Hypnotizing Jaden Hossler to Forget His New Single | Hypnosis Collab at the Sway House

Publicēšanas datums 3 mar 2020
I went to the Sway House and hypnotized Jaden Hossler to forget the words to his new song "Comatose" among many other hilarious things in this full uncut hypnosis collaboration.
Check out Jaden's channel to hear the REAL version of his new song: lvcd.info
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  • i felt so bad for jade he was about to cry and he was freaking out how fucking dare him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • 5:30 he wanted t0 cry🥺

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  • Who else seen him open his eyes at 16:42

  • I'm jealous he can be hypnotized like this if its true cuz I can't

  • This is so fake

  • I would never fall for this

  • his anxiety did not let the dude enjoy this and i feel really bad

  • jaden : *gay panic*

  • I crying for him

  • hes literally so freaked out

  • I want to see himself get hypnotized

  • anthonys laugh when jaden doesn't remember his song

  • 16:47 is he suposed to open his eyes or is it just fake?

  • I thought this was fake at first good job

  • when Jaden said "why can’t I remember" he was crying and it broke my heart ❤️🥺

  • omg he was gonna cry i felt soo bad

  • I felt so bad he looked like he was gonna cry 🥺🥺🥺

  • lol 😂

  • I felt so bad for laughing when he was crying.

  • Look everything is fake on this video The brain is not made to do this you can get hypnotized this easily the most they can do is make you feel like your feet are opposite or your hands are opposite

  • that is so fake

  • bro i want this guy to do the same thing to me smh, dude this real or are they just good actors lol?

  • this made me want to cry

  • This guys a wizard in disguise 🥸

  • iS tHaT sUpOsEd To HaPpEn BrO haha

  • imagine this was staged💀

  • was it just me noticing the eyeroll?


  • I would have Broken down already

  • poor jaden . I hate seeing boys cry😪

  • He’s so cute

  • This guy is either insane at hypnosis or Jaden deserves an Oscar

    • Jaden is a pretty good actor based off of watching his music videos

  • awww cutie jaden 🥺🥺

  • Algm traduz essa merda

  • He was so nervous!! I would love to hug him 🥺🥺♥️

  • Jaden got anxiety in this video he even started crying

  • i think jaden has anxiety so it made me sad when he was scared :(

  • I can't be the only one who teared up or started to cry when he did

  • when i saw jaden i had to watch the video but he looked so nervous the whole time, i know it was hypnosis but it broke my heart-

  • I feel like Jaden was about to cry when he forgot his name

  • Bruh I feel so bad for Jaden he's crying.

  • Yo that's really fucking funny but man i feel so bad for him. lmao when he said "I am groot"

  • I really wish they would have hypnotized him to be more calm he seemed so anxious the whole time

  • he was so scared and like ahh so adorable 🥺

  • bryce looks soo weird

  • Hey if the leader of mind fuc can make this whole world rich hed know how to make us all have our own hypnosis to lyrics and let's all make that bread 💯😂👌😭👌😮👌😷👌 ❤

  • Even if he was dead up or just faking it its seriously hot.. If he was faking it hes like the joker why so serious lmme be ya puddin j😂👌❤❤💯😷

  • Jaden is so cute he’s just so scared and crying and I want to crawl through the screen and give him a hug cuz it looked like he needed one

  • Tô aqui em dezembro dia 20 de 2020(😑),e vi um pedaço desse vídeo vim ver...agora minha reação é rir e chorar com ele chorando.(Roi sou um comentário brasileiro)

  • why do i feel so bad? i wanted to hug him the whole time 🥺

  • My baby 😭😭

  • this is kinda fucked

  • He was high during thing you can tell

  • I was crying because jaden looked so upset and then I was dieing when he said I am grout

  • Amazing

  • I’ve watched this 4 times in the last 3 hours he is too cute 🥺

  • poor thingggg 🥺🥺 he was literally so confused and scared it was funny but i also felt so bad omgg

  • Why is it that any time I listen to these types of videos the left side of my head feels really heavy?

  • so did he let himself slip out of hypnosis when he stopped singing?

  • I wish i had his power only for emergencies

  • This is how Angels And Demons Were Made😂

  • When he said “he is now the most attractive person you have ever seen” Jaden:*seeing mads*

  • 0:18 cayo muerto, palmadito JAJAJJAJAJAJAJA

  • I feel so bad :(

  • I feel so bad i Feel like I didn't need to watch this this is so private he is basically having panic attacks and about to cry thats not nice, this guy took advantage of the situation he saw jaden wasn't feeling good and kept doing it are you even aware of what you did to him , THAT IS JUST NOT OKAY.

  • lmao why am i crying and laughing

  • His anxiety kicked in🤧🥺 he wasn't enjoying it

  • No some of this wasn't okay

  • Justinnnn😂😂

  • It’s so funny how he says “i am groot”

  • He is so adorable I felt so bad because he was starting to cry but the guys in the back really needed to shut the fuck up... like let it happen don't be annoying

  • This is so funny 😆 you have

  • Aweee I can feel and see the anxiety.

  • 🥺🥺

  • Brooi no hate but it's fake love the music btw

  • aw Jaden's so cute

  • ✨i am Grout✨


  • I need hipnosis for phobia where can i get one??

  • omg those dudes in the background are rude and annoying ...

  • Awhh when he almost cried 😭❤️ my poor baby

  • I like how the hypnotist denied some of the requests that wouldve been overboard

  • That’s so sad dude

  • Shut up JUSTIN BIEBER is my everything! 💚💛🧡💙💜❤OMG I DIDN'T KNOW THAT HE WANTS TO MEET HEM!!!

  • Jaden thinking he's Justin Bieber is the cutest thing ever❤

  • his eyes are open 16:39 and multiple times after

  • it's all in the touch

  • Cowshit🖕🏻

  • This man could hypnotize a girl into her being his girlfriend and then hypnotize her to were she wouldn't care if he cheat LMAO

  • Shit seems like a fuckin acid trip

  • doing this would freak me out so much

  • Iandior next project

  • Ha! Got em

  • bryce is so annoying

  • Aww I can't even when he started crying 12:20

  • I literally want to learn how to hypnotize now

  • Who was the girl filming and like talking to jaden was it mads or???

  • Omg I don’t like this

  • I feel so bad Jaden was so scared he is adorable he had no idea what was happening when he said "your the reason I started music" I started crying

    • its so cute how jaden is inspired by justin so much

    • Oml I just say when he started crying because he forgot the lyrics and now I'm crying and I am so sad for him he was so confused