Wren Lost Company Property... now he has to Rescue it or Pay

Publicēšanas datums 2 aug 2020
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Niko tasks Wren with recovering a GoPro Hero 8 that belongs to Corridor. The only problem is that GoPro is strapped to a long-lost drone in a massive tree.
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  • Woshusehsgeyh BEE ARE MEN 5:04

  • that was fucking intense !

  • He's keeping a drone at home? 5:13

  • how to know in the beggining of the video that he got the gopro it shows video footage that the gopro got

  • Why didn't Nick shoot it down with his sniper NERifle??

  • All the staring in to the sky is hurting my neck & u r the 1's doing it.

  • Telescoping tree limb cutter. Telescoping ladder or make friends with a cable guy.

  • Nick=Hero

  • Alt title: Wren got a drone stuck, so now we commit crimes to save money

  • Why don't you climb the tree

  • When it said “Niko: Boss” I got kinda scared

  • What actually happened to wes

  • They should have tied a small magnet to a pole and attached it o the drone. (I know this might corrupt some of the circuitry)

  • I’ll do it if tay can’t hert you you can’t hert tem

  • what i miss to start with it was retrieve it by 2 days but the next its 5 months then 3 months

  • I think I like Wesley more

  • 14:31 is it just me or is it kinda like when Harry Osborn lost his memory in spider man 3

  • Wesley is my fav lawyer

  • one of the best video of corridor crew!!! ahahhahah ^_^

  • Love how he's wearing a balaclava and has his hood up with a massive corridor digital logo on his top

  • He just threw the drone away 😡mayve it still worked

  • Whats the point of wearing a mask if you wear it like that?

  • You saving a drone is like a firefighter saving a cat

  • the botgrinder shirt makes this

  • Who puts $100's in a tree especially $500 of equipment that isn't his and just says fuck it.

  • 7:05 why is this so epic. It’s like a frigging movie and I dislike the people who disliked this

  • The best lawyer is clearly Wesley! I don’t even know how Wesley passed his bar.

  • This could have been 4 minutes of them and a cherry picker

  • Was Freddie there from rocket jump

  • You could've cald the fire department

  • Oh yeah, spiders are waaaay less scary in the dark.

  • at least they got good content. capitalise boys capitalise

  • hell yeeeah

  • Is he asian andy?

  • Hey I love you guys

  • And they could've just use a long pole..

  • I will be telling my grandchildren about this monumental quest lol

  • my fav lawer in wesley and wesley is wesley

  • You mean tacticooooool

  • If you still couldnt get it call jlaservideo so he can fly up there and get it

  • Just call the firemen and the police

  • The way Nick really urgently says, “THERES A SPIDER THERES A SPIDER,” is so wonderful because you can tell he knows how scared Wren is of them.

  • why don't you just fly up their ;D

  • Doesn't want to buy a new GoPro from his Money so he makes a video about how he retrieves it making 10 times the amount 😂😂😂

  • "If it isn't in ExpressVPN, is it really a country?" Kosovo: *Imma be what's called a country, and not be in ExpressVPN* I live in Kosovo, it IS a country. I was born and raised in Kosovo, my parents were born and raised in Kosovo, heck even my great grandmother who died earlier this year was born and lived in Kosovo.

  • lol :D some blockbuster movies are not this dramatic :D

  • This felt like an Indiana Jones movie and I loved it.

  • I guarantee they looked up “songs that sound like Jump by Van Halen” for that end title

  • What is the footage of wren in prison from?

  • Easily my favorite corridor crew video

  • i guess they are paying for it 10 fold and rescued it .gg.

  • Wow. This is how I felt when I watched The Martian.

  • You caused this.. for a video then say hell get fired or cause a forest fire.

  • 21:36-21:58 Can anyone guess the name of this song? Shazam thinks it's I Called Mama by Tim McGraw.

  • Why didnt they call an arborist?

  • bruh your brain smol my brain big i will go buy a cheap drone for like 40-100$ and just use the cheap drone to push down the go pro drone. my brain bigg your smOL

  • 8:45 yea totally. when if you look closely there is kids in the background

  • They missed the golden opportunity of having Nico turn his hat back around after he Wren brought the camera back smh

  • plot twist : the go pro actually stopped working. PERMANENTLY.

  • They could have just attached a magnet of some sort , so that when it reaches the second drone, it attaches to it and they can withdraw the stuck drone quite easily

  • hey wren can we have a video of how nike reacts to how you got the drone out?

  • Plot twist: that drone wasn’t the company’s drone. They where hunting for the wrong drone. I didn’t have a go pro either. The real drone fell into the space time continuum.

  • What kind of question is that? Clearly Westley is the best Lawyer in "Westley and Westley" Hands down

  • This took MONTHS?!?!?! I thought it was like a weekend or something

  • We need mor of the soccer ball. It's my favorite Corridor Crew crewmember.

  • I mean, just hire a ewp?

  • i tought this mission is rescuing a Drone not a gopro.., sad end story for the Drone..

  • Normal people: calls the fire department. Corridor:

  • my 5" was also stuck 2 weeks ago on a 18m tall tree, had to rescue it. all was done by climbing to ~12 meters and then dropping it with help of PVC plumbing tube. we've had also fun :D and put everything on youtube XD


  • "Oh no! It's the firing tie!"

  • No n

  • Idk man, wesley from Wes& Wes is pretty cool

  • Anyone else just think of Charles from the Henry Stickmin collection with that last attempt.

  • Working in a place like that would be my dream job.

  • Puts on masks while walking TAKES OFF MASKS WHILE TALKING

  • BOTH

  • So how do we get the drone out of the tree? Wren: Y E E T

  • wren: "we have just confirmed there is no one in the vicinity." meanwhile, two people walk behind him

  • Lowkey he is a very very good Drone driver

  • 4:22 ......Is he really only covering his mouth with his mask?

  • you left a drone and a go pro up a tree for 3 months?? thats $1000 and your happy to just throw that away? you're an idiot

  • Guys can you please give me my drone

  • If i was in this situation i would get a lift and just go up and get it

  • We are supposed to believe that it didnt rain once for 3 months? This was funny but super staged.

  • I like he when he said got drone trash when he made it XD

  • 20:53 Wren : *Happy "This is been in the elements for three months" him : "Oh there's a spider on it, get away get away theres a spider, there's a legit baby spiders on it" Wren : *Scared, RUN

  • StRaNgE voice

  • even the video starting ad was express VPN

  • Wren do more drone stuffs

  • Get a drone with a camera attach a long stick to it and knock it down

  • This took 3 months to get? Lol

  • My father said taht he could climb taht tall tree with ease and bring back the drone and without any safety gear we'll he can do taht I don't know how

  • WTF. this may be one of my fav ep!!!!!

  • Man a graple attachment on the end of the arrow would have been perfect

  • Was it really there for months?

  • Should have got a bunch of conduit from Home Depot and knocked it out of the tree.

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • freddie making wren feel more bad about a forest fire than losing the drone itself lmaoo

  • Wren I feel you I absolutely hate,I mean hate spiders