Incredible Light Paintings With Drones!

Publicēšanas datums 31 jan 2020
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Wren tries to attach LED lights to his racing drone in hopes of capturing some awesome long exposure photos!
Special thanks to Mr Steele ►
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  • at 12:43 "we've got a whole year ahead of us", boy was he wrong

  • At 1:10 When Wren said "Have you ever take a blurry photo!?" And LVcd reacted "Don't mind if I do" and switched to 240p with perfect timing 😄 I thought they made the video blurry by design.

  • Dang we got a whole hub of awesome people here today

  • Mr steele!!!!!

  • Loved the vid.

  • 4:43

  • And what you mean by flying by trees is not getting it stuck

  • "We got a whole year ahead of us", he said. I'm crying a bit...

  • rest 2020, laughed


  • Thats an slr mirror not a shutter

  • I like that picture

  • Jan: "Wern is gonna be so mad!" Wren: "NANI!?"

  • I would have watch The Sooner if I knew Mr Steele was flying

  • I didnt know you had a connection to mr steele

  • that was a really cool episode, and a sponsorship that talks about one my favorite creator ever : Adam Savage..? That one is going into my favorite playlist.

  • “We got a whole year ahead of us!” No. No you didn’t.

  • Everyone be vibing till Wesley & Wesley takes over everything you own

  • "Every tool's a hammer" is right here on my desk, always within reach :D

  • 7:39 why is he wearing a hello kitty goggles

  • Jan didn't have his pinky finger on. ):

  • Jan sounds like how I thought Abe Lincoln sounded like.


  • I love this video, it makes me feel at home for some reason

  • If humans create UFOs, aliens were be jealous.

  • Whaaaaaat

  • What drone does Wren use? I really want to get into drone flying.

  • Ali-wren

  • clint: "I got nothing the entire shoot" *proceeds to have my favorite shots of the bunch*

  • Hi, great idea for lightpainting. I was wondering (I don't know drone piloting) if it wouldn't be possible to record some sort of flight plan during the day and have the drone do the same night trip again without having to re-pilot it ( I'm not sure I'm very clear), in short, can we record a trajectory on a kind of memory card and repeat it several times afterwards without having to pilot, just start the road, launch the sequence and the drone remakes the solo trip? If so, that could make it easier to move around at night, right? (sorry i'm french, not english speaking and i'm using google translate to ask the question, i hope it's understandable anyway. Same for any possible answer I should go through Google translation to "understand" the answer)

  • Get to different colored lights

  • Idea credits from *THE MIKEY MIKE CHANNEL* "your welcome guys!!!!!" Plus I did mine 2 years ago and posted my long exposure photo on my facebook page!. So yeah this idea came from me.

  • Me: *eats dirt* *realizes that it tastes bad* *moves on* There... life lesson

  • Star was confirmed

  • My fave is Nick's Dutch angle

  • Next time you do night work, use red tinted working lights. That way your eyes will be acclimated to the dark as soon as the lights go out instead of waiting 15 min. Research night astrophotography on LVcd for more ideas on light setups.

  • Did they ever make a video where clint develops that film?

  • Omg when you find a dope youtube channel and they feature and talk to your favorite fpv pilot... thats freaking awesome! Hahaha

  • Those pics are sick!

  • Steele and Ummagawd 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • 6 months later and Clint finally developed film

  • Clint: I’m gonna go right here Camera pans over to empty void

  • What a great concept! Way to think outside the box 👌

  • Thought everyone knows mr steele.. Didn't know he did car stuff. Seen le drib car mod

  • Finnaly i see jan say "that was coooool" at a drone

  • wren don't 2 blade propellers make the drome go faster and if so why don't you use it

  • it so cool to see that when wren suggested that clint should do a video on developping his own film, that he actually did it finally

  • I did this very thing last year on my birthday, alone, using 3 camera's, 3 drones, sparklers, and my 360 camera. OMG talk about concentration. Had to shoot mostly 25-30 seconds. Love your concept, patience, and vlog. And to have Mr. Steele do the flying for you....OMG MAN YOU'RE ALL SET.

  • What drone did you use

  • You had Tommy too but showed him no love... that's foul Wren... Shame!

  • Thats just awesome...

  • Your the best. Your great

  • Lol, I've been watching Mr. Steele's videos for a while and always thought Steele was his last name

  • next time...flashing lights

  • ‘but don’t skip ahead, because you will miss some pretty good lifehacks me: oh... anyways

  • You guys should do a video on your favourite drones as well as the best priced drones

  • what type of drones do u use?? cause I'm interested

  • imagine seeing an alien in a hoodie with lights orbiting around it thank god i dont live on earth whew

  • Hey Wren this is kind of off topic but what beginner racing drone do you recommend? Thanks Brett

  • Clint: ima go up there The darkness he points to: the one time I feel apricated

  • DJI goggle has a better sight at night time

  • 🐡🐡🐠🐠

  • What's the music name at 0:03 ? I really want to now the name of it Cant find anything on the internet Plz help guys

  • Its so cool to see Mr Steely with the corridor crew

  • What sis the drone name

  • Best time for this kind of shots is right before the sky turns pitch black.

  • why dident you use a led lightbulb?

  • I was just about to come comment asking for a wallpaper set of these photos, YOU GUYS ALREADY HAVE LINKS! YOU'RE THE BEST

  • This is one of my top 5 crew videos

  • Wren gets me excited about technology and science the way Adam Savage got me excited about robotics when I was a kid, and I mean it as a huge compliment.

  • Video idea: light paintings BUT🍑 with a 360 camera

  • Looking forward too seeing how that film issue .. develops.

  • Mr.steele

  • Yo its mr steele

  • But an gimble on a racing drone

  • what drone is that

  • what the ****

  • Wren: "We've got a great year ahead of us" COVID-19: I'ma bout to end this studio's whole career

  • 10:30 IM CACKLING

  • 12:42 ...this is kinda this year ruined everything BUT it will be a great story to tell in the future.

  • Awesome project!) Couldn't you replace camera with infared one to see better in the dark? I'm sure there should be some cameras like this for drones)

  • I've been into drones for a while. And I'm thinking of getting a racing drone. Does anyone know any affordable good quality drones...

  • should have took coloured gels and have 2 different colours on the light panels, would have given an interesting look

  • Which drone did you use?

  • As an fpv Pilot I loved to see Mr.Steele come on this channel

  • dude the lights when attached to the clamp thing looks like a ps5

  • "How to make an UFO video and scare the hell out your neighbors" 101

  • If you remove the rainbow filter from the FPV camera they can se IR, which wouldn’t be picked up by most DSLR cameras. You could then use IR illuminators on the ground for navigation.

  • dude 12:11 says uwu

  • if you could fly it as your signature THAT would be an epic gamer move

  • This is by far my favorite vid you guys have ever done ! I love drones and seeing a whole different use for them here was amazing ! Keep it up guys 👍😁👍

  • what is the brand of drone?

  • Are those t-motor t5143?

  • i was intrested at first but then you brought out the steele card. Perfection

  • “we got a cool year ahead of us” he says

  • OUCH 1:48

  • yeahhhh!!! mr steele!!!

  • That thing reminds me from infamous second son the neon power, really.

  • What drone do you use

  • Mr Steele!!!!!!