tupac and biggie beef and death hoax. Theyre laughing at us.

  • Tupac Is alive. He goes by akil the mc. This is all damage control because alot of people are catching on. Research jurassic 5 biggie smalls is also alive. Go see for yourselves

    • nah im pretty sure he got shot

  • Snoop dogg looks like a really skinny cat

  • Why it has age restrictions

  • Good job guys that was pretty amazing

  • Can someone explain why this is age restricted?

  • 3:45 Even while talking he sounds like rapping. This will easily beat these mumble rap which we hear nowadays

  • This video got more views then the actual song

  • 12:19 I love Jake's expression here, you can tell he's so excited.

  • Is the music video out yet?

  • LVcd program hears the word weed Monetization: ight ima head out

  • Bam!!!! That’s some deep shit!!! I’m trippin’ on the mad skills that it takes to do this stuff, with the manipulation of technology!!! Wow!!! Is it live, or is it Memorex? LOL. That’s a nod to the 80’s, when when we had to record everything on cassette tapes!! Now I just gave my age group away...LOL. Awesome job guys, and I look forward to viewing more of your work, thanks!

  • I'm a young thug but this OG better than me.

  • I like how he said gangster shit and the subtitles said gangster stuff