Wren Lost Company Property... now he has to Rescue it or Pay

Publicēšanas datums 2 aug 2020
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Niko tasks Wren with recovering a GoPro Hero 8 that belongs to Corridor. The only problem is that GoPro is strapped to a long-lost drone in a massive tree.
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  • What park is this? Thanks.

  • I am inspired not to lose my drone in a tree

  • I wonder if the city of LA watches these videos and is just like, great so they broke i it our park, climbers onto our gazebo thing and flew a drone into our tree, great we’ve seen worse

  • Worst boss

  • Imagine if you were the kid who lost the ball

  • 1:26 2:57 Don't mind me, just putting time stamps for animation purposes...

  • Tosses the drone, breaks the GoPro. Mission failed, we'll buy a new one.

  • asset recovered. solid work

  • imagine theres just a giant spiders nest inside of the go pro

  • Saving Private Droneboi

  • Subed

  • If I pay for the shipping and I have the drone you just tossed into the park?

  • Wren: oop

  • I'm just staring at Nick, trying to figure out who he looks like, and he's like Paul F. Thompkins (whom I love.)


  • My drone and got stuck in a tree a couple months ago

  • 21:49 😉

  • Why not use a crane to get it

  • That was great

  • I thought this whole endeavor was only like a week long lol. I didn’t know that was in there for months

  • Can we all just appreciate what a good friend Nick was when he told Wren to get away from the drone as soon as he saw a spider on it even though it was tiny?

  • The spiders will go away

  • Put it in the sun

  • You should keep the drone

  • This is my favorite corridor video of 2020

  • Wesley is my favorite lawyer lol

  • You literally kamikazed the drone

  • The amazing crew. Wren, Nick, Dean & Wes

  • I think Wesley is defiantly is my favorite.

  • 😂😂😂😂 osm

  • I love when they just like "there is a spider" but before that wren just like touch it like there was nothing

  • what dose cordo do

  • Why can’t you just chop the tree down

  • So I’m an alternate universe, Wren has caused a forest fire in their area and is facing jail time 🤔🤔

  • these dudes are hilarious

  • i hate the way threw the drone because where we are who cant affored the fpv drones and here you are throwing drones as trash

  • The GoPro is owned by corridor and corridor’s building is in the city of LA, and LA is in America, and as of now Trump owns America, so Wren is involved with legal issues with the president!!!!1 Disclaimer for whooshes, this is a joke

  • So I'm curious. What kind of headphones do they use?

  • Should have shot it out the tree with the nerf drone!

  • The triumphant 80s synth jam at the end was awesome!

  • don't blame him about the spiders

  • The flute at the end was epic

  • No not the mavic air 2

  • Can we get a series for Wesley and Wesley

  • Niko in reality wouldn’t react the way he did because they are all good friends and it was all for drama in the LVcd video

  • The way he says that my ass, like he didn't want it to be.

  • Bruh that was intense 😂👌🏻

  • 20:56 I love how Nick instantly takes the drone from Wren and tells him to get away when he sees the spider. Looking out for your buddy!

  • the next thing you know the gopro is still in the tree only the drown fell down.

  • Freddy W with a moustache? Keep the face mask on dude LOL

    • BTW Wes is funny is he really a lawyer?

  • #harshalmahajanart

  • I guess he needed to re tree ve the drone

  • $1000 of productivity to rescue $500 GoPro :)

  • 18:25 wtf?

  • 14:53 what we call in hindi "Aasman say geray khjur par aatkay"😂

  • What was the outro song?

  • I subscribed

  • What’s the outro music

  • Nick is proving what good friends are.

  • Kinda puts things into perspective that its been up there for 4 MONTHS

  • I love Wes so much

  • best video I’ve seen on youtube sub’d

  • I got an add for a drone while watching this.

  • Is it just more or does Wes look fire in those pink socks. No joke, they look great. Where can I get those?

  • You totally should have gotten one of those tree shakers. The ones they use to take out pecans out of their trees with. (Probably can’t do that in a park tho)

  • I like how the title is ren lost a drone but he didn’t save it

  • love the Botgrinder shirt!

  • The Star Wars Scene Was Perfect

  • When Niko looked at Wren when Nick mentioned the Go Pro was scary as fuck as an undercreature such as myself

  • Before today I could never have imagined being so invested in someone trying to retrieve a GoPro.

  • I just loved this entire video and can't wait for him to get something else stuck in a tree.

  • 15:26 “these aren’t the Droids you’re looking for” 😂

  • *Front cap Niko activated*

  • i thought it had to be in the charging bay, not on niko's desk... XD you guys are amazing!

  • In the thumbnail where it shows wrens face if you squint it kinda looks like Peter lol

  • Wren: I got the go pro, drones trash

  • I would literally torrent the series of “Wren loses stuff and has to get it back by Friday” and binge watch it the moment it is finished downloading.

  • their life is like all about adventures😑

  • dude you are going to put all of us in prison so funny

  • Not that I don't want to give you bad idea that will end up with more drone stuck in trees, but... man it was a perfect Drone jousting timeeee popoopoopooooo!

  • Drone with a hook attatchment to snag the wing then fly away... Bam

  • I love how they changed niko’s title to boss when he switched his hat around

  • Sometimes I forget they aren’t all friends and they are co workers in a company

  • Crazy how the views from this video alone could replace that go pro lmaooooo

  • I hate seeing rich f!?cks act por

  • they could just pay for another go pro with this video lmao

  • That's not true

  • What no its not gonna happen

  • I would literally have climbed that for you

  • 13:39 We'll see ha more like wesley

  • muy buen rescate

  • Ok, weirdes boss *EVER*

  • Wesley is my favorite 100%

  • What's the music called that starts at 9:46?

  • I really wanted to see them shoot condoms at the drone

  • Hahaha! I got so X sitet! 😆💪🏼

  • Honestly I’m just so glad to see Freddy Wong again

  • What if he put a magnet on it and pulled

  • 21:12 so he just literally threw a drone

  • Not the Mavic air ($800), if I was Wren I wouldn't care about the go pro ($450 at the time) I would care about the racing drone itself, you know how expensive they are?